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    Orlando-Deland Florida area
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    I am a total Bottom Slut
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    Poz, On Meds
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    Looking for men of color. Love them Big Black Dicks that nut really big and fills my fuck with that man poison! Love the feeling of a loose wet hole when they pull out . I am a total Slut.

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  1. I never use poppers. My hole had been opened up enough so it will take any size Dick in as long as he slides in slow and gives my hole time to stretch with lots of lube!
  2. Keep posting the Pictures they are really HOT! Love looking at them!

  3. I would love to go to an all Blk party and have them all slide that big Blk in my wht hole. Looking in the Orlando Florida area. pls contact me anytime!
  4. Berdell

    Fuck Fest - Sansom Street Gym

    You get many HOT loads at Samson? I did when I was there last summer!
  5. Berdell

    Anal Orgasms

    I have had many Anal Orgasms if he gets deep enough and hits the right spot II will just start flowing and have a big puddle on the bed between my legs. Greatest feeling in the world.
  6. A man that is Dirty! an uncut guy that is not clean that is the biggest turn off for me and a guys that stinks from not having a Bath!
  7. Attitude is very big with me!
  8. Berdell

    Tips for being a good bottom boy

    Have never taken piss in my hole love to try it sometime!
  9. You are so Freaking HOT , Exciting , and Tasteful - wishing we Lived Closer - excited with your Thoughts and Responses  !     :)       :)

  10. Berdell

    Poz tops at a bathhouse

    I assume 99% of the guys that go to Bathhouses and are into Bareback are Poz!
  11. Berdell

    How many loads have u taken in ur ass

    I live in Orlando Fl. Who wants to give me their load? text me @ 386-562-5749
  12. Berdell

    Neg bottom visiting looking for loads

    To the guy in the Villages. Just drive over to Camp David. It is a clothing optional Male only camp grounds just a few miles down the road, ( everybody is nude there and is Male only).
  13. Berdell

    Anonymous loads

    Hell yea man! I like getting fucked in a maze in a dark room!
  14. Berdell

    Bars you can get fucked at in orlando

    I was Bored so I drove over to Hank's around Midnight Thursday. I walked in and then walked out back to see who was happening. I dropped my pants and sucked a couple good dicks and suddenly I felt a dick sliding into my hole. Then I felt him nut and my hole became very wet. I continues sucking his dick and I felt another dick sliding into my really wet hole and I then was still bent over and I felt him nut too, By that time my hole was quite loose and dripping with cum. then I left and drove home and took a shower and went to bed. I took 2 loads from 2 really hung Blk men and I felt great!

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