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  1. Ill be in Vegas the weekend of the Mayweather fight aug 26th if anyone else will be in town 😘

  2. Its been awhile. But who wants to have some fun? My ex just pozzed me last weekend after hes been sucking off trannies the last 6 months...

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    2. CumInBugMe


      Congratulations! So no meds thus far? Hmm ripe. Im game. Lets play

    3. KhanKrum


      Would love to use your holes and getting pozzed ... Chicago now definitely worse a trip

    4. HighVLpozBareback


      Welcum to the PozClub. Let's have strain swapping bareback fun 😈😈😈

  3. I need some good infecting fun in my life:)


    1. wnt2bslutty


      Would love to fuck you. Before and AFTER you get infected!

    2. HighVLpozBareback


      I'd luv infecting your holes wit my pozdick ... Just waiting for your contacting me ;)

    3. MysteryStranger


      What STD's are you looking for?

  4. Worship Me

    Then stay off my profile
  5. Worship Me

    My husband told me this morning that he was going to the doctor.... For what? Good question he claims he wasent out fucking around.. I kinda hope he comes back with some infected news. He's pathetic anyways I need a real man to worship my feet.
  6. ......

    A relationship is of course more then cock but it is a good part of it that's for sure
  7. ......

    Who would you rather fuck or suck?!
  8. I need some good sex...

  9. Whoring out my husband to get the rent paid every month is great way to start off August

    1. Luvbbslut


      Great idea! I would put the price as low as 1USD a fuck, so you make sure he gets fucked a lot until you get the rent paid

  10. Looking

    I need a Sugar Daddy
  11. Me

  12. I just had sex and it wasent with my husband

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    2. Bob123456


      Oh i would have loved to see that cum running out of your pussy!

    3. Slutwife


      I posted a pic in a blog

    4. caphillboy


      You should let me breed that cunt. I'm in Chicago

  13. Hey Dolls! New to the site! Let's be friends and share fantasies and experiences.. Still learning how to set up my profile

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