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  1. Thank you for following me handsome and now I am following you. Would be great if our paths crossed.

  2. How bout that trip to Florida ??

  3. Piss exchange with catheter connecting cocks

    Would be amazing to do this with you and definitely chem piss
  4. Thank you for following buddy

  5. Hey stud

    1. rawhawk


      how goes bud? haven't seen ya zoomin recently, but then haven't been all that regular there either

    2. RawPozAdventures


      I need to get back on. We both do!

    3. RawPozAdventures


      I need to get back on. We both do!

  6. How are you beautiful man? When will I be able to taste you?

  7. In college I got scabies and crabs twice. Then nothing for years except HPV with an outbreak that went away and never came back. 2016 was the year I converted to poz with HIV1 which piggybacked on chlamydia. The chlamydia was in my throat and ass. Gono three times and I thought a fourth time but the results came in and I had syphillis! Instantly got rock hard. I kept it for three weeks and got the shots before leaving SF for NY.
  8. Thank you for following me,we are of similar mind and i am so looking forward to being poz

  9. Thanks for adding me ;)

    1. RawPozAdventures


      You are quite welcome handsome

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