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  1. Hey sexy guy, would LOVE to visit your city . And YOU!

  2. thanks for posting your very fine update on stopping meds - your explanation and motivation is truly valid! and HUMAN

  3. hey good to see another european guy here - love your eyes and beard!

    my name is Carsten, from Copenhagen 

    1. POZdetectable


      let's meet and fuck... :)

      Defenetly need more virus in my body... :)

      How toxic are you at the moment ? Do you have any STD? :) 

      PS. I can travel... :)

  4. Hey good to see you, hope your amazing ass has been taking a lot of toxic cumloads..



    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. henriex


      Thanks to you. You make things better by being so especial.

    3. alwaysready


      cardoc is someone I want in my ass. repeatedly.  he is da bomb.

    4. cardoc49


      hey alwaysready, thanks for very kind remarks, you are flattering me, still unmedicated?

  5. cardoc49

    To Submit or Flee

    Hey very well done indeed, congrats for beautiful beginning
  6. Thanks for following me, your pic is so AMAZING!!

  7. Happy new year! You are such a sexy man indeed



  8. Cool that you are following negpforpozscottish, he surely does seem like such a sexy man indeed and close to you?

  9. beautiful profile indeed, hope you are doing great



  10. hey very cool profile - still unmedicated?



    1. aussiepoz


      Sure - helping out where i can ;)


    2. cardoc49


      thanks for very supporting reply - helping out as in helping poz medicated men to stop their meds too?

  11. Hey thanks for following, you are so SEXY , and POZ

    Im a Danish toxic doc

    1. Voike


      thanks man, wish I could be your cumpig and take your poz load up my hole 

    2. rubberboy666


      same here ! Copenhagen ?

    3. cardoc49


      hey Voike and rubberboy: thanks for very encouraging comments! Voike: you have a very nice age for taking HIV!

      and rubberboy: yes, I live in copenahgen denmark and you?

  12. Hey sexy pic indeed

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. cardoc49


      Most welcome. You poz?

    3. Aquaman
    4. Aquaman


      Like your profile too. Nothing better than a Top with an attitude.

  13. Hey how are you? Just enjoyed my 2nd meds/free christmas...

    and you?


  14. mmmmm that ass is so INVITING!!!those lipsxxx

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    2. xkinksailor42


      I think it should be a mutual decision...both wanting it...you wanting to share your HIV with me knowing you're going to poz convert me to being HIV+ with each pulse of toxic cum into me....both enjoying it, the poz journey...accepting your pozzing and letting your HIV grow and mature inside me

    3. cardoc49


      Im so very happy to read this: you are so CLEAR, so FOCUSED: on how incredibly IMPORTANT and NECESSARY HIV is: each PULSE of my TOXIC cum into YOU: for the sole PURPOSE that we both talked thru so eagerly so maturely: we both are so totally AWARE!!!!

      and yes: :PLEASE: I would LOVE to watch my HIV mature!!! totally unmedicated and ALIVE

    4. xkinksailor42


      all about weighing pros/cons and risks....I don't see the horrible risk with having HIV sex...so many other things out there that are worse...men sharing HIV with each other is awesome or even with women too...love how you say that HIV is important and necessary....don't hold it back and let your toxic cum full of HIV flow inside me knowing that we are having poz conversion sex and on purpose...feeling your cock pulsing in me with each squirt of your virus so I can let it incubate inside me

  15. Hey, you are so HOT!!! Still neg?



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