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    Been sucking and getting fucked since age 24, when I was first introduced and broken in to taking cock and cum, but have remained neg so far.
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    Friends, preferably males that are toxic and active that are open to, willing and into breeding and converting neg guys without hesitation. Am particularly interested in that one guy with the majic and hopefully resistant and deadly bullet that has my name on it, that will change my life and DNA forever to send me off to my destiny with a one-way ride and ticket.

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  1. Have only seen and recognized a couple of guys here, and both were from encounters at the bath house in Indy. First one was another bottom and we had got together and had some fun back then, but didn't realize we were pretty much alike and both into the chasing end of it. We have been chatting on another board and are slowly making plans for a conversion trip for breeding. The second guy is a top that has used me at the bath several times previously, but now that he knows who I am, has seemed to disappear. The only other experience that comes close, wasn't from here, but took place at an ABS that I used to frequent and use the GH to give BJ's anon. Was leaving one day and rounded the corner to go to my vehicle and saw a good friend of mine coming out of the store after I was down the street a ways and pretty much out of sight of him. I then realized from his belt buckle and shirt that he was the last recipient of my services. We met in the vehicles around the other side of the block, but am sure he didn't know it was me that had given him the blow job there.
  2. Going to be coming to Chicago to Soldier Field, wondering if there are any places close for some action for a couple of hours while I'm waiting on some fools at a concert.
  3. Was broken in by black cock back in my mid 20's, has always been my favorite to be taken by black cock and used to their pleasures and desires and filled with their seed.
  4. Thanks for the rep

  5. Not much help, they fucked it all up as usual, can't leave something that's working alone and let it be. If your username is still valid, you contact lists should show up though, or at least all mine did when changing over to the new and improved format!!! LMFAO!!
  6. While I have had a couple of guys that did get me off while fucking me, and it was fantastic when it did happen, I'm really not into getting off before or during or after a guy has fucked me, for me it's all about him and him getting off and being satisfied with dumping his load in my willing ass and leaving well satisfied.
  7. Have had a squirt account off and on for years now, paid for it for awhile, but didn't prove out to be any better for the bucks spent, Did have a couple of hookups from it over the years, but nothing to brag about. Just mainly into using it for the cruising sites in the different areas I roam to, and keeping up on them now.
  8. Thnks for the follow there.

    1. kywolf


      Welcum and back at ya!

  9. Thanks for the rep there

    1. nhBBbottom


      you're welcum bud!!

  10. I'm in agreement with much of all that has been said here so far. I began taking any and all cocks and cum as of the first of 2016 and with no questions asked. Pretty much all my encounters are at the bathouses, as that is the venue that is open to me for the most part, so there is no being selective and no doubt what I'm there for when I'm in my room, with the door open and my ass up and exposed. I don't ask as to status and so far have not had a guy volunteer the knowledge before hand. I think it's pretty much understood that if your willing to indulge and take cock and cum under these conditions, it's also understood that you are willing to accept any and all of the consequences that goes along with it, as I do readily. Here in my general location and two neighboring states, it's illegal for a known poz to indulge in risky activities without first informing his partners, so therefore, very few of the poz guys rarely will openly divulge such information anyway. Here, anonymity and plausible deniability are the best options.
  11. It's both for me, but do lean a little more to the cum and loaded side, is very disappointing when a guy fucks me at the bathouse and doesn't unload, leaves me feeling empty and disappointed and that I haven't done my duty well and satisfied him properly.
  12. Thanks for the follow


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      hi try too chat with you soon

    2. Homo60


      Cool, well, since chat has been shut down here, about the only choice left is the email, which is slow, or maybe yahoo IM if you have it or can get on it. If you do have YIM, my username is the same there only with all lower case. homo60@yahoo.com

  13. Mine is very tight, have only had to have one guy stop though and that was because he was huge in girth, have always desired to have a looser hole for the guys, so have been stretching for some time now with over sized toys to get and keep it in shape for those guys.
  14. I opened up and began taking any and all loads, no questions asked as of the beginning of 2016. All loads taken so far have been anon and at the bathouse, so am suspecting that a few have been poz or at the least poz undetectable. Due to my location and having to travel for the activities, I'm not able to be all that active or as active as I'd like, but have still racked up a good many loads of cum in my hole. As with most guys here, I don't ask anymore and if it happens, it will happen and when it happens, I'm ready for the changes and open to it's consequences willingly.
  15. Am not really a tat kind of guy here, but definitely would go for a bio on my pig hole, once my conversion has taken place!!

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