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    Love sucking, rimming, bareback fucking and getting fucked. Love Watersports; piss fucking etc.. Love dirty cum/piss/ass juice  stained gear and getting sweaty and sleazy while playing, sniffin' and licking ripe pits, crotch and eating out sweaty ripe holes. Enjoy Chems, Verbal, Roleplay (Raceplay)
    Normally go with the flow. Nearly no limits. 
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  1. Raw Bareback fucking a 23 year old poz lad with a hairy ripe hole whilst he fucks an older guy. https://www.xtube.com/video-watch/raw-fucking-a-ripe-hairy-hole-32533942
  2. Raw bareback fucked by a Sleazy Hung white guy. I ask for him to pull out just before he cums but instead goes in deep and plants his massive dirty load in my black hole. https://www.xtube.com/video-watch/hung-white-cock-breeds-me-deep-32534182
  3. Very sex flip-fucker bro you are! YUMMY!

  4. Fuckin' Oink~! Pervs like you make visiting BZ fun. Please keep sharing. Thanks for the Reps, & following me too.

  5. you can breed me anytime

  6. Thanks for the follow.  Great pics, by the way.

  7. Totally versatile, but do like getting fucked first and then flip fucking, can easily switch between a Dom top and a Sub bottom anytime.
  8. http://www.xtube.com/video-watch/Raw-Bareback-Flipfucking-30267271 Raw Bareback flip-fucking with a mature hung dutch guy in london - Part 2
  9. http://www.xtube.com/video-watch/20-Yr-old-Raw-Flip-Fucking-With-Dutch-Part-1-30039331 Raw Bareback flip-fucking with a mature hung dutch guy in london.
  10. Hey ... thanks for the reps ... love your pics. So fucking horny!! xxxx:*

  11. andkon123

    What Nationality Are You?

    I'm Ethiopian, born and raised in the UK
  12. andkon123

    Tumblr acounts

    My tumblr is Andkon-123.tumblr.com Some are mine, most are reblogs.
  13. t hnx for the rep point, but I'm still new here and don't know what I got it for ...  HAIL 999

  14. http://www.xtube.com/video-watch/Raw-barebacking-a-furry-muscle-bear-28670381 One of the first poz guys i fucked, furry muscle bear, met on grindr said he always fucked raw. Thick cock fucked me for some time and dumped a load into me. Then took a video of me raw fucking and stretching his hole with my cock as well as pissfucking him. You can see his load dripping out of my arse when i film from below. Filmed me loading him up but got a bit too messy with the piss for me to upload it on xtube. After i dumped a load in him, the sun came out and into the room so i took a pic of his ass with cum driping out Shall i make another video with him?
  15. andkon123

    Sauna Led To Pig Filth

    Hot. Would love to have been in your position

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