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    Started out getting sucked off by guys on Craigslist and then it sort of went from there. Now, I'm just looking to chat up with my fellow kinksters and go from there.
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    Someone who actually appeals to me and delivers on all their dirty talk.

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  1. Upstateguy518

    Poz on meds, why?

    I don't understand it either man. I can't wrap my head around it at all, Especially with all the baggage that comes with it.
  2. Upstateguy518

    Gaydar or picking up the right Signals

    I have guys come onto me all the time. Its a game of sorts and fun to play. I think you should just kind of tease it. Make a comment about a guy's body and go from there. If you're at the gym, Make go nude in the locker room or wear some revealing shorts. I'm sure he will take the hint.
  3. Upstateguy518

    Ass Rimming

    I love to eat pussy and eat ass but as said above: Good hygiene is a first and a must. I had a guy recently want me to rim him while giving him head. He had just got out of work, hadn't showered and I just wasn't having it. You have to be showered and shaved if you want me to eat your ass. I know it disappoints a lot of guys but to me, It's a must.
  4. Upstateguy518

    Sentencing has been extended for stealth pozzer

    Agreed. It's different when between consenting adults instead of an unsuspecting victim.
  5. Upstateguy518

    Has anyone ever walked in on you?

    Had a woman on my lap, making out and her hand was down my pants stroking my cock. Her 18 year old daughter walked in on us. The girl had no idea we were hooking up and was shocked when she walked in on us. It was actually pretty funny because the woman just slowly pushes her out, locks the door and goes right back to my cock like nothing happened. I came in her twice that day.
  6. Upstateguy518

    Most pozzing takes place in bathhouses. True or false?

    I'd say no. At a bathhouse, it's normally accepted that fucking is gonna be mostly raw so yes the chances are higher but same could be said if you frequent a adult video store or any other cruising spot. If I'm raw fucking, I have a greater chance to get an std and to spread it. Wouldn't matter where it's taking place, It's just an inevitability that people who fuck raw have to deal with.
  7. Upstateguy518

    Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    Hooked up with a guy in his hotel. He messaged me on A4A because I was looking to give head. We made out for a bit, I sucked him off and then he started sucking me off. I was slapping my cock across his face, Rubbing pre-cum all over his lips. He was in heaven lol. Ended up giving him a facial as he came all over himself. It was pretty hot, Definitely one of the more memorable hookups I've had in recent months.
  8. Upstateguy518

    Want to be barebacked

    Pretty much the same way here. Not about the raw fucking part but bottoming in general. At first, I was a strictly top then I got into sucking dick then I started bottoming a bit and I love. Topping can still be fun but being a bottom is where it's at.
  9. Upstateguy518


    It's a sad reality man. I don't get it at all. I really don't get why you not only would wanna get infected but also spread it around to any of your unsuspecting partners, As most guys don't really tell others that they have STDs.
  10. Upstateguy518


    I think it's mostly bs in order to get sex. Some could be truthful but it's the internet. People lie all the time on the internet. It's just a judgment call and all at your own risk.
  11. Upstateguy518

    In praise of good old fashioned cruising

    Agree man. I spent a good hour or more on Grindr trying to suck cock to no avail. I went to my first adult video store, entered the booth and sucked off 4 guys before going home. Sometimes, It's just easier to go to a known hook up spot.
  12. Upstateguy518

    #MeToo Movement

    Just my opinion and if I'm wrong please correct but I feel that since most men are eager to get it on anyways, satistically there is gonna be a far less chance of rape among us. It still happens but at a far lesser rate than man/woman.
  13. Upstateguy518

    In the closet cocksucker. No one knows

    I always loved sucking cock and hope to do it a lot more often than I have been. Nothing is hotter than swallowing a real man's seed.
  14. Upstateguy518

    Advice on Sex Sites/Apps?

    I am always swapping out which apps I use because they're so inconsistent. Grindr is the worst because there's so many pic collectors or guys who just talk it up but nevere really meet.
  15. Upstateguy518

    Cum sluts

    I always wanted to be a full on cum slut, I just haven't worked up the nerve to go to a glory hole and service cock all day. But when I can get dick, I drain it for cum.

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