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    New Hampshire
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    Not Sure, Probably Neg
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    44 y/o bottom living in the Conway, NH area.
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    Into most everything and anything except extreme pain. I am VERY submissive and am looking for hung tops who want to use me. I only take it BARE!! POZ is a +++++++

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  1. nhBBbottom

    POLL: CONDOMS: Does ANYONE ever use them?

    HATES condoms .... what a waste of a perfectly good load .... they belong deep in my ass!!
  2. Hi, I'm local to you. We should talk.

  3. I am negative and really don't care about the tops status as long as I have their hard cock fucking my tight hole and leaving their dna deep in my hole. I NEVER refuse a hard cock or cum, NEVER use condoms and will spread my legs for ANYONE!! You can keep your status to yourself, tell me before, tell me during or tell me after ... I really don't care if you have HIV, AIDS or any other bugs ... i'll still spread my legs and let you fuck me silly!!
  4. nhBBbottom

    How viral is a VLC of 400K?

    i'd take those babies in a heartbeat
  5. nhBBbottom

    Writing on Bottoms With a Marking Pen

    unfortunately, I have not been graced with a top doing this to me. I encourage it and even will leave the sharpies out in the wide open near me when he gets there and still nothing wikr: nhbbbottom
  6. nhBBbottom


    i would absolutely love it if the studs passed my info on to all of their friends .... that means more cock and cum deep in me .... as it is, i never refuse a hard cock so there would be no issues for me to spread my legs and keep them spread for hours on end until they have all had their fill. wikr: nhbbbottom
  7. nhBBbottom

    BBRTS and threesomes.

    I am a slut and the more tops the merrier ..... even though I may be satisfied with the hung top fucking my brains out ..... I will NEVER refuse having more tag teaming my holes. Status makes no difference to me .... you cock can be diseased or you could be sporting a HVL, I'll gladly take your cock over and over again!!
  8. Thanks for the Follow!


  9. I would have to say that my biggest unfulfilled fantasy is to be drugged, taken to an isolated area, gang raped over and over again ..... forced to take all loads, toxic, bugged, all of it for several days, be blindfolded and bound, brought back to the area from where i was taken and left in a dirty alley still blindfolded, bound and naked!!
  10. nope, not picky at all ...it's my job to service any cock that cums my way and to take their cum deep inside my whore cunt hole .... all bare .... all the time !!!!
  11. Definitely remain bareback without any questions asked. That is the way that I take it now and am not on PrEP and have NO intentions on EVER going on it and keep taking all the loads that i can possibly get!!
  12. nhBBbottom

    Deep breeding or cum shot & plunge back in?

    deep breeding definitely .... fuck it in and keep it cumming
  13. Like any good sperm bank, I do a nice thorough cleaning when i know i am going to be fucked. I want the stud's cum deep inside my hole and for it to stay there .... it is lube for the next stud. If there is no next stud, then a plug goes in .... I don't want that precious seed to leak out and go to waste. As a bottom whore and urinal in training, I want all that fertile seed deep in my hole and piss in my stomach!! So, I guess the bottom line is I keep the cum in my hole as long as I possibly can
  14. nhBBbottom

    Hey Wanna Get Aids?

    Hot fucking story ... he is one lucky guy!!
  15. Headed to Rock River on June 27th for some raw cock and see what can be caught!!  Anyone want to join me??  Will be getting a motel room for the night also

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