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    I like being called a pig and even have a Pig Bottom shirt but everything I have done and want to do has never been thought of as taboo or an extreme. I was 15 when I was first fucked. He was 38 and fucked me raw. I was introduced to adult bookstores, glory holes, and public sex in parks at 16 and loved every second of these fun men who taught me how to please. I always liked mature men and even though I fall into the mature category at age 48, I still love being with men who have a few years on me.

    I remember being so amazed that a man was inside of my body. That grew to wanting him to cum in me so that his DNA would be in me for the rest of my life. And how could that not grow into me embracing and loving every second of being a bug chaser. I was discouraged and then saw a meme on Tumblr that inspired me. My New Year's Resolution was to get pozzed. I found two men who were so amazing. One in NY and the other in SF. The one in SF took a brush to my hole and made a small cut on his foreskin so that our blood mixed inside of me. I also lost my balance while riding him and busted both our lips and we kept on going. Blood is a natural next step after cum so I loved knowing his blood was in me because I was excited to get his HIV1 and HepC. I sero converted in SF and then found out a little over a month later that I had converted to poz and was a successful bug chaser! My new "birthday" is April 8, 2016 and from my genotype we were able to tell who was "my maker" and it was my buddy in NY. I am still close to my friend in SF. I did not get his HepC either and today he is cured.

    My first slam was on August 10, 2016 by a man who has never been on meds. Watching his blood go into my vein was intense and hot and beautiful. He took my blood and injected himself and then I got every one of his other fluids in me that night. My second blood slam was for the purpose of getting HepC. We had fun, he later invited a third who was also fun, and the next morning after helping me clean, he told me that he had taken to treatment as was cured of HepC. He added that he wanted me to experience what I wanted but without actually getting it. I decided that with the connection I want with a man who is marking, charging, and infecting me, we have to be on the same page about many things.

    I am not on meds and need to get to a clinic so I can know my viral load. I love being off meds and knowing my body is toxic and should have a biohazard tattoo. I want to be with poz men and if we have chemistry, then we are going to have an amazing time doing everything. I still love anonymous and have an open door policy that anyone can fuck me. Would be fun for someone to make the decision of who gets to fuck me on film. I have hooked up with homeless men and plan to do so again when I return to SF and I would love to play with some full blown guys. I like getting STDs and would beg like my maker made me yell really loud that I wanted AIDS before he would cum in me.
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    Poz, Not On Meds
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    Proud poz men who are not on meds

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  1. Thanks for the follow back.

  2. Thank you for following buddy

  3. POLL: At what age did you take your FIRST load?

    I was 15 and the guy was 38
  4. Hey stud

    1. rawhawk


      how goes bud? haven't seen ya zoomin recently, but then haven't been all that regular there either

    2. RawPozAdventures


      I need to get back on. We both do!

    3. RawPozAdventures


      I need to get back on. We both do!

  5. Hey stud


    1. mn_gary


      Hey Stud back at ya

  6. How are you beautiful man? When will I be able to taste you?

  7. In college I got scabies and crabs twice. Then nothing for years except HPV with an outbreak that went away and never came back. 2016 was the year I converted to poz with HIV1 which piggybacked on chlamydia. The chlamydia was in my throat and ass. Gono three times and I thought a fourth time but the results came in and I had syphillis! Instantly got rock hard. I kept it for three weeks and got the shots before leaving SF for NY.
  8. Thank you for following me,we are of similar mind and i am so looking forward to being poz

  9. Thanks for adding me ;)

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      You are quite welcome handsome

  10. recent Jan 2017

    Fuck you are so handsome. Would be amazing to have my mouth work on every crevice on your body, learning what pleases you and what turns you on more than anything else. I would welcome the chance to be a part of your manor turn on. Truly hope we meet. You already know that my ass would belong to you.
  11. furrycajun

    @furrycajuncub - you are one very hot fukker!
  12. Thanks for the follow stud! Ever in San Francisco? Would love to fuck with you

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      Yeah -- will be there for a weekend in August and again in September -- looking for some fun

    2. RawPozAdventures
  13. Thanks for the follow stud!

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