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  1. Hey there. Well your asking if your crazy for being so attracted to your rapist. The answer is yes, but your in good company. I was also molested long time ago and I went from hating it to worshipping that guy and looking for other willing to force themselves with me. When I realise the guy I'm having sex with care more about he's orgasm than me its intoxicating. When you ask them to slow down because it's starting to hurt and instead they pull a hand on your mouth and keep fucking you. When they pin your head down so you can't see them removing the condom. When your about to puke while sucking their cock so they keep your head in to place and than close your nose. And when they realise your drunk and start taking advantage. Some of us are sluts. And we deserve what we get
  2. this stor makes me want to volounteer
  3. Went to this cruising spot and started sucking cocks. Out of nowhere this black guy takes me away from the cock I was sucking and forced me to suck hes. After a while he started to push too hard and I started gagging and puked loads of saliva. He would not stop, put me against the wall kept fuckint my face and even when I started trying to push him away and tell him to stop because he was hurting me he did not stop. He instead started slapping me.pretty hard. He eventually came and I had to swallow since the dick was too far in my throat.

    Once he came he just let me there.

    Guess for today's standard it counts as rape since I kept saying no, but than again I went down there to suck cocks and ... Well I did what I was supposed to do.

    1. justsexnowatl


      The real question is - will you get on your knees if/when you see him again?

  4. Spunk is the best ! It looks like cum, it's hybrid so it's good for toys and anal. It's not even that expensive.
  5. Thanks a lot lol It's a deviant story ....literally
  6. I think its hot knowing their giving you all the cum their not giving their wives/bf. The only problem is when their wife gets chlamidya and finds out lol
  7. I was in the opposite situation and at first I used to mind than i just stopped. To be honest it was hot sucking a guy cock while he was telling he's bf he loved him and he couldn't wait to be home to him only to have him bred me raw.
  8. Man this story is hot! Amazing work man! Love stories of boys getting high and becoming cum whores...
  9. I don't ask and don't tell. If he's poz im happier but as always I don't ask.
  10. tAround 11 in my uncle's hand. He fed me my own cum and told me i should eat it because it was nutritious lol That is the reason i started eating my own cum and than enjoying other peoples cum.
  11. I'm curious about this too. Had this guy in the sauna who told me he used baby oil inside lube bottle lol He said it was because "it was smoother" but I don't believe that a minute.
  12. Swallowed several anon loads during food brake..

    Amazing how much dense can cum be...


  13. "... making this the fifth case of a kidnapped young swimmer this month alone. Authorities are still unsure about where Cody could be but he's family is praying for he's safe return." Cody woke up hearing the radio chatter. He tried to move but realised he had been tide. He looked around and realised he was probably in a van. On the wall there was a shadowy figure attached to the wall.... it was a naked pale boy he's age with arms and legs tide and spread, he was weraring a gas mask made or black shiny rubber with poppers attached to the end of it. Cody than heard some odd noises and noticed the guys ass opening up like a mouth, letting out this red intestine and some odd coloured white juices... Cody was horrified. "Hes name is Edward, he's a very good swimmer, just like you and like my son, Ron. You know Ron was my first piece of art, he's hole now is so big you can fit a human head in it... but don't worry... I intend of making something special out of your hole as well..." Cody turned around and with horror saw a man naked, wearing only a pvc apron and pvc long gloves. He's skin was covered in rashes and looked extremely sick. He tried to move but noticed he was tide with ropes. He was dragged out of the van in to an abandoned warehouse. There he noticed several crosses, all with young guys he's age, all naked wearing gas masks attached to poppers and all with their assess completely destroyed. Cody screamed a lot that day. The third day instead he had already gave up. All the drugs had helped at the end. Still every time he's rosebud would come out it still gave him the goosebumps. Eventually he serviced all of he's new brothers by eating their devastated holes, fisted them and seeded them. And eventually he was awarded with he's own gas mask with poppers and a place in Bernards ever expanding exposition of devastated boy holes. Bernard finally felt realised in he's life, now junkies and depraved guys from all over the world came to he's constant exhibition of broken holes... he was finally himself.
  14. haha I thought about Bernard doing something horrible to he's wife as well but, Scorpion who is like the god of twisted stories up here, got banned for a very long time for having a woman give a bj in one of he's stories so I rather not risk it lol
  15. "There must be something I can do... some sort of cure!" Bernard screamed at the doctor. "Would love to say there is... but there is no such thing. Your Viral Load is extremely high and the strain you have is for some odd reason resistant to most medication, and the only medication that does work, could cause your heart to fail due to your pre existing condition mr Bernard." Dr Mahindra was in a very bad situation. Out of nowhere he had found himself facing an extremely rare strain of hiv from a man who had been rushed to the hospital due to serious complications. "But... how much do I have left before it develops to AIDS doctor?" "Well.... you are there to be honest, you already have an extremely high viral loads and several opportunistic disease...." "And so whats left for me to do Dr?!" "I'll do peace with myself Mr Bernard, and if I where in you I would not have sex with anyone ... ever again at this point. Bernard rushed out of the clinic all angrily. He's life was ruined. He's wife was already in the process of divorcing him and he's beloved son would probably move away with her. All because he insisted in fucking that aids whore of he's nephew. He knew it was him. He should have known something was wrong, the butt fuck felt too good and that blow job had far too much tooth involved. Damn it. Now he's life was over.... plus the pain of he's body was starting to become too present. He kept walking down the street with anger. He really needed a drink that bad... "Hey... hey there friend... want some dope?" Bernard looked at the junky on the side of the street. He smiled with a ruined mouth and a shaking body. "Its gonna make all your bad dreams go away, and its the purest you can find in this hood, guaranteed." Bernard never did drugs in he's whole life, he only had generous amounts of scotch... but yeah, considering he might soon die, maybe, just maybe some drugs to make him forget he's ruined life was all he needed. Ron arrived home in he's Mustang. He had just finished going to the gym. He was quite nervous to go back home. He's mother had just moved to he's grandma in order to stay away from "that cheating son of a bitch of your dad" and he was probably gonna join her pretty soon. He walked inside the house sporting he's running black megging and he's super tight v neck sport t shirt. He entered the house and in the darkness of the living room he saw he's dad with a lace around he's arm injecting something in he's arm. "Dad what the fuck are you doing?!" Bernard looked at he's son with he's eyes injected with blood. "Oh I'm just having some...you know, medication to help me relax..." Bernard was completely naked except for a pair of black boxers. "Dad... I think I should go...." "No my son, come here, come here is all right... everything is gonna be all right..." As he said that Bernard punched he's son in the stomach and than dropped him in the floor. Ron tried to get up only to feel he's father punching the back of he's head. When Ron finally woke up he realised he was in completely naked and tide in he's parents bed. He looked up and saw he's dad opening a big sports bag and taking out several black dildos and some lube. "Dad.... dad what the fuck are you doing... what are those things dad..." Bernard kept taking out he's toys and than proceeded to wear some arm long black pvc gloves. "My son, I always dreamed of doing this to you, to enlarge your hole so much your rosebud will come out..." the dad covered he's son hole and speculum with crisco and than proceeded to insert the cold speculum in he's sons hole. "Dad... dad please..." "Don't worry son, I did it before but... you know mostly on prostitute twinks who where already in to fisting... my dream is to take a virgin hole and prolapse it... which normally takes weeks... but we only have till your mom comes back tonight so, I'm going to have to improvise..." The depraved dad started dilating he's son ass using the speculum, he pretty much reached the limit very quickly. "Guess you never fingered yourself son... thats too bad... it might have helped you so much..." Bernard inserted he's finger and played a bit with he's son interiors and than proceeded to ass some generous amount of crisco. "Dad... please" Ron cried "I swear, if you let me go I wont tell mom". Bernard laughed and than grabbed an inflatable plug. "My son, there are so many few things that bring me pleasure like seeing a dilated hole... god... you should see your hole right now... your so so tight... but let me inflate this and we will see..." Ron let out a scream of pain as he felt something inflating in he's bowel and he instinctively tried to tighten he's hole. Eventually he's scream became more hysterical and he started crying for the pleasure of he's dad. "Dad please... oh god i'm gonna die... please... I think I'm gonna explode..." "Just relax your cunt... relax... oh yeah ... you are bleeding... bleeding so so much..." "Dad please I don't want to die like this". Bernard laughed a bit... yes there was a chance he's son might... be too badly hurt.... but than he had an idea. He took the cellphone and proceeded to call the drug dealer he had met earlier. It took an hour for him to get there. In that hour Ron kept agonising with the dildo inflated inside he's hole. He's dad payed the dealer and than proceeded to prepare the slam for he's own son. Again Ron screamed and begged but he's dad proceeded to pierce he's son's arm with a strong dose of meth. It took a bit but eventually Ron could feel he's ass relax and the dildo stopped being so much of an inconvenience. "Your doing so so well son... look how well your hole is behaving... now... lets take out the speculum...and now lets take out the inflatable dildo... oh.. it stuck... but lets see if I pull more..." Ron made some odd noises and slowly released the inflated dildo from he's ass all covered in ass juices. "Yes! Yes... we are almost there... almost there!" Bernard proceeded to move he's finger along he's son's dilated hole. "Dad... I feel weird... I'm thirsty... my body feels weird". Bernard took out a huge black dildo and proceeded to insert it in he's son hole. "Yes its... its coming in... but maybe we need some more stretching..." The dad covered he's hands with crisco and than proceeded to insert one hand in it... and than with extreme difficulty started inserting a second one." Your still not stretched out enough son... lots of work to be done... let me get you another dose." Ron tried to resist but it was useless. Eventually Ron started laughing and relaxing he's hole. He did not mind he's dads toys anymore, not even the very big ones. Not even both he's dads hand. "Daddy... feels good...feels good... please...more...." The depraved dad laughed and proceed to put he's whole foot up he's son. Miranda came home even later than she expected. She had absolutely no intention of seeing he's cheating husband. That bastard had came out like that claiming he had aids and that it was probably from an accident with a needle. Well she knew it all too well. She had lost count how many times she had pretended not to see he's husband with those prostitutes he bought home. She pretended not to see he's collection of depraved toys or the collection of pictures of him doing horrible things to boys assess. But now she had enough. She bursted in her room ready to confront him but instead she could just let out a scream. Her son Ron had a small fire extinguisher slowly falling out from he's completely devastated hole. As soon as the extinguisher fell in the floor the boy all smiley proceeded to make push and he's hole opened up letting out he's red interior. "Mommy.... look at what dad did to my hole... look mommy hehe... i can take anything I want up here..." Miranda let out a scream and run away.

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