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  1. Visiting San Francisco

    You can fuck my throat anytime ...
  2. First Time Bottoming

    So hot!
  3. Hot stories... I especially like the neighbor!
  4. Unexpected Breedings in Suburbia

    A keeper for sure!
  5. Profile rank

    I agree... I am as well...
  6. Shaking after sex

    Wow Catcher4you.... I would really like that to happen to me... sling is on my bucket list for sure.
  7. New Members Introduce Themselves

    Jockstrapbud1 you have an awesome ass... Wow!
  8. hard and naked

    I am sure it would make a great video indeed!
  9. Awesome looking pic... great ass! Wow!

  10. Great pic... you're an awesome looking guy!

    1. Hornyguy85


      Thanks mr! Hope your well

  11. Deepthroating tips?

    Agree with all above... definite breathing is important and just feel his cock go down your throat... once past a certain point it's all good from there.
  12. Any cinemas left in London

    Wow... how unfortunate.

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