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    Had a change of thinking back in the beginning of 2016, and began learning and discovering a lot about the poz world. Am now open and taking raw cock and cum whenever possible.
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    Not Sure, Probably Neg
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    Been sucking and getting fucked since age 24, when I was first introduced and broken in to taking cock and cum, but have remained neg so far. This all used to scare the hell out of me, but am now open and willing to begin the adventures.
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    No porn experience, but would enjoy becoming involved, especially if there were an audience for older, chubby, queer such as myself. Would love to be video'd while taking cock and cum.
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    Desires and interests have changed and evolved a bit, am looking for a poz top, either HVL or undetectable and to break me into taking known and confirmed poz loads. This is and will not be LTR, but would desire to meet for more than just a one time thing, maybe a semi-regular fuck buddy. Am very interested in a motel/hotel gang bang scene and would like to find someone experienced in setting one up for me.

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  1. Go back and do some research, nothing I've seen in the mainstream has ever related to it directly, but if you will see some of the info that have come out behind the scenes, when looking at the Covid/Corona virus as compared to HIV under the microscopes, the two are very similar, as is also the manner in which it attaches and attacks the cells in the human body. With that in mind, it only stands to reason that it is very possible PrEP may also prevent Covid from attaching and attacking the cells as it does with HIV.
  2. I had an answer for this way back when the thread began, but since then, a lot has changed. I began opening up back in the beginning of 2016 taking anon and strangers with no questions asked at the ABS and bath that I regularly go to. I really figured that it would only be a very short time until I was bred and pozzed, but so far it hasn't happened. I'm sure that at least a few of the cocks that have fucked me since back then were poz or at least poz UD. Anon from total faceless strangers is the greatest turn on for myself, not knowing and not caring as long as they deliver and deposit th
  3. For a long time before discovering the site, had all these mixed feelings about this stuff, along with ,"the what if's" and many other things. After discovering the site and lurking for quit sometime, learning and finally realizing and seeing that I wasn't the only one out here in the world with all these thoughts and desires, I was relieved I had found a place where I could really be myself along with others and be comfortable. This site has really been a great help in allowing me to be myself and allowing me to become and open up about the person I really desire to be and the goals I need t
  4. BB pretty much since I was broken in as a bottom in my mid 20's, but definitely totally BB and no absolutely no condoms or PrEP as of the beginning of 2016....
  5. For me, very first raw was in the basement of an ABS in the back of the video arcade in 1975 when I was in my mid 20's. Was raped by two thugs that held me down, gagged me and took turns. Another guy came in and broke it up, and then later on talked me into it with him, and must say he did it right and got me addicted to bare and raw. About that time the HIV/Aids hit and I refrained from raw or unprotected for many years. It was just never the same with condoms and always had that empty feeling and longing afterwards. Finally in the start of 2016 I realized all that had been missed out on and
  6. Tenvir-EM has been on the market for several years now, same active ingredients as TM Truvada, but it has only been available for the most part through out-of-the country and offshore distributors, such as Inhouse and a few other offshore distributors. It is manufactured in India by Cipla, a well known manufacturer of over seas drug companies. I don't know about the price comparisons as to the actual Truvada, but in the beginning, I found it much cheaper in price at the time when I was considering it as an alternative to the over priced TM Truvada. It turned out that I was intolerant to the dr
  7. Used to be cautious and somewhat picky/careful, but as of the beginning of 2016, any and all horny cocks will do and gladly take them with no questions asked.
  8. Situation happened with me twice over the years with someone I knew. First time was at an ABS that I liked to frequent a couple of times a week, while on the way home from work. They had extra large glory holes in some of the booths and I always liked getting fucked through them. One night, I had kind of hit the jackpot and got fucked by a couple of guys and was about to leave, when another guy came into the booth next to mine and began jacking and indicating he was in need, so I obliged and began giving him head. He then indicated that he wanted more, so once agan, I obliged and bared m
  9. I really don't know if it is a choice or not, I now believe it was natural and programmed into me at conception. At a very young age and discovering things about sex, I had ideas, thoughts, and what I thought were fantasies of being taken and used for all kinds of sex, by different male individuals. I learned about both gay and hetero sides of it and was always more attracted to the gay side of it more, even though at that time it was deemed a mental disease and horrible. I struggled for many years throughout life with it kept totally a secret as to my desires and needs, until I began discove
  10. I may have replied to this sometime back, but was in my mid 20's. Very first time was not very good, was male raped in the basement of an ABS by two thugs and was gagged, held down, and used until another guy came in and pulled them off of me.
  11. This is some of the best information you can get at this point in time. My only advice is to be cautious, stay on the PrEP and take your time, it's a huge step if you come to decide to go off of it and poz up, and it's a one way street with no turning back. Take your time and learn and research as much as possible to make sure it is right and that you are truley ready for it and don't just let guys talk you into jumping into it. As I always tell guys in this situation, " Make sure it is your decision and only your decision and that you can be comfortable with it ", before jumping off the cli
  12. Same here, was broken in and trained by black cock back in my mid 20's, and always take # 1 pole position with me!!
  13. Am still neg here as far as I know, my last test was back one year ago in late Feb/ early March after some flu like symptoms, but all came back neg. I haven't been all that active since then though. I tried PrEP some years back in late 2015, with its side effects, decided against it and decided it wasn't worth it and to just let things progress in a natural manner. In early 2016 began taking any and all, anon and strangers at the baths and with no questions asked, but so far nothing has happened.
  14. Never had the chance with a professional male escort before, but back many years ago had plenty with the females and only a couple that I ran into were condom conscious, about 90% of all the others were either into oral only or all BB and no holes barred. Never caught anything from any of them though.
  15. Interesting isn't it !! It just may be a coincidence, but one of the meds that has been prescribed along with the Hydroxychloroquine cocktail treatment for COVID, just happens to be Emtricitabine or one of it's derivatives, and is also one of the ingredients used in TRUVADA / TENVIR-EM PrEP. If you will do some research, the COVID virus attacks the cells and attaches to the DNA very much the same as HIV does, The biggest difference being that of the delivery method into the hosts system. Stop and do some serious thinking about this and see what conclusions many will come up wi
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