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  1. Ah, identical twins... I agree with the others that masturbation is not the correct term -- although I'd certainly suggest that it could be thought of that way if there was any chance of it encouraging them to play -- especially if I could watch or participate... it's long been a fantasy of mine to have an extended 3some with a pair, but I'll settle for voyeurism and hope
  2. Thanks for the reputation & i think you're right it was called LA or something like that.

  3. Oh yes, thanks for reminding me. The Colherne was the first place where as a teenager I picked up and went "back to his" (in Chiswick, I still remember... we were still in bed when his bf got home and joined in ) ... I also remember that toilet as being the location for one of my sleaziest fucks for quite some time back then. You might be thinking of the London Apprentice ("the LA") at 333 Old Street... big venue, banging dancefloor in the basement, and those toilets were insanely cruisy, sometimes an orgy-like grope-fest!
  4. Hey ... thanks for the rep! xx :*

  5. Yes, definitely... but the details currently on his profile and the pic have appeared since my post, so it seems he deserves a "Good boi" for making progress. Would love to spin him with you
  6. So, I'm off to India in just over a week... been a few times before, but I was not on PrEP then, and was quite content not getting much action whilst there. This time I'm only going for a month, but wondering whether to continue daily dosing and taking the (Indian made) generics that I buy online with me... most travel advice says I'd need to travel with the prescription, which of course I don't have. I'm not sure if I can get one in the time available, or even whether to bother. I'm not adverse to stopping for a month and starting again on my return - the break might do me good... That would save the hassle of trying to get a prescription, and eliminate any risk or potential hassle at customs. On the other hand these drugs are made there, and I'm pretty sure the retail price there is less than what I'm paying in the UK - I can't help but think that maybe I should find a good pharmacy whilst there and maybe bring back an extra month or two's supply if it's worthwhile. I'd be grateful if you would share any thoughts or experiences you may have regarding anything above, or travelling with meds that don't have a prescription in general, or anything I've overlooked? What would you do?
  7. Generally speaking, I prefer my Men to look like Men, and my boys to look like boys... but that sure is one sexy looking faggot slut ass, and breeding it would be a pleasure, especially knowing I'd be adding to the previous occupants' cum, and leaving more for those up next.
  8. Thanks for following, you filthy pig!  Looking forward to reading more of your adventures, and getting more piggy myself. Oink!

    1. dylan1408


      i have plenty buddy....looks like we are into the same!!! hot



  9. I seem to recall my cock being ready for action within a couple of weeks of getting my PA done (it was a long time ago), but take it gently at first to be sure.... if you;re sore after a reasonably vigourous wank maybe give it a little longer -- at least you can test this yourself. I didn't get my nipples done, but everything I've read and heard says they're sore and hypersensitive for much longer... no personal experience with this though. I think you have the right idea - avoid the free for all, focus more on what you can take, and don't get gagged so you at least tel guys to be gentle or that your nips are off limits. Have fun, and I look forward to reading your stories in the new year!
  10. I believe the venue (in it's current form at least,) is closing down. I don't know any more about this. However, most if not all events that the Hoist was famous for are moving to a "new bigger location" at: Mirrored Arches (Fire) Lightbox Entrance 6A South Lambeth Place London SW8 1SP (next door to Starbucks) The new website for former Hoist events is
  11. Thanks for the follow!:*

  12. Hot username, very hot blog! Thanks for following, I hope we get to fuck soon.

  13. Saturday is the 10th, Sunday will be the 11th... which is it to be? If you're around on Sunday afternoon, it looks like the final SBN (Stark Bollock Naked) at The Hoist in Vauxhall will be a good one.
  14. Thank you, rawfuckr, for clarifying that... and apologies to all for any further confusion that my own confusion and assumption may have caused. At least we're now clear that PEP Truvada is equivalent to that prescribed as PrEP, and there's no need to worry about the apparent difference.
  15. AFAIA it is the same drug, but the dose is slightly different: The Truvada I was given as PEP tablets contain Tenofovir Disoproxil Fumarate: 245mg and Emtricitabine 200mg, compared to the generic PrEP I've been buying (both "Tenvir-EM" by Cipla and "Tavin-EM" by Emcure) which contain 300mg of Tenofovir Disoproxil Fumerate and the same 200mg of Emtricitabine. i.e. The PEP Truvada contains 55mg less of what I understand to be the main preventative drug, per pill, than you would get in PrEP. I have no idea whether that is significant enough to make a difference to the protection offered... If you're daily dosing everyday, that would work out at missing just over one pill a week but speculating whether a consistently reduced dose is less effective is best left to others more qualified. One other risk is that an ineffective dose may also make the virus more resilient to Truvada if you do get infected, and consequently affect your treatment.

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