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    washington, DC
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    Nasty, versatile kink pig into man stink, piss, suck, fuck,
    BB, swapping spit/cum/piss and sweat.
    I love to bury my face in piss soaked pits for hours
    Very few limits, none with the right guy
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    Other nasty pigs into wild, kinky sex with few to no limits

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  1. thanks man; in the metro DC area every weekday so we should connect

    1. ScouterDC


      I agree!

      How do we set it up?


  2. Id love to get filty with you 👄

    1. ScouterDC


      And I'd love to get filthy with you!

      Very, very, very few limits here

      Really into man stink, sweaty, raunchy, pits, men who haven't had a bath for a day or more.

      Swapping ALL man fluids is essential is essential! Nothing is ever wasted from spit/slobber/piss/cum

      Often play with my friend, Guiseppe, a/ka "Aidscumpig" from BBRTS. He is positive and I'm negative but no rubbers, ever.

      We can get into S&M, TT, CBT, fuck/suck, milk/edge, and prefer at least an overnight so we can party and recover.






  3. Thanks for the follow. Hope the more that see my profile, word will get out and men that travel this way will BREED this sluts ass.

    1. ScouterDC


      Happy to travel to get nasty and breed you deep

      Worth a trip to feel your hole tighten around my cocklllllllllll

  4. Thanks for the follow there.

  5. Thx for the follow man

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  7. Thanks for the follow, sexy!

  8. Thanks for the follow.

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  10. Hey bud, thanks for following

  11. Hot profile & thx for the follow!

  12. hey, thx for the follow

  13. Thanksđź‘„

  14. Love nasty kinky sexđź‘„

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