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  1. Your first name: boy slut Your cell number : 9178106684 A location: New York, NY, 10031 Times you're generally available: best time Friday, Saturday and Sunday Age: 30 Height: 5'11" Weight: 145 BarebackRT: boy1987 Ethnicity: White
  2. SlutyBoy

    Looking for skinny sub cumdumps for Halloween !

    Cumdump New York Text me BarebackRT.com/Boy1987
  3. Thanks for the rep!  Hope you have an awesome w/end. xx:*:drool:xx

  4. SlutyBoy

    nyc best cum dumps?

    Cumdump New York Text me BarebackRT.com/Boy1987
  5. Looking to be breed in NY

    1. Read1



      When I can make it to NYC for your CumUnion, your young hole is mine! Daddy cum too! WOOF!

    2. SlutyBoy


      Can't wait to be breed

  6. Hey

    Bttm boy in NY

    Looking for load and gangbang

  7. SlutyBoy

    Where are the Pig Parties in New York?

    When the best time go there?
  8. take xtc or coke, if u are stoned u will take all the cock u can get, much better than poppers...

    1. BBBeard


      weed is better to get stoned and then get fucked, you get sleazy and want cock! Fuck!

    2. SlutyBoy


      Weed?? Can you pls explain whats it? Thks

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