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    Orlando-Deland Florida area
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    I am a total Bottom.
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    Poz, On Meds
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    Looking for men of color. Love them Big Black Dicks that nut really big and fills my fuck with that man poison! Love the feeling of a loose wet hole when they pull out!

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    Bernie or Berdell
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  1. I totally agree with every body, If a raw dick slides in my hole I would never tell him to pull out until he deposits a big load deep in my cunt Deep!
  2. Need Dick

    I will be at Bear Bust Sat nite looking for tops. Anybody interested?
  3. Need Dick

    Looking to get fucked tonight poz friendly anybody interested?
  4. I was at the Love Shack last nite, I was very disapointed with the people there, There is a local group that goes there. Mostly Blk Bros there and none of them is into wht guys of any kind.Very unfriendly place. Next time I go to Tampa I will go back to the Rainbow. Love that place and the Bros. there like wht ass and love to fuck us wht guys!
  5. RAW! I was around 18 and it hurt like hell too and I did bleed a little too!
  6. I will be in Tampa tonight at the Rainbow taking all the HOT loads I can get!
  7. Visiting 9/23-24

    Meet me at the rainbow tonight and you can slide that sweet dick in my hole in the Maze where it is dark!
  8. Cut Or Uncut?

    As I travel the Bath Houses I been seeing a lot of uncut twinks. really Hot on a young guy!
  9. Sawmill

    I stayed at the Bunkhouse one weekend. I got bred there too at the Sawmill!
  10. Bottoms, Can you cum just by getting fucked?

    Hell yea man! allmost every time!
  11. hot load I gave

    I feel the same as you! Great minds think alike!
  12. I love Raw sex too man. Every time I go to the local BH I get 4 or more loads in The dark Maze bent over the table in the dark. Love the feeling of cum leaking all the way home. Usally have a wet spot on my car seat with the excess cum flowing out of my fuck hole.

    1. Leatherman667


      Well done mate; try and get those loads up higher and higher! The more yo get the better for you.

    2. Berdell


      Yes very true as I am a cumdump too!

  13. Blk Pride

    I am going to Blk Pride again this fall in Atlanta. Where is the best place to stay to get the most Blk dick. I am a cum Dump too!
  14. My first time paying for black dick

    Damn that was HOT! Reading the story gave me a Boner!
  15. Used condom/cum givers

    You are sure right sweetie! Did that at the BH up in Atlanta!

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