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    Just because I'm chubby doesn't mean I don't get plenty of attention. It's all about the talent and every time I suck someone off, I love getting comments about how good of a cock sucker I am and how intense it was to get sucked off by me. It makes me wanna work the next cock ever harder lol. I love anonymous, discreet hook ups. Especially if it's in a public place like a restroom or car. I've always wanted to try cross dressing with a wig, make up and panties, I think that'd be pretty hot to do. I could even see myself making it a private persona in a way.
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    Mouthfuls of cum and hard cock in my ass.

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  1. Decision to BB

    Taking a raw cock is hot but if you aren't chasing, The risk is just too high to catch something. So I would be getting on prep if I were you before I start going raw. Especially with a guy from BBRT, You'd be surprised how many "neg" guys are on that site lmao.
  2. Cheating top

    Why give him shit for cheating if you are cheating too? He's gonna come forward eventually or you will so just keep doing what you are doing. Also, I'm agreeing with everyone else. Men love sex. Can't tell you how many partnered gay men I've been with or married straight men, It's just sex. Even if I was with someone, man or woman, I'd still be fucking on the side.
  3. Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    Another hook up today from A4A. Married guy who’s wife isn’t putting out. Talked him into meeting me for a blowjob and he was all for it. Two things I noticed: It was clearly his first time with a guy as it took him a while to get hard in my mouth. The second is that his cock pics were a bit misleading and he wasn’t as big as I thought he’d be. It was definitely the most awkward blowjob I’ve given. He was a lot more focused on quickly cumming than letting me giving him good head. Half the time he spent just jerking off as I tried to take him back in my mouth. I actually got a bit frustrated and pulled his hands away and went back to sucking/jerking him. He ended up cumming a surprising 4 times in 10 minutes. He finished the first time in my mouth and I just kept sucking. He ended up getting hard again then came again in my mouth. The third time he jerked off and rubbed the cum all over my face. After that I left and he texted me soon after saying when I left he jerked himself off again.
  4. Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    I was chatting on grindr with this 50 year old guy for an hour or so. Ended up meeting him in a restroom and sucked him off, I loved it. Really hope we can make it a casual thing as I love to suck cock on the daily but sadly most my grindr hook ups are one and done.
  5. When are you too old for this lifestyle?

    I'm a young guy and I still deal with rejection a lot so it's not all about age but I do find that most younger guys tend to stay under 35 when hooking up. Not many are into the Daddy kind of crowd but that just means more for me
  6. Guess I’m not wired that way...

    I love to suck but I hated being sucked. It does nothing for me. If I'm not using a hole, It's gonna take me forever to cum from a blowjob.
  7. Fuck a guy who passed out?

    I’d do it. If you pass out at a gang bang or orgy, You are gonna wake up with a cum filled ass so sore it hurts to walk.
  8. Have you or would you like to be bred by a BBC?

    Never tried black cock but would love to suck and get fucked by one.
  9. Stealthing?

    For me, A condom is a bit smoother and slicker so it's not hard to tell if a guy has one on or not. I've never been stealthed but I have taken off a condom to fuck raw when I top.
  10. I love it when a guy grabs the back of my head and fucks my face until he cums down my throat. Nothing is hotter than a man being a man and using my mouth like the proper faggot I am. I could gag, Get spit all over his cock...idc. Keep going until you release.
  11. What is too big?

    I've had quite a few cocks that I could barely get my lips around. When it comes to my ass though, It's all about biting the pillow and dealing with the pain as a big cock tears you up. And I mean the kind of cock that makes your eyes water and has you sitting funny for the next few days lmao.
  12. Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    A "straight" man hit me up on Grindr. Said he was in town for a meeting and wanted to get his cock sucked. I met up with him in his room and things got off pretty slow. He was kind of hesitant at first but the moment I put his cock in my mouth, He fell silent and just enjoyed it. Towards the end he really got into it and would put his hands on the back of my head and push his cock down my throat. When he finished he said "whoa, that was fucking intense". We shook hands and left.
  13. Grindr is such a mess nowadays cause there's now a healthy amount of guys not looking for sex. And those that do wanna hook up generally prefer twinks or trans. It makes hooking up rather hard cause you gotta wade through profiles to find someone. BBRT was always a miss for me. I've constantly had poz guys beg to breed me (I'm neg). Out of the months I was on, I never hooked up with anyone. A4A is like Grindr but there's a lot more communication involved. The "online now" system needs work. Hook ups can be solid though.
  14. Married but wanting to bareback

    You're already cheating, No need to add insult to injury by possibly giving her an STD because you want a man to shoot his load up your ass. Divorce her man then go crazy for cum.
  15. The Cumdump Network - Locations & Phone Numbers

    Name: Chubby Cum Swollower Age: 25 H/W: 6'1, 250 Race/Cock: White, 6.5 uncut Text: 518-309-2075 Im from saratoga springs, ny. Looking to satisfy any and all men that message me. My hole is tight and my mouth is eager to be filled with cock. Older men to the front.

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