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  1. Upstateguy518

    Stealthing in the news

    Yes, 100% agree. If you want to get pozzed, that's fine. If you bareback and don't ask/care about someone's status, You are taking responsibility for the risk you are taking and only you can deal with the consequences. That's entire different in comparison to sabotaging a condom or slipping it off when the person thinks you are wearing one. There are plenty of guys out there will to take a poz load and I agree 100% that those who intentionally infect unknowing people deserve the death penalty. You're giving them a life long illness that they didn't want. I may catch some flak for that considering the basis of this site but it is what it is.
  2. Upstateguy518

    Cruising the Gym Locker room

    Gyms are pretty hard to cruise. Most showers are open areas and don't have much privacy, Same with the locker rooms. If you are set on trying, Walk around nude or half dressed a lot. If you shower then take your sweet time toweling off.
  3. Upstateguy518

    Best site for a hook up?

    I find most of these sites feature 85-90% of the same guys so you aren't missing much. A4A is a rather active site but mostly for bottoms, at least in my area. Grindr is full of fakes and flakes. Manhunt has variety but not the member size and you're probably gonna have to travel a bit to hook up. Honestly, Most sites are pretty bad, the chance of you actually hooking up isn't the best with any of them, I have had varying degrees of success and that's about it.
  4. Upstateguy518

    Number of days without cuming

    Oh as a teenage, I could bust 3 or 4 times a day and be set. Now, I don't even care. I fuck about as often as you do and that settles things for me.
  5. Upstateguy518

    I want to start barebacking

    Yeah his post was a bit confusing. Condoms aren't for everyone. Maybe try a different size or brand, Especially if it was just your first time wearing it. I had to go through a few before finding the right kind.
  6. Upstateguy518

    Why do I crave it?

    I think it's just the taboo behind it that appeals to you but it's not something you should take lightly. And honestly, just throw yourself into it. Lube yourself up, Go to a bathhouse and fuck away. I was nervous like that too but once I decided to just go for broke, I got over it.
  7. Upstateguy518

    Number of days without cuming

    I get shit from my friends, who admit they jerk off at least twice a week, and they say I'm lying but I can honestly go weeks without release.
  8. Upstateguy518

    Shaking after sex

    I've had a man do this to me. After cumming multiple times on my face, He just stood there for a min still jerking his cock, his entire body just shaking from the oversensitivity. It took him a little bit to come down from it and when he did, his eyes were glazed over and he said it was the best orgasm he ever had and that his wife had never satisfied him as much as I did just then. And I personally had it with a woman once as well. It was the second time we had sex together and we were both very much in lust. And when I finally came inside her, It was like this bolt of fucking lightning. We came to in this tight embrace, breathing heavily onto each other's neck. And the moment we made eye contact again, we instantly smiled and kissed passionately. It was as if we both knew that we had just had this amazing moment together and like the man above, I have had nothing that compared to it since.
  9. Upstateguy518

    RIm or be Rimmed?

    Much prefer to be rimmed, Especially during oral.
  10. Upstateguy518

    How do I stop guilt and regret?

    I think once you act on it and explore, you'll lose that feeling. It's definitely odd dealing with your sexuality when you think you're one thing for all these years then you discover otherwise. Just enjoy the fun. Men can be far more fun than women.
  11. Upstateguy518

    Conversion (Str8 To Gay)

    There are plenty of "straight" guys out there just waiting for the push in the right direction.
  12. Upstateguy518


    Been on the giving and receiving end of BDSM and it's something I always find myself going back to. I think it's just finding a way to test and push limits that appeals to me the most.
  13. He had me face down and lubed up. The sex was amazing, His thrusts were steady and rough, balls slapping against me everytime he pushed back in. I felt him cum on my ass so I didn't think anything of it, I just thought he took off the condom to finish. Later that night, I pushed out a rather decent sized load. He said he hoped I wouldn't notice and that my ass was just too good to fuck wrapped. It didn't piss me off, although it was my first time taking a load raw. I just wished he hsd at least asked because I probably would have said yes.
  14. Upstateguy518

    On All Fours, Knees Together Or Apart?

    On all fours with my legs spread. I want to take him as deep in my ass as possible. If he wants to mount me, I close my legs and put my ass in the air.
  15. Upstateguy518

    Looking to suck cock but hard to find

    Squirt is ok for the cruise listings but no one really messages or hooks up on that site. It's pretty tough too.

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