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  1. Jesse Santana (aka Kyle Santana) is on the short list for a Grabby. Surely his amateur vids on xtube (casexpig) as a bath house cumdump being gangbanged make him the frontrunner. He got my vote! (Sq**t)
  2. libertyx

    Loose Hole Vids

    And a hole bunch of wrecked exhibits on Tumblr. Just google "wrecked holes" and "tumblr". http://sfffrose.tumblr.com/archive http://fuckedupholes.tumblr.com/archive http://wreckedanholes.tumblr.com/archive http://sstrayffun.tumblr.com/archive http://holeboy.tumblr.com/archive http://biggayholes.tumblr.com/archive .... and a fake treat to finish. "Teenage slut cruising the park..." aka "Second hand hole on sale at the meat market" ... http://wreckedanholes.tumblr.com/post/136058756119/hotmeatmarket-now-this-is-the-kind-of-twink-id
  3. libertyx

    Loose Hole Vids

    Another xtube performer: Damianff http://www.xtube.com/video-watch/Fist-and-stretch-26473521 This a long clip .... all good, but particularly so from 19.40
  4. libertyx

    Loose Hole Vids

    Axel Abysse is pretty impressive. 29 years old. http://www.xtube.com/video-watch/Insomniac-26732771 http://www.xtube.com/video-watch/Enter-The-Abysse-24403731
  5. libertyx

    All On Film

    Or maybe he had stomach flu? Or a bad curry for lunch?
  6. Raw Fuck Club - Owen Powers Go-Go Gang Bang http://www.rawfuckclub.com/vod/RFC/watch.php?video=R318#.VwgKs8dYn-Y
  7. libertyx

    What Do You Call A Top Whore?

    What do you call a top whore? A gift.
  8. libertyx

    Any Know Where This Is From?

    The scene is from Treasure Island Media's Built to Fuck. Scene two: 'Gang bang.' The bottom in the sling is Luke. The two tops shown are Alan Gregory and Derek. There are five tops in all who take turns on and in Luke.
  9. Thanks for the insider (PAAS) info titebreedinghole. Yep, Armond Rizzo is in the among the current top echelon for sure. The standout clip of his so far this year is the footage from last year's Hustlaball Berlin event (surfaced online earlier this year). Getting fucked by Brett Everett onstage in front of hundreds of piggy onlookers..... definitely noteworthy. I think AR's best work is yet to cum. Still waiting on a hardcore Treasure Island gang bang with AR as the centrepiece. Maybe Owen Powers could coach him.
  10. So, its' nearly April. Who do you think is turning in the sluttiest performances so far this year? I vote for OWEN POWERS in the gang bang stakes. He showed excellent stamina in last year's TIM Flooded, and has followed up with two slutty RFC gang bangs: Go-go Gang bang and Bareback Barracks Fuckers. Dark Alley's Shackled and Loaded threesome was pretty darned good, as well a number of bareback one-on-one scenes. His group scenes now routinely feature double penetrations, the close-ups of his stretched out hole are excellent, and he does great slutty verbal, begging for cum in either hole. There are several memorable shots of cum dripping out of his cunt. ANDY STAR probably leads the South American pack. Glamour boy beginning to look a bit rough around the edges through overuse (hot) with a hole that now refuses to close up - the Carioca gape! Best glory hole performance so far this year goes to LOUIS RICAUTE, aided by ANTONIO MIRACLE. Judging criteria: attitude, stamina, hole stretch and sheer numbers. Thoughts?
  11. libertyx

    Porn Stars On Breeding Zone

    Trailers of the video are easily findable by googling: "Knightbreeders creature from the sperm lagoon" Are you: The hairy guy with the hot tattoos? or The guy wearing the rubber mask? or The guy wearing the beanie and sun glasses? Which ever one .... all look hot. Fantastic verbal.....Nasty! Was Damien Silver fun to play with?
  12. libertyx

    The Pig Will Out

    Rex Cinema, Rua Alvaro Alvim, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. Best time: 3.30pm - 6.30pm. (After work crowd). Typical clientele: married latinos all ages, mostly uncut. Close to Metro: Cineland stop. (CBD)
  13. libertyx

    Dumb Muscle Jock Gangbang

    and last one for the day..... http://www.nifty.org/nifty/gay/athletics/joey-gets-examined
  14. libertyx

    Dumb Muscle Jock Gangbang

    and this one..... http://www.nifty.org/nifty/gay/athletics/muscle-pussy/

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