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    Atlanta, but travel eastern U.S.
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    computers, fucking, breeding, sucking. Can get kinky. leather, bondage etc.
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    Poz, Not On Meds
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    6'5", 260 pound stocky Daddy/Dom type. 6.5" cut thick cock, hairy chest. love BB and breeding. Like younger btm/son type guys who enjoy pleasing Daddy's.
    Back in Atlanta now. If your in the area and want a breeding let me know.
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    Fucking, breeding, can get kinky into leather and bdsm if you are. love younger guys looking for cum. but most any tight hole works.

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  1. I'm in Chattanooga you close? 

    1. Pointslammer


      I'm in Cleveland 59978a5c13a6c_2017-08-1802_20_12.thumb.jpg.e1906dc4ade40c0f84b9d0fb62f40891.jpg

    2. Pointslammer
  2. when will you be in florida next? contact me

    1. rufftopsc


      where in florida are you?  States?  any other profiles online?


    2. mikefl


      yes floam on a4a send me a msg

  3. if your truck or else ever takes you to Fort Lauderdale or surroundings let me know I would love to be under your will and control 

  4. Up in Tennessee for the day, driving through Knoxville to Murfreesboro and back to Atlanta 

    1. mjkuhl


      ever get to the FL panhandle

    2. boybottom4use


      would love to have you fuck and breed me sometime!

  5. Starting a new week tomorrow, Tampa first stop

    Hey all Heading to tamps tomorrow, will try and get there to spend a night and would love some company. have a weeks worth to unload. message me on recon, bbrt, skype... fastest was to get in touch
  6. thanx for the follow mista

    shame u so far be hot to breed

  7. Louisville KY on 6/5

    Hey guys starting a new week after a couple days at home. Monday I'll be heading to Louisville and spending the night there. hit me up if your in the area and want to come visit .
  8. Gotta be recharged by you STUD, fucking pig here begs for it.

  9. Some of my best times have been in a truckers cab and also one of the first times I was fucked raw. Whilst we didn't keep in touch and so he doesn't know it he also set my mind thinking on the path of BB sex and whilst it took me a good decade to hold my nerve and go for it properly taking loads I got there and fucking love it now - in fact I can't get enough cum in me!  So thank you Top and your fellow trucker daddies of the road you are willing to get your cocks out for us to enjoy.

  10. Raleigh nc

    Heading to Raleigh nc tonight will be stopping at a truck stop in the area.
  11. I am a sub bottom that works at local truck stop and would LOVE to take your seed,,, or any  truckers nasty load... Hit me up on BBRT at pozbbotom

  12. SF here. NY usually. Would travel if there is a scene you want done and need bottom game for most things and every gift and every fluid from any guy at a truck stop including hitch hikers and homeless 

  13. I wish you were in indiana, love to btm for you

  14. Hope you come out west sometime. Would love to get a breeding from you ;)


  15. Good morning! Do you make it down to Jacksonville? 

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