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    Taking bare cock, sucking cocks dry, piss ,rimming, S&M,Bondage and serving a demanding master.
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    Looking to take as much cock bareback as I can.All bare cocks welcum.
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    A dominant master to humiliate and use me for his pleasure .There is little I wouldn't do to please him.

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  1. Prefer to be face down ,arse in the air and the top driving in hard.However,as long as I am getting a good plowing and a delivery of cum I am happy in any position.
  2. I enjoy all cocks as long as they are rigid. If I was to pick size it would girth over length as they make me so full.Yes they can be a little painful but that for me is part of the pleasure but I would never refuse a nice hard rigid cock due to size.
  3. I want the top guys cock as deep in my hole as he can get it when he pumps his load into me
  4. Always happy to suck the tops dick clean after giving me a good fucking.Even hotter is sucking clean the dick of a top which has plowed another bottoms arse.
  5. Love rimming a guys hole,getting my tongue as far in as possible burying my face between his cheeks.I also love having my arse rimmed ,gets me really horny and ready for a good plowing
  6. I never want or expect the top to care about me.I am there only to satisfy him
  7. Totally agree as a bottom want all the tops cum deep in my arse.
  8. Just the sort of guy I would love to receive a donation from deep inside

  9. As a bottom would want nothing less from a top.I am there to serve and take his load .This is my pleasure and my cock is not relevant
  10. Always go to suck a cock as enjoy having one go hard in my mouth.However, if the top is rock hard and just wants to drill my arse who am I to argue after all it is my pleasure to please him and a thick load deep inside is reward enough
  11. Have some experience of BDSM in that I have had my wrists tethered to a metal headboard and been caned and whipped by the dom top before being fucked raw and deep with the top driving in hard as he shot his load.I have never experienced being choked while being fucked but even the thought is a big turn on.Have had my balls squeezed whilst taking cock but consider this the tops right and although painful heightened my feeling of pleasure for giving myself fully to him.
  12. No top would need to wipe his cock on my towel as I would happily clean his cock with my tongue
  13. For me a really hard fuck does the trick. A fuck is never better for me than when the top rams his cock home and takes no heed for my comfort but whose only desire is to get his satisfaction.I am there for his pleasure and any pain and discomfort he gives me is not relevant it is only his pleasure that is important. His gift of his cum is more than enough reward
  14. Would love a hot load from you.As you say real men fuck RAW!!!

  15. I only take bareback and fully hope and expect the top to shoot his full load deep inside.He has almost certainly leaked precum so what is the point in refusing his load

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