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  1. Cuckold - What's in a name?

    You'd be surprised how many guys are into having a spouse watch as they fuck their lover. Especially the alpha male kinds of guys. And I think your husband, even if English isn't his first language, knows and accepts what that word means and how it applies to him but in a good way. Some guys just get off on being cuckolded.
  2. Bottoms complaining about lack of tops: Fair?

    No, they don't have the right to complain IMO. I do think that bottoms tend to be more set in their ways and are rarely open to topping while it's far more likely to find a top that is open to bottoming. Sure, You have those "true" bottoms that only bottom and those "true" tops that only top (for whatever reason) but a good majority of people, even if they list that they are a top or bottom and not vers, are open to doing the opposite.
  3. After a cumdump gangbang, do you catch something?

    I believe in this to a degree. I don't believe in flu shots because the one and only time I got it, I had the flu for over a week. And I think by keeping a strong immune system, You definitely aren't going to get hit as hard as most when it comes to germs. I rarely see a doctor, I'm not in peak physical condition and I was only sick one time in the last 4-5 years and that was from the flu shot. That doesn't apply to things like hiv though. Back to the original topic, It'd only be a matter of time before you catch an std if you are take raw loads but it is what it is.
  4. You might be a hooker if...

    Moment I get my own place that is what I'm gonna do haha
  5. Gloryhole fuck

    I had a guy did that to me too. wtf is the point of letting a guy suck you off if you're not gonna nut in his mouth?
  6. You might be a hooker if...

    Not bad to get a tip. That $60 is almost as much as I make a day before taxes. Now what I thought about doing was banging for "gifts". Not expressly saying that I want money or w/e but I got a wishlist or something of that nature and the person buys me something as a sign of appreciation. That way there's no money exchanging hands, It's not prostitution in a way. It's just a fuck buddy buying another fuck buddy a gift.
  7. Absorb Or Push Out Cum?

    I love depositing my load and watching it leak out after a good fuck session.
  8. Craziest Public Sex Stories

    For me, The craziest experience was meeting up with this guy at a local mall and we were walking around trying to find a place to hook up without being too obvious. Actually ended up going into a fitting room at JCPenny, Put him on the bench and fucked his tight hole. Nearly got caught by an employee but I covered his mouth just in time haha.
  9. Sexually incompatible relationships

    It's always been a must for me. Sex goes along with the romance, the passion. It also shows that that person understands every part of you by giving you what you want or need sexually.
  10. Sexually incompatible relationships

    I get a lot of shit from friends and family about being single but I'd rather be able to fuck around and do w/e I want than having to constantly deal with someone tying me down. Not that I would object to it if I found a person I genuinely wanna be with, That's different. I'm not gonna date someone just to date and fulfil the pathetic need people have of not being alone even if their respective other makes them unhappy. If I am gonna date someone, It's because I have a connection with them and they make me happy. And clicking with someone sexually is an absolute must. Not to say that a sex life is the only thing that matters but it is such an important aspect of a relationship. Even if I like the person, I more than likely wouldn't be with them if we didn't click sexually.
  11. Ass exposed at the Urinal

    Never saw someone go that far at a urinal but I've had plenty of guys check me out when taking a piss. It's hard to find a definitive way to know who is open to playing or not because that'd make going to the restroom a lot more fun.
  12. Craigslist meets?

    Being able to host is gonna get you a lot of hookups too. With my situation, Hosting is impossible. If I could rent a hotel room for the night, I could get pounded out by a good 7-8 guys...depending on how picky I am.
  13. Secret Admirers

    100% agree. I am a very straight-forward person so naturally, My profile is gonna reflect that (either on a hook up or dating site). If you can take the time to click on my profile in order to message me, The least you could do is read it and use the information I put out there to start a conversation. Some guys may not like what I put out there but that just means I've weeded out those that aren't gonna click with me. And it kind of irks me that they sign up to these sites expecting people to get with them with the bare information and no photos, It's laughable.
  14. Secret Admirers

    See I've had way too many bad experiences with blank profiles that now I just ignore them. It's just too shady to me. If you genuinely wanted to hook up then you should at least have something to share. I feel apps should require you to take a photo (in real time) of your body or face. At least that proves there's someone real there and not some pic collector.
  15. gangbang advice

    You definitely want an open lot hotel and have a room at the furthest end away from everyone else. And as said above that just because they request an invite doesn't mean they are gonna actually show up. I'd be putting stuff up on BBRT and Craigslist maybe a week in advance, re-post every day and weed people out from there. Bathhouses are great too if you can get in at a busy time. Just bend over and you'd easily get a good half dozen or more guys wanting to get inside that hole.

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