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  1. Have them drink a lot of water, liters of it. If it's a longer session, they'll definitely have to go at some point. Some tools that I've introduced to it find it easier to just do it as opposed to a fetish aspect. But treat it like a regular thing.
  2. I've once plugged myself and slept through the night with it.
  3. I'm not a full bb cumdump but I got around quite a bit before the pandemic. Ive had just about everything at some point. I'm currently neg and on prep. It used to scare me about getting sti and such, but depending on where you are treatment is hard to come by if you have insurance or a low-cost clinic nearby. I've found most folks in the bb community are pretty laid back about these things as it somewhat comes with the territory. Just be honest with yourself and your partners about what's going on. Being on prep I do a quarterly check up, and about once or twice a year I come up for somet
  4. It's how I got started with piss play. Still like to do it on occasion
  5. I used to see a top with a BBC. He loved to literally fuck the piss out of me. Almost felt like cumming hands free at times. My prostate would be so scrambled I wouldn't have any control over what came out. I loved that feeling.
  6. Start asking tops to do it in a glass for you too, until you feel comfortable with drinking and the constant swallowing
  7. Same here, but it just makes me burp a lot then I typically feel better
  8. I'd happily take your piss deep in me
  9. That's definitely a plan of mine once this pandemic is over
  10. This is definitely something I'm going to try. Surprised I haven't already
  11. I need a man like you in my life. Make my holes your urinals please
  12. I'm going to try plugging myself next time someone unloads in me
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