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  1. Here is a bit more information. Apparently China wanted access to HIV information. https://www.nbcnews.com/feature/nbc-out/inside-grindr-fears-china-wanted-access-user-data-hiv-research-n989996
  2. I get not cleaning ‘deep’ inside and just the first few inches for average cock. But for some reason I don’t feel clean until I do clean deep in there and release everything, yes it takes longer but it makes me feel better. Yes, even if the cocks I’m taking all are average and not really that big, so it makes sense for me to stop deep cleaning and just clean a few inches inside but I think it’s all in my head that I start thinking ‘what if I just to a quick clean and I end up with a really big cock, I’m not going to be clean’ etc. So I do deep clean instead. All psychological I think haha Question: How long after douching do you go have sex? I prefer to wait because when I think and feel I’m clean I lay down trying to find a hookup when I feel like I need to go to the restroom and low and behold it’s dirty water. So back to the tub I go. So ive started to clean out and wait about an hour at the most before I start getting cock just as a precaution.
  3. He’s blaming me for everything. He’s 10000% a victim here
  4. I tried to explain. He said that it’s not his responsibility to read profiles and that I should have told him I had HIV. Explained the undetectable part and he says those are all lies and that doctors are wrong and that he knows more, yada yada yada.
  5. You’d be surprised how many people don’t read profiles. Even if I write ‘Tell me you read this and get $100’ nobody will win the money
  6. So I was talking to this guy on Grindr and the subject of me being undetectable or using condoms came up. We make plans and he shows up, breeds me and leaves. He then asks me a few days later if I’m clean. I tell him I’m undetectable and he freaks out and blocks me. So then I decide to put undetectable on the status section of Grindr. Guy hits me up. Again condoms or me being poz doesn’t come up. He shows up, breeds me and leaves. A few days later we’re talking in grindr and tells me that he just saw that i have undetectable in grindr and gets pissed off. What do you guys do in these scenarios? Just tell them right away that your undetectable? Should I of told them before meeting up?
  7. So whenever I’m getting fucked and the top is fucking me so good that I cum without touching myself, I can’t take dick anymore it just starts hurting. I’ve tried poppers and they don’t help, it just hurts. I have to rest for about an hour or so before I can start getting dick again. anyone else have this problem? Or or if you had it and don’t anymore, what did you do for it not to be painful anymore after you cum? How can you continue to take cock after cumming?
  8. I live right outside of Ft. Huachuca in AZ which is the Army’s intelligence school. Also near David Monthan AF base in Tucson.A lot of foreign military personnel come and train with our military. Usually find them on Grindr and craigslist: 1. Had an Iraqi interpreter come over and breed me. 2. Had two Qatari servicemembers gangbang me. 3. Has an Iraqi drive down to me from Tucson (1hr) and have me several loads. Sadly I found out he died a few days later, he was a pilot in training and his jet went down in the US. https://www.azcentral.com/story/news/local/arizona/2015/06/26/iraq-pilot-douglas-crash-ap/29323825/ 4. Among other fucks. Middle Eastern men have the biggest thickest cocks along with very hairy bodies.
  9. If I cum while I’m getting fucked unfortunately I need to stop because then it starts hurting for some reason. Some guys want to jack me off while they fuck me, I tell them to stop but they continue until they make me cum. Even though I tell them that if I cum they’re going to have to stop, and they basically don’t care.
  10. A few months ago I bought a Butt plug. But I don’t know exactly what it’s for other than for plugging your butt. In layman terms is anyone able to tell me what they do. Are they for opening and stretching your ass? So if I wear it constantly my ass will stay gaping? Does it loosen up the rim of the ads or the inside? The Butt plug I got has kind of a big ball with a rather small/thin stem (I guess that’s what it’s called). If im not being clear with what I’m asking please let me know and I can clarify. Thanks.
  11. So I need a bit of help. I have noticed that many guys can take a dick or to without even cleaning out (at least it looks like they don't clean out). What I mean is how do guys get fucked at any time anywhere without planning for it? For example, lets say your at work and get a guy on Grindr or something and he wants to fuck you, you meet him and take his load without "prepping" as in cleaning out or eating good? Like those many randoms places take dick at a moments notice such as bars, hiking trails, restaurants, any where you get dick. How can you do it without prepping? Or do you prep before or everyday? Thats one thing that I don't feel comfortable with. I can't take a dick randomly because I know that I haven't cleaned out and haven't eaten "good" foods. I'd rather tell the guy "lets plan" something so it gives me the chance to go home and clean out before taking his dick. So how do some guys take dick at a moments notice without cleaning out or "prepping"?
  12. I have a question. I think my ass is getting loose because I have been using a dildo that is 7in in girth and about 10in long. I can't take it with no problem. But every time I meet to fuck most guys out there are no where near how big my dildo is. I have to sometimes squeeze my ass so it feels tighter or sometimes I push my ass out (as if I was pushing a shit out). That seems to work also because guys usually say "damn your tight" but I know damn well that Im not since I took your cock with ease and sometimes I don't even feel your dick start coming in. What do you guys do to feel tighter? I love my dildo because I can take all 10in up to my 2nd ring and that feels amazing. I also use it as a "prep" tool so I use it so it can open me up all the way to the top that way i don't have any accidents. But my question is should I stop using it since my ass is getting loose(er) and buy me another dildo that can also reach my 2nd ring but is much much much thinner than mine? I was thinking something like the "Tower of Pleasure" from the Boyzshop website. Its only 1.5in in diameter and 11.5 insertable. I love that I can just take dick without hurting much but at the same time I sometimes don't feel the dick in me, since a lot of guys aren't "big". Help
  13. I know there are hundreds if not thousands of threads about cleaning. But I have a question. As a bottom its usually hard for me to be ready for dick at any time. For example if I know Im going to get fucked I usually don't eat the day of the fucking as well as half the previous day. So if I know I'm going to go to a bathhouse or get lucky on an app or site on Saturday I would stop eating around 6pm on Friday night and not eat anything on Saturday. Once Im happy with all the loads in me and know that I won't be getting more dick then I go eat, because at this time Im starving. But I know some bottoms that (same example as above) would eat on Saturday and still get fucked and be clean even for a fucking on Sunday. I don't feel comfortable enough in meeting a top if I knew I have eaten something within a day, because if I do have an accident then I know they won't want to fuck me again. So my questions are: 1. How are some bottoms "always" clean to take a load or several loads? Even after eating. 2. What can I do "to always be clean and ready" to take a load at any given time? If this doesn't make sense, let me know.
  14. I have a question. I’ll be going to my first communion in Palm Springs in September (YAY). My question is how is CCBC? From what I’ve read it seems that they don’t offer any rooms to rent as in other bathhouses. I mean they do have rooms but only if your going to be spending the night or so and not for us that want to rent a room for a few hours and use as a fuck bed, am I correct in this? So is all the fucking outside? Can someone explain this to me? Is the whole property free play during that time or only certain spots? Also is anyone going? Does it get packed? Im hoping for dick after dick after dick in me.

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