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  1. That’s such a hot party !! Been to the Dutch version in Amsterdam called Meat Market but it’s basically the same....the action there was insanely hot 🤤🤤 everything is closed now so hoping we can party again in the autumn
  2. I've been turned down because i was fat so i lost weight and then i was too old (i was like maybe 35 at that time) and now most of the time i get turned down because i am poz.....many guys are afraid of me and my hiv status so they just insult me and walk on. Their loss in the end, i have enough guys who i have regular sex with to keep me satisfied (and them of course 😜 )
  3. I’m poz and currently on meds......been on and off them for a couple of years since multiple side-effects really hit me hard. besides i get really horny when off meds, especially when a bottom wants my cum 😎
  4. No action going on over here......won't risk it as i am in the middle of the epicenter over here in the south of Holland. Would love some cock and cum but i am not that desperate to go out and get another virus !
  5. Always get my cock/balls/ass waxed for nice smooth skin......i prefer it that way but i have no problem with guys keeping some hair on their cock/balls.
  6. For me i like to have the cum absorb in me.......no way i would let someone's gift to me go. My hole is there to take any and all cumloads !
  7. Thank you for following me after I followed you. I definitely would love to fuck your poz ass raw, if I was there.  

    1. Baresluttybottom


      Thanks for your message and following me :)  and i would take your dick any day any time stud ! 

    2. scott0882


      You’re welcome. Better will be you passing on any STDs onto me. 

  8. Personally i don't care if a man isn't a supermodel or has a disability.....to me the most important quality is being honest and sincere. We will never change society or the gay community specifically but to me you are a real man if you be nice enough to talk to anyone who does not fit the perfect profile. For myself i have been ignored by many gay men in my youth when i was chubby and when i lost weight but gained an hiv status i was called names , wished dead and I even had a guy spit in my face after i told him i was hiv positive........it hurt yes but in the end they where the ones with a problem, the lesser one. I enjoy older men, men who are not a 10 and men who have disabilities more than ever and i have a good sex life for it......all i'm saying is be kind to everyone and treat everyone like you want to be treated and your life will be richer for it
  9. Not to much people from here I think Interesting concept though.....have you been there before ?
  10. Hey ... thanks for following Slutty x?x

    1. Baresluttybottom


      You're welcome.....and thanks for following me too xx ;) 

  11. I need a toxic cock and seeds near Baltimore or Washington DC area. I am a negative fireman and looking to convert. Anyone want me? 

    1. Baresluttybottom


      I don't live in your country but I hope you find what you're looking for xx

  12. Thanks for the follow, sexy!

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