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  1. Right on man glad you enjoyed it.
  2. Thank you for saying so. When the time is right, I will write something really kick ass. For now thank you for understanding.
  3. Part 6 Clay was hungrily blowing his Dad for what might have been 45 minutes or 3 hours. A phone call had been made while he was busy at work sucking off this hot Man, kissing his dick, licking his big nuts, and feeling that dick grow in length and thickness inside his mouth. It was heaven to Clay who must have slurred the words fuck yeah with his mouth full a dozen times. Just as the G began to subside there was a buzz at the door. " I want you to put on a pair of underwear and your ball cap" said Dad " my friend is going to love you. " Clay put on a pair of Calvin Klein trunks and his ball cap and waited for the knock at the door with baited breath. The knock came, the door opened, and in walked Dad's friend. His name was Dan and Clay liked him instantly. 5'10" short clean cut sandy blonde hair, trim body, and blue eyes that seemed to twinkle when he smiled and introduced himself to Clay. " Nice to meet you, I'm Dan, thanks for letting me crash the party" " Nice to meet you, I'm Clay. " they both smiled and Clay was taken aback by how different Dan seemed from the guy he was just blowing moments ago. Before him stood a very straight laced friendly looking guy in a polo and cargo shorts. " there is no way this guy parties" thought Clay to himself. Dad chimed in " thanks for coming Dan, I think you're going to like this boy here. Are we all set for supplies?" "Oh yeah, everything a boy could ask for and more." Said Dan. With that he flashed Clay a twinkling smile and a wink and set his bag down on the desk. "Are you guys up for starting with some G?" Clay felt a flush of surprise and excitement as he was shocked that this handsome guy in front of him wanted to do drugs with them. "The boy just did his first dose tonight and I can tell you he seemed to like it. Right Boy?" Clay nodded with a big grin excited to continue the fun. 3 shots were poured and Clay and his new Dad took theirs down in one gulp. Dan noticed Clay looking surprised that he had not taken his yet and said " I will take mine in a few minutes after I take care of both of you." with that the 2 men smiled at one another and Dad said instructed Clay to lay down on the bed. "If you thought you felt good before boy, wait until Dan here gives you your first slam." Clay had heard of slamming but never thought it would be something he would try. He looked at his hot leathered up Dad, and then over at Dan who grinned with one eyebrow raised. "I'm a little nervous about it. " said Clay. "Not to worry kid, I'm a phlebotomist, i'm very good at getting you high fast. " said Dan who was starting to get hard in his shorts which Clay was already noticing. " it will feel fucking awesome, and you will have two big dicks to play with all night long. " Dan's dick twitched in his shorts causing Clay's mouth to water. "What do you say little boy?" asked Dad with a smile that knew it was on. "Ok then yes please, slam me." said Clay. With that, Dan grabbed 3 prepared points and a belt which he began fastening around Clay's right arm. "How much are you giving him?" asked the hot leathered Dad. " ".25 for his first one, and more for us. If the kid wants more later, we can give it to him." Dan winked again at Clay and told him to hold the belt tight around his arm until instructed to let go. "You will feel a rush and probably need to cough, but just hold your arm up in the air and wait for the coughing to stop. After that you will feel like you're flying through the universe. He get fucked yet?" Asked Dan to his bud? "Not yet, but I'm telling you this kid is a true pig. He drank all of my chem piss down about an hour ago, from the Tap!" Clay flushed, a little embarrassed to have this shared in front of Dan, but Dan just smiled and said woof! "Now I want you to hold very still. Don't move until I take the point out, got it?" Clay nodded, his heart pounding and his breath fast and shallow. He wasn't sure he was ready for this, but the night had been so fun, he didn't want to disappoint these two hot Men who wanted to get fucked up with him. Dan positioned himself on the bed next to Clay as their host stood at the edge of the bed with his iPhone recording the whole thing. Clay began to feel the G kicking in and decided he wanted to be filmed. Dan's crotch was right by Clay's hand who boldly began to rub it through his shorts. " I really want you to put your dick in me" he said with a slurred feeling. "No moving until I'm done, then you can have what's in my pants" with one more wink he inserted the point into Clay's vein. Drew back until a big flash of crimson appeared and with a fuck yeah, plunged the slam into Clay's arm in seconds and pulled the sharp out. "You can let go fucker" said Dan as Clay removed the belt and....HOLY FUCKING WHOA!! Clay woke up with a scream! Covered in sweat and tears streaming down his face. He didn't know where he was at first and all he could do was sob and catch his breath. Had it been real? Had he lost his almost four years clean? What would he tell his parents, his friends, how would he tell his sponsor? He turned on the light and looked around his bedroom. There were no men, and he was lying in his own bed. He looked frantically at his arm but found no track mark. It was just a using dream, he would be ok. The End. Author Note: I did not intend to end the story this way. The experience very much reflects my own, and I thought I could handle writing my story out. Turns out I can't. If you are frustrated by this then please enjoy the first 5 chapters and leave the 6th. I just needed to restore some integrity for myself. I have no regrets, sending a hug to anyone out there who needs it. Love, "Clay"
  4. Part 5 3/4 The hot sweaty leather God grabbed a clear hose from the drawer behind him. He also grabbed the water pipe and some leather straps with buckles. Without speaking he tied up Clay's ankles so they were bound together and then placed two leather straps with metal rings around his wrists. From there he was able to fasten Clay's wrists and ankles together so his ass was fully exposed and movement would be minimal. Then he said "have you ever had someone blow meth smoke onto your hole?" Clay shook his head no, and the Man smiled and said " well I think you're going to find it hot, it's fun to have a little smoke play ". With that he lit the pipe and took a nice long hit with the water bubbling, then grabbed the hose and instructed Clay to put one end in his mouth. Even blew the smoke through the hose into Clay's mouth and when it was all expelled took the hose and pointed it at Clays wet hole. Blow it back boy said the Man, and Clay began to blow has the smoke hit his boy hole and ricocheted off in every direction. It felt warm and Clay watched Dave's face fill with lust. Dave spat on Clay's hungry hole again and grab the pipe. He lit it again and took another big hit, blew the smoke down the hose, and told Clay to blow it back into his mouth this time. He then grabbed the hose from Clay's mouth, pointed it at his hole and blew a thick stream of chemicals onto that wet pink pucker. "Do you like that little boy? My smoke getting blown on your fuck hole?" "Yes Sir, it is hot and feels good". The Man replied " do you think it would feel good if we blew the smoke into your ass?" Clay didn't know what to think ( he certainly hadn't done anything like this before) but he liked where this was going and simply said "yes Sir". With that, Dave grabbed a jockstrap off the floor, sprayed it with what he explained was Maximum Impact and told Clay to stick it in his mouth and just keep inhaling and exhaling. As Clay did this the Man took another big hit and held it in his mouth. The poppers began to take immediate effect and Clay's mind went foggy into a foggy euphoria. Dave then grabbed the hose, spit on one end and begin to work the hose into Clay's tight little ass. He then began to slowly blow the smoke down the tube and into Clay's hole. Clay could feel the smoke building up inside, making his hole burn and his insides expand. The leathered Man then pulled the tube out and said "clench that fuckhole tight kid, let the smoke absorb a little then I will let you push it out". This was uncomfortable for Clay who wanted relief from the chemicals churning around inside him, but he did is he was told and was rewarded with some more Maximum Impact. He breathed in the poppers from the jock strap and Took in the scent of sweat and cum(?) through his nose, it was intoxicating. Pleased that enough time had passed, Dave removed the jockstrap and spoke "Ok kid, time to unclench, let's see if your pussy has any smoke left." Clay gratefully relaxed and the air inside him escaped out, and with it, a small cloud. "Boy that was hot, I think you've earned a reward." Clay smiled, relieved to have the smoke out of his ass, and excited to see what came next. Dave pulled out a shard of Tina and said " we are going to see if your hole has loosened up at all, if not, this is definitely going to help." He placed the shard on the tip of his tongue and bend down where he began tongue fucking Clay's ass again and pushing the shard deep inside. Clay moaned as he felt this older Man thrusting his tongue deep inside his ass. "Thank you Sir!" He repeated over and over, and as he felt the shard of Tina begin to burn, he began to squeeze his hole around Dave's tongue. "Oh fuck that's a good little boy" said the Man, his voice muffled, buried deep in this boy's butt. Clay continued to massage Dave's tongue with his sphincter as he felt the Man go deeper and deeper, pushing the drug deep inside. Clay had never felt a high as strong as this, he loved it and made up his mind that tonight he would try anything the Man had in store. That was when Dave spoke again. "We are going to let the T loosen you up a bit and I think we should both take a shot of G." Clay had heard of G before, but had never tried it. At the risk of sounding naïve he asked "what is G like Sir?" A deviant smile crept across Dave's face as he looked at the young inexperienced boy's face. "Let's just say it is like a liquid form of ecstasy, it goes great with T, and something tells me it will turn you from hot tweaker boy, into my own personal slut". That was exactly what Clay needed to hear before he excitedly nodded "yes please Sir, I would really like to try it ". The Man unfastened The straps holding clays wrists and ankles together, removing the ankle straps and leaving the wrist straps buckled on each side. Clay pushed himself up and realized how high he really was. He watched as Dave went to the kitchen next to the bed and begin pouring a capful of clear liquid into a shot glass and doing the same with another. He then poured in a little bit of Gatorade and handed Clay his shot. "Drink it all down in one shot, you aren't going to like the taste, but I think you'll love what it does. " They clinked glasses and in one quick gulp, play took his first hit of G. It tasted bad, but Clay liked that it had a stringent quality (" I bet this shit is strong") he thought. "OK, I want to fuck you, but first I got to take a piss. Then that ass is mine. " Clay nodded but looked longingly at the hot leather Man who was getting him fucked up. Dave could see there was something the boy wanted to say, he smiled and said "something you wanna ask me boy?" Clay suddenly felt nervous, almost even ashamed. He did have something he wanted to ask, but he had never been able to ask anyone before for fear of being judged. Clay had spent many nights watching porn, and found that the more he watched, the more hard-core and deviant it needed to be to get him off. He had never shared with anyone his dirtiest fantasies, and recently he had watched a video that he couldn't get out of his head. He stammered a bit not sure how to ask, when Dave said "Boy stop being a pussy and tell me what's on your mind." Clay exhaled, not even realizing that he had been holding his breath and spoke. "well Sir, I've been wanting to try something, but I'm not even sure it's something I'd like. I saw it in a video, and thought it was really hot." Dave lifted an eyebrow and smiled " well why don't you tell me, and we will try it." This was it "ok, I watched a guy in a porn sucking another guy off...and then the guy he was blowing started to...piss in his mouth". He took another deep breath and was terrified what this Man might say. "Did he spit out, or did he swallow?" Asked Dave with slight amusement at this kid's obvious nervousness. "Well...he swallowed it all. That's what I want to try." At this moment Clay begin to feel the G hit him. He felt warm and a little dizzy. He begin to slur his words a little bit, yet he felt his nervousness begin to slip away. His desire for pleasing this leather stud in front of him and drinking his piss was now all he could think about. "wow, I think I'm feeling my G. Please Sir, would you let me try? " Dave was loving every second of watching this nervous young boy ask to drink from his tap, and was really horned up to see the drug take effect. He was starting to feel his G now too. "Yes we can let you try drinking my piss. But I have to warn you, I've been partying all day and it's going to be really strong. We will bring a beer glass over in case you can't take it all. And I want to switch gears now, i'm going to call you son, and you are going to call me Dad. Ok son?" The perv in Clay was now out in full force as he excitedly said "yes Dad, thank you!" Dave grabbed a beer mug and sat down in the swivel chair in the little office by the door. He then said "son, I 'm going to smoke a cigar and I want you to suck on my penis. And if you're lucky and do a real good job, I'm going to piss in your mouth, and I want you to swallow it all down like a good boy. If it gets to be too much for you, I want you to tap my thigh so I know to stop and I will piss in the beer mug. do you got it?" Clay was beyond excited and said enthusiastically "yes Dad thank you so much!" Clay got on his knees and while Dave unsnapped his leather jock strap and placed the sweaty pouch on Clay's face who hungrily licked the precum and inhaled the Dad scent. Dave then snipped the end of a Kristoff cigar, and lit it puffing clouds of smoke. "Ok son, time to put Dad's dick in your mouth and suck. Make me proud." Clay was like a hungry calf sucking on his Dad's semi erect dick. With the G coursing through his system, he didn't think he'd ever felt so good with a dick in his mouth. He was so hungry and wanted so badly to please the hot daddy sitting in the chair that he moaned his gratitude again and again. It was the happiest he'd ever felt. "Look at me while you service me Son, I want to see how hungry you are, and how lucky you are to suck your Dad off" Clay looked up into the shadowed face of this Man with desperate hunger in his eyes. Dad began to rub Clay's head as he blew cigar smoke into his face. Coaching him and encouraging him to take the whole thing down his hungry throat. "Son" said Dad taking another big puff on his cigar "Dad has to take a piss, but I don't want you to stop. Will you swallow Dad's Chemmed up piss down your throat so he can just sit here and enjoy his cigar?" Clay moaned loudly and shook his head yes. "That's a good boy son. I want you to watch dad's face the whole time so you can see what it looks like when a Man takes a piss. Clay whimpered. Dave then wrapped his leg around Clay putting his boot on his back. He cocked his head back, took another big puff of his cigar, exhaled deeply and caressed Clay's head as he let his piss start to flow. Clay felt the first small trickle hit his tongue which tasted very strong. He almost gagged, but he kept his eyes on his Dad's face who beamed back at him and nodded an approving smile. "Here comes a lot more son, get ready to start swallowing." Sure enough A steady stream of piss begin to fill Clay's mouth, and before he knew it he had a mouthful, and he swallowed. It just kept coming the taste was so strong, but again his mouth was full and he swallowed again. He kept his eyes on the face above him which had no leaned back to take another big puff on the cigar and a sigh of relief left Dad's mouth. Clay love the feeling of the hot Chem piss filling up his mouth, he swallowed again and again has he felt the cock grow. More and more streams of piss begin to flow, and dad just rubbed Clay's head and smiled a proud smile. " that's it son, always keep a man's cock in your mouth while he pee's so you never have to stop blowing him. Eventually if you're really lucky he will give you his cum". Play was so turned on, his mind and body high on drugs and his mouth full of a Man's piss. He continue to swallow until the stream begin to slow down. A few last squirts, and he had taken it all. Dad looked down at him, blew smoke in his face, and stroked out any last drops of pissed that were left. "Open your mouth Son." Clay opened widely to show that he had swallowed it all down. Dad pursed his lips and let a wad of spit fall into Clay's open mouth. "Good job son, I think dad ought to invite a friend over. I have something else that I think you ought to try". Clay smiled brightly.
  5. Part 5 continued... Clay waited in that position patiently like a good boy when he heard a zipper and a few snaps on the other side of the bathroom door. The door opened again, and if Dave looked hot before, he may as well have been a God now. There he was in a pair of black boots, leather chaps with yellow stripes up the side and leather jock to match, and a harness that fit his muscular hairy pecs perfectly. The other thing Clay noticed was a leather band around his upper arm that looked fucking sexy as hell. Dave spoke " from here on out you get to call me Sir, and I get to call you whatever I want. Got it? " Clay responded confidently with "yes Sir". He had never been in this kind of scene before, but was eager to show that he understood the rules. "You're a quick study boy, keep it up and I will give you a reward." His expression was pleased but serious, and he knew looking at the Young boy in front of him, that he was in control. "Yes Sir" was all Clay dared say. The geared up Man walked to the foot of the bed to where Clay's hole was exposed for him. He grunted his approval and spoke. "Hand me one of those pillows behind you" Clay turned back to grab a pillow as the Man instructed and handed it to him stealing a glimpse at how well his package filled his jockstrap, this made Clay salivate so much he had to swallow. Then his legs were pushed further back behind his head so his ass was up in the air and the pillow was folded up underneath him to elevate his boy butt leaving him feeling even more exposed. He loved it. Dave crouched down low enough so he was level with Clay's young pink hole. He got real close and inhaled the sweet scent radiating from the delicious ass in front of him. The scent of youth, sweat, and axe body soap. Clay could only see the upper Half of the Man's Face, but knew he liked what he saw. "When's the last time you had a Man's dick in there boy"? Clay answered "it's been several month's Sir, I normally just give head". This sent Dave over the edge with hunger and he buried his tongue deep in Clay's butt, he wasn't kidding, this hole was tight. Good. Clay could only gasp his approval, The feeling of this Man's tongue fucking him was heaven. His stubble rubbing back-and-forth caused a sensation he had never felt before and he knew the drugs were to thank! He enjoyed every thrust, and loved the feeling of his sphincter being lapped up from the inside. "Thank you Sir" he said, and the Man spit on his hole and blew. The cold air on his wet hole felt amazing. " Pull those cheeks apart kid, I wanna go way deeper in that pussy" Clay grabbed and spread, and oh fuck his Master did not disappoint. Nibbling and licking and plunging his tongue so deep that Clay was moaning loudly. " we gotta open you up, that is if you want my dick up there". "Yes please Sir, oh fuck I want your dick in me!" The Man stood up and pulled his semi erect dick out of jock and slapped it once on Clay's hungry wet hole. "Oh yeah? You like strangers with big dick's to fuck you little boy?" That was it, Clay almost came right there from hearing those words, he loved being called little boy by a Man in control. " Yes Sir, I've never wanted to be fucked so badly in my life!" Dave began rubbing his cock head over Clay's hole every few seconds pushing into it but never deeper than the tip. Clay pulled his cheeks apart further hoping he would feel this fat semi hard dick slide into him, but he only got teased and the Man above him was loving it. Slapping that willing hole with his fat cock and pushing just enough to make the boy beg, it was exactly what he wanted.
  6. Part 5 After his first night and well into the next day of partying, Clay didn't get high again for at least another month. Not a whole lot had happened with Pete, (as the guy couldn't get hard) and while he enjoyed the high, he was reminded not to let Tina run his life. Maybe it was just a one time thing he told himself… Cut to a month later, Clay had found himself thinking about trying again almost every day. And one night, as he was up far too late, the opportunity presented itself. He met a guy off craigslist who was about three blocks away from him. He was 45 years old, dirty blonde hair, 5'10", fit, hairy, and had an 8 inch dick that needed some immediate attention. "Looking for a boy To geT TwisTed wiTh. Have favs here, hosTing". Clay felt his stomach flip has he read this post, and sent an email to the Man with his stats and a couple pics. Within minutes came a response "Hot! Get cleaned up and Come on over" and included a few photos and his address. Clay looked at the photos and saw the man in a leather harness, and chaps, and a hot fucking smirk on his face. The other photo was a picture of his hard cock in his hand. Clay needed no more words and jumped in the shower to get ready. He was nervous yet again. When he reached the apartment on 48th st. the Man buzzed him right in and said "the last door at the end of the hall just come on in" Clay walked down the dark first floor corridor where the Man had left the door ajar. He found himself shaking again as he slowly pushed the door open. He walked into a dark studio apartment. Small office to his left, and to his right, a red light illuminating a bed with black sheets. He looked around seeing nobody there. "Hello?" said Clay. "Be there in a minute dude, just taking a piss" a voice responded from a closed door just beyond the bed. Clay set down his bag and took a seat on the bed waiting for the Man to emerge. He looked around and noticed lots of porn DVDs on the desk near the foot of the bed and a lube next to a bottle of poppers on the night stand. It was dark but everything glowed a sexy dark red under the lightbulb in the lamp on the desk. This had Clay feeling dirty… It excited him. He then heard a flush and the bathroom door opened and out walked a sexy motherfucker. Ripped jeans and no shirt with a hairy torso and 2 days of stubble on his face. He sized up Clay, grinned, and said "hey boy, I'm Dave". Clay smiled and introduced himself as well, again surprised he used his real name. "you're fucking hot Clay, you been partying tonight?" Clay shook his head no and fought the urge to explain he'd only done it once before and it wasn't as hot as he'd hoped. Dave said " well then I'm way ahead of you, so let's get you partied up so you can take care of my cock" he went over to the desk and pulled out what looked kind of like a water bong. He showed Clay how to use it and explained that it made for bigger clouds and a stronger high. He instructed Clay to put his mouth around the pipe and to begin sucking as smoke escaped from the hole on top. Clay watched the smoke build up as the water bubbled and when he couldn't inhale anymore, he let out the biggest plume of smoke he had ever seen. Clay said "wow" and Dave said "don't stop boy, we need to fuck you up". Clay took a second hit and as he blew out another huge cloud, he felt the high hit him fast! "Holy fuck "he exclaimed. This was way better than the first time. His breath felt shallow, and his whole body felt like it was pulsing with electricity. He took a third hit and Dave eyed him intensely with the same kind of smart he had in his photo. "How do you feel boy?" " horny as hell" said Clay, "can I blow you?" He asked, his mouth watering, he was hungry for dick. " Not until you've smoked some more T boy". Clay took another hit, and again another. Finally he said "I've got to get out of these clothes, i'm so hot. " Dave smiled and said "good boy. I'll tell you what, you get out of those clothes and then you're going to take another big hit, hold it in, get on your knees, and see how far you can get my cock down your throat before you blow it out " Clay quickly stripped down and threw his clothes to the side. When he looked back at Dave, he saw a thick meaty 8 inch dick sticking out of the fly of his jeansWhen he looked back at Dave, he saw a thick meaty 8 inch dick sticking out of the fly of his jeans. Clay was transfixed and the Man in front of him called him back to attention. "Hey fucker, you gonna suck on this pipe or what?" Clay muttered a quick sorry and slowly inhaled from the bubbler again. When he had as much as he could take, he got on his knees, looked up at Dave who nodded in agreement, and proceed to get that big piece of meat all the way down his throat as he felt the smoke escape in big clouds into Dave's crotch. "Fuuuuuuuuck", said Dave as he felt the young warm throat wrap around his 8 inches. Clay held his head there as long as he could before coming up for air. He looked up at Dave who stared back in silence before saying "ok kid, you are mine for the night. I am gonna get you so tweaked out and we are gonna get twisted." And he spat in Clay's face. "Take another hit fucker." Clay nodded. It occurred to him that he was no longer nervous, he was too high to be nervous. He was aware that he had never felt this good before, and had a feeling that he was going to get to really explore his pig side tonight. Dave lean down and let the pipe for him again, Clay sucked and when he was ready, wrapped his lips around that huge cock and exhaled a long stream of white chemicals. The next thing he knew, he was sucking Dave off. Slow deep strokes. All the way down in all the way up, paying special attention to suck on the giant mushroom head in his mouth. He then filled Dave start to thrust his hips forward and back. Clay held his head still with his mouth open so that Dave could fuck his face as he pleased. "Look up at me boy, I want you to see me get high while I fuck your throat. The lighter hissed, the bubbler bubbled, and the hot Man above him sucked on the pipe. He put the lighter down, and grabbed the back of Clays head, and as he slowly pushed his dick down Clay's throat, he blew the gigantic cloud of Tina into his face. This was the hottest thing Clay had ever seen in his life. Watching a hot masculine Man get high as his dick was getting serviced made Clay whimper with his mouth full. His eyes were hungry and his mouth was soaked with saliva and the delicious taste of Dave's precum. "Oh, did you like that boy"? Clay hungrily shook his head yes and Dave pulled his dick out a few inches, spit on it, pushed it back in and said "let's do it again". Clay whimpered again as he felt Dave pump his hips some more. He watched in awe as he watched the Man take big hit after big hit, blowing each one in his face from above. Spitting, rubbing his head, and eventually full on skull fucking him, the head of his cock pushing past his tonsils and coating them with precum. The feeling of partied up dick fucking his face had Clay feeling ready to try anything. This was better than anything he'd felt before. This is who he truly was, a young party pig ready to be trained. His dick was hard and a pool of precum was forming on the floor. Dave took notice, stopped pumping, and said "I want you lick all that precum up, nothing gets wasted here. When it's all clean you are gonna lie on the bed, on your back with your legs pulled back so you show your hole off to me. I'm going to slip in the something else, so I want you to wait for me. " Clay nodded, Dave pulled his dick all the way out leaving Clay feeling empty. Dave spat again into Clay's face and disappeared into the bathroom. Clay lapped up the pool of precum on the floor until he was sure it was clean. He stood up and went over to the bed and assumed the position. He waited in silence, ready and willing for whatever came next...
  7. More please! Great story!
  8. Part 4 Clay walked through the front door of the building. Pulse racing and his leg muscles were shaking. " what the hell am I doing here?" he asked himself. It had been a long time since he had felt nervous about a random hook up, and his usual confidence was clearly shaken. " what if I don't like it?" His mind was swimming with nervousness, " you can always leave if you're not into it, besides...what if you like it?" This thought seemed to bring Clay some reassurance, so he began his climb up the stairs. When he reached the top his eyes darted from door to door until he found the number he was looking for. He tried to swallow and knocked twice. Twenty seconds later Clay heard the shift of a deadbolt and the doorknob turned. The door opened partially and a shadowed face appeared, as a calm masculine voice said "come on in". Clay stepped into the hall of the apartment as he heard the door close and lock behind him. He turned to face the Man at his back and instantly felt at ease. The guy was definitely the same as his picture. Late 40s, shaved head, and a little bit of scruff on his face. He was good-looking, but in an average Joe kind of way. His bod was a fit dad build with trimmed chest hair visible under his black tank top. Strong legs dusted with hair met at his crotch where his black jock strap concealed a very meaty looking bulge. "Woof" thought Clay to himself as he noticed the scent of sweaty Man, and something acrid he didn't recognize in the air. "I've got some porn on in the living room, feel free to take some layers off and make yourself comfy on the couch. I'm going to get us some water, your going to want to stay hydrated." Clay was surprised by how calm the guy spoke and realized how much it seemed to calm his nerves. " yeah whenever I roll on E, my friends are always pushing bottles of water in my face" he said, trying to sound sound like a confident party boy. "Are you from New York?" the man asked paying no mind to Clay's comment as he poured cold water from the fridge. Clay began to remove his shoes and replied " well, I'm originally from the Midwest. But I moved to New York about 6 years ago so I'm almost official." and gave a slight laugh as he removed his socks and began unbuttoning his jeans. He was feeling more at ease. "I'm a transplant too" the Man said "but I've lived here for about 20 years. I'm Pete by the way." "Nice to meet you Pete, I'm Clay." Clay was surprised he revealed his real name to this guy. Normally there wasn't much conversation at all when he met up with a trick, but talking seemed to help him feel a little safer, almost trusting. He stepped out of his jeans and stood there in his black Calvin Klein briefs, black tee, and green ball cap. Pete walked over and eyed Clay up and down with devilish smirk and said "Well Clay, why don't we head over to the couch and get you fucked up...midwestern boy." With that he grinned, handed Clay a glass of water and gave his ass a firm squeeze and led the way to the couch. They sat down and Clay looked at the porn playing on the laptop. He instantly recognized the hungry bottom star from Treasure Island Media, as he had beat off to this video many times online. His eyes looked around the rest of the small one bedroom apartment but had trouble making anything out as it was dark. He then looked to his right at Pete who was staring back with that same devilish grin. "You are way fucking cuter than your pictures kid." Clay muttered a thank you and realized he was starting to get nervous again almost like nearing the top of a roller coaster. He caught another intoxicating whiff of Man sweat and felt his dick begin to fatten in his briefs. Pete then leaned down and pulled a plate out from under the coffee table and set it on top. On the plate Clay observed some kind of lighter, a small baggie with some big white shards, and a wet folded paper towel. Sitting on top of the towel was a thin glass pipe with a large bubble on one end. The pipe was clean and looked to Clay like a piece of a chemistry set. Pete grabbed the baggie and pipe, looked at Clay and asked "are you nervous?" Clay stammered and lied "no not really ". Pete smiled again and said "Good, Tina is a lot of fun, just don't let it run your life". Clay nodded as if this made perfect sense. "I want you to watch little boy as I take a few of these shards and put them through the opening of this bowl." They made a small satisfying clink as they landed inside the bubble. "Next I want you to hold the tip of this pipe in your mouth." Pete handed the pipe to Clay who was trying to keep his hand from noticeably trembling. A cautionary thought came to his mind "You're playing with fire here Clay..." But Clay looked into the smiling yet devious eyes of Man next to him, and felt his now hard dick ooze precum through his briefs. "Well then, let's play with a little fire." Grinning a fiendish grin in his mind he lifted the pipe to his lips awaiting further instructions. Pete said, "now I'm gonna light this torch under the bowl and the crystals are gonna start to melt. When that happens, gently roll the bowl between your thumb and fore finger from side to side." Clay was eager for every word, missing nothing. "Then, white smoke is gonna start to circle around inside, and when I tell you, slowly start to suck, inhaling steadily." Clay was breathing heavy now, focused and ready to party for the first time. Pete grinned "here we go kid, get ready to suck" and he gave Clay a wink. The torch ignited with a powerful hiss and began to heat up the bowl and its contents. Sure enough a small puddle began to form and Clay got the nod to begin rolling the pipe side to side. Then came wisps of smoke, circling inside and getting thick like a dense white cloud. When the smoke started to escape the top of the bubble Pete flashed a pleased smile and said "ok little boy, time for you to suck, slow and steady." And Clay took his first hit of T, drawing slowly and deeply and keeping eye contact with this sexy Man who wanted him to suck. "When you can't take any more in, I want you to hold your breath for a few seconds, and then blow it all out." Clay, having reached his lung capacity, took the pipe from his mouth, held his breath for a few seconds and then exhaled. Out came a weak streak of smoke. Pete laughed as Clay looked slightly confused and disappointed with his results. "It usually takes a few tries to get it right boy. Don't worry, we've got plenty of Tina and all night to practice." Clay's dick pulsed again at being called boy and realized that Pete was hungrily staring at the growing wet spot forming in his briefs. "Let's try again, and this time empty your lungs first so you can get a big hit from this pipe. And remember, I want you to suck on it slow and steady." Clay exhaled as much as he could and again put his lips around the glass pipe. The torch hissed powerfully under the bowl, and again a puddle began to form. When the smoke began to exit the top of the pipe, Pete nodded that he should begin sucking. Slowly Clay began to suck and it felt warmer this time. He was encouraged as Pete began rubbing his own dick through his jock and said "that's it suck it little boy, make me proud " he sounded like a pleased father. Clay took longer this time and when he reached lung capacity, held his breath for five seconds. When he exhaled, A beautiful white silky cloud escaped his pursed lips and filled the space between them. It was beautiful and Clay felt somehow proud of this accomplishment. "That was it kid, did you like that?" Clay nodded a big yes, but stated that he wasn't sure he felt anything yet. Pete smiled and said "well i definitely want to get you fucked up kid so let's get you three more big hits to start with and then we will see how you feel". Clay liked the thought that this Man wanted to get him high his first time, and couldn't wait to show his appreciation. The crack and hiss of the torch quickly became a conditioned sound for Clay as he took a second big hit, followed by a third. He loved how big his clouds were getting, and he was starting to feel a lift in his stomach. His body started to buzz and his muscles and skin felt awesome. Pete could see the change beginning to wash over Clay, and he laughed to himself and said "Fuck you're hot sucking on that pipe kid, how about this next hit you shotgun into my mouth and we can pass it back and forth". Clay couldn't have asked for anything better at that moment. He waited for the smoke to form, and began taking his longest hit yet. Pete locked eye contact the whole way and lifted his eyebrows when Clay stopped sucking and leaned forward for the shotgun. Feeling better than Clay had ever felt, he hungrily put his lips to Pete's, opened mouth and pushed in the chemical smoke. Small plumes of clouds snuck out between them. Pete groaned and pushed them back into Clay's lungs and penetrated his mouth with his tongue. Clay began to feel high as a motherfucker and sucked on Pete's tongue as they made out, smoke being pushed back and forth til it was gone. Fuck Clay felt good. Pete pulled away just a few inches but kept his eyes focused on Clay's now dialated pupils. He massaged Clay's head and ruffled his hair, which drove him wild. "God Damn you're such a good boy, how do you deal now?" Clay only grinned, his lips and face Excitedly buzzed from the T, reached out and for the first time since he arrived grabbed ahold of the package between Pete's hairy legs. It felt thick, and Pete had some big nuts. Clay had never been so hungry to suck a Man's dick in his life. Pete only smiled and said "It looks like you found Daddy's dick, why don't you lay down in my lap, and you can watch me take some big hits while you get Daddy hard." Clay couldn't have been happier to hear those words.
  9. Part 3 After his experience with the hot suited Man, Clay decided to do some searching on craigslist. Among his top favorite searches were posts from married men who worked in the city and wanted some discreet no strings attached head before heading home to New Jersey and Scarsdale. The aching feeling he got having these businessmen come to his door, Feed him their dick, bust a nut and leave always left him wanting more. And of course there were a number of close calls with his straight roommate walking in, which often made Clay cum in his shorts. However, after a while this routine seemed to feel dull. While he loved giving head, and especially loved tapping into his dirty side, he knew he wanted to take it further. He often fantasized about letting all of his inhibitions down and getting tagteamed by a pair, or even better a group of masculine dominant guys who would take him to places he had never gone before. He had always wanted a guy to fuck him raw and cum in his butt but he was far too nervous to ask for it. Sure he loved to swallow, but it wasn't the same thing. This feeling nagged at him for months until one night... It was 3 AM and his roommate was out of town for a few weeks visiting friends on the West Coast. Clay was up late and had had a pretty rough week. Unable to sleep, and tossing around the idea of seeing if anyone was looking in Hell's Kitchen midtown, he pulled up craigslist. He searched through all the usual stuff, until he found something that caught his eye. "Looking for son to play wiTh, favs to share". Inside the ad read 42 6ft 175 8"c Dom Top in gear looking for son to parTy with and get nasty. Looking to host. Clay had seen posts like these before, but often ignored them as he wasn't sure what parTy meant but figured it was drug related. He had smoked pot a few times and a few hits of ecstasy but that was about it. But there was something about this post that had him curious. Before he knew what he was doing, he began to write a reply. His hands begin trembling and his breath became shallow as he wrote back "Hey what's up, young guy here into playing with Men. Never partied before, is that ok? In Hell's Kitchen and can travel." With that he included a somewhat innocent looking picture of himself, and sent it on its way. Almost instantly came the reply: "You wanna learn how little boy?" Clay loved to be called little boy by older Men, and his dick immediately got hard and began to leak pre-cum. He wrote back "When and where?" And sent another picture to hopefully seal the deal. A few minutes later the guy sent his address, and told Clay to hurry over. Clay was excited and nervous in a way he hadn't been for some time. He threw on his green ball cap, A pair of jeans and a black T-shirt. It wasn't until he got his shoes on that he stopped and realized holy shit...I'm kind of scared. The next thing he knew he was standing outside the guys building. He took a few more shallow breaths and took his hand out of his pocket to push the buzzer. No voice came over the intercom, just the buzz of the door unlocking to allow him in. Up to the 3rd floor he went.
  10. Clay has quite a journey ahead of him, hope you enjoy it.
  11. Throughout college, Clay began experimenting with one night stands. He was still pretty nervous about exploring his sexual side lest anyone find out about his constant fantasies of sucking hot older Men off and making them bust their nut. He especially fantasized about servicing two guys at once, and letting them get a little rough with him just so they could get off and leave without so much as a good bye. Even though he was a dedicated student, and didn't even drink until the end of his freshman year, his obsession with giving head was always on his mind. He learned that there were spots around campus that men were known to cruise. He secretly chose to study in a certain part of the universities library, hoping he might get the opportunity to blow some hot upper Classmen. His interests in porn had grown as well. He liked both straight and gay porn as long as the scene paid attention to the hot guys face as he came. Rough porn especially turned him on as he imagined getting dominated by a hot masculine Top or even better, a straight guy who decided to let him take his cock down his throat. Eager as he was, his sex life was still pretty tame and the fantasies always seemed a little too scary to act out in person. If only he could find a way to let the sex freak inside of him out. Cut to a couple years later when Clay had moved to New York city. They were Men everywhere, and sexual energy was felt everywhere he went. Going out to gay bars he often met some hot guy in his late 30s or 40s to hook up with. He liked Men in New York, because they were not shy about telling him what they wanted him to do. And as soon as they shot their load he got to pack up and head home or back to the bar for more. One day Clay met up with a hot guy he had met online who liked to fuck around while wearing suits. He sent Clay a few pictures which showed him fully suited with a big hard dick pulled through the fly of his pants. His face was Masculine with a tough expression. He reminded clay of a bunch of those Wall Street exec types he always fantasized about it Grand Central Station. The guy was 43 and smoking hot, and after Clay sent him some pics of his lean 22 yr old body, the Man invited him over. "Where a suit" he said. Clay got dressed in his only suit, charcoal grey with a light blue tie and cabbed it to a high-rise on the upper Eastside. Nervous yet eager to please, Clay got permission from the doorman to head upstairs in the elevator. He stood outside this suited Mans door and took a deep breath before knocking. The door opened, and there stood the hottest man in a suit Clay had ever seen. Chiseled features, well groomed short brown hair, a suit tailored to his muscular body, cold blue eyes, and a deep voice that said "get in and get down on your knees". Clearly in control of the situation, the Man then said " I have to go to a dinner party in 15 minutes, so you better fucking get me off". With that, the Man told Clay to lick his wing tipped shoes. Clay had never done this before, but he liked being told what to do so he followed orders like a good boy. When the man ordered him to sit back up, there was a very thick 8.5" cock in his face. "Open your mouth kid" the Man said. Clay opened his mouth and leaned forward to place the swollen head in his mouth, when he felt the Man's hands grab him by the back of his head, and thrust his big cock all the way down Clay's throat in one hard push. Clay saw stars, and instantly started to gag, but the Man held him there for a few seconds. When he pulled Clay of his cock to let him get some air, he said " you better get me off fucker". And again thrust his cock all the way down this gagging boys throat holding it there again saying "take the whole dick down your throat you fucking faggot". He then began to pump his cock back-and-forth down Clay's throat. He didn't seem to care that Clay was gagging, and had streams of spit pouring out the corners of his mouth and tears running down his cheeks. He just fucked his throat with power and aggression, and his face tilted upward in lust. Clay just stayed there frozen, allowing this Man to pump his throat full of fat cock. Yes it hurt, but Clay realized he had never been more turned on than he was in this moment. His dick was leaking pre-cum which was causing his pants to get a wet spot, and his throat loved the feeling of being filled by this suited Man's penis. Suddenly he realized how hungry he was, and at that very moment the Man began to speed up his pace. "I can feel my nuts getting ready to dump a load kid, where do you want it?" Clay with his mouth and throat packed was unable to reply. The Man answered for him and said "you're gonna take it then" and as Clay's eyes got a desperate hungry look in them, the Man pumped even harder until he said "oh fuck" and pushed his dick all the way into the back of Clay's throat where Clay felt each pulsing throb as this sexy fucking suited guy unloaded his nut down into his stomach. The Man held Clay's head which was now buried deep in his crotch and instructed clay to milk every last drop out with his throat. "Swallow kid, I don't want to fucking see any cum when I pull out." Again Clay did as he was told, and swallowed this older Man's nut and milked his softening dick with his throat. As the man pulled out, Clay tried to speak but found his voice was too hoarse. The Man said, Time for you to go, thanks for the blowjob. As Clay got off his knees wiped his face and realized what a mess his shirt and tie was, not to mention the front of his pants, he was stopped at the door. The man said "hey, A good cock sucker like you should check out craigslist, I think you'll be very popular." Before Clay could answer, the man closed the door.
  12. Clay had a secret. To the outside world he had always appeared kind, good-natured, good morals, handsome, and straight-laced. He was the kind of guy whom every mom hoped her daughter would date. He stood 6'2" athletic build with hazel eyes and short brown hair. Always clean shaven and dressed in a tshirt and jeans. A former Boy Scout and very kind towards others...all of these things were true. What the outside world didn't know, was that he was Obsessed with sex. As a teen, Clay found his dads porn collection. It started with Penthouse forum magazine showing men and women naked together. After a little bit more searching, Clay found some videos rated triple X. Here he was exposed to a world where good-looking, buff men got their cocks sucked, and were begged by their female costars to fuck them hard with their big dicks. It became a daily thing for Clay to come home from school, sneak into his parents room, watch the videos, and shoot his load. He especially liked it anytime the camera focused on the guys faces, filled with lust as they pounded load after load out of their nuts. It was hot to him to see these older guys so confident, and taking control. He often fantasized that he was the costar. As time went on and the Internet became more popular, Clay often found himself on the websites where he could chat with Men. Sex was always something he talked about, but was often too afraid to meet anyone in person. When he was 18 and a senior in high school, he met a guy online who was 36, very handsome and very friendly towards Clay. They met in person a number of times but only chatted, or maybe held hands. This attention made Clay feel both excited and nervous, and he would often jack off fantasizing about more happening. One day he was invited out to dinner, and then asked if he wanted to go hang out at his new friends apartment. As nothing had happened by this point, Clay just assumed it would be a low-key friendly visit. They sat, drank sodas and chatted, until his new friend asked if he wanted to see some home movies. Clay said sure and cuddled up with this Man as the tape began to play. At first, it was just some footage around town, and then it cut to a video of a couple having sex in the window of the apartment across the street. Clay started to get hard but tried to act surprised and embarrassed. His friend told him that this couple often likes to put on a show at night, so from time to time he gets his camera out. "Is this ok?" The 36 year old asked. "Yeah sure, it's kind of funny" replied Clay his voice getting shaky and his nerves causing him to tremble. "Well then let's keep watching". Next came a video of a young twentysomething kneeling by the fridge in the very apartment they were sitting in. The camera got closer to the young guy and Clay saw the boy reach out his hand and open his mouth. Into the frame came a very big and very hard dick. The young boy grabbed it and began to wrap his lips around it and suck it hungrily. The cameraman began to moan and encouraged his hungry cocksucker. Clay recognized the voice as the guy he was snuggled up to on the couch. He turned to look at this hot older man and realized that he had been watching Clay with a smile. "Oops how did this get on here?" He asked with a playful laugh. "I don't know but it looks like fun "replied Clay. The Man said nothing but just sat there smiling and staring into his eyes making him feel hornier than he'd ever been. After a short pause that felt like hours... "Do you think I could try?" Asked Clay. The 36 yr old replied "Have you ever sucked a Mans penis?" Clay liked this question, and it made him start to pre-come in his jeans. "Once" he said "with a guy from school. But never with anyone older than me ". "Well let's see if you like it" and with that, the Man stood up and asked Clay to sit on his knees and keep eye contact. Clay did as he was told and stared into the eyes of this hot guy as he slowly unzipped his fly, and pulled out his semi hard 9" dick and let it hang there just inches from his lips. "It's not very big, but I think you'll like it" he said smiling. With that he stroked the top of Clay's head and instructed him to open his mouth. That's the day Clay realized he was addicted to getting older Men off.

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