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  1. I’ll be be the city Friday pm. I’ll swallow everything you give me and will take EVERYTHING up my hole I’d like to be at the East side club, but I’ll go anywhere you want 😈8022796112
  2. My filthy ass and hungry mouth want to swallow EVERYTHING ANYONE wants to put in me be there 4 pm Saturday in nyc fill my mouth and hole poz is more and wanted welcome 8022796112
  3. I’m cumming to LI Saturday I wanna eat and swallow everything in your hole😈. EVERYTHING!!
  4. Wanna move to Vermont and have a daddy no rent and a car to drive 😈
  5. Whatever any guy does to me I want it posted, with my face😈
  6. About 12 in NYC. With long blonde hair and REALLY SHORT shorts, I’d take the subway to the meatpacking area in Manhattan and it was wonderful!😈
  7. I’d love to get with you when I cum down to nyc 8022796112

  8. I’d love to to be a pig with you, you’d love a daddy like me😈

  9. 8 as well! Haven’t looked back since, much asi can get I will! Fun being a pig whore in my teens!
  10. Pisslover 51 155 Montpelier Vermont whenever you want 8022796112 I’ll travel I swallow Everything!
  11. I was born g the this way, when I was way young, I loved pissing on myself. Parents didn’t appreciate that but I didn’t care. I always liked to let my cock hang out of my shorts, and piss my jeans, threw my underwear and socks away, started tricking in my tweens. Never looked back, never have any shame about the way i dress or what I do in public
  12. Going through western Suffolk Sunday, my mouth and hole are open for ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING!😈 my tongue loves dirt💩 8022796112
  13. I’d love a twink or something that young ❤️😈😈😈all expenses paid
  14. I love making my converse and Osiris sneakers as filthy as possible , piss in them all the time, and a lot of waste 😈 gets put in them too! I’ve never worn socks and love having really filthy feet and showing them off
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