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  1. I am a Married Faggot who loves Poz Cock

  2. yelrom

    Hampstead Heath

    shame I don't live close to Heath
  3. thank you for following me

  4. yelrom

    The Tattoo Artist

    Love this story so fucking hot !!!
  5. want that cock inside my hole


  6. Being puzzled by an old man would be so hot, especially while I was eating his wife??

    1. Show previous comments  10 more
    2. Willing


      Let me know what she thinks about a 48 year old wanting her ???

    3. yelrom


      she is away till monday


    4. Willing


      Damn, we could have really good time this weekend together ?

  7. thanks for following me

  8. yelrom

    Getting blown with an audience

    I love having an audience as I suck cock and also as I am being fucked.
  9. yelrom

    Breed like a bitch

    More please
  10. wish I was down South so you could recharge me

    1. negversbbvirgin


      come shoot up my neg hole 

  11. yelrom

    Virgin POZ Night

    More please fuckin GREAT story
  12. yelrom

    Den of Sexual Horrors

    fucking great story more please wish it had been me being fucked
  13. yelrom

    Ol' Roger

    Ol Roger can have Ol Tom
  14. yelrom

    How I learned my lesson.

    fucking great story I want that pierced cock in me
  15. thanks for following me

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