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  1. Hey I’ve waited so long and I’m genuine for std bugs bred in my hole 


    can you help

  2. Toxic as no meds 7DCA86CC-24D7-43C1-ACE4-6EF8E7B9A45A.thumb.jpeg.ecef63c4e52af746c824b7c72029be89.jpeg

  3. TagBoy87


    this stor makes me want to volounteer
  4. Went to this cruising spot and started sucking cocks. Out of nowhere this black guy takes me away from the cock I was sucking and forced me to suck hes. After a while he started to push too hard and I started gagging and puked loads of saliva. He would not stop, put me against the wall kept fuckint my face and even when I started trying to push him away and tell him to stop because he was hurting me he did not stop. He instead started slapping me.pretty hard. He eventually came and I had to swallow since the dick was too far in my throat.

    Once he came he just let me there.

    Guess for today's standard it counts as rape since I kept saying no, but than again I went down there to suck cocks and ... Well I did what I was supposed to do.

    1. justsexnowatl


      The real question is - will you get on your knees if/when you see him again?

  5. TagBoy87

    Lube recommendations request

    Spunk is the best ! It looks like cum, it's hybrid so it's good for toys and anal. It's not even that expensive.
  6. TagBoy87

    Had to make up a quick lie...

    I think its hot knowing their giving you all the cum their not giving their wives/bf. The only problem is when their wife gets chlamidya and finds out lol
  7. TagBoy87

    Had to make up a quick lie...

    I was in the opposite situation and at first I used to mind than i just stopped. To be honest it was hot sucking a guy cock while he was telling he's bf he loved him and he couldn't wait to be home to him only to have him bred me raw.
  8. I don't ask and don't tell. If he's poz im happier but as always I don't ask.
  9. TagBoy87

    At what age did you first ejaculate?

    tAround 11 in my uncle's hand. He fed me my own cum and told me i should eat it because it was nutritious lol That is the reason i started eating my own cum and than enjoying other peoples cum.
  10. TagBoy87

    Oil lube recommendations

    I'm curious about this too. Had this guy in the sauna who told me he used baby oil inside lube bottle lol He said it was because "it was smoother" but I don't believe that a minute.
  11. Swallowed several anon loads during food brake..

    Amazing how much dense can cum be...


  12. TagBoy87

    HIV Clinic Cock Cruising

    Man super hot story!
  13. I need more breeding but fucking can't find any poz detectable donors

    1. studl1


      Welcome  to my world  

  14. Still have cum and ass juices dripping from my hole since yesterday.... this is the feeling of satisfaction, don't get why certain guys can't wait to get the cum out of their assess...

  15. Met an amazing Master.

    After fingering and fucking me he took me under a bridge, have me suck several guys in the darkness, fuck me and breed me and than let a young hobo junky guy breed my ass. 

    It was amazing, the cum is still leaking from my ass!

    1. RobDog


      Good Boi

       But you should have plugged that osing ass of yours and keep in that precious seed.

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