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    fucking raw taking poz loads in my neg hole
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    Punk fag cumdump pisspig who love being used by alpha male. I was born to server real men and there every needs my mouth and ass is always open for you
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    I make home made videos and I was in one porn film
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    Looking for tops to use me any way they want. Also looking to be charged up and become a ture wasted poz sexpig this what I was meant to be,

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  1. I wish I could be your AIDS SOUL MATE

    1. fisterm8


      id let you both breed me with poz loads

    2. curmud


      wanna be the licker of b'oles when Ur truly + well finished

  2. punkchaser

    Leather & Fetish weekend 28 March 2018 - 3 April 2018

    sound fun good luck hope you get many loads
  3. punkchaser

    A question for "chasers"...

    The biggest problem with any healthcare is the companies making the drugs who make the most profit out of any one, they can't make money from a cure. For my reason if I did end being poz one day I would not take the drugs as I wouldn't let them make a profit out of me. I don't really care if I live or die tomorrow as the world is getting a nastier place by the day and I can only see even more problem ahead when we all loose our jobs to robots and modern technologies.
  4. punkchaser

    Last night at my local pub

    I was bored last night so I went down to my local pub for a beer. It's not a gay bar never been chatted up in there before until last night. I just finish my beer and I went off to the toilet as you know what beer is like, as I walked into the toilet another guy follow me in and stood next to me at the urinals as I was pissing the guy next to me put his hand on my ass and gave it a good feel. I noticed he was standing there holding his rock hard cock then I felt his finger pushing on my hole as he spoke, "I want to fuck your hole and breed you good" so we headed into a cubical and I drop my pants as the guy spat on his cock and slid it into my hole, he must of been 8inchs felt so good having that raw cock in me, love it pumping me hard he was fucking hard and fast like he wanted to fuck and dump quickly which he did as he moan out as he cummed deep into my hole and kiss me on the back of my neck saying "thanks for that I really needed to fuck a hot guy ass I hope you enjoy the cum load deep in you" He pulled out and place his cock back in his jean and left I didn't see him in the bar when I came back in but I kept his load safe in me.
  5. One time I was with a group of guys one was pissing up my ass and another guy made me drink his piss sucking it out of his cock. I did see how many guys was pissing all over my body at the time couldn't open my eyes as all that piss made them hurt.
  6. punkchaser

    A question for "chasers"...

    It's diffident for us guys over in Europe as visiting a sexual Heath clinic is open to everyone no fees to pay and all meds + prep for HIV is available free of charge to us here. Might be the reason why we feel more relax about fucking raw here
  7. Looking good!  I am definitely into being with other sexually raunchy pig's. Swapn cocks and juice's inside each other for extended session's. Groups and Gang bang's are totally my type of scene's. 

    1. AZRawPig


      This contact photo isn't of me. Don't know who this is. 

  8. A year past since my ex master gave me away to become a pozzed cumdump living in the club in the basement and to be honest a lot has changed in me. About 6 months ago I found I had a dominant side to me and I even started toping guys breeding their tight holes. In my spare time I visit a gym to build myself as a fit and sexy guy with loads muscles I often get loads young guys (some are still virgins) at the gym asking for a fuck some time I forgot about myself being poz and have knock up many guys. Oh well silly me but it help the club having new members. You may remember my story and how it all happen if you haven't read it you can here (https://breeding.zone/topic/43225-my-master-gave-me-retirement/) Over the past 6 months I been running the basement club with my 18 year old cumdump slave, Yeah you read it right this formal slave has his own slave now. I was his first ever fuck and now a part of me I own him forever. We haven't seen mike for over 6 month now he was the skinny guy who gave me my first ever toxic load before my pozzing conversion party that night. Who know what happen to him no one knows. All the members are happy that I took over and kept the club open for them and we been welcoming new members regularly. I was walking back from the gym when I met the post man outside our place who gave me loads of letters for me looking through then nothing interest but mixed up in them was a letter from the clinic to my ex master. I wounded as an idea enter my head he wouldn't know I got this letter. I went downstairs into the club and open the letter for a little look. The letter was my ex master hiv results he was neg! My cock when hard with an evil thought, Now it my time to take revenge! I know my formal master goes for a run in the park every morning during the week when his slave is out working earning the money. That's where I going to attack once he bitten there no going back. Monday came it was a nice warm sunny morning I got up early and waited outside a few doors down where I could see the door to the upstairs flat but out of view. I saw his slave get on his bike a rode off to work as my cock was harding knowing he going to end up getting a toxic load soon. A few minutes later my formal master came out looking ready for his run wearing spandex running tights and a tight t shirt I was also wearing the same outfit so I could blend in and in a dissident I would look like another jogger in the park. I follow him up to the park and made sure I stay a little way back so it didn't look like I was following him around. Then he stop by a bench where a cute young guy sitting there in a bushy area a place where a lot of guys have sex I watch him as he moves over and started talking to the young cute guy. He such a sucker for young guy I know this as I was his slave for 12 years. I waited back for a bit but some thing happen the cute young guy then got angry, almost look like they was fighting I ran up to help stop it. I got to the bench and my formal master was crying for help as the young cute guy was much stronger than him and handcuff him to the bench I couldn't help but laugh at him. He look up at me "slave help me please I need you help please" I walked over to the young cute guy and spoke into his ear "Thank you slave" Now I had an evil smile on my face as my formal master is now handcuff to the bench can't get away and bent over when his ass ready, You see I trained my slave well as one myself I know everything. My formal master is still crying so went down and look him in the eye " So why are yo crying? you must of known that one day this could happen when a formal slave may want to take revenge" I could tell from the looks in his eye he was sacred he spoke back with a shaky voice "I'm sorry slave please let me go I do anything" I reply back "Anything? Sure I will let you free but there some thing I must do first!" I went around the back to where his ass was and started to touch it feeling his neg ass on it last moments. "Oi! get your hands off" How rude of him "You don't own me now your power are unless to me" before he could say another word I gag him "good that shut you up now!" My toxic cock was leaking so much pre cum knowing that it about to get a nice neg ass to play with. I pull down his spandex running tights down a little to show me his tight hole. I know he never been fuck before and this going to be his first cock going deep inside him. I pull out my cock and rubbed it a little around his hole before spiting on it. "Looks like you're ready" I start to push my toxic cock into his tight hole he was moaning like he in pain, now I could of used lube but no why fuck should I after what he did to me. "Shut up with you moaning and take this toxic cock like a man!" Once I was fully in I started to fuck harder and pick up some speed I wasn't going to cum quickly I wanted to take my time and rip up his hole and give as much pain as possible. After some time fucking his neg ass I felt like I was getting close so I took off his gag "So are you going to beg for forgiveness? as you about to get one big toxic poz load deep in you!" He then started to beg me not to cum. "Please slave I'm sorry please don't cum in me Please I'm begging you please don't cum in me" I stopped "Not good enough!" He continue to beg but I wasn't listing I carry on fucking hard and hard and then I felt my cock getting harder now I'm ready to fire my hot toxic poz loads deep inside his neg ass. "Here it come take like a man and take your formal slave toxic load. Fuck yeah I cumming! I'm cumming toxic poz in your guts, Who my Poz slave now! Say it!" My formal master was crying his neg day was over his formal slave just pozzed him! His formal slave now own him and there nothing he can do about it now. He didn't say a word maybe too confused by what just happen. I pull out and saw a pinky mess on my cock and put it back inside my running tights I let my slave have a lick off that later, I unlock the handcuff. "There you go, you free now and leaking poz cum out of your hole" He said nothing just crying there, some master he was. I started to walk off home as I left I heard a little voice background "I'm sorry master" I turn around to look at him "Good slave we will see you soon"
  9. Why did my partner buy condom today? I only do it raw

  10. I been in a master slave relationship since I was 18th serving my master for nearly 12 years now. My master made me work as a bike massager and he always pick the spandex outfits I had to wear for the whole week not the normal shorts and jerseys ones but a cycling skinsuit that been custom made to my master need. At the beginning of the week my master would hand me a skinsuit and lock me in using a padlock on my collar and if I ever need to pee I was order to pee in my suit as you can tell by the end of the week I was very smelly. I had a busy day work on the Friday but I had other things on my mind as tomorrow is my birthday when I turn 30 and I hope my master will have some thing planed for me. We live in a flat above a shop and a basement sex club for which I never been to. I seen guys going in and out of it but there no listing for it any where. When I got home I put the bike in the bike room we had at the front of the flat and I notice in there was a box with a new bike inside could this be I'm getting a new bike, I should say or act about it just go in and speak to my master that I'm back from work. My master didn't say nothing to me just nodded at me this wasn't normal any way I strip naked and washed myself down so I'm all clean for my master needs this weekend. My master came into the bathroom he said. "I'm doing some work to your room so you can't sleep in your cage tonight so you can sleep in the spare room tonight you will need to make it up" This is weird I hasn't slept on a bed since I was a teen but then again I don't have a life my master own me so I replied "Yes Master" Before my master left the room he turn around and looked at me. "by the way I got a friend coming around now so finish off and stay naked and come out to me so I can put this blindfold on you as you getting a tattoo tonight but you will not be able to see it until tomorrow. I agreed to it and clean myself and came out to my master who then blindfold me and I couldn't see a thing. Later that day I found myself laying face down on a table unable to see any thing I could here my master talking in the background and the other guy say are you happy with this tattoo design. The next thing I could feel was pain as the tattoo gun pinning just above my ass crack. It went on for some time must of been some big tattoo as I felt it right across my ass. When the guy finish they wrap some thing around my ass and I was order to sleep on my front tonight ass up so I didn't make a mess. I Found it hard getting to sleep that night maybe I wasn't use to sleeping on a bed or it could the pain I feeling on my back. I woke up to the sound of my master footsteps I could hear him opening the door to my slave room listing carefully I could hear say "Good boy you are training well I think you ready for your new tasks and roles as my current slave is retiring today" What the fuck when through my mind I haven't done any thing wrong then why is my master getting rid of me like that. My master came in to the room and told me to get up now and don't get dressed. I got out of the bed and standing there naked in front of my master he them put a chain on my collar and pull me along as I follow him into the next room. In the room was another guy who was on the skinny side then my master spoke to him as I listen. "Here the slave, He just turn 30 today and I no long got any need for him now too old now for my liking. I trained him well over the past 12 years so he should ready for any of your needs." My master handed over the chain to the skinny guy as he came up to me and felt my body checking me out. "He will do great with us and I love the tattoo you gave him that will go down well with all of us" I still haven't see the tat yet I still got no idea what it is. My master then turn and look at me in the eye, " Thank you slave you been great over these past 12 years but you grow old now and I like my slave young so I hope you enjoy your final years of retirement and my friend here will look after you. He runs the club in the basement and you will be of great use to them." I'm now confused here I'm only 30 I still got a long time ahead of me I'm still fit and healthy why am I being retire and told enjoy my final years. My now ex master open the door and the skinny guy start to pull on the chain making me follow him out, I'm still naked as I left the door slam shut behind me. My life to what I was use to was now over and what is my new life going to be I know nothing about this guy or the club in the basement. We arrive in the basement it was dark only lit by a single small light there was only one door down here. On the door it said private club enter at your own risk, the skinny guy unlock the door and pull me in and locked it behind me. Behind the door was a small room with a mirror on one wall and another door I follow the skinny guy into the next room which was a changing room, Ok I get the idea it's one of these sex clubs maybe. The skinny closed the door behind me and I noticed some text on the door "No one has ever left here neg" What dose that means, The skinny guy pulls me into a much bigger room with a bar and many other small dark room with photos of gay porn on the walls. The skinny guy then take my chain off and then tell me that I'm safe down here feel free to walk around and get use to my new as he got some work to do. I saw a wall which was full of photos of guys being fucked, I stood there look through them all and at the top it said "Our members of our brotherhood" Must of been a list of the club members. Then the skinny guy came and put his hand on my ass and spoke into my ear, " Tonight you will be welcome into our club and you will soon learn your new role in life as we all very looking forward to getting to feel your ass. All these photos on this wall show all the guys that we have welcome to our club one this here was me back when I was a very fit healthy muscle stud " I looked at the photo and saw it wow he was one hot looking guy back then but the guy fucking him look very sick almost like he was, um sure not it couldn't be. Then the skinny guy point to another photo " This was the guy who was your ex master slave before you " I ask what happen to him? He reply he only last 3 years here before he died. I felt a not so good feeling in me about this I turn away just to clear my head a little sure this couldn't be happening. I mean surely it can't be real all this. I saw a room that had a big area to sit down as I walk in I noticed that all the walls have mirror on them and you could see every angle of any thing that was happening in here, Then I saw the tattoo that my ex master gave me before kicking me out. Just above was the biohazard symbol and just below it said cumdump. So my ex master gave me retirement from him to only be used a cumdump for poz guys. So many thing was flying through my head that I just couldn't believe what is about to happen to me. My neg days is over as I stared in my eye in the mirror. " I see you seen you tattoo " said the skinny guy standing next me I nodded yes. " Now you know I better get you ready for tonight as you will get every type of Aids virus that no meds in the world will save you" I felt the fear in me but it didn't show in my cock that went rock hard point right up like it saying give me every thing. " Looks like you really want, well you got some time before it start so I can give you start off now if I can have you last ever neg load " I couldn't answer back as the skinny push me and bent me over a table and then I felt his cock pushing into my ass I could see it in the mirror it look like my ass was eating his cock it was dry no lube was use on it, felt like my skin was breaking up down there so much pain but the feeling of the raw cock going deeper inside me felt so good. He start to pull out and in but it felt like it was getting easier like some lube has been used down there I look down and saw some blood on the floor then it hit me that wasn't lube he rip me open for his poz load. I know there nothing I can do now any minute now his cock is going to explode in me shooting his toxic loads deep into me. The skinny guy started to moan louder I could tell he getting close. " Boy you going to get, say goodbye to your neg days and welcome your new poz cumdump life " My ass tighten up after hearing that " Oh fuck yeah tighten up at much as you want you can't stop my poz cock riding your hole now, Here it come take my toxic load you cunt " The skinny guy cock felt like it was growing hard then he let a very loud moan. He was cumming it felt like he was cumming big time. " Welcome to our poz brotherhood I save up two week load for you and you better enjoy it " He pull out of my ass, I stood up to see his cock with some pinkly cum still on it. " Now for your last neg load " the Skinny guy drop to the floor and put my cock in his mouth, I never been suck off like this before he must be a pro at it, I didn't last long and I blew my last neg load in to his mouth licking every last drop of it. He look me into the eye " Thanks for that, guys last neg load is always the most tasty ones! " I sat down knowing that his poz load is swimming around my body and later today I going to get even more. How many years will I cope before the virus eat me up? I don't really know.
  11. punkchaser

    Drinking my Piss

    Another thing to you try is saving up your piss in some big bottles put them in a bag and go out on a walk or bike ride to some where quite and have a piss shower fully clothed. I done that before on a hot day I was about 30 minutes away from home and return all wet and stinking of piss was a huge turn on I only wish I had some guys there to give me more of their piss
  12. punkchaser

    Morning ride leads to....

    Very hot, I just got back from a cycle ride and reading this just made me cum in my bib shorts
  13. punkchaser

    Bike crash leads to my POZZING

    It's like you reading my dreams, keep up the good work love reading your stories
  14. punkchaser

    A fun ride

    Hey Giveit2meraw I really enjoying your posts I have a big cyclist fetish here

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