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    Serving men is what I am meant to do in life. The rest of my existence is just preparation for those moments.
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    Neg, On PrEP
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    I am a shy beta male. I live to be fucked and be handled by a man who recognizes my need, knows what he wants and takes it.
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    The kind of fuck that's all about what HE wants and needs, and a load as my reward for doing it well.

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  1. Fickstutenmarkt - Would You Go?

    I'd been on a fuck bench at Steamworks once before when I took loads from a max of three guys. Fickstutenmarkt was my real debut as a cumdump. I knew I really needed it before I went and it was both an education and the best experience of my life. But if you're not absolutely sure, then I'd say you're not ready yet. When the hood goes on there's no backing out.
  2. Thanks for the follow PigOut!  Your profile and pics are making my hole wink -- would love to get manhandled by you!

    1. PigOut


      Anytime. I'll make that hole wink wide open to receive my donation!

  3. Fickstutenmarkt - Would You Go?

    Hey, holesforYouSir, sorry, I had a brain fart one night after a bad fuck and deleted my blog posts. I managed to recover one of them: and haven't yet gone back to re-write the first three. I promise I'll get back to that sometime soon.
  4. Fickstutenmarkt - Would You Go?

    Congrats on being Prime Mare, ExtremeCumHole! It's been a year since I went to Fickstutenmarkt. I was lucky to get a spot on the main floor fuck bench and lost track after getting fucked about 18 times. I probably hit the 30-35 mark. You're right. It's all about business. The tops don't care how you're liking it and you're just a hole to be used however they like. ---- And that is exactly why it was a dream cum true for me! Can't wait to go back again sometime soon.
  5. Hands or No Hands

    Definitely no hands. Ideally, he's already got them cuffed behind my back.
  6. Thanks for the follow!  Love your cock pic. 

    1. immerhinein


      Thanks for the kind compliment, it's only showing one of my special features   :cool:

    2. shybottomhole


      Would love to explore the rest of your features 😛

  7. Thanks for the follow!  Love your cock pic. 

  8. Would you bareback a eunuch?

    I'd happily give up my balls if I could be fucked and flooded every day by studs like you!
  9. Cuntification training?

    I've been messaging with an older, muscled, Dom Top. He's lean and has a scruffy salt and pepper beard that continues unbroken to the thick chest hair that follows the contours of his pecs. Just the thought of him makes my dick leak and my hole wet and twitchy. I'm desperate to have him fuck me hard. I'm naturally pretty hairless except on my head, I'm slight and have a smallish dick; I'm his opposite - a beta male - but still very much a male. Yesterday he asked me if I was ready for cuntification training and started to change up the language. Occasionally he switches from talking about my man cunt to boy pussy and then once in a while he asks if I'm ready to be his woman. Im not sure where it's leading but I'd do just about anything to get his loads. Can anyone tell me what to expect with my upcoming "cuntification"?
  10. Experiences at CumUnion

    Love your updates Read1. I've got to get my ass to Toronto and try out that fuck wall.
  11. So horny today.  It's been 10 days since my last fucking and my hole has been twitching all day.

  12. What is too big?

    I've had a few so big that they felt like they were turning me inside out. It can hurt but at the same time, it feels so good to fulfill my destiny as a cum dump. My reason for being is to make real men feel pleasure. The fuck and the cum is my reward.
  13. My role in life is to provide a clean, warm, smooth hole for real men to enjoy. Cum is my reward when I've done my best to serve them.
  14. Hi Shy ... thanks for the rep! :2thumbs:

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. shybottomhole


      Oh man, I'd really love to have you shove that in my mouth for a bit, get it nice and slick and then ram it in my hole.

    3. Fistulike666


      .... just as I like it ....

      Just How It's Done.gif

    4. shybottomhole


      Wish that was me.

  15. Thanks for the follow! I'd be honoured to be fucked by you.

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