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    Orlando-Deland Florida area
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    I am a total Bottom Slut
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    Looking for men of color. Love them Big Black Dicks that nut really big and fills my fuck with that man poison! Love the feeling of a loose wet hole when they pull out . I am a total Slut.

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    Bernie or Berdell
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  1. Berdell

    How many loads have u taken in ur ass

    I live in Orlando Fl. Who wants to give me their load? text me @ 386-562-5749
  2. Berdell

    Neg bottom visiting looking for loads

    To the guy in the Villages. Just drive over to Camp David. It is a clothing optional Male only camp grounds just a few miles down the road, ( everybody is nude there and is Male only).
  3. Berdell

    Anonymous loads

    Hell yea man! I like getting fucked in a maze in a dark room!
  4. Berdell

    Bars you can get fucked at in orlando

    I was Bored so I drove over to Hank's around Midnight Thursday. I walked in and then walked out back to see who was happening. I dropped my pants and sucked a couple good dicks and suddenly I felt a dick sliding into my hole. Then I felt him nut and my hole became very wet. I continues sucking his dick and I felt another dick sliding into my really wet hole and I then was still bent over and I felt him nut too, By that time my hole was quite loose and dripping with cum. then I left and drove home and took a shower and went to bed. I took 2 loads from 2 really hung Blk men and I felt great!
  5. Berdell

    Looking for SLEAZY top in ATL

    When I stayed at that Red Roof in I was looking to get fucked a few times. Never got any Raw loads. Finally drove down to Manfest and jumped into the sling and I got my loads I wanted there.
  6. Berdell

    Advice needed...

    I would clean yourself after dinner and before you go to the club. I mans cunt can't never too clean ya know! I have a shower wonde in my shower. Goes in deep and has plenty of water and pressure to get your man cunt really clean !
  7. Berdell

    What Nationality Are You?

  8. Berdell


    When you going to sawmill again. Love to have you Breed me there some weekend!
  9. I had a Dr. Appointment Friday Morning .After I text a Blk Buddy of mine over in Daytona Beach, I walked in and he was already nude and we went to the Bedroom and did some French Kissing and some 69. He put me on my Back and very slowly he entered my cunt. Damn it did hurt a little at first until he got my cunt opened up all the way and he went faster and faster and suddenly he gave a big groan and he started to slow down again and he loaded my cunt really deep with his 8.5 Dick! My hole was leaking a little on the way home! Oink Oink!
  10. Berdell

    New leather bar in old 2606 spot

    Keep us all posted on this place?
  11. Berdell

    New leather bar in old 2606 spot

    I will be in line first to check this place out and get a recharge too!
  12. Berdell

    Black Cock

    A BBC can make me nut every time while fucking me! deep and hard!
  13. Berdell

    Gay Days

    Hell yea man love to get a pig party arranged! I will be at Gay Days at PH!
  14. Berdell

    BBC fills me with 2 loads

    Man that is so true ! Just takes a little stretching to let those BBC all the way in! and yes it does hurt like hell when my hole is stretched wide open!

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