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  1. hey you are so COOL!

  2. thanks so much for following me - surely means so much! you are such a cool and powerful guy indeed

    1. squirthere


      We likeminded guys have to stick together as long as we can

    2. cardoc49


      So glad to read your pozitive and supportive comment , certainly does help me a lot to find other men who feel like myself

  3. Such a cool profile - unmedicated so much more right...’



  4. I so much do admire your honesty and openness, wish more would do the same , but surely this site does help us to feel more secure and at ease with our self esteem
  5. Hey Blaze, so glad to meet another european guy here and your profile is so masculine

    and so see just how much you prefer being unmedicated too / yes I HEAR YOU!



  6. hey COOL profile indeed

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. cardoc49


      most certainly like that you are POZ too:-) been for a long time?

    3. pghpigbtm


      since 1989.  i posted a story of my pozzing here:


    4. cardoc49


      hey: thanks so much for sharing: that is such  a beautiful and caring night!  and Im just so impressed that you were fucked by several aids guys too - you most certainly must have feel so AMAZING!!

  7. hey horserider: such a cool profile indeed - surely you were so privileged that your dad started fucking you so early on

    1. horserider


      I thought of it as a privlidge and my duty to be the chosen boy to enjoy all my dads affection and attention and cum cock and eventually his buddies would  fuck me and later I would fuck them

  8. Bareback is for me a definition of sex worth having. Its a definition of the necessity of accepting the essence of CUM-loads- the exchange of love buried in sperm: the love of giving and receiving humanity between to men
  9. hey loadjunkie: beautiful ass indeed! and no meds for you either!



  10. hey how are you?  so happy that you are unmedicated - please please dont start on meds but make sure HIV is here for us:-)

  11. hi blackrobe: how are you? very cool profile indeed - you ever considering stopping your PrEP?


    1. blackrobe


      Why would you like me to stop my PrEP? With PrEP compliance comes the guarantee that I can take any cock and absorb it's load. 

    2. cardoc49


      very cool, so glad it works just fine for you:-)

  12. Chris: you put it so elegantly and so hearfelt - bareback is about what we have in our cum and that we SHARE is competently and all naturally and that we have the right mindset for being so human
  13. Hey: you are so seXY!  love your naked body!

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. cardoc49


      you speak very competently - I totally agree - being all hairless / shaved makes a huge difference indeed - your entire body looks so totally HAIRLESS - your shins are so shining!

      and thanks so much for wanting my help - I feel so honored! for me its very important that we do spend time to get to know each other! and get to know how you want to handle future anti-hiv treatment:-) or more specific: avoing future HIV treatment..

    3. Natural-bttm


      I would love to get to know every part of you from inside of my ass, I would make sure to keep my ass well cleaned for all of your cum! 

    4. ronnie4u


      MMMMMMMM Instant erections times being with hair/less - completely smooth - shave me - with them for a week !    :)

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