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    Kingston, NY & San Francisco, CA
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    bug chasing, recharge, toxic, unmedicated, high viral loads, STDs, STIs, all fluids, fluid sharing, blood slams, brushing hole, infected, being owned and loaned out for payment of dept, collection of STDs, or any use that owner deems fit
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    Poz, Not On Meds
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    first raw cock at 15, poz bf at 18, bug chaser on and off for years, gave up thinking had gene that prevented HIV, decided to make it happen in 2016 so found two men who worked with me, one in NY and the other in SF, and we partied, shared every fluid and I sero converted in San Francisco with chlamydia and on April 8, 2016 confirmed that I had successfully converted to positive. My genotype results determined who was my maker. I am resistant to protease inhibitors like my buddy in NY.

    I have more confidence now than I have ever had in my life. I feel attractive and just want to have an amazing time trying everything. My bug chasing is stronger as there is nothing more amazing to me than knowing that the person inside of me is infecting me, marking me, making me his, and changing me permanently.

    My first successful slam was a blood slam. I got every fluid from him that night. Yes it was hot but to me ... watching him inject me with his blood and knowing that he had never taken meds ... it was so amazing to watch and feel and I found it more beautiful than anything else.

    I am very close with my "almost" maker in San Francisco and would do anything for him. I have all of him inside of me but oddly I did not get his HEP C even thought he took a brush to my hole and then cut his foreskin to fuck me ... our blood had mixed other times so I am disappointed as I would love to know that I have his mark somewhere in me. He was recently treated and is now cured of HepC and is now against gifting and chasing. He would never share his rig with me which makes some sense as I was the only person he tried to convert. He also doesn't want me to slam as he says that it will change me.

    My dear friends love giving me advice.

    2016 brought me HIV1, chlamydia, gono three times, and in December I expected gono again but was told I had syphilis which instantly made me rock hard. I was told by different fuck buddies that I should get treated so I decided to enjoy the syphilis in my body for the three weeks I had in San Francisco and got treated before I flew to NY. I was told to wait seven days before playing but I waited two.

    In mid-January 2017, I finally got fucked by a buddy who made me feel like we were in a Treasure Island Media scene. He wanted to know who pozzed me and wished he had known I was chasing as he has been off meds and would have loved to have been the one. Learning that he was off meds just made him that much hotter. Our boyfriends were friends before we entered the picture and they know we get off on each other. I saw him a couple of nights ago and can't wait to go crazy with him again.

    I have been approached and now feel I have to write that I have not given anyone my load since converting to poz so I have never gifted and do not plan to. I truly believe that this is a great honor for both the negative man offering himself and the positive man sharing something so important. I would consider if I was close with someone oner a period of time as I like the idea of having a connection like brothers or buddies.

    I consider myself so fucking lucky to be a proud poz bug chasing gay man and am having the best time playing with fun and friendly guys exploring, sharing and experiencing everything sexually possible.

    Let's swap strains and hire a cameraman.
  • Porn Experience
    Enjoy making home videos. Would love to do porn and am willing to do anything on camera.
  • Looking For
    toxic, unmedicated positive men who have high viral loads and STDs that they like to share. I love knowing that I am being infected.

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  1. You're profile is amazing the honesty and proud acceptance make me glad to be part of the brotherhood. I would to get to know more about you and maybe build that brother like relationship

  2. Thank you for the follow stud!

  3. Thank you for the follow you hot fukker!

  4. Thank you for the follow stud!

  5. Thank you for the follow!

    1. assplaybottom


      You're welcome! Thank you for following me. Very hot body there

  6. Yes! We seem to be in agreement with keeping it inside. I love ass to mouth, eating what has leaked out and licking my fingers clean. Great minds gentlemen! I want every fluid to absorb into my body.
  7. Great to see you here! Welcome!

  8. Thank you for the follow!

  9. thnx 4 the follow. See you are near me sometimes

    1. RawPozAdventures


      Hey there @powerbot27 - I am about 1.5 - 2 hours north of NYC

  10. I love papermag and now love Milan Christopher! Thank you @drscorpio for posting!
  11. Fred Mayer
  12. You are one very hot man handsome

    1. bbBillyT


      Thank you!  You are hot too, you sexy fuck..  We should talk.. :-) 


  13. I love the men in San Francisco and always have the best time there. I am 48 years old so definitely not a twink and not everyone's preference yet have met the most amazing men of all ages, nationalities, sizes and with varying interests from homeless to affluent to rent men to nasty slamming pigs. Great fun. I am biased with NY being home and having had some amazing times in NYC as well although SF seems to be easier to connect for me. Would LOVE to visit Berlin, Portland, Palm Springs, London, and where WAN Films / All Real Bareback films as I would like to audition and hopefully be added to their roster of actors whom I absolutely adore.
  14. I would love having you breed my hole.  would be fucking hot to get your loaded DNA!

  15. Makes me rock hard reading your profile. One day I'll find the load that converts me, until then enjoying the journey taking loads whenever I can.

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