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  1. deleted1107


    Any tops n Tokyo?
  2. deleted1107

    Where can I hide my toys/sex stuff?

    Hi James, I see you have just turned 18 in June of this year, a young man just starting with a full life ahead of you. My advice is simple... keep things in a drawer where it can be easily found by your parents. Now I realize that parents house... parents rules, however, hiding things in life usually equates hiding other things. Just be you James... talk with your parents if they find and ask about the items... but be truthful. Explain it’s personal and that you keep it out of sight of others, but you would like your privacy respected. Now, they can object and that is there perogative and not agree to your wishes, but then you will both know where each of you stand on the issue. This is just my opinion, but at least it’s an option for you to think about. ~ TD
  3. deleted1107


    How did It go?
  4. Hi dude, thanks for the follow, have returned also

    1. deleted1107


      You’re welcome! Thank you too!

  5. deleted1107

    BDay Gangbang 9/8/18

    Happy belated birthday! Hope the birthday buy had a great time!
  6. deleted1107

    Married (to a woman) bottoms, how do you get it in?

    This is indeed a complicated subject. My take on it is that there will come to a point in your life where you become comfortable about who you are and what you’re all about.... where what you think and how you feel as a man are one in the same... that’s the largest hurdle from my life experience. As you reach out on forums like this you’re you begin to get a sense of how, what, when, who, and where you can get together with another guy. The sneaking round aspect never works in my opinion so as one person put it in a prior post, if you can integrate that person into your life as a friend or simply a work associate it may be helpful. In the end, only you can decide how you will move forward... it’s your life journey... live it and let things evolve as a normal course of living. Just my take.
  7. thanks for following mate!!

  8. deleted1107


    Bareback fun in Tokyo anyone?
  9. Hi there travelingdude, thanks very much for following me 😊

    1. deleted1107


      Hey Dane... you’re very welcome!

  10. deleted1107

    Taking anon loads in a hotel closet

    That is the perfect wonderful experience! Thanks for sharing! Wow!
  11. deleted1107

    Best Places in Key West for Hookup

    I will need to check this place out the next time I am in KW... !
  12. deleted1107

    Ever since I was diagnosed with HIV..

    I think you’re very normal. I can only speak for myself but the feeling is insatiable and very real. Maybe a bit hormonal, maybe a bit in how you now see things, or just maybe it’s just you being you ... just the tiger inside of you is now roaring! Feel it, live it, and just be the great guy you are and experience life with those that have the same pleasure and desires that you have in life. ~ TD
  13. deleted1107

    Ever been filmed?

    That is really cool....I would like to do that sometime... sounds like an awesome time!
  14. deleted1107

    Too big?

    Not silly at all actually. He sounds great and you sound happy. I would start slow... maybe a glass of wine... then ease into it... get in your favorite position and passionately kiss... feel his body... let him feel yours... talk a bit about it... let him take you slowly... passionately... and the rest will work it self out. It may take a bit but in the end the time spent getting it right will make both of you feel the experience. I hope that it’s awesome for you!
  15. deleted1107

    Breed me...

    This is a place that I have been too many times over the years. It’s a little hard to find but well worth the trip. Not a five star but I think you’ll have an awesome time. https://thegaypassport.com/hong-kong/play-hong-kong/central-escalator-sauna/

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