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    Uninhibited pigs that like to fuck, other activities are just foreplay. I like to hook up in sex clubs, adult theaters, back rooms. I'm an exhibitionist, and love being watched when I'm having sex. I'm bi and love mixed 3-ways, 4-ways and larger bi groups as well. Based in Portland, OR but travel and hookup on the road frequently.

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  1. I don't care about face pics, since I'm looking for anonymous sex I do like to see a pic of your ass if you are bottoming and your cock if you are topping.
  2. I had a great fuck from a condom covered cock on Wed. night, after he came I pulled it off and ate his load.
  3. Try hitting the Cumunion parties, some cities will be better than others, and even then it varies from event to event. My best Cumunion parties have been the ones in LA, which works well since you can often do one in LA and another nearby city like Palm Springs, San Diego, Vegas or San Francisco (I haven't been to one in San Francisco yet) in the same weekend.
  4. I've been trying it recently since the hookup apps are worthless here. @NShorny
  5. I'm thinking about traveling to the Pride Cumunion Party in either LA on 6/26/21 or the one in San Francisco 6/27/21. I always have a great time in LA, but have never been to Cumunion in San Francisco, is it usually a good venue for a versatile bear? I like getting as many dicks as possible in my hole for at least a few strokes and my dick likes to sample any willing holes. If it is a active orgy, I can usually manage shooting 3 loads in holes and hope to get a few in mine. I will also almost definitely be attending the Pride Cumunion in Seattle on 7/3/21, so if you like to fuck and g
  6. I don't know if it is genetic, but my ass and some guys I have fucked get really wet when they are turned on. So much so that I prefer not to use any artificial lube until we have tried it without. When I'm bottoming I never need any and am disappointed when the top insists.
  7. My only problem would be deciding which position to get bred in. Do I want those awesome balls slapping my taint doggy style, or do I see his pleasure as he releases his load up my open hole. I might have to have him breed me more than once.
  8. I'm all about the act of fucking, either as a top or bottom, so as long as I'm attracted to the other guy we can fuck. The only thing I won't do is suck a condom covered cock, but sucking is just a warm up for the main event so they can shove still fuck me if they are willing.
  9. Has anyone heard anything recently about when or if Hawks might reopen? Or where the guys who actually enjoy hooking up to fuck are going in the meantime?
  10. Just Steam, I haven't heard anything about Hawks. Would love to breed you in the sling again.
  11. I like casual no strings hookups, so names aren't desired.
  12. I had fun at a park this weekend, unfortunately it was just sucking.
  13. After a little over 9 months, I finally got fucked and bred at the bathhouse tonight. I did fuck 2 bottoms but wasn't ready to breed when they left, so unfortunately still haven't loaded anyone. There was a little bit of sucking going on, so not a horrible night by Steam standards.
  14. Small crowd, probably a dozen guys there at any time from 6 pm to close. There was actually a little bit of sex happening. I did get fucked and bred by one guy, and fucked 2 different bottoms that both left shortly after I fucked them, so didn't breed anyone. After they and the guy that bred me, that was it for guys willing to fuck. There was some sucking going on, so it wasn't as bad for sex as it typically was before the pandemic. It was almost exclusively older guys.
  15. If Hawks has reopened when you are here it might be if you happen to hit a good night, which can happen on Sunday or Monday. I am planning to go to Steam tomorrow for the 1st time since the pandemic shut things down, but do not have high hopes.
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