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  1. Yes. I had sex with a medical student for some time. He was awesome in bed. I then had not seen him in a while and then ran into him at the medical practice i go too. Was so hot to see him... the M.D. .... and i knew what was in those pants of his.... so hot.
  2. Deleted0524


    Any Tops in Tokyo?
  3. Deleted0524


    Very hot story!
  4. thanks, ct. cock doesn't get much use.  I like it caged.

    1. Deleted0524


      Caged it awesome MJ... but just maybe we can get that cock out one of these days! 😉 

    2. mjkuhl


      It remembers what to do, ct

  5. Deleted0524

    Been Nailed or Nailed a Porn Star

    Wow! Thats Hot!
  6. Thanks for your nice comment on my cock 😊

    1. Deleted0524


      You are more than welcome!

    2. Dane


      Thanks ct, so kind of you. Btw ... shouldn't it be welcum ;)

    3. Deleted0524


      Yes it sure should!

  7. Deleted0524

    Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    Nice... i sure would have loved to be #5!!
  8. Thanks for the comment and the follow! :)

  9. Deleted0524

    Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    Yesterday I ran into the Top that fucked me all day last weekend at the same coffee shop. He told me that he was going to be home around noon. So I said I would come over around 12:30 or so... anyway I went over to his condo... walked in ... he was naked and hard... told me don’t say a thing... I obliged ... he brought me into the bedroom ... he told me to get face down... no licking my ass this time... he just put some lube on his cock and railed me deep... it was so hot... my ass took him ... he must have fucked me hard for 30 minutes straight without stopping. I was so turned on... alll of the sudden he moaned really loud... different than last time... and started pumping so much cum into me.... he bucked and thrusted it in until he was finished. He then told me see you next time now get out. That by far has been the hottest encounter in recent memory. I went home and just let his POZ cum become one with my body! I hope I see him again soon!
  10. Fuckin'Oink~! Pervs like you make visiting BZ fun. Please keep sharing your adventures and your pics. Thanks for following me and the reps too. XOX

  11. You are a beautiful looking man!

  12. Deleted0524

    Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    Hungry is always good... hot Sunday for sure!
  13. Deleted0524

    Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    I sure will buddy!
  14. Deleted0524


    You can pump a load in my ass anytime!
  15. Deleted0524

    Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    Went to the coffee shop this morning around 8am like usual on a Saturday. I was fresh and clean in and out as you never know who your gonna meet and I am a total bottom. Walked into the coffee shop got a coffee and sat in a group of chairs that face each other... there was a good looking guy... mid 40’s I’d say sitting directly across from me... I said hello and he replied “Hi” ... I was just sitting drinking my coffee and noticed the tip of a rather big cock was just slightly showing ... since I was directly across i was the only one who could see this... he caught me looking and smiled. I am a bottom and have the armband tat... so one knows my pleasure. He then said to me nice tat... I said thanks and then he lifted up his tank shirt a bit and low and behold he had a POZ tat directly dead center bottom of his abs. I said nice tat... and he said thanks as well. So at this point he said “wanna get out of here” I said “yes” i like direct honest simple talk. I quickly drank the rest of my coffee and we both got up... went outside. I followed him over by his car and he said “ wanna fuck I know your a bottom and I am a Top”. I said yes, and he said to follow him as his condo was about 10 minutes away. We got to his condo complex got out and went inside his place. No chit chat... just both took off our clothes ... I now saw his semi-hard cock at about 8-9” ... and he then brought me to the bedroom. He asked what I was into... I said vanilla or kink.. both are cool.. his cock now was rock hard and was at least 10” and extremely thick. He threw me on the bed and worked my hole for about 15 minutes... and as usual I had a prostate orgasm that was very intense (have always had these since my early 20’s)... he stopped and said he could feel my ass pulsing... I told him that I have these orgasms that are intense and often don’t cum when getting fucked... he said that was hot... Just after that he mounted me and slowly pushed his cock deep inside me... I moaned ... He said that he could fuck for hours... and I said “fine with me”. He fucked me so hard and deep... I think maybe an hour had passed ... just fucking... not talking.. just the way I like it.... I was just about to have a orgasm (without cumming) and my ass tightend up... he started to moan...his entire shaft was deep in me ... I then began tightening up and he started pumping slow and deep... he was breathing very deeply... he then felt me tense up and I felt him tense up... I began to have an orgasm and he silently pumped his cum deep in me ... I felt every spasm of his cock and could feel his warm cum being pumped in me.. I just kept having an orgasm and he kept going.... he then stopped flipped me over and pounded me so hard I thought the bed would break. Again an hour or so passed.... this time he told me he was gonna cum and he flooded my ass again. He was shaking this time as he was cumming. He then pulled me to the floor and I got on my all fours and he pounded me for a very long time.... I had another orgasm without cumming... this went on until 4pm today... 7 hours or so... he pumped his cum in me 2 more times... I had one more orgasm without cumming .. he thought it was so cool that I had orgasms without cumming... so it is an hour and a half later and I wanted to share my coffee shop experience with you... By the way I did not even get his name... nor did he get mine... just the way i like it... I will surely go for coffee next Saturday! It truly was “good to the last drop”.

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