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    philadelphia, pa
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    AIDS, syphillis, and stds... barebacking, bloodslamming, hardcore perversions...

    i have made my death wish my reality...

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    Poz, Not On Meds
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    shamelessly depraved AIDS and std faggot... permanently off all meds with untreatable AIDS, untreatable syphillis, hep c, gono... have fully embraced my most intense masochistic perversions as no limits cumpig
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    the usual - pics, vids, webcam
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    real-time hookups with other hardcore AIDS and std pigs...

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  1. FUKKKING AWESOME PROFILE -- cock hard and dripping -- well it does that anyway, but FUKKK -- I'm in Lust ...  me fukkkin a slut-hole

    PERVDOM666@yahoo.com 583c923307203_duroc26lo.jpg.086ae0e6c54aefa6371de847d7d2274b.jpg5835eda09b0f2_DSCF1959loforBreeZone.JPG.0a3b9c3ecf769c70afab33e6d7699961.JPG

  2. AidsBro  please fuck me 

  3. Thanks for following me. 

  4. i do love piss in my ass, but when my ass is loaded with cum i prefer to be pissed on most of the time
  5. Stealth or not..

    sounds good to me
  6. Poz guys - Any Regrets?

    I couldn"t have said it any better - I do have financial troubles, but I have no regrets
  7. young or old?

    i have never let a difference in age get in the way of a good thing, from guys much older to guys much younger... i think about it, but that's about it
  8. Wanted your toxics. ... will be proud 

  9. rawdogg2

  10. fuck man... that is the best profile I've seen in a while..  hot and so fucking beautifully twisted

  11. sounding

    ok now that i know why and the guy it won't be very long until we will post pics doing it to me
  12. sounding

    I'm not trying to be a smartass but when it comes to sounding all i can say is "wtf why"?

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