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    Had a change of thinking back in the beginning of 2016, and began learning and discovering a lot about the poz world. Am now being open and taking raw cock and cum whenever possible, looking for breeders to help break me in and get more used to taking known and toxic cock and cum. I travel to Indianapolis several times a year and would like to seek out and find a "handler" to arrange for some open breeding parties for me at one of the motels if possible. Anyone interested in pimping my old ass out to your friends for their enjoyment ??
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    Neg, Recently Tested
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    Been sucking and getting fucked since age 24, when I was first introduced and broken in to taking cock and cum, but have remained neg so far. This all used to scare the hell out of me, but am now open and willing to begin the adventure and to fulfill my destiny as I realize it should have been from the beginning.
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    No porn experience, but would enjoy becoming involved, especially if there were an audience for older, chubby, queer such as myself. Would love to be video'd while taking poz cock.
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    Desires and interests have changed and evolved a bit over time now, am looking for poz males/(a male), with HVL and CD numbers high and low enough to break me into taking known and confirmed toxic loads. This doesn't have to become an LTR, but would like to get to meet more than just a one time thing, maybe a regular fuck buddy. Have given this a lot of consideration and know it's what I desire and need at this time.

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  1. Went through this exact thing back a few years. I began taking PReP/Truvada and after 2 to 3 months began experiencing difficulties with liver and kidney functions. I twas at that time I really began reading and researching and thinking about pretty much all things and consequences of my BB lifestyle and if I was really ready to give it all up. I was broken in and first introduced to BB back in my mid 20's, but had always played as safe and selective as possible, but always knew that the risks were there anyway and with that, I had missed out on a great deal of the lifestyles enjoyment over the years. As the years went on by, the urges and disappointments also grew and admittedly became very overwhelming. With the PReP coming on scene, it seemed like a dream come true and seemed as though life was taking a definite turn around fro the best, but then with the side effects showing up, that was once again a huge let down and with great disappointment. The thinking and researching process began all over again, but it came to me suddenly one day, "hey, I'm way too old to be worrying about all of this, this late in life" !! For myself, at this stage in life, I'm probably going to get hit with something else far worse that HIV that will take me out, so why worry about it now ?? !! With that becoming clearer to me every day, I began opening up and taking any and all cock and cum at the baths and saunas that I go to, with the no questions asked attitude, and also began accepting that if it happens, it happens, and am knowing it will sooner or later, but am not going to worry about it either. It is and was stressful in the beginning, but it does get easier the longer and more one goes with it. So far since going fully open back in the beginning of 2016, I've still remained neg, maybe by miracle, maybe by something else, but have had a lot more enjoyment from BB and am continuing to do so and without regrets. Admittedly I cain't say now how it will be when the majic bullet hits, as to how I will feel about it then, but am not letting the thoughts of that get me down at this time either. This is a decision that every bare backer has to decide and come to for himself and on his own terms and conditions.
  2. Homo60

    Awaiting HIV Blood Test

    That's hott !! Hope you will be happy with the results, whatever they may be, please be sure to keep us informed here, is always great hearing about the adding of one more to the club successfully.
  3. Homo60

    Awaiting HIV Blood Test

    Am still neg here fro the time being, was as with you there, was very careful and selective over the many years of barebacking, but then there came the point back a few years ago that the thoughts of pozzing became kind of a moot point with me. I don't know, maybe the age thing along with many other things combined, but began feeling that I've missed out on a lot of things by being careful and selective, so it just began to become natural letting go and finally began taking anonymous and strangers at the baths. Am still neg so far, but it's only a matter of time and I'm comfortable with it and admittedly maybe even a little anxious.
  4. Homo60

    How many loads have u taken in ur ass

    Don't consider myself as a big achiever compared to many or most here, never really thought to keep any real counts for many of the years, but since being broken in in my mid 20's, and now 43 years later, am closely guessing at the the averages of it being really close to 30 cocks and cum either oral and anal per year up to date. This also includes the loads I've taken since the beginning of 2016 when I opened up and really began taking cock and cum without question. This brings the totals up to about 1290 in my life time.
  5. Homo60

    Why do bottoms send dick pics ?

    For myself, it's the only decent pic I have to show I'm a real person, have never found anyone yet to help take pics of my ass and am not good at selfies like that. I get tired of the gray out no pic shit, but respect some of the guys needs to be discrete also.
  6. Homo60

    Lunch time today

    Damn, wished that could happen with me when I'd go there, kind of dried up way back when and pretty much stopped going to any of them, especially after the one downtown closed up back years ago, used to have a fantastic time in the basement there. Was this at Illini or Fantasies on 45 ?? Maybe if business and tops are hanging out there more often now, will get back into going more.
  7. Homo60

    Goal in life

    Your welcome there. It was actually me that kind of ran on my thing, I wasn't into anything at the time and he was getting a little demanding and I wasn't thinking about it at the time, but things do change. Once again, good luck and as old Casey said, "keep reaching for the stars" !!
  8. Homo60

    Goal in life

    Don't see it ruining your chances IMO, to me just increases the chances that that one guy will come along and have the same thoughts as yourself, just let it be known what you are looking and hoping for when chatting and having any conversations with other sluts and cum dumps. For myself, I never had considered any kind of an LTR before, just enjoyed getting fucked and loaded and still do, but now as I'm much older, I began thinking and considering the possibilities of something more stable and regular. As a matter of fact, just had contact with one of my old tops of a couple or years ago that I had turned down and had lost contact with back a couple of nites ago. We are meeting later this evening and going to talk things over and see where it goes. You are just way ahead of some of us here wishing the same thing, so don't give up, just put yourself and your dreams out there and it will happen sooner or later.
  9. Homo60

    What do u wear as daily underwear

    Am an old fart here, usually briefs daily when working, etc, but commando when going out to party and get fucked, makes it so much easier and faster to get that cock and cum in there!! lol
  10. Thanks for the follow there


    1. Hunter22


      And thanks for the follow back 🙃

      have a great horny day! 

  11. Homo60

    A Swedish invention. the gynecologist chair for men

    Art piece !! Sure !! lol Can envision this being one of many incorporated into a fuck wall, now I'd love that and could hang out all day or night on that at the bath or sauna !!
  12. Homo60

    Black Cock

    I've probably posted to this thread before, but as for my experiences, I was male raped by two white thugs in the basement of an adult bookstore, a black guy came in and pulled them off of me and beat the shit out of them. Later on a few months, I happened into this guy again, but was too a shamed to even talk with him at the time for fearing it would get out about what had happened that day. This happened several times, running into him in various different places, then it came to me that if it were going to happen, it would have already happened, so it began and we began talking about what had happened that day and I've always been glad we did. He began talking with me about things and eventually got me talked into trying bottoming with him and training me into sucking and taking cock the right way. From that time on, I was addicted and especially to black cock and cum. I've had many experiences over the years now, but it is always the black ones that really do it for me and will always choose the black one to be first inline always.
  13. So, did you do the Oraquick and find out for sure and if so did it show anything??
  14. While still it's not an epidemic proportional outbreak, we already have the med resistant strain of HIV CRF19 and gono, making their debut. I haven't really been keeping up on their progress and any progress on effective treatments for them though, so am not really fluent in any further information. With the CRF19, it's progression and incubation to full blown were stated elsewhere as to be from 3 to 5 yrs into full blown and termination, depending on one's immune system. Even given that information and knowledge, I'd have to say for myself at this time, I'm not or would not turn back from barbacking at any rate, even if some more new strains and or variations of other non-treatable STD's come along. It's just too late for me to have any worries about it at this time.
  15. Homo60

    Anyone into Whale-Fucking?

    Wow !! Have read a lot of stories about porpus getting attached and having sex with humans, but never a whale !!

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