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  1. I too am just like you, I really don't see Men, all that I see are potential Blowjobs and as for Dirty, Stinky Dicks, I carry cotton balls and poppers for my nose:O
  2. Agreed:()
  3. Goals, Man do I have Goals! 1) Have the rest of my teeth removed in order to make my Mouth into a better Fuck Hole for Men's Dicks! 2) Have Facial Hair Electrolysis so I never have to shave ever again! 3) Get Collagen Injections in my Lips to give me Bigger, Thicker Dick Sucking Lips! After that, I'd like a Diet of enough Dicks that I could derive my USDA of Protein from their Semen. Living on nothing but Fruit Juices, Vitamins, and Spermy Loads, Yummy, Yum, Yumm:()
  4. Never heard of this referred to as a "SIDE," what ever the fuck that is, you sound like a politician, talking but not saying anything!
  5. Yahoo 2017, when I was 20 I figured being a Cocksucker by now, I'd be Dead:)

  6. Yummy, Thank You:O
  7. OMG, I too so LOVE having Guys blow their Loads up my Nose, specially if they're heavy cummers and distance shooters all in one. I've had a few do it for me but they knew I wanted it cause I said so in my craigslist add(O O)
  8. Hey "IT":)

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. publiccumdump


      yeah it sees you also stumbled upon its dom profile on collarspace 

    3. BlowBoi


      Look "IT" I am just a Cocksucker seeking Feeders, that's all:)

    4. publiccumdump
  9. The "No Read the Ad" thing is pretty universal, I am a Cocksucker, I put out ads everywhere seeking to give NSA, None Reciprocal Blowjobs and I am continuously being bombarded by guys wanting to suck me or who want to fuck my ass. I am a COCKSUCKER, where in my ads do I say: I want sucked Off too or I take it in the Ass too? It never says that, Period!
  10. Hey Guys, My name is Rick Steele, my only Goal in Life is to turn my Mouth into a Toothless Suck Hole for all Men's Dicks:O

  11. Ataboys for both Subbtmboi & swampbottom:O
  12. I know I want to and in Big Bold Lettering right on my Forehead, "I AM A COCKSUCKER."
  13. Fellow Cocksuckers: First would you get a Tattoo? If Yes, would you have: I AM A COCKSUCKER tattooed someplace on you and Where?
  14. I'm Rick Steele, I would love to talk, not text, to some Big 9"+ Dicked Throat Breeders  at: 308.464.0039

  15. Hi, I'm Cocksucker Rick Steele, I wish I could Suck Off at least One Mans Dick from this site:O

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