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  1. Its such a beautiful experience! I envy you.
  2. Raunchy Punk 999 fisting piss porn

    Some but not the continuation of this one!
  3. https://www.gayforit.eu/video/371835/TRASH-RITUAL-PUNK-TATOO-1 I believe this video is a work of art as it encompasses all of the raunchy desire a depraved bb pig might have!
  4. Topher DiMaggio accused of rape

    DiMAggio is super hot, I'm baffled those queens complain about him. Some of them where not even raped. If you ask me their just looking for their 15 minutes of fame. Most of this guys show their naked butt for money so if they got the attention is probably because they teased too much.
  5. A friend of mine who has been trying to do safe bb just gave up after getting infected with several stds and decided to start chasing and asked me to join him. He's also asking if I wanna met him to swap ghono and the other dissease we might have right now... sluts become chasers, thats the story.

    1. Willing


      Infect me please đź‘„

  6. Nothing better than fags finding out their sluts hehe
  7. Sold Health

    This is one of the most twisted stories you wrote so far and I love it. Especially the part where the whore sells he's dignity by letting the protagonist piss on he's family pictures and clothes... Hope things will only go downhill from now for that miserable slut.
  8. Unless I'll find the perfect top, I'll always fuck around while pretending to be loyal to my dom/top...
  9. What’s Your Favorite Way to Hookup?

    Hate apps and web sites, lots of fakes and thrill seekers. Best place is old and raunchy saunas...
  10. Predators And Prey

    Wish there where more nice people like Dan in this world that helps fags understamd how rape at times happens because they secretly wanted it... Can't wait for Michael to get the fuck flu!
  11. Safe Sex Only Advertisement

    This is so damn fucking hot Scorpion!
  12. What Was Your First Std ?

    I can finally add Clamidyah to the list. Cock is dripping white stuff and judging from the wet feeling my ass as well. Not sure if I have it in mouth.
  13. The Dirty Gift

    Fucking hot story man! The seed needs hotsts! The seed needs spreading!
  14. Ignorant Twink Gets Bad Advice

    Yeah young twinks are so impressionable and full of hormones and desire to prove themselves to older tops, I know I was..

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