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  1. nelly26

    HUGE BBC! Said I Felt Just Like PUSSY!

    Was it a 6 inch "bbc"?
  2. nelly26

    Racial cravings?? Anyone??

    So basically like I confirmed, white bottoms who like black tops like black tops because it’s easier to hook up with them and they don’t have a chip on their shoulders like white tops do. Ok.
  3. Wow crazy. I did BB with a nurse before. I was a little weirded out that he would agree to BB even though he was a nurse. Today I got my usual STD screening that I get every now and then and found out I contract syphilis (for the second time ugh!). I knew who it was because the last time I had sex was in March so I hit the 3 month window period for accuracy. I was explaining to the counselor at the clinic who was asking me questions regarding my sexual past. He was clearly gay and I felt that he was doing the most and asking questions that didn't need to be asked.
  4. nelly26


    Doublelist but it sucks.
  5. nelly26


    Super hot. Is he verbal? Does he call you names?
  6. nelly26

    Married Hebrew Daddy

    Thank you. This was hilarious. I just don't think you can have a safe only sex party. It should be optional with condoms around but not necessary and if they are that picky they should require those invited to show proof of clean std papers from the doctor in my opinion.
  7. nelly26


    nice. how did you guys start fucking to begin with? have you fucked his dad?
  8. nelly26

    Married Hebrew Daddy

    very hot. I love hairy men from the Middle East. even hotter that he was talking to he son while playing with your ass. he didn't even care. can we hear your other fuck stories from Tel Aviv pride?
  9. nelly26


    pics or it didn't happen
  10. nelly26

    Hot Chilean guy breeds my hole

    Super hot story. I find ppl outside of the USA to be less hung up on looks, as in looks aren't an automatic dealbreaker. I don't know why.
  11. nelly26

    The things we do when horny

    Damn is this real? I’m jealous. What website did you post on where you found them?
  12. nelly26

    My first bbc

    I think white bottoms like black tops because white bottoms can't attract other hung white tops due to too much competition.
  13. Don't know why this was bumped but these are the best responses.
  14. Any tops in the Miami area?

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