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  1. Baresluttybottom

    First entry?

    You are such a cute little fagboy ! too bad you’re so far away or else i would have fucked your twink ass and filled it with my pozcum
  2. Rimming a guy always comes with a risk....i occasionally get a throat infection from it but that mostly only happens when the guy receiving the rim job doesn’t clean his ass properly. Mostly i can tell nowadays if that’s the case and then i pass on rimming the guy 😇
  3. I like men to have shaved cock, balls and ass. For the rest i like hairy chests and legs , find it very manly and a turn-on when a guy like that fucks me.
  4. You have a yummy asshole 🙂

    1. Baresluttybottom


      Thanks dude.....love your ass and cock as well 😍

  5. When i bottom i usually only douche for about half an hour and for the rest of the night i am ready to be fucked. I used to use the shower head but found that if i use that i am douching for 1.5 hour at least. I believe that's because of the force the water enters your hole which builds up pressure and makes your upper bowels react. For years now i use a kind of travel douching product that looks like a dildo but with small holes on top and a water reservoir on the bottom in which you can squees to release the water. This is enough , for me at least, to get my my fuck hole clean and the top
  6. When i was younger i used to shave my pubes and balls every few days with a razor and some shaving cream. The last couple of years though i go to a wax bar and they do my pubes, balls and ass to make it feel smooth and clean. Also a big plus for me is that afterwards i do not have any problems with itching and infected hair follicles and it remains hairless for weeks especially when you do it regularly and the cycle of hair growth is broken. Yes it's a little painful at first but once you get used to it then it's easy......it also helps to let it be done by a professional waxer who knows wh
  7. Don't know in which remote part of the world you have been living but people are STILL dying of AIDS every day !! Even in Western society people still die of AIDS today !! It may be less so than say in Africa but AIDS is still here. So those rare forms of cancer you talk about are not so rare at all and still present themselves in patients today so don't talk as if you have all the facts right because you don't. Plus i am trying to have a civil conversation here but you take a whole new level of bitchy ! They are not as toxic as they once were but they still have an enormous lis
  8. I think you misinterpreted my words......i never said you should never listen to your doctors advice. On the other hand your example of heart disease can be said for thousands of conditions like cancer and lung diseases. Also those examples are things that can make your life actually better by doing the work and without the assistance of meds unlike HIV. Also i never said that i don't want to be alive ! What i said was that me taking meds would hit quality of life just as hard as without so what is the upside ?! none with the exception that i may life a few years longer with meds. My p
  9. yes that would be the general rule but my point is that doctors have an own agenda in which they are trying to get people to take meds....i've had one doctor who on the first visit was asking me about my sex life and when i told him i was doing barebacking with other guys he immediately said that that was a reason to start meds because he didn't want more patients (his own words) ! I told him that it is up to me to decide if i want to take meds and he was really not happy about it and started a discussion in which he tried to talk me down and to force me on meds. I walked away from him and ask
  10. I've been off and on meds for the last 5 years....switching from one to another because my body heavily reacts to medication (any kind of meds) so is the case with hiv meds. Since January 2020 i've been off and i feel fine but the doctor of course would like to see me on meds. The main difference is here in Holland i have the final say and not the doctor, she can only recommend me that it's better to take meds but i can refuse without telling her why. She knows that i have many side effects so she understands even if she doesn't approve. If i let her she would write a prescription for every
  11. Hello - you are Simply HOT and Delicious looking - curious what happen to you making you a Slutty Bottom - any 1 thing or something several times ?

    1. Baresluttybottom


      Hi, Thanks for the compliment 😇  i just love the feeling of cock in my ass and being used by that top any way he wants to.  Fucking me until he blows his load in my ass is the most wonderful thing to me 🙂   

    2. ronnie4u


      Started early age sucking , and swallowing cum loads . I have been through the stages of my young buddies , older guys , Dad - Mother , groups - parks - love getting high having sex - single , vers. nothing like some taking charged - now thinking of using tina up my pussy - still single - just love hearing from others that what I enjoy !   Thank You responding !

  12. I get what you are saying for sure......in the end it's a personal choice that you make. For you that's serving a top in his needs, for me it has to be a two-way street. If i am not liking the sex the top is providing he can leave as far as i am concerned. And then there has to be trust between me and a top for sex to work......i have a couple of tops who i regularly have sex with and one has a very big cock and he fucks me in a way i enjoy it just as much as he does. That is gold to me 😃 I do respect what you are saying though, don't get me wrong.
  13. The largest i've ever taken was about 23x7 cm and although i could take it that size is still too much for me. I rather have a 18-19 cm dick in me with the guy knowing how to use it than a 22+ cm dick with the guy using his dick like a weapon and hurting me along the way. That's not my definition of good sex, i have to enjoy the ride as well 🙂
  14. That’s such a hot party !! Been to the Dutch version in Amsterdam called Meat Market but it’s basically the same....the action there was insanely hot 🤤🤤 everything is closed now so hoping we can party again in the autumn
  15. I've been turned down because i was fat so i lost weight and then i was too old (i was like maybe 35 at that time) and now most of the time i get turned down because i am poz.....many guys are afraid of me and my hiv status so they just insult me and walk on. Their loss in the end, i have enough guys who i have regular sex with to keep me satisfied (and them of course 😜 )
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