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  1. Vault 139

    How was it?
  2. Best Place for Sling Sex

    Thanks for the info....
  3. Where is the current best place for sling sex .... This is a bucket list item of mine and would like to make it real for New Years!
  4. A busy day!

    Wow... great story!

    I generally meet guys then bring the back to the hotel that I am staying... never had an issue bringing someone into the hotel and up to the room. My best memory is fucking all night looking down at times square.... love that kinky feeling that someone is watching!
  6. Japan

    I would go to Arty Farty... great place to start... lots to do in "Shinjuku ni-chome" which is the gay district in Tokyo. This area is sooooo fun... many local bars... start at Atry then have at it.... very inviting to foreigners... have a great time.
  7. Berlin 24th December to 5th January

    Enjoy the fun and New Year in Berlin!
  8. Want to bottom but....

    Indeed its not what you look like... it's who you are. Be confident that you have something awesome to offer... It is true that people have preferences but then that's what makes us great as human beings... just be yourself smallpaul1 and things will work out just fine. Inclusion of all and everything allows us all to enjoy life to its fullest. Go out there and have some great times!
  9. Thanking the top?

    Tops are indeed a special talent that deserves recognition! Throughout my life I have been speechless after some of the sessions for obvious reasons... but am always able to at least whisper thank you! Being a bottom is awesome...
  10. Should I wear these to the Bathhouse?

    I think that they would look awesome.
  11. New Members Introduce Themselves

    Happy Soon to be Birthday blkoraltm!
  12. Japan

    There are many... Arty Farty is great ... but the whole area has something for everyone.
  13. Japan

    Let's start a discussion about the awesome area of Shinjuku!
  14. Adventures with David & I

    Wow!!! That's all I can say.

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