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  1. Being a good slut dusty? ;) When am i seeding your ass again? 

  2. I will be there for my first time
  3. Hey everybody, I’m going to be at IML for the first time this year. I would love to meet some of you and be bred by a lot of you. If you would like to poz me, you are welcome to try to.
  4. Good slutty dusty.  ;)

  5. I love being in a jock but I definitely wouldn’t complain about being fucked naked
  6. I am here, in Eau Claire
  7. Need to fill that hole of yours again. Maybe have a few more guys breed it too so it's nice and sloppy.  ;)

  8. DustyPup

    Sir's Load

    Last night, I took a load from my sir for the first time. I went over to his place after classes were done and we went at it. He loaded me with his warm cum and I could feel him pulsing as he shot inside of me. It felt so good and then we were able to cuddle with his load still inside of me.
  9. Thank you, Sir. It felt so good to take your load.
  10. Soon Dusty, soon I'll fill your hole with my seed. ;)

    Make you beg for more and more afterwords.  

  11. I'd love to fuck and breed you. ;) but you already knew that. 

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