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  1. You are an incredible story teller, inspired me to finally try my hand at it.  Thank you!!

    1. a6uldeve84u


      Your flattery is very much appreciated and humbles me greatly.  Writing is a very difficult and strenuous for me as it requires a constant reading and editing on my part.  When I read and "hear" the words, I can tell if a word or two is not appropriate.  Nothing is ever posted to be read until in my own heart, cock, and ass respond and let me know it is time to share with others.

      Your decision to write is EXCELLENT!!!  You will do well.  Draw on your own experiences or the experiences of others/friends who have confided to you.  Of course, dutifully changing names, places, and enough of the details so as not to get caught telling about those close to you. 

      Better still, go wild in your thoughts.  What fantasy/ies do you have?  Explore those in a story.  Just don't forget to turn those fantasies into reality.

      I'll offer you specifically a chance to take one of my unfinished tales and let you finish it.  I wrote about this and posted my offer (with Dr. Scorpio's permission) online for anyone.  The story will be YOURS and you may take it in any direction that you choose.  Some tales are pretty well developed while others are in a formative state.  The only thing I ask is that the story be finished and published here on Breeding Zone.  Do not consider this as pressure on you.  It is meant only as a friendly offer to help you get started.

      My very best advice is to write for yourself.  Write about whatever excites you.  Let your reader "see" your characters in depth and the plot unveiled.  You can do this.  And, since you want to write, you will write and succeed at it.


    2. cumstick


      I would love to work on that story.  It's fun to work on a couple in parallel.  If you can send me the file that would be great.

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