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  1. Never heard of this referred to as a "SIDE," what ever the fuck that is, you sound like a politician, talking but not saying anything!
  2. Yahoo 2017, when I was 20 I figured being a Cocksucker by now, I'd be Dead:)

  3. Yummy, Thank You:O
  4. OMG, I too so LOVE having Guys blow their Loads up my Nose, specially if they're heavy cummers and distance shooters all in one. I've had a few do it for me but they knew I wanted it cause I said so in my craigslist add(O O)
  5. Hey "IT":)

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. publiccumdump


      yeah it sees you also stumbled upon its dom profile on collarspace 

    3. BlowBoi


      Look "IT" I am just a Cocksucker seeking Feeders, that's all:)

    4. publiccumdump
  6. The "No Read the Ad" thing is pretty universal, I am a Cocksucker, I put out ads everywhere seeking to give NSA, None Reciprocal Blowjobs and I am continuously being bombarded by guys wanting to suck me or who want to fuck my ass. I am a COCKSUCKER, where in my ads do I say: I want sucked Off too or I take it in the Ass too? It never says that, Period!
  7. Hey Guys, My name is Rick Steele, my only Goal in Life is to turn my Mouth into a Toothless Suck Hole for all Men's Dicks:O

  8. Ataboys for both Subbtmboi & swampbottom:O
  9. I know I want to and in Big Bold Lettering right on my Forehead, "I AM A COCKSUCKER."
  10. Fellow Cocksuckers: First would you get a Tattoo? If Yes, would you have: I AM A COCKSUCKER tattooed someplace on you and Where?
  11. I'm Rick Steele, I would love to talk, not text, to some Big 9"+ Dicked Throat Breeders  at: 308.464.0039

  12. Hi, I'm Cocksucker Rick Steele, I wish I could Suck Off at least One Mans Dick from this site:O

  13. The thing I don't understand about you is you never have an E-Mail Address or Phone Number in any of your Ads on any of the many sites I've seen you on and, most of your pics look photo chopped and fake, why is that?
  14. I encourage Feeders to take Pictures and or Videos of me Sucking their Dicks. My address is: 816 St. Mary's Ave in Ogallala, Nebraska that's at the Corner of West 9th & St. Mary's Ave. If you come to my home for a Blowjob, use the side door and when I answer, just as for Rick while rubbing your crotch. Once you're invited in, as soon as you present me your Dick, I'll drop right down and begin to Suck you Off:O
  15. If that's all you can manage, then just suck his cockhead and flick your tongue around what you can. Other then that, I'd say have your teeth removed.

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