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  1. BBcumslave1998

    Trucker's Cumdump

    Me too
  2. BBcumslave1998

    The Stables

    I don’t know how to pm here
  3. BBcumslave1998

    The Stables

    Wish this story would get continued
  4. BBcumslave1998

    The Stables

    Please keep doing this story
  5. Thanks for following 

    1. Saturn1


      YOU are welcome!!! VERY sweet boihole, btw!!! *lick* and *tongue dives in deep*

    2. BBcumslave1998


      Id love to let you breed my boipussy

    3. Saturn1


      I'm sure it would be AMAZING!!! You would not be a Negboi for long!!! :P

  6. BBcumslave1998

    Pimped Out By Two Daddies (Cont)

    So hot wish this would happen to me
  7. BBcumslave1998

    Speed Breeding

    i wish it was me as well
  8. BBcumslave1998

    No Risk... No Fun

    I like where this is going
  9. BBcumslave1998

    The Stables

    Please continue this story
  10. I'd love to bend over and let you breed my white pussy

  11. BBcumslave1998


    I wonder if this will ever get finished
  12. BBcumslave1998

    Bend Over For Daddy

    Holy fuck I wish this story would happen to me
  13. BBcumslave1998

    Perv Kik

    Vhs.and.chill let me know your from here
  14. I wish I was a bottom for dr.mike that got sold to Charles

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