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    Cum slut looking to get filled. Love Black Cock, but will give my best to all cocks. I need cock in my mouth and ass. I'd love to eat your cum or feel it leaking from my ass soaking my thong after you're done with me. Don't worry, I will lick you clean after you've used my Poz tranny ass.

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  1. I became addicted to Black Cock before I knew about the lifestyle. Once I found out about it, I wanted to earn a JoS tattoo. I have never taken a Black Man with a condom. One, if in the lifestyle you're not supposed to but two, and more importantly I already took my bareback pledge and was a bareback only slut.
  2. You are so lucky getting fucked for the first time by a Big Black Cock. My first was a big white cock so it was good. But once I was fucked and seeded by a Black Cock I loved it. Can't explain the difference, even with smaller Black Cocks, but I love it. I'll take extra care to keep their cum in me as long as I can. Not so much for others.
  3. Like you my first cock was a thick 9inches. He and his boyfriend fucked me bareback because it was my first time with men. I'm pretty sure I was pozzed by either a 8 inch Black Man or a 7 inch transwoman. I love the color contrast and the [banned word] of fucking Black Men. I took the bareback pledge so all cocks are bareback and can cum where they want. I love feeling cum leaking from my ass soaking my panties or thong. It's even better when it's a Black Man's cum in me. I enjoy the fetish of it all. Besides my tranny ass looks better being stretched by Black Cock than a white one.
  4. Hate condoms, can't get hard with them. I never ask for condoms. If a guy wants to use one. I try to talk him out of it. He's normally taken it off before he's done.
  5. That's how to enjoy time with family. If you were wearing shorts, I hope one of them noticed, preferably a male family member.
  6. I love that a Black Man fucked your sloppy count while you were dressed as a tranny slut. Too bad you didn't let his cum leak into your panties. Nothing says bareback only Black Cock slut like cum soaked panties.
  7. Hot! I wish my dad would have acted on his desires instead of suppressing them I would have loved to suck him off. I can still remember how he looked in a speedo and his bikini briefs. I dated a girl once. Her room had glass doors. So there is a curtain up. On night me and her are messing around while her younger sister, mother and father are sitting on the other side of the door watching tv. We kept the light on so they could see what we were doing. The only thing the dad said was turn the lights off next time.
  8. I want cum in my tranny ass. That way it can leak out and soak my panties reminding me of the fucking the seeded me. That and cum my panties feel so sexy. I also like eating cum. But if he wants to shoot all over me. That can be sexy too if I'm in a pervy enough mind set.
  9. The person that I was fucking right after saying I'm Poz started suggesting that I fuck the brother, they think he's surprising his bi side. I was told to bareback him and Poz him. The idea was so hot. Wish that could have happened.
  10. I took a married man's cock and load one Thanksgiving. I met him at a closed restaurant. He thought the parking lot out back was to open. Worried about cops. I took him to the dumpster area and went in the fence. I dropped to my knees and started sucking his married cock. He soon had me stand, turn and bend over. I undid my jeans and pulled them down with my bikini briefs to mid thigh and leaned against the fence hiding the dumpster. He fucked me quick.bi I was loving the fact he had to sneak out of his in law's to play. He was not local. After he left, I adjusted my clothes and went back to m
  11. So hot! I filled my panties with precum reading this. The only time I went to a bathhouse was to be pozzed. Didn't happen. But if it did, to sexy to think.
  12. I'm into my partners fucking other people, especially bareback. Talk to him about fucking you after you got fucked by someone. His fucking and cumming in you to reclaim you can be very intense and sexy as hell.
  13. You pleasured a Black Man the way you're supposed to. Imeadiatly, where, when and how he wanted. You sucked his Black Cock and enjoyed him fucking your ass bareback. I wish we had and or avs in my area so I could do that with a totally anonymous Black Man.
  14. I was fucked by a married guy behind a dumpster once. He had to sneak away from his family on Thanksgiving. I went back to my grandma's with his cum in my ass.
  15. Smoking and slamming Tina gets me up, drops inhibitions and horny. Taking shards makes my Poz bareback only tranny ass super hungry for cock and cum. Add GHB and I'm super slut with no gag reflex. I've done a2m on a guy that just finished fucking the guy that probably pozzed me. Licked ass for hours. Can't get enough cum or cock when parTying. Would love to be a tranny escort. I'm very passable. But only an A cup and 5 1/2-6 inch cock depending on chen's, hormones and horniness. In Boston area if anyone wants to help me become a tranny escort. Yes I play bare and always swallow unless he wants
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