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  1. Do women like sex?

    I would say most women view sex as a sign of commitment in the relationship. Not to say that they don't enjoy but it's nowhere near as much on their minds as it is for men. And based on my experience, I was fuck buddies with a woman in her mid 40's and she was wild for my cock. It was honestly to the point where one day I just snapped my fingers and a minute later she had my cock down her throat. Younger bitches are fun to break in as they haven't really explored sexually but an older woman definitely knows how to work it and can be a freak in the sheets.
  2. TIRED of size queens

    yeah in my area, BBRT is dead unless you travel 25 miles or more to meet someone. And I agree with your size queens post. I find a lot more guys in recent years are really specific about height and weight. You pretty much have to be a twink or muscular guy in order to see any action. I mean it's to the point where bigger guys won't even post a photo out of fear of outright rejection.
  3. Your Sexual Identity?

    Sex has always been just sex to me. Doesn't matter if I am fucking a man or a woman, It's just sex. I honestly never considered myself any kind of sexuality and still do. Even before my first sexual experience, I always viewed it just pleasure and nothing more.
  4. TIRED of size queens

    Couldn’t agree more. Too many size whores out there. A cock is a fucking cock. Ride that shit until he cums in you then move that sloppy hole to the next one.
  5. outdoor cruising still a thing?

    Most guys post online if they are going cruising in order to attract more people. Squirt is a good site to follow if you love cruising.
  6. So, do we discuss Kevin Spacey here - or ignore him?

    If it were just the one case, I could say yes give him a pass. He was drunk, more than likely, and everyone does dumb shit when drunk. It’s the other accusations out now that prove Spacey was a serial offender and overall asshole for years. That’s when you gotta say this was no accident. It’s a shame too for a guy so talented to throw his career away for nothing. It’s Hollywood. He could have easily banged a bunch of barely legal guys and it’d have been fine.
  7. Fetish/Kink Differences

    I always viewed a fetish as something that is almost hard wired in like this is a definitive thing that gets you going and gets you off. I view a kink as something that excites you sexual but isn’t a necessary thing to get you going. Like it’d be nice to do but you don’t need to do it to get off.
  8. I’ve been with actual married straight guys. Mostly because of lack of sex or they are secretly bi and have been hooking up on the down low for years. On a side note, I never believe any post where the guy claims to be straight. That’s immediately BS to me.
  9. anonymous hook up vs interaction

    Oh it doesn't matter how straight to the point that I am (on Grindr or A4A), I still have morons message me asking all these questions, wanting pictures. I feel like I end up knowing more about these guys than I do family members when all is said and done. Shit does not need to be this complicated. If I want cock and you want to cum, Why make it such a hassle to hook up? Be a fucking man and do it.
  10. Craigslist meets?

    Maybe two successful meets and that's after posting many ads and going through a lot of responses. The first thing I'd say is be aware there's a lot of pic collectors out there. They ask for a few nudes and then you never hear from them again. Make it clear in your ad what you want, where you want it and that you aren't willing to swap a ton of pics. I've noticed that you can spot a serious ad if they make it clear they want no BS and wanna get straight to the point. Also be prepared for a few spam emails too, Just block those and move on. Craigslist is so easy to try to get laid on but so hard to actually get it done.
  11. Best age for starting sucking cocks

    Teenage years man. 14-15 just as you start to grow sexually. That's the perfect time to start sucking cock, Any cock placed in front of you should have your lips wrapped around it imo.
  12. anonymous hook up vs interaction

    It’s just easier for me to keep things anonymous and go straight to fucking. I don’t need names or details. If I wanna fuck, Lets fuck. If I wanna suck some cock, Let me suck some cock. Guys are making it too damn complicated now a days. We need to go back to the simple way - Do you wanna fuck? Yes or no.
  13. Deepthroating tips?

    Buy a dildo. Take as much as you can into your mouth without gagging to see how much dick you can take. And just keep working on it - Breathe through the nose, Relax your throat. It takes a lot of practice.
  14. What’s Your Favorite Way to Hookup?

    Apps and websites are so hit and miss for me, Mostly misses. Maybe it's because I can't host but still, What kind of guy turns down an offer to get sucked off when he has nothing better to do?
  15. Your last hetro load...

    Been flirting with a co worker for a while. She found some condoms and asked if I wanted them, I said I don't use them and she said cool and that she didn't either. We've been on and off flirting for a while until recently she said something about don't smack my ass (in a playful way) and I said oh I'm going to and when I did it, She was all for me doing more. Things got hot really quick and she was soon bent over and taking my raw cock in my tight pussy. Despite having 3 kids, She gripped my cock like a vice and I pumped a lot of cum deep in that pussy. If we keep this up, The next kid she has will be mine.

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