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  1. possibly my favorite story of all time. want to be part of the brotherhood bad.
  2. You have one hot profile pic!!!!

    Would so love to hook up with you!  X

  3. I'll make you feel better if you get my drift

  4. love the picture . Just were are you

  5. thanks for the fellow stud

  6. Thanks for the rep

  7. incredible story. romance and toothbrush prep--two favorites of mine.
  8. Looking for AIDS and everything that goes with it.

    1. averageslut48
    2. Patrick


      Agree.. and be prepared

    3. Pozconvertmeplz


      Me too but for now if you're interested in traveling to me in Lake Charles Louisiana and get us a room I'd happily will accept and beg you for whatever Poz detectable HVL TOXIC load you have and if you have a buddy or two who can come with you more the merrier bc it's also my dream to get double penetrated. If possible and friends come with you I'd love it if everyone is toxic to the gills and each one of you can gift me your gift of love and convert me and I will be the happiest man on earth for the rest of my life. Hmu here for now and we'll go from there. Please try to help me fulfill my destiny and quest for conversion. Btw, you're more than welcome to video the whole thing as long as I get a copy of the video. Hear me roar and holler begging and begging please give me your Poz load I want it Deep inside my ass! That's what I would say! Thank you!

  9. would be my pleasure to ... "poz you better."   AND I got the VL to do it   -- Hail 

  10. Hey bud - thanks for following. Damn, you are hot!

    1. pozmebetter


      The feeling is very mutual! 

  11. Need to be pozzed more than ever!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. pozmebetter


      I'd be honored to get your highly charged seed--and for you to be the man who converts

    3. DirtyPig4all


      fuck yea that's hot


    4. DirtyPig4all


      I'm going to continue to not take my meds, I flushed last months, I want my virus to grow in me . I love using meth too makes me twisted and willing and wanting infection with strong poz loads and other stds


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