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    Had a change in thinking back in the beginning of 2016 and opened up to the ideas and possibilities of pozzing. Since that time, I've become more open and finding I've become more increasingly interested in the poz world and brotherhood. I've been sucking and bottoming since back in my mid 20's and mostly involved with BB, but have remained HIV neg for all these years, due to being careful and cautious with partners. I'm now finding the desire to open up and allow whatever to happen when it happens and it has been an astonishing experience so far, anxious, apprehensive, and waiting for the final outcome to become as it should have been so long ago. have never been interested in anything in the form of an LTR, but am now beginning to become interested in something more on a steady fuck buddy or FWB situation if possible with the right couple of guys. Something close to my location or within 100mi or so would be great if it could be worked out.
    In all honesty, will have to admit to having also strangely, found myself becoming very interested and intrigued in the knowledge and possibilities with the CRF19 Cuban strain of HIV. Am gradually coming around to and firmly believing this would be the ultimate submission for a devoted BB bottom to submit to if possible, and the situation should present itself. At this time though, would have to say that I'd have to really consider it a lot and probably be given quit some encouragement to deliberately engage in activities with that strain, but at the same time get very excited and anxious about it's possibilities.
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    Neg, Recently Tested
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    Been sucking and getting fucked since age 24, when I was first introduced and broken in to taking cock and cum, but have remained neg so far. This all used to scare the hell out of me, but am now open and willing to begin the adventure and to fulfill my destiny as I realize it should have been from the beginning.
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    No porn experience, but would enjoy becoming involved, especially if there were an audience for older, chubby, queer such as myself. Would love to be video'd while taking a poz cock and cum.
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    Desires and interests have changed and evolved a bit over time now, am looking for poz males/(a male), with HVL and CD numbers high and low enough to break me into taking known and confirmed toxic loads. This doesn't have to become an LTR, but would like to get to know the guy more than just a one time thing, maybe a fuck buddy. Have given this a lot of consideration and know it's what I desire and need at this time.

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  1. Homo60

    Fantasy vs Reality

    Guess I'll be upfront to extend my neck out and try to give a few answers to this as best as I can from my personal experience with it. First off, I still really don't know and understand what prompted it to change from a fantasy into reality and being truthful about it, many guys will tell you the same. It all begins as a dream and fantasy and usually becomes a means of getting off with that fantasy for a period of time and, for myself, that happened for several years, but never in my wildest did I ever believe that I'd be totally comfortable in actually taking a guys raw loads and not ever worrying about it anymore. After sometime and a lot of reading and hearing other guys stories and claims, the fantasy began to turn into dreams and visions of reality for myself and the desires began to grow and take over about actually doing and going for it, and finally it came down to the decision. I as did many decided on the PreP to begin with to try to become comfortable with the idea of taking loads without the worry of HIV, but still knowing that other STD's were a possibility, but most of them are treatable as we all know. I began the PreP, but after between 30 and 60 days in, I began to have adverse kidney and liver side effects, so it then became the decision to stop it and if I was willing to go without it and continue on. Mind you that by that time I had already taken enough raw and anonymous loads to become comfortable with the " No questions asked attitude", and was addicted to taking it that way and not worrying anymore. It was at this point that with my age, I just said " Fuck it" and decided that it wasn't worth the worry anymore and began really going out and getting fucked at the baths and taking any and all cocks that wanted to fuck a tired old ass like mine and allowing nature to take it's course and where ever it ends up with me. i see some of this already in your thoughts also in what you posted, so beware, once the ideas are planted and begin to grow, fantasy tends to begin to become a reality in time and is a different time span for various guys, but it does culminate over time. The usual recommendations average for the period for PreP to become effective and this id usually monitored by your prescribing doctor, is from 7 to 10 days fro total saturation to come up to safe protection levels, but there is all kinds of different theories and information on this, but it is monitored by tests by the physician to be on the safe side. the costs of Prep vary from where you obtain it and there are also help plans from the manufacturer's if you qualify, so this requires study on your part to find the deals and plans. cain't express anything on committed relationships, have not and do not desire to be in one here, but have heard and read many stories about it here and else where, so once again, you have to research it out for yourself. As far as increasing the odds of obtaining/contracting, haven't done anything in particular myself, other than just opening up and putting myself "out there", and began accepting any and all loads at the baths or book stores or where ever the possibilities crop up and not refusing any guys loads and not asking questions.
  2. Homo60

    older/younger pozzing?

    Sounds as if you have a strong relationship with this guy and a positive history also. If he is really open to the idea of breeding and knocking you up, it would definitely be the ultimate submission to him and your dedication and desire to become the carrier fro his babies and I for one think that is wonderful. Hoping he will see this in you and go for it, if you so desire it.
  3. Homo60

    Dumb question, I know.

    I had had sex bare when in my mid 20's prior to the stealthing, but had been broken in and trained and had been done so as safe as possible back then. On one particular occaision while at a bar that I had never been to before, a friend and I were approached by two guys and as it were, one thing lead to another and these guys seemed to know or suspect that my friend and I were into bottoming and of course the conversations and foreplay lead up to the four of us going out to the parking lot and partaking in some fun. The two guys claimed to be "clean" of course, and my friend and I were, "yea", nieve enough to trust them at heir words. The end result was that the two guys each fucked both of us taking turns over about an hours time period, with each one dumping their loads in the two of us. A few weeks later, my friend got really sick from what we thought was the flu, but I didn't, so it was sometime after that that he had other medical issues and it was discovered that he was poz, but it didn't take with me obviously and that ended out friendship for sure, as he always blamed me for it happening for some reason even though it had been done with mutual consent from all involved.
  4. Thanks for the follow, have returned the favor.

  5. Thanks for the follow there, have also returned one to you.

  6. Have also read some of those theories, and many years back ran onto an underground theory and story about how when absorbing of another male's DNA affects the host / bottom and how it reconditions and reconstructs the hosts thinking and mental processing and am sure this is exactly how and what happened with me after taking my first few hits at bottoming. Before that time, I had never given the least and remotest thinking or idea to ever having any male to male relations, but once it was done, easily and very quickly became addicted to it. With and along that same thinking / theory and process, it only makes sense that the introduction of toxic DNA would very likely have the same consequences and outcome.
  7. Homo60


    Wished I could run into a situation like that for sure !!
  8. Homo60

    Do Tops have a right to bottoms’ asses?

    Am not like this myself, when at the bath, if my ass is up like that, which it is most of the time while I'm there, it's there to be used and I make no exceptions to has the right to use it, it's open for any and all that desire to use it....
  9. Homo60


    Damn, Macky, thought my hood was bad fro a small village here, but sounds as if you need a 24/7 security guard, have a brand new AR-15 I got as of this last spring, never had one down the pipe yet, will volunteer to come up and stand guard !! lol
  10. I for one, don't think you are insane, am going to say, that about 99% of the guys I've chatted with over the last couple of years about this subject have told me that once they pozzed, they became so much more horny and began desiring to breed more and more. Many of the guys that were confirmed total bottoms began topping more and as much as possible ans they claimed they had the insaitiable desires to breed. Still haven't really figured it all out myself as to the exact reason that I became so interested and have come to the desires and feel the need to become poz, but am hoping that when the day comes that I do, it will also effect me the same way, am already super horny for cock and cum all the time, but the addition of the desire to top and breed would definitely be a plus for me if it happens that way as there are so many of us bottoms looking and desiring it. As for the meds end of it, I've already decided that when the day comes, I"m going to at the very least, hold off for as long as possible with the drugs and hopefully if possible, not go on them at all, but only time will tell with that in my case. As for you, another said it best, you have to be you and decide all of that for yourself, and only you can make the decision that you are comfortable with. I'd say though, in the meantime, go out there and make the guys happy that are in need and desiring your toxic services!!
  11. Homo60

    A Motel 6 adventure

    Wished all motel 6 were like that everywhere, would be a steady customer for sure!!
  12. Homo60

    Most stupid...

    Especially love this one also, but I get it from the tops all the time asking. The bath house is about my only venue for uninhibited play and that question just takes all the excitement and joy out of it for sure.
  13. I may have and probably have stated this before here, but for me, was broken in as a BB bottom and always found it so much better bare of course, but was always worried and careful as possible and selective, it just finally overwhelmed me in my older age about how much great sex I'd missed out on over the years, and I began to openly bareback and with no questions asked a few years ago, and began enjoying it much more and stopped all the worry. It did take me a good while to stop worrying once I began, but then something happened after finding this site and reading about all the others that were into it and enjoying it. I became very comfortable about taking raw from anonymous and strangers that I would never have even taken the chance with before and it all became so natural and enjoyable, and have never looked back and never want to go back to the old ways no matter what.
  14. Homo60

    Ever been filmed?

    Never have that I know of, but anything is possible at the bath house, have always had the desire to be video'd while taking cock and being filled with cum though. Have to admit, am still in the closet with close friends and family here, but it also wouldn't bother me if I were outed by being video'd and it being seen on the web by them in the future. Have also had the thoughts and desire that if being involved in a pozzing party, would love having it all video'd for reference and documentation. Anyone up for helping me out with this?? !! LOL
  15. Homo60

    Fuck bench

    I would definitely get into this for sure!!

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