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    Orlando-Deland Florida area
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    I am a total Bottom Slut
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    Looking for men of color. Love them Big Black Dicks that nut really big and fills my fuck with that man poison! Love the feeling of a loose wet hole when they pull out . I am a total Slut.

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    Bernie or Berdell
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  1. Blk Daddy

    Looking for Blk Daddy nut in the Orlando Florida area!
  2. Jockpussy FTM

    Very HOT video! pls post more!
  3. 16 is good! If you can drive a car then you are old enough to start Fucking!
  4. I Do Not Want To Pull Out!

  5. Most Loads in Single Stay at Bathhouse

    Last time I was at the Bathhouse in Tampa I got 6 loads in my hole.(Rainbow)
  6. Hell no man! I am looking in the Orlando area too!
  7. Hello my name is Berdell. I am a total Bottom slut. I live in Deland Florida area. I an 54 years old, I usally am available most anytime as I am Retired. 5 9 tall an 170# Please text me at 386-562-5749.
  8. Getting HIV

    What is the risk of getting HIV from swallowing cun?
  9. Swallowing cum

    Can I get HIV by swallowing cum loads?
  10. Tampa Men's Club

    I love going to the Rainbow. I allways get my hole flooded there every time I go!
  11. Love shack in Tampa

    I was at the Rainbow last Saturday nite. I got my hole flooded. They seen me take a hot load in the sling and then the guys just keep fucking me . The guys just love a wet hole that has been fucked once and they said I had a beautiful wet and soft hole and it felt just wonderful to fuck! Oink Oink!
  12. Are the baths any place for a neg guy?

    That is the reason Baths is my favorite place to go too. I like a variety of guys all in one nite!
  13. I totally agree with every body, If a raw dick slides in my hole I would never tell him to pull out until he deposits a big load deep in my cunt Deep!
  14. Need Dick

    I will be at Bear Bust Sat nite looking for tops. Anybody interested?
  15. Need Dick

    Looking to get fucked tonight poz friendly anybody interested?

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