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    Love sucking cock and eating ass - and being fucked on my back and on all fours- always up for being gang bred

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  1. HornedBottom

    2019 Load Tally

    Uber Driver tonight- big uncut cock, while two friends watched .
  2. HornedBottom

    Does manstink make your pussy twitch?

    I started bottoming for a couple that loves being ripe when they use me. It was overwhelming at first being covered in their manstink. But now I love it.
  3. HornedBottom

    This ain’t funny

    I love sucking Black Cock. Ever since the first I am a pig when sucking a Black man. Can’t get enough .
  4. HornedBottom

    Anon cock sucking

    So true - I would suck cock after cock some days - nothing seems to match CL
  5. Suck it , suck that cock
  6. HornedBottom

    Missing Craigslist in Maryland

    If you ever want to share sucking cocks hit me up
  7. In college I found a book in the bathroom someone had jacked off into there was a big glob of cum so I laped it up like a dog. I found a few more that semester and whoever’s cum it was al went down my throat
  8. HornedBottom

    My first cum dump experience

    Hot story , nothing like being used as a cumdump.
  9. HornedBottom

    Missing Craigslist in Maryland

    Craig’s list was awesome - I’m in Baltimore and miss it. I mostly sucked cock though CL - but always had a few guys a week to suck.
  10. I’ve always had a crush on Paul Ryan- he just looks like he would be a nasty fucker underneath his smart suits and conservative talk.
  11. HornedBottom

    Black Cock

    So very true - I thought ok one time to satisfy my curiosity and I was addicted the minute I sucked on the head of that first BBC
  12. Hairy guy, always looking- prefer to travel , love all types but bearded scruffy men and bbc are favorites . Discreet and looking for sex only - comfortable with myself and what I want - looking for other men who are the same .
  13. HornedBottom

    Cursed hung bottom

    As a hung bottom - some of the best sex I’ve had is with tops with small cocks -
  14. HornedBottom

    Cursed hung bottom

    You are incredibly hot - wow
  15. HornedBottom

    Black Cock

    I have to agree - I had never really thought about black cock until fairly recently- it started with bareback porn - especially hairy bearded white bottoms -servicing huge black dicks - and before I knew it I had my first bbc in my mouth, then In my ass and the rest is history....

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