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  1. @ErosWired - if the above is all you have to say, then I will gladly take my rhetoric as some form of truth and enjoy my beauty rest tonight. I truly challenge you to cease to use poppers for at least a couple of months and perhaps report back. Wouldn't you like to have sex without using a substance every single time? You don't need a condom every time you have sex, but you need poppers?!? Ok, go figure. And yes, I gave a whopping 36 downvotes on others' opinions because those opinions were wrong, deranged and disturbing like I mentioned above. And honestly, who cares if I gave or received downvotes? This is a random forum on the Internet where men make up stories about getting fucked by 13 inch big black cocks. Lol.
  2. I completely meant every single word that I wrote. I've been a member on BBRT since February 2016 and while I enjoy some of the more mild stories written on here (regardless of whether they are true or not) there are plenty that completely cross the line and are disturbing. Examples that I've seen on this website include men being addicted to sex because their fathers raped them and pimped them out when they were young, having sex with homeless heroin addicts picked up from the street, having sex with minors, etc. the list goes on and commenters in these threads will think it's "hot" and encourage this type of behavior. In sum, a number of the men that post here are entirely seedy and in person, most likely unwell. Thus, this is what I mean by seedy, and yes I most certainly did sashay my ass in here and cast judgment and disgust upon some of you. And towards your other point, bottoms that use poppers not only use them, they need them! There's a difference! Since 2019 just started, why don't you try not to use poppers for 6 months and report back to us how that worked out? I guarantee you won't be able to do it because you strike me as the type of bottom that can't even enjoy penetration without the use of other substances. And yes, like I said in my previous post, you're probably bad at sex and so are the tops that you engage in sexual activities with because those tops probably can't fuck without the use of substances either. If you misunderstood anything that I wrote regarding why I believe a lot of men use poppers and other party favors, you should revert and reread my previous post. I'm not alone in my opinion, that's why the original poster of this thread updated this question to include recuperation without the use of substances.
  3. Let me guess, they all shot huge loads in your sloppy cunt with their ginormous BBC's right? These are called, "internet lies". To answer the original post, I think unfortunately most bottoms cannot take a long, good pounding (especially from someone hung) without the use of poppers at the very least. Breeding.zone and BBRT, seem to attract a lot of seedy guys for some reason which means that in addition to the poppers, you have a lot of drug use coming into play as well. The seediness is strange because it's not like only, "seedy people", are having bareback sex. I think a lot of bottoms like poppers (and drugs sometimes) for long sex because they don't know how to truly appreciate an erect dick in its natural form. It sounds funny when I write it but it's true. I don't think men who engage in homosexual activities that need poppers and party favors are actually good at sex because they don't realize that the biggest sexual enhancer we all have is our brain. No amount of party favors and poppers can assist you like you brain can by itself so if you don't realize this, I quite frankly assume that you are a terrible lay. As for me, someone who only likes to bottom, I cannot take hours of pounding from someone hung unless we are deeply connected in a relationship. If it's a relationship, I love having a top in me and truly enjoy it immensely. If it's just a hookup, I wouldn't say I need hours of pounding since the connection is not there and at some point I will want it to be over. The connection is key, and is also why I think so many bottoms need poppers and partying since they don't even know the top that is fucking them.
  4. nelly26

    Favorite Moment During Sex

    Myself as a bottom, after sex is over and your anus feels completely stretched out and slightly loose for a few hours after.
  5. nelly26

    Cheap Tit Torture Toy

    Yes! This below is what I want: https://www.xtube.com/video-watch/brazilian-chaser-vs-chublack-s-moobs-38415931
  6. nelly26

    Am I just Sex mad?

    From BBBoyfromTN: It depends on your circumstance tbh. I like to bareback and I'm poz. I can't afford to be picky. A lot of guys don't want anything to do with me because of that. So I have to do a lot of anon and hookups, situations where guys may not ask my status. I'd love to have a smaller number of guys where it's great quality fucking but that's not realistic. So instead its mediocre (but sometimes super hot) understall fucks in a bathroom. Loads given and taken in a blackout room in a sex club. Quick fucks in a gym shower. Yeah...there are guys I would love to do it with regularly but then you get into questions and boundaries and complications. I need to keep it strings free.
  7. nelly26

    Quantity vs "Quality"?

    This is real. Something that non-poz guys could read.
  8. Madrid in 2010 was great. I've never been to such an open city. I'm sure it's the same vibe in 2018/2019. Chueca was like how gay NYC is described in the 80's.
  9. I think they use Tina because they want to escape from something.
  10. Yes, my ideal gay relationship is one where one man is "the man" and the other man is "the woman". Many gays don't want this because they are obsessed with masculinity, thus I'll be surprised if I don't end up with a bisexual or "straight" man for the long run. I only have mpreg fantasies with men that I have a solid connection with and who are attractive. I don't want ugly children.
  11. nelly26

    “I’ve never measured it” - Bogus?

    They measure. The problem is that it’s usually inaccurate and or they are using “girl inches” which is when ladies that they have hooked up with in the past add inches to their dick to stroke their egos. I personally don’t consider 7in, as a bottom myself, to be that big but apparently on r/bigdickproblems they do. I think anything 8 and up is big, hence why so many tops “say” they are packing 8 inches.
  12. Agree 100%. Most gay men don't know what they want and this scares them.
  13. nelly26

    Black guys - Am I missing something?

    Hey! I like your response and I agree with the difficulty it is if you don't act like what society thinks a black man should act like. As for DL culture, I can't give a proper comparison because I've never lived around a large number of black Americans even though I'm black American myself. However, for college I went to an extremely white college located in a very white state, and during my undergraduate experience so many white men were closeted, DL and had no intentions of leaving their girlfriends. Some of them were so boy-crazy I couldn't really believe my eyes when I saw them with a girlfriend, and I truly think that their girlfriend knew but they didn't care. It was a very WASPY campus so I assume that keeping a very heterosexual appearance was important for these men as they came from wealthy families and would later on in life probably become politicians, bankers, entrepreneurs, attorneys, etc. My experience in college let me know that all races have DL men and no race (at least here in the United States) has more than any other.
  14. nelly26

    Black guys - Am I missing something?

    I'm the one who bumped this old topic earlier this morning, but to BBCowboyNC and drscorpio, I most certainly appreciate your honesty. Your responses suggest what I mentioned with Points 2 and 3 above, and it's no harm to you both as I just wish more white gay men were honest like you instead of pinning their attraction towards black men simply because of their stereotyped "BBC". Myself as a black bottom who practically does not exist on the gay totem pole so to speak, sex and relationships all boil down to supply and demand - period. We all know white tops are in highest demand, partially because so many gay men are bottoms, and partially because European features are seen as the most beautiful in most places in the world. It's simply just easier to find a black top if you're a white bottom. There's less of a demand for black tops in comparison to white tops since black is not seen as beautiful, and black tops will eagerly have sex with someone white because they're considered more attractive. This actually creates an abundance of black tops willing to have sex with white bottoms and white bottoms have the joy of picking from that abundance the black tops with only the largest penises. This perpetuates the BBC stereotype, etc. As I get older, I realize most people are incapable of seeing these things play out from a bird's eye view and especially don't care if they're on the benefiting end.
  15. nelly26

    Black guys - Am I missing something?

    Bump. Not surprising the shallow responses. White bottoms refuse to admit that besides the obvious BBC thug stereotypes they like black guys because: 1 - they truly have their brain conditioned to think that a black 10 inch penis is bigger than a white 10 inch penis (read this again if you do not understand what I just wrote). 2 - black men, particularly tops, are easier to approach and hook up with (lower standards) in comparison to white tops because there’s too much competition for hung white tops among gays where everything is in favor of Eurocentric beauty standards. This is why older, out of shape and facially challenged white men have no problem whatsoever approaching much younger black men both online and off. They subconsciously feel that their status as someone white will somehow make them attractive. 3 - going off of #2, some black tops just don’t find another black people attractive and will quickly jump on anything non-black, and people who aren’t black know this. This isn’t just relevant to the United States, this is everywhere where black people and white people interact. I just wish more people sat back and noticed what really goes on, but in life you should just do whatever you like.

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