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  1. BarefotzeHH

    Cumdumps - Do you need to ejaculate anymore?

    That's my way of serving as a bottom too. There's only the cock of the top and my cunt that is only for HIM.
  2. BarefotzeHH

    Cuban Cigar Intoxification

    Really hot story. I like the start. Makes me curious where it's heading.
  3. BarefotzeHH

    New Owner

    Very hot. Looking forward reading more.
  4. BarefotzeHH

    Unforeseen, pt. 1

    That's a great start.
  5. BarefotzeHH

    Berlin 24th December to 5th January

    I haven't been there before. But I know it is an ordinary hotel with gays as a target group. But I guess because of gay guests there will be a lot of gays available. The hotel is in the middle of the gay quarter.
  6. BarefotzeHH

    Berlin 24th December to 5th January

    I am there too. Staying at Hotel Axel 27-29 dec. Will be to the Biohazard on 28. Waiting for a lot of dirty loads. Chemsfriendly.
  7. Someone at SlutClub Hamburg on Saturday 08.07.2017 for a good breeding session?

  8. BarefotzeHH

    My old teacher

    Great start
  9. Danke, dass du mir folgst. Eines Tages mehr?

    1. pigskin


      hell yesssss......

  10. Thank you for following me.

  11. Thank you for following me. Now I have new pics. ;-)

    1. evilqueerpig


      Glad to have you....you're my kinda pig!  HOT pics!

  12. Thank you for the reputation, Sexy.

  13. Hot toxic fucker. Would like to be knocked up by you.

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