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    Greedy bottom bear. Seeking loads. Collared & Marked by my Master. Instructed to play and collect loads for him to enjoy cream pie

    Recently looking to poz a hole.
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    Tops who like to fuck and blow their loads. Oh and never pull out. Maybe a neg hole who doesn’t care about being poz’d

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  1. Hi. I can not find the option to delete myself from this site. Please can I be deleted and also any posts made by myself in the last month also be removed. Thank you
  2. Anyone going to the May event?
  3. Thanks for the supportive nature of your response. If someone can't ask a question without being left on for asking a question then there is a problem. You havecome back to me with a very aggressive tone and I don't like it. It could be that I posted again as I didn't fully understand the process the first time and wanted to see if someone had a better suggestion that was easier to understand for getting rid of old posts that were no longer relevant. To whom do we report the attitude on a moderator when asking a simple question? "If you don't like it then leave" attitude does not foster a community spirit.
  4. I wish there was a function on here so I can delete old posts I have made.
  5. Hi can anyone tell me how to delete posts I have made that are now out of date or no longer relevant? cherrs
  6. Hey there. How are you doing?

  7. Anyone planning to be at DILF and CUMUnion at CCBC? Seeking loads.
  8. Wanted to know if anything goes on in the sauna at this gym?
  9. Can anyone tell me more about the London breeding group please?
  10. Staying at the host hotel. My Master wants my ass bred.
  11. Get the generic version of truvada. £40 per month. No brainer. Take it and have some protection. Google iwantprepnow. All the details are there.

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