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  1. Can host mornings in Throggs Neck if you're interested
  2. That sucks but I'm always around. Feel free to hit me up when you can send them. I am definitely interested in being tag teamed.
  3. I love it when I know I'm about to get a load but I can go either way. Sometimes when they just unload and pullout it's fine too.
  4. Used to be. Not anymore. Slide into my DM.
  5. I'm down to be tag teamed. That's a dream of mine.
  6. I used to put ads on Craigslist back when I lived in Boston for anon loads at the Arnold Arboretum at night. Fun times.
  7. Where is this place located exactly? Im in the BX and want to know some crusiing spots
  8. First load of the year yesterday! Finally! It's been a rough few months. Got pounded out by an 8 in her for an hour or so and he rewarded me with his load.
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