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  1. I get to San Antonio several times a year. Are there any places to stay over on the West side that are good for hooking up? Maybe over near Lackland or Sea World?
  2. Regarding bathhouses in the future -- I think the ad campaign I saw at a bath recently is pure genius: "We'll host!"
  3. Interested in getting bred by truckers coming through Albuquerque. Poz, 56, HWP. Hit me up if you will be through here...
  4. Japan

    What's a good place for older foreigners?
  5. Turning potential fucks away

    Let's see. There was the guy who said come over in an hour, then when I got there, said he had gotten out of the mood. I shrugged & left. Got a text from him an hour later asking me to come back because he hadn't been with many guys, and I surprised him by actually showing up. Nope, not driving back another 30 minutes each way on a work night.
  6. Full disclosure: 56, not "hot." shy. Poz -- and I always put that in any online profile. I like to play with other Poz guys. For those of us living in more rural areas, baths aren't always an option. (Nearest bathhouse is 7 hours by car). For introverts like me, it's difficult to do the bar (singular -- small cities like mine typically have only one or two, and even those are not full). Actual hookups are rare. Men either aren't interested at all, or flake at some point. Relative experiences with tools mentioned follows. In no particular order: Scruff: Ability to identify as Poz and filter a list the same way is a plus. Growlr: Ability to search on Poz guys is nice. But not as many hits. BBRT: Like it in that I can be clear what I am (Poz) and how I want it (raw). (But then there was this party ad on there that mentioned that lube and condoms would be provided. WTF?) One of the things I've noticed from "back in the day," that I miss are "group chats," at a local level. But I assume I don't see them much anymore because people stopped using them and so there was no demand. My $.02. YMMV
  7. Coastal SC?

    Going to be visiting in Sept. What are good places for raw sex in this area. Have visited before with not too much success. Older bottom here.

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