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    Central Eastern Illinois
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    Becoming pozzed, am a total BB bottom anal addict, cock sucker with an increasing desire to become interactive with poz guys. I'm hoping to come in contact with poz and toxic guys close to my location that are willing to meet a few times a week or month to breed and convert my neg ass into the brotherhood. Am extremely interested in those that are HVL and possibly with the aggressive and med resistant CRF19 strain and are open and willing to breed me.
    Well, an update, just discovered that my favorite bath house is hosting CumUnion now every month. Am planning on attending the Feb event and hopefully will leave with my cravings and desires fulfilled as the RSVP list is full of guys claiming poz and HVL status.
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    Neg, Recently Tested
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    Been sucking and getting fucked since age 24, when I was first introduced and broken in to taking cock and cum, but have remained neg so far. This all used to scare the hell out of me, but am now open and willing to begin the adventure and to fulfill my destiny as I realize it should have been from the beginning.
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    No porn experience, but would enjoy becoming involved, especially if there were an audience for older, chubby, queer such as myself needing to be pozzed. Would love to be video'd being pozzed.
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    Desires and interests have changed and evolved a bit over time now, am looking for poz males/(a male), with HVL and CD numbers high and low enough to break me into taking known and confirmed toxic loads. This doesn't have to become an LTR, but would like to get to know the guy more than just a one time thing. Have given this a lot of consideration and know it's what I desire and need at this time.

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  1. Homo60

    Fuck bench

    This is hott, the club that I normally go to, took two of the rooms that are normally used for private use by the members, and converted them into adjoining glory hole rooms, it has turned out to be very popular, wished they would take a couple more of the rooms and do this with them and set them up like this, now that would really be a huge hit with the guys, especially for guys like myself anyway!!
  2. Homo60

    Fuck bench

    This sounds more like a fuk wall than a bench, but would be hott if all baths and clubs had the fuk walls or benches set up for those that would enjoy them. For myself, would very likely become a steady patron of such a facility, offering my ass up for any and all that wanted to dump their loads in this older vulnerable ass!!
  3. Homo60

    HIV risk and Older Men

    Am 66 1/2yr old here, have never really had anything serious other than a couple of accidents that should have probably done me in over my life time. I just came to the conclusion that in all my bottoming life and having been so careful and selective over the years, it did put a damper on a lot of things, so as of the beginning of 2016, began taking any and all anonymous that wished to take and old man's ass. Have had a lot of fun since then and still remain neg so far, but have decided that when and if it does happen, will deal with the issues when they come up. For myself, I'm in the frame of thinking as about the same as with others here, this late in age, if it does happen and if I do decide on meds, I won't have to be on them as long now as if it had happened in my 20's or 30's, etc.
  4. Homo60

    Why do you want to get pozzed?

    May have answered and replied to this sometime back, but for myself, it's become and age and sign of the times thing for me. I've never really actively chased, but have been a BB bottom for most of my life ever since being broken in and trained back in my mid 20's. Guess I've been lucky over the years, but have also been careful most of the time and tried to screen the guys that fucked me, the best that could be done in the situations. This in itself has caused me to loose out on a lot of good encounters over the years. I've been married twice in my time, but also maintained being a bottom for the guys when the urges came about, so that is another of the reasons I tried to stay careful over the years. While still legally married to the second fem, we have been physically separated now for over twelve years and there is no chance that we are going to be getting back together again. With that separation also came the chance and reality that I could really become the individual that I had always longed and felt I was meant to be. I've always had the feelings and desires and was attracted more to men than females, but just never could admit it in my earlier years. Also growing up back in those years, it was still quit an ordeal and outrage being brought out of the closet as being a homosexual, so I, as with a great deal many more, was subdued into a lifestyle that was totally wrong for who I was, but also being forced into trying to maintain the image for societies sake. Now at my age and with societies more social acceptance of the gay communities, after the separation from the second wife and no desires to ever be with another female, it came to reality for me that it was time to move on and really become the person that I was meant to be all my life. I realize it's a bit late in life to catch up with most things that I've missed out on over the years, but I still have a few years left to enjoy being who I am and what I really desire and should have been enjoying all my life. Finally as for being homosexual and enjoying bare backing so much and the way it was naturally meant to be, I came to the conclusion and decided to let down all the shields and worries and begin taking BB with a no questions asked policy and allow nature to take it's course no matter what it may be and to enjoy it no matter what. If it is meant to be that I become poz, then so be it, I will deal with or not deal with it and go with whatever nature has intended for me. I've actually become comfortable with the ideas and thought that maybe over all these years of being so safe and careful, maybe it was actually meant to be, for me to become pozzed long before now and I have actually been defying natures destiny that was meant for me. It's with that thought that I decided to go out and open up and take any and all cock and cum and let nature decide my true fate.
  5. Homo60

    bathhouse question

    Go in and take a look around and see what the other guys are doing, all are different and it's kind of the norm to do your own thing and what you are comfortable with.
  6. Homo60

    Storage Unit for Hookups?

    I used to have a guy that had a unit and fucked me there all the time, was a small community and never had a problem and the storage facility was gated with a security code that showed who and when entered, but nothing else, it worked for us.
  7. Homo60


    66.5yrs here and still horny as ever for a cock to fuck me and unload, been going since in my mid 20's, not as appealing as back then, but then still having fun when I can !!
  8. Thanks for the follow

  9. Thanks for the follow, hope to see a lot more of you here in the future.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Homo60


      Cool, hope to see more from you, wished there were a lot more interested in the subjects here. I know things are a bit " one sided " here at times though, but don't get discouraged, there are those of us that will follow you anywhere !! lol

      Have a great time and hope to see a lot more of you in the future.

    3. fatworthlesswhore


      thanks, and yep, also a lot of posts outside of the 'straight' forums that I cannot post on or I might get warnings or banned just for who I am :(  but I do read through them ;) 

    4. Homo60


      Well, anytime you see me here, am open to chat or private message, am open to pretty much anything and completely open minded about things and have been told I'm a pretty good listener and sounding board, so don't hesitate to say hello and sound off about things.

  10. Some congratulations are in order, first for being prepaired for the positive results and taking it so well, second is for signing up and deciding to go on the PrEP if your still desiring to remain negative. it's not so difficult to begin and stay on the schedule though, just take it at the approximate same time every day and mark it on the calendar that you can keep handy in a place that you will see it every time you look. Maybe on the bathroom mirror or near the coffee pot or place like that and when you see it, take the pill and write the time down and do it every day like that. As for the side effects, I'm sure they will be minimal, if any at all. As for the freedom, it will take a bit of time for you to really get comfortable with the idea and allow yourself to stop thinking about things, but once you get into the swing of it and realize the risks have been minimized, you will probably really get into being piggy. Being busy has nothing to do with starting it, just do it and get used to doing it every day at the approx same time, no matter what, it only takes a minute and begin as soon as possible while you are abstaining from the sex now and be sure to get your levels built up before returning to BB'ing. What your looking at as being a big step isn't the really big one at all, it's a minor one at this time in your BB'ing career. The big step is that eventually down the road you, as has happened with others, as well as has with myself, will be that one day you will possibly come to feel something is still missing as a bottom and BB'ing. The big step will be, deciding if you desire to stay on the PrEP or to get off of it and take the risks once again as a totally uninhibited BB.
  11. Any and all truely dedicated bottom should be open for any and all loads, toxic or not and without question, in my opinion. As a bottom since back in my mid 20's, have been taking BB, but finally came to realize my true destiny back in the beginning of 2016 and began taking any load and without question. As of this time, am still neg, but knowing that it will become a reality sooner or later, now hoping it will be sooner.
  12. Just got home from my favorite bathouse in Indy, got there about 2pm and for the most part was seeming to be a dull day until a very heavy black dude came into my room and began rubbing my thigh and ass. I was already laying on my back, so,I turned more toward him with my ass and fukhole exposed better, and he didn't hesitate about getting down to business. He was a pretty heavy set guy, but very agile for his weight and was about average on the hung scale, but he sure knew what he wanted and how to work it. After about 15min of moderate to hard fucking he let go and dumped a massive load of seed as deep as he could into my guts, and when he withdrew, some followed him out as it was so much that I couldn't clamp hard and fast enough to stop it. I hadn't noticed at first, but he had left the door to the room open and as soon as he finished and stepped out, there was another black guy that stepped in and began rubbing and fingering the cum back into me from the first guy. I reached around and got a grip on his already half hard cock and it only took him about a minute to become full erect and ready to go. he was hung a bit better than the first, probably about an 8incher and about average girth, but he had no trouble getting in where he desired to go with all the lube left by the first guy !! He went for about the same length of time, but was hitting pretty much bottom with every stroke and kept asking me if I wanted it deep and full. Of course it's no choice with me, and kept egging him on to dump that load hard and deep and which he did and held in me for a long time until his last shake and shudder. I think the two of them were a team and the first was the lube man for the second one. All in all wasn't the best day I've had there, but not the worst either by far. I came home with two massive loads in me and am still holding and hornier than ever before!!
  13. Homo60

    Should I get tested?

    Hell, at least do the OraQuick in home, that will give you some insight and possibly some assurance one way or the other.
  14. Homo60

    Party Time

    Hope this all works out there for you..
  15. Homo60

    Would you take loads if Meds did not exist?

    Have taken loads way back before the better meds and risked it back then to an extent, so yes, would definitely take the chances, as some have said before, I just cain't stop with the urges.

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