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  1. Who are they?

    I believe his name is Austin Lock.
  2. Again, ridiculous statements do nothing to move the discussion forward.
  3. With comments like: "Republicans are the new Nazis" & "Orange Shitler is their new Adolph" really shows immaturity and a lack of real information. Kinda makes it difficult to take anything else you say seriously. It might stem from people getting all their news from facebook and MSNBC.

    Thanks for the great breeding scenes, Saturn. Keep up the good work! Yay!
  5. What is this Scene ?

    That is Tim Skyler giving his eager hole to all the party guests. I believe the movie is "Hung House Husbands".
  6. Frustrating Group sex

    I totally agree with you, Tallslenderguy. Well said!
  7. My Son Is Getting a Sugar Daddy

    The kid ain't straight.
  8. Bi-The Way

    Hot as fuck!
  9. Name That Gloryhole...

    I believe upstairs is where most of the action took place..
  10. Videotaping While Having Sex

    She's been your girlfriend for twenty years? Then she already knew.
  11. Stealthing the Asshole Roommate

    It's been two years. Please give us more!
  12. Sex with family member

    Wow! How is your relationship with your dad and uncle now?
  13. Austin

    I can't wait for Devon and l Alex to rape Jacob.
  14. Str8 Cuz

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