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    Used to be 'safe' top only. Now total bottom. Young 20's top guy I'd met at sex parties few times talked me into giving my hole up to for him at one of them. Best decision I ever made. Was vers for a while but really got off on using my hole to pleasure hot tops, vers and any bottom guys willing. Still got fucked safe though. Found this site and began to crave skin on skin and the feel of hot ball juice flooding my hole. Finally went raw and loving it. No going back to rubber. Love spreading my legs for hard raw greased meat.
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    Studs who need to breed.

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  1. Bottom Training

    Great post subbytch. I went from being a total top to a total bottom last year. I haven't been top since I got my hole opened up and I love it. I like the feel of being horned up and using my body to service hot top men when I'm spreading my ass wide for them to get his hole. I like your second option. I love it when a top jacks me off first telling me how he's going to fuck me and then after I blow, he uses my load as the lube for his cock. I actually prefer it when a top gets me to jack myself off and for me to lube his cock with my load. I've had a lot of learning to do transforming to being a bottom but have loved the transformation. I'm not that concerned with jacking off while I'm being fucked. Some tops want me to do it so they can feel my hole clamping down on their cocks before they dump their load, which is fine by me. But as a rule Im bent over, hole spread to ensure they get their hole and my blowing a load isn't what matters.
  2. On All Fours, Knees Together Or Apart?

    Dee82 it's such an erotic way to take cock. Really stretches your ass open for the fuckpole and creates a great position for the top.
  3. On All Fours, Knees Together Or Apart?

    Love taking cock on my hands and knees, ass spread for the top, and also straddling the top and lowering my ass down onto his cock. But I'm discovering my new fav position is missionary, legs spread wide holding my ankles so my thighs are stretched wide open for the top. However, recently a top in mid-fuck pushed my legs together, crossed my ankles and pushed my legs right back into the air over my head. That position really stretched my ass wide open for him and he could really slap his thighs into my asscheeks creating a hot smacking sound. It felt very submissive but it was so fucking erotic at the same time. Here's a pic to illustrate. Not me in the pic (but wish it was)
  4. Porn Stars Who Became Used-Up Cum Dumps

    I wouldn't have considered Brad Patton to be in the cum dump category. He didn't bottom much during his porn career. ( His bottoming debut in heaven and hell was an amazing scene. The sight of his muscled legs spread wide and his 'virgin' hole opened up by the Joe Sport is a great scene.) I love Brad Patton and his hot hard muscled body. The scene of him fucking Tommy Brandt in 'Tommys Tale' is my all time favourite porn scene. The sight of Patton's muscled sweat glistened body and his beer can fuckpole pumping the hot little muscle bottom is porn heaven. Would love to see Brandt making a comeback as a used up cum dump. His hot smooth muscled chest is divine and his tight looking hole is smooth and juicy looking but would look hot as a used up puffed out mancunt. Armand Rizzo I could watch all day giving his hot smooth hole up to hot tops.
  5. Just saw this thread. I absolutely love to rim, especially high on my new favourite, poppers. I always loved rimming my bottoms to prepare their holes for my cock. I find it submissive now as a bottom to have a top lower his ass down onto my face and split his crack wide so as to present his hole for my tongue. Once he's clean I don't mind the hot musky scent, in fact it's almost as good as poppers for me. Nothing tells me I'm a bottom slut more than to be breathing in and tasting a hot tops hole before he gets me to saddle up his greased cock. It's the submissive element to it, to be licking another mans anus knowing I'm getting him horned up and ready for my hole soon afterwards. I can rim a tasty musky hot hole for ages until the top wants my hole greased up and sliding down his fuckpole.
  6. Question: hole, cunt or pussy?

    I would have only ever called it my asshole. But that was before I gave my hole up one night during a group session. The top who took my cherry called my asshole a pussy just after he opened my hole up with his greased cock. Hearing him say that got me rock hard instantly and flicked on my slut switch I believe. Ever since then I like it if the top calls my ass his cunt, but I prefer tops to call it hole, asshole, gash, etc etc, but I'm not too keen on having my hole called a pussy. I'm a man who likes to get fucked by a man who enjoys my hole for what it is, a tight (still, but prob not for long) asshole.
  7. Do you use Poppers while having sex?

    Never took poppers until the night I had my hole opened up and turned into a cunt. Never minded my bottom guys using them while I topped. They just never interested me. However, the top who was performing my deflowering wanted me to use them to firstly help relax my body and more importantly to loosen up my hole. I'd never taken them before and I was shown by another bottom there that night (gave my hole up during a group session) how to use them. As the top was greasing up his cock after I'd sucked him a good bit, the bottom guy handed me a fresh bottle of poppers and I took my first ever shot. Totally blew me away. I couldn't believe I'd missed out on them for so long. They instantly gave me a horny sexy erotic rush and I felt my whole body on fire. After a few sniffs of them, I began to grease up my ass, enjoying one last feel of my virgin hole and I could literally feel my anus opening right up for my fingers. Taking my first cock that night was an unforgettable very intense experience made so much better by the erotic euphoria induced by the poppers. They bring out my inner slut and turn me into a horned up hungry bottom for the top guy. Love taking them before I rim a nice tight juicy ass and then just after I grease up my cunt and the tops fuckpole. Experimenting with different ways to use them. One top showed me how to put some on a piece of kitchen towel and put it in a plastic shopping bag from which to take lung fulls from for a better rush. I swear I'm a better performing bottom on poppers than without them. They bring out the pig in me, can suck and rim a hot hole for ages when all poppered up.
  8. Great topic. I've bedded a few 'straight' guys in my time. Always fun to introduce a straight guy into man-on-man sex. Obviously there was some sexual attraction from them for me in order for it to happen. A few of the guys I fucked have gone on to enjoy regular man sex, some haven't done it again. Since I've now gone bottom, I haven't succeeded in getting any 'straight' men to fuck me. Won't say no to it, my. Will be my next challenge as soon as I work my way through giving the guys I used to fuck, some payback on my ass.
  9. Is Your Pussy/cunt Your Primary Sex Organ?

    Interesting question. My pussy/cunt is defiantly my primary sex organ now. I gave my hole up a while ago and it was the best thing I ever did. Something so erotic for ME to have been turned from top only into a bottom slut who now craves to bottom for hot top guys. It's hard to explain but to have given up my top status that night and have my hole turned into a mancunt was such a sexual rush. The top told me he was turning my virgin hole into his newest cunt and he couldn't wait to take my ass. I thought that after I tried bottoming the once I'd be satisfied and didn't imagine I'd bottom again after that. But was i so wrong. I haven't been top since that night (I did fuck a hot tight ass that night before I was the main event!!!). I have no desire to top now. So yes, my my pussy/cunt is now my primary sex organ. Love tops calling my ass hot names like cunt, pussy, gash, slit, etc etc. Love it verbal from the top too. Love group sex. The top who fucked me that night has taken me to a few group sessions. He's got me to bottom for some of his top friends as well as his vers bottoms. Am always rock hard while being fucked and taking a tops cream is an added bonus.
  10. If you can handle them, poppers are great for loosening up the hole and making it nice and relaxed so your pussy lips will open up for your top. If your top isn't into eating your pussy out to prepare you then also I find pre-lubing will also help. Love the feel of my ready lubed hole while on the way to meet my tops. The more you bottom the more your anal muscles will respond to cock. Am new enough to bottoming and I am finding this helps. I'm also wearing a butt plug during the day to keep pressure on my pussy lips to 'stretch' them. (Also keeps me horned up good too). In gym terms, you must warm up the muscles before working out so as to prevent injury to your body so the same applies to the muscles in your hole before they get a hard workout Poppers are the way to go for me. Hope that helps
  11. Tops Who Need A Fucking

    I can so relate to this feeling you have constructionguy. I'd always been a top only until quite recently. But I'd been thinking more and more the past few months about what it's like to get fucked. So much so I finally gave in to my desire and gave my hole up. Best thing I ever did. (Am working on it as a story to post here). Am now a confirmed 'bottom only' since giving my ass up that night and having my hole turned into a cunt. However, while you seem to be an 'occasional' taker, I'm pretty much well switched now. Best decision I ever made. I probably resisted a deep need to give my ass up. I've fucked plenty of 'top only' guys in the past and one or two guys who had never been with another guy before, and it was always fun to be the top for an occasional bottom or for a first time bottom. So, while you are happy to occasionally bend and spread for a hot top, (which is great), I've gone the complete 360. I've found where I want to be, on my back with my legs spread wide for hot top guys.
  12. Hottest Verbal From A Top?

    Have already started, am busy working my way through the guys who used to bottom for me.
  13. Hottest Verbal From A Top?

    Just recently went from total top to bottom for first time. The total top stud taking my cherry was a guy I'd known from previous sex sessions we were both at. Just after he opened my hole with his greased cock he said "You feel that? My cock up your tight virgin hole. You don't have an asshole anymore, I've just carved you a new pussy. You ain't a total top no more. You're now my newest bottom slut." and it got me rock hard instantly. What got me so hard and sexually charged was knowing a former equal was lording it over me by opening my ass up and turning my virgin hole into a new cunt. He kept telling me how tight my new pussy was on his cock and to use my ass good to pleasure him. Hottest sex I've ever had. His verbal dominance had me horned up no end.
  14. Pit And Piss Stink

    What about the scent of the tops hole? As a top I loved when the bottom got off on the smell and scent of my (clean) but musky hole. Even as a top I loved feeding on a hot bottom guys clean musky hole for ages before the main event so to speak. And I always loved if the bottom cleaned his own ass juices off my fuckpole after. Something about the smell and scent of a clean but hot musky hole is almost as good as poppers for me.
  15. stumbled on your profile and thought of this hot xtube vid I saved a couple days ago. Long hot vid with or without the poppers!

    1. justsexnowatl
    2. ToppledTop


      Thanks so much. Just getting used to the site and missed your message. Will check out the clip.

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