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    Uninhibited pigs that like to fuck, other activities are just foreplay. I like to hook up in sex clubs, adult theaters, back rooms. I'm an exhibitionist, and love being watched when I'm having sex. I'm bi and love mixed 3-ways, 4-ways and larger bi groups as well. Based in Portland, OR but travel and hookup on the road frequently.

    Sorry I'm not into "gifting" or even indulging you in your bugchasing fantasies

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  1. I'm versatile, but reject guys who are only into oral only or even worse just foreplay all the time. Mostly at the bathhouses and cruising spots, because I no longer even bother with the hookup apps in a city where it feels like almost everyone lists cuddling as the number one activity they are looking for. I will admit I will sometimes accept cock sucking before I give up and go home. One of the local baths has twice monthly parties where they issue 5 different colors of glow bracelets to indicate sexual position. Purple for neither oral or anal has been making up a significant plurality lately most of the rest choose orange for oral only and we are lucky if the blue/top, red/bottom and green/versatile make up a combined 20% of the guys. A year or so ago it was more than half oral only, but they have regressed even more since then.
  2. Spit and precum topping or bottoming. I don't like artificial lube, and if you must use it at please find one that is unscented.
  3. That is great, I always love hearing stories where guys have a good time on their 1st visit to a bathhouse. I too went on a weeknight, and fucked (before I even had a chance to explore the club), got fucked and was the meat in a fuck sandwich (flip fucking back and forth with the other versatile guy) all in the 1st hour. Needless to say I have been a fan ever since.
  4. I'm not telling them that I'm undetectable at that point, I'm informing a guy that may not know how big of a slut I am, that there is already cum in my hole, with the implication that I don't know the status of that cum. Which may be assuming too much. On the other hand 95% of my fucking takes place in sex clubs so if they are barebacking in a sex club they are already taking significant risk.
  5. Sounds like you feel the same way I do. Unfortunately need to move to make it happen, and take more sexcations like the one that resulted in these 2 stories. I severely limited hooking up, due to the Monkeypox outbreak, for the next 3 months after they happened.
  6. How many of you feel a need to make up for lost time hooking up after the events of the last 3 years? I know I do, while I did hookup a few times during COVID and never completely stopped for Monkeypox, it feels like I am hornier than ever. It doesn't help that I'm over 50 and lost a year 5 years ago due to going through cancer treatment. Anyone else feeling greater urgency?
  7. After the last 6 months, I'm trying to get my mind around having something like this happening in Portland I know the year after things reopened after COVID was by far the best year of sex I've enjoyed in the 16 years I have lived here in Portland, things may not be completely back to the no fuck norm but it is getting closer all the time. I can't imagine it happening now, but I trust the author of this post🤣 Last night was also a glow bracelet party, I would guess 2/3rds of the men last night chose purple for I don't fuck in any position or suck, and most of the rest chose orange for oral only. There was definitely a lot less fucking than 10 months ago. Last night was pretty much the same as this post from almost 10 years ago
  8. This is the HIV/AIDS & Sexual Health > Making the Decision to Bareback forum, not the Backroom > HIV Fetish - Bugchasers, Gift Givers, etc. forum, so I think it is reasonable to point out when someone is about to actually switch from fantasy to a potentially self-destructive act.
  9. I really need to go to a Fornication Party, but since they don't seem to be having them in the western 2/3 of the country it is probably going to have to wait until I move back that direction.
  10. I think the answer to that question is somewhat situational. With a small group of regular fuck buddies, or even if you are setting something up with a single individual in advance, for me disclosing my status in ethically mandatory. If you are at a sex club, party or just out cruising then I think it is up to the other party to ask if you are undetectable, if I wasn't undetectable I would feel obligated to disclose it before we fucked. For me that didn't happen, because I found out I was positive while being treated for cancer and was undetectable long before I started looking for sex again. Another ethical question is for cumdump bottoms, what is their obligation even if they themselves are neg on PREP or undetectable? I'm almost certain I caught it from fucking cumdump bottoms at sex clubs and parties. I take full responsibility for my own irresponsible actions (I sought out bottoms that I had just watched get bred), but definitely warn someone who I don't think is experienced if they are about to stick their dick in me and I have cum in my hole. In fact unless it is a regular who is about to fuck me, I always disclose in advance if they are about to get sloppy seconds.
  11. I highly recommend you get on PREP if you are actually going to bareback. If it is just a fantasy that you are entertaining, but aren't actually fucking with anyone, it doesn't really make a difference. I can't say that I condone your self destructive fantasy, or that I don't find it irritating, but if you aren't actually acting on it you aren't causing yourself harm.
  12. I wound up with a last minute work project last night, so I don't know how many were actually there. Probably just as well, since it was a warm sunny day which always makes me horny, so it always feels like it has the opposite effect on most local guys.
  13. You need to go and experience the scene for yourself. I live in Portland, so I haven't been too many times in Seattle and don't make special trips for events there. I find both Portland and Seattle scenes extremely slow, but you can get lucky and be there on a somewhat decent night.
  14. It is why I'm considering a move. I'm hoping to move this year, still trying to work through the details, including where to move. I'd rather post about things I'm actually doing.
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