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  1. I've performed this role at a friend's party in the past. When someone had to piss, they could find me to let me know and I'd get down, swallow everything and go back to whatever I was doing. It was amazing.
  2. In my case it's a prerequisite if there's a hint of piss play or a long session were it might come up
  3. That depends on if you are pissing with your dick in the mouth or into a funnel or from a distance. The direct version with dick in mouth feels amazing, imagine a good hard piss with a bit of tongue action. Almost feels like you're continuously cumming
  4. This sounds like a good time. I can imagine just drinking beer and booze, smoking and maybe watching porn or maybe a game and when you either get horny or have to piss I'd just lean my mouth over and swallow your dick and whatever piss or cum comes out of it. And the only time I'm not swallowing something is when you get the courage to fuck my asshole, same rules apply, you can freely just piss and cum in there all you want. Just going from one hole to the other draining your balls and bladder into me.
  5. The best way to get started is to drink your own. Piss on yourself in the tub/shower, piss in a cup and drink it, etc. Get used to the different tastes, is. Strong morning piss, well hydrated piss, piss after a bar night and so on. If you have a good buddy or a top/Dom bring it up with them and ask them to piss on/in you or in a cup so you can drink it Pro: it's hot as hell and many guys are into it whether they know it or not Con: ......
  6. I wish we were closer together, this is a dream of mine, to just nurse on a man's dick while he feeds whatever piss and cum comes out of his dick for a few hours. I'll even bring more beer.
  7. Wanted to update this, recently at a friend's clothing optional house party 4 of the guys there would drink all night and only use my mouth to piss. They must have gone 3 or 4 times a piece over the course of the night and they weren't small bladders. Didn't spill a drop and one guy was even impressed with my abilities. I later fisted and bred one of the guys but that's another story
  8. This is literally watersports sports, I'd say it counts. Just imagining all those boys pissing freely together gives me tingles in a good way
  9. I'm going to be there, I have the weekend pass
  10. Practice being able to breathe through the nose while you swallow it, and take big gulps when they have a strong stream, then you'll be able to swallow anything thrown at you
  11. Maybe try the hanky code, have a yellow bandana or yellow trimmed or colored gear, gets the point across in a somewhat subtle way. You came also hint that you'll enjoy whatever comes from their dick. One of my favorite codes for my tops is "stay hydrated 😜" many get the meaning behind that
  12. Drink a lot of water or beer before and during play, your body will handle the rest
  13. Have them drink a lot of water, liters of it. If it's a longer session, they'll definitely have to go at some point. Some tools that I've introduced to it find it easier to just do it as opposed to a fetish aspect. But treat it like a regular thing.
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