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    Or call me outright at: 308.464.0039
  2. Perv Talk

    I'd like to Suck Off some Stallion Dick!
  3. Perv Talk

  4. OMG, Please Sir, Rape my Faggot Face, Pummel my Throat as if it were your Personal Fuck Hole. Did I mention my Ears can be used as Handle Grips!
  5. Small Cock Cocksuckers

    I personally don't care if the cock set in front of my eyes is larger then mine, I am a Cocksucker!
  6. Being a Cocksucker, I don't stand on this Masculine Stuff, I mean it's okay, but I have a few TS's that I blow and they're not Masculine, but they have nice tasty cocks!
  7. Hands or No Hands

    Hands Free all the way, all of the time unless instructed otherwise. Most men feel if they wanted to jack off they just would!
  8. I picked this guy up on the side of the road

    I believe you'd look better with out that beard and stash!
  9. Biting cheeks before sucking cock

    Your Nuts, an open sore is an invitation to infection from STD's. While I'll Suck Off most any Mans Dick, I wont if I have an open wound in my mouth!
  10. Sucking with condoms

    Hey, if you truly are a Cocksucker, this shouldn't bother you, I can't count the number of Condom Clad Cocks I've blown over the years:0
  11. Cum in the eyes

    Oh My God, I LOVE it, I once took 43 Loads shot in to my Eyes as I wore a swimming goggle with the lens removed, my eyes were completely submerged in Hot Spermy Loads of Ball Juice. I saw the world in Spermyvision. My eyes were red for three days, but I'd do it again!
  12. The longest I've ever Nursed on 1 Cock was just a little over 9 hours and Sucked Out 5 Loads. He was a regular that I would Suck Off 3 to 4 times weekly and this was his Birthday Wish! He had the most Amazingly Suckable Dick, just the perfect Length-n-Girth for Sucking:0
  13. You need to seriously Grow Up. Your Video is a Big Turn Off, there's no cocksuckers on the planet as you've described!
  14. Your Mouthwash and Saliva thing is Bull Shit. Everything you say is Bull Shit as far as I'm concerned, I offered you a place to live with all the Blowjobs you could ever want and you tell me you're moving to Florida. 8 Inches is not Average, it's way larger then Average. I DEEPTHROAT and 8 inches is Deepthroat Worthy, also, I don't use my Hands to get a guy off, I am a Cocksucker. The most unfortunate thing here is, you'll never get to feel what a Real Balls Deep Bobbing Blowjob feels like! I am a Moderator at Cocksuckerdb, that's why you can't find yourself there anylonger, too much Bull Shit!!

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