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  1. Hey POZPRIDE, just to let you know what a very cool profile you have!

    Im a poz Danish doc, and I stopped my meds October 17 ūüôā

  2. Hey Melvin , just to thank you for your positive reaction to my comment on should you take a poz load as bottom / so glad you agree

    1. melvin0095
    2. cardoc49


      Hey! And surely appreciate your reply , yes, we have to make sure we do take care of you neg guys and always try our best to include you and support your desire for HIV

  3. Your comment about 3.5 inch top is so very human and so caring and so encouraging , you are a very fine person thanks so much

  4. So very important and kind of you poztoxicbreeder to help neg guys like this, thumbs up xx Carsten
  5. hey bugbro - very cool profile name - you toxic?

    1. bugbro


      Thanks mate! Sometimes toxic. I like to fuck around on my meds. 

    2. cardoc49


      cool , so you meds pause from time to time?

  6. Love a topman daddy...

  7. hey very cool profile indeed



  8. Hi just want to express how cool it is to hear your post in 'why did you start barebacking' - its so admirable indeed thanks



  9. Hi skylon thanks for very fine info - and very encouraging as well - we certainly need that xx Carsten
  10. Liked your post in ‚ÄėPreparation to POZ: toxic guys are way hotter...

  11. Thanks for the follow.

  12. Hi skylon, would love to be in Toronto soon too....
  13. Hi cool profile, you too unmedicated , so beautiful



  14. I agree JackEd - luckily PrEP isnt offered faggots here in DK

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