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    Inside you if your lucky.
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    The usual. Kittens, Flowers, Sunny days,MIND ALTERING NARCOTICS and UNPROTECTED SEX with RANDOM strangers. Oh yeah, walks on the beach as well. Nude beach of course.
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    Neg, Recently Tested
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    Been responsible most of my life. Wanting to give up a career in Aviation to work in a Sleazy Adult bookstore and/or be a Chemical Enhancement entrepreneur. (That's a drug dealer take notes you children of sheltered households headed by religious fanatics. Aka: Killjoy's and Party poopers.)
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    Does video footage from churches surveillance cameras qualify?
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    Sleazy fun times. Mind numbing sex chat. This site is full of cumdumpsters. I enjoy being a CUM-PUMPER. Don't worry, you can't get pregnant. By the way I am open to a penis administered Protein injection. I have standards!

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  1. I’d love to drop by and take your load sometime 

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