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    Central Eastern Illinois
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    Pozzing, being pozzed, am a total BB bottom anal addict, cock sucker and increasingly desiring interactive relationships with poz guys, am hoping to come in contact with a few poz and toxic guys close to my location that are willing to meet a few times a week and breed and convert my neg ass into the brotherhood. Am extremely interested in those that are HVL and possibly with aggressive and med resistant strains to breed me.
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    Neg, Recently Tested
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    Been sucking and getting fucked since age 24, when I was first introduced and broken in to taking cock and cum, but have remained neg so far. This all used to scare the hell out of me, but am now open and willing to begin the adventure.
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    No porn experience, but would enjoy becoming involved, especially if there were an audience for older, chubby, queer such as myself needing to be pozzed. Would love to be video'd being pozzed.
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    Males that are toxic and active that are open to, willing and into breeding and converting neg guys without hesitation. Am particularly interested in that one guy with the majic, hopefully resistant, toxic semen injection that has my name on it, that will change my life and DNA forever, and grant me my desires with that one-way ride to the status and destiny that I've come to need and feel I really deserve .

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  1. Am now thinking level 6, was first into BB back when I was broken into it back in my mid 20's, but was cautious and careful as possible and always insisting on condoms from those I didn't know and trust, all the way up till the beginning of 2016. At that time took the big jump and went to full time BB and no questions asked and taking any and all without hesitation. Am still neg as far as I know, but only by some sort of a miracle, but fully expecting that to change at any time.
  2. Thanks for the follow there.

  3. Why do you want to get pozzed?

    Damn!! Very well stated, this covers pretty much everything that about all of us have felt or are feeling about it and it's attraction....
  4. Hi, thanks for the follow

    1. GeorgiaBoy


      You're welcome and thanks for following me. Always good to be in touch with other serious chasers.

  5. When You Let A Guy Bareback You,

    Am a total BB bottom here and have always preferred BB, if a guy is fucking me, I expect him to unload in my ass or throat and with no questions asked before or after, I just want that load deposited as deep and hard as possible.
  6. Most likely neg here, but am not 100% sure, was neg as of last in home test in May of this year and have only had a couple of loads deposited since then. Am hoping to finish up my seasonal work very soon and get out and pigging out on all the cock and cum I can find and enjoy. Will be anxiously awaiting the symptoms and the appearance of those two little pink lines!!
  7. 55 yr old cumdump

    Wow, wished there were more wives like yours out here, you are a very lucky guy there!! Depends on how active you are and the partners you allow to breed you though as to your chances of getting knocked up. If you are taking anonymous and strangers, of course the chances are greater. What will the wife do if you do get knocked up?
  8. Do You Have Any Gay Relatives?

    Am and was never sure myself, I don't know much about the generations before me in my family, but am suspecting that at least a couple of the distant relatives were gay. There were always some mystic answers about questions when asked about relatives back in the previous generations of my family. As for my immediate family from the time of my birth, there have been none that were gay that I know of except for myself, and as for myself, I always denied my feelings and desires until up to about 20yrs ago. That all came about from the fact that all of the family that I was familiar with, were openly gay haters and openly stated so.
  9. gf is at her bbc bulls apartment

    Damn lucky girl and damn sure lucky bull to be able to breed her like that!!
  10. So, your saying that she would stay with you even if you poz up then? If so, that's commendable and sounds like maybe she would be into pozzing with you also.
  11. At a moments notice fucking

    For myself, am not into the on the moment thing, I need and have always needed the planned event. The unplanned thing has happened a couple of times for me though, and it was not pleasant at all for me or the top.
  12. Quantity or Quality?

    As a bottom for servicing men and their needs, it's not really for me to question, but I do like a good quality fucking by a guy that knows how to fuck. As for myself though and knowing my place and duty, I do like being filled with as much seed as possible and love coming home as full as possible, so it has to be quantity for me, this makes me super horny for days afterwards.
  13. Thanks for the follow

  14. Thanks for the follow there


  15. Disgusting

    if one is into escorting and bare backing, then he has to be open to whatever comes his way, so if this is your thing, better protect yourself or get out of the business.

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