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    Had a change in thinking back in the beginning of 2016 and opened up to the ideas and possibilities of pozzing. Since that time, I've become more open and finding I've become more increasingly interested in the poz world and brotherhood. I've been sucking and bottoming since back in my mid 20's and mostly involved with BB, but have remained HIV neg for all these years, due to being careful and cautious with partners. I'm now finding the desire to open up and allow whatever to happen when it happens and it has been an astonishing experience so far, anxious, apprehensive, and waiting for the final outcome to become as it should have been so long ago. have never been interested in anything in the form of an LTR, but am now beginning to become interested in something more on a steady fuck buddy or FWB situation if possible with the right couple of guys. Something close to my location or within 100mi or so would be great if it could be worked out.
    In all honesty, will have to admit to having also strangely, found myself becoming very interested and intrigued in the knowledge and possibilities with the CRF19 Cuban strain of HIV. Am gradually coming around to and firmly believing this would be the ultimate submission for a devoted BB bottom to submit to if possible, and the situation should present itself. At this time though, would have to say that I'd have to really consider it a lot and probably be given quit some encouragement to deliberately engage in activities with that strain, but at the same time get very excited and anxious about it's possibilities.
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    Neg, Recently Tested
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    Been sucking and getting fucked since age 24, when I was first introduced and broken in to taking cock and cum, but have remained neg so far. This all used to scare the hell out of me, but am now open and willing to begin the adventure and to fulfill my destiny as I realize it should have been from the beginning.
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    No porn experience, but would enjoy becoming involved, especially if there were an audience for older, chubby, queer such as myself. Would love to be video'd while taking a poz cock and cum.
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    Desires and interests have changed and evolved a bit over time now, am looking for poz males/(a male), with HVL and CD numbers high and low enough to break me into taking known and confirmed toxic loads. This doesn't have to become an LTR, but would like to get to know the guy more than just a one time thing, maybe a fuck buddy. Have given this a lot of consideration and know it's what I desire and need at this time.

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  1. Homo60

    Smoking fetish

    Never really thought too much about it, but I did take up the habit a few years back and it all began about the time or just before I opened up to taking bare back with no questions asked !! I pretty much limit my smoking down to a few a day except when I'm online here trolling the sites. When I'm online though, guess I'd be considered a chain smoker as I can go through a couple of packs in an evening. lol
  2. Homo60

    Why do I crave it?

    Well, as for my and others thinking, you are not sick, even though there are those that would differ and say you and the rest of us are. Those types have just not been involved or had the experiences that some of us have had that have brought us to this type of desires and thinking. Hell, I'm still not clear on what brought me out and into the desires and thinking about the whole thing, but it is real and undeniable and even though still having some issues and apprehensions, am knowing it's what I desire and eventually will happen. I've even been having thoughts of seeking out a known poz and toxic breeder to allow converting me. I'm sure you are very much like the rest of us here and the longer you are here and the longer you think and fantasize about it, the stronger the urges will grow until finally you will do as posted before here, will just say the hell with it, and go out and get involved and go for it. It's a process and is a bit different for each guy to come up to the courage of letting go and taking the chances, but in the end basically comes down to being all the same, it's the thrill and adventure of being involved with the unknown and risks and eventually the end of the game and it's outcome and the journey that eventually got you there.
  3. Thanks for the follow, have returned it also.

  4. Homo60

    Anal Orgasms

    I have never been able to maintain an erection while being fucked in all my life as being a bottom, except a couple of times and only with one guy that was a semi-regular for awhile. He was pretty much an expert at hitting the right spot that turned me on into having an erection of my own at the time. Both times he was able to make me cum from just fucking me and hitting the right spot constantly. It was a fantastic experience when it did happen like that....
  5. Hey, im Jimmy in Mississippi. I think we followed each other and messaged each other several times before I had to reset my account (loosing all my contacts and content). I'm the bottom who started taking poz loads for my BF. Anyway...if you are the guy I used to chat with, please consider hitting me up again, I would love to reconnect.

    1. Homo60


      Hi, thanks fro the follow, am returning it also.  Am not sure, but do believe we have chatted some before, anyway, always like chatting with like minded guys about things we may have in common.

    2. ImpotentBottom


      I have been fucking the top with the resistant strain of aids...i think i had the fuck flu a while ago (when we were chatting) but have not gotten tested yet. the plan is to be "full blown" when i get tested. I really hope you remember me. either way, I'm happy to be connected with you.

    3. Homo60


      Ok, cool, am beginning to recall some of our conversations, it's been awhile, so a bit forgetful in my old age, so forgive me if I repeat and ask a lot of things. Glad to reconnect and maybe catch up on how things are going with the new status.

  6. Homo60

    Regular buddy

    Same here, great looking guy, would love to have the opportunity myself...
  7. Homo60

    Hypnosis/ brain washing, my journey

    Well, being honest, mostly just silly things to most. After being a BB bottom for most of my life, am still hesitant about meeting in most public places with guys, have had several bad experiences meeting and going to a guys residence the very first time without first meeting in a neutral location, have had several surprises in situations like that. Also on the subject of pozzing, am sure I'm not alone here, but am still hesitant about a lot of things when it comes completely down to it, and actually knowingly going into it with a known breeder and allowing him to convert me. Have up to this point been taking and accepting all BB anonymous and from strangers at the baths and ABS without questions, but am really not sure what will happen when it comes to being bred by a known and toxic breeder. I'm at the point, about 75% sure it's what I need and desire, but then there is the other 25% of me that is still in question if I could really knowingly go through with it with a toxic and confirmed breeder. It's a "time will tell kind of thing", for me at this moment. There are several other things that would seem silly and probably minor to others, but then as to taking the big step and actually plunging in, still makes me somewhat hesitant. It's those silly things and inhibitions that I would definitely like to be able to eliminate and be able to do as you described in your story about it.
  8. Homo60

    Pre lubes asses in dark rooms

    When I go out to the ABS or Baths, always pre-lube up and usually there is always a few that like to check things out in the sauna or the darker areas of the club. Usually when the guy (s) find my arse lubed, it turns them on and lets them know I'm ready and a receiver/catcher, and from then on, it's game on!!
  9. Homo60


    Would love to know of and volunteer to go into service at a hospice like this if one were located in my area, great story and hope there are more chapters to this.
  10. Homo60

    Hypnosis/ brain washing, my journey

    Never been or tried to be hypnotized, but would definitely be up for it and would definitely like to meet someone like you did and turned totally 100% into being uninhibited like that. While identifying as totally gay now, I have to be honest and say that I do still have a few inhibitions with some things and would be great to be able to forget about and disregard all of them.
  11. In short, "never", as long as one still feels up to it and open to it, it's all about attitude and being open minded and willing to fuck or getting fucked mostly in my opinion. Go to the baths frequently here and am always finding that there are guys of all ages that are into fucking us older guys there.
  12. Exactly, if they choose to go in, it better be bare and once they are in bare, it's for the long run and they better leave that seed deep and plenty of it.
  13. My first experience wasn't planned or a good one at all. It all took place back in the summer of 1975 and I was 24yrs old. Was perving at one of the local bookstores and in the secluded basement watching the porn vids when two rough older guys came in lingered around until they and I were the only ones left there. I'd never given any real thoughts to engaging in any gay sex up to that point, and had never even liked watching it before, even though I had a couple of classmates in high school that were known to be gay and had flirted a time of two before. It just wasn't the thing to be known for or get caught indulging in there in the small communities around my area. It wasn't long after the two guys came in and all others left the vid viewing area, that the two guys ganged up on me and gagged me and had my jeans down and bent over a table that was there in one of the corners of the basement. One held me down while the other raped my virgin ass and then they took turns on me until I passed out. I don't know exactly how many times each one took a turn at my ass after I passed out, but each had had his way at least once before that happened. All I remembered after that was coming to from being passed out, and a black guy being there and helping me get to the rest room and me trying to get all the blood and cum cleaned up from my ass and getting my clothes straightened up and organized as much as I could under the circumstances. My ass was on fire and sore for almost two weeks after that and then there was the shame and guilt for several months afterwards to deal with. The black guy that was there told me that he had come in and the two guys had told him to either take a turn on me or get the hell out and leave them alone. Thankfully he did neither and as I understand it, took his turn on pounding the piss out of them and stopping them. Later on though, I happened to run into him in various different places and we eventually struck up friendship and he got me talking and thinking about what had happened that day. Eventually he was the one that talked me into trying bottoming again for real and for the fun of it and broke me into it the correct way. As they say, " after that it is all history ", got addicted to bottoming and taking cum and cock and haven't stopped or looked back. All of it was raw and condom free back then and that was the real scare for me at the time as it was right in the beginning of the discovery and outbreak of HIV and what it was, but had no names for it yet.
  14. Back in my mid 20's, a friend and I got hooked up with a couple of guys, both claimed to be clean and insisted on that the two of us be also. All things went well at the time, both the friend and I accepted loads from both guys and we pretty much spent the whole night being fucked by them several times each. My friend got deathly sick about a month later and ended up in the hospital as a result, it was then that he was diagnosed with what is now known as HIV, but back then not much was known about it and had not yet been given the name. Consequently, I lost a good friend over it, as it was me that had set up the hook up with those guys and he blamed me for the whole thing happening and going down like that. It made it a lot worse as I never took from it and he did and he always hated me for it. As not much was known back then, he lasted for almost 12yrs before it completely took him and he passed. For the next 29yrs or so, the thought of HIV and other STD's scared the hell out of me.
  15. Homo60

    Bottoms with little dicks

    6.5"/7.0" here when really horny, but am a total bottom here and don't get erect or off, during bottoming, so my cock stays limp and useless at about 3.0 and that's the way I like it and it seems that most of the tops I've serviced like it that way also. As for my needs, I'm not concerned about getting off at the time, it's all about pleasing the top and having him dump his full load of cum deep in my ass. After servicing a few tops and being filled with their cum, I get extremely horny for days and then may have to jack off repeatedly, but never before or during having sex with a horny top.

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