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  1. I’m just so fucking horny & I want dick in my ass all the time. If it’s risky, I’m hotter. If you tell me you got the bug, I’m begging for your cum deep inside me. I need your cum in my ass, dripping out, your cock throbbing, my ass stretched and hurt. Im in the Midwest and I travel anywhere within reason to get fucked. If you’re anywhere around Chicago, I can get to you most days. If you’re viral, I’ll do anything for your infection... My ass is eager and I love getting fisted, hurt, and fucked. Two or more dildos and huge dicks are what I crave. Double dildo and bouncing asses against each other. Face to face facing, kissing, my legs wrapped around you, looking into your eyes while you pump your cum into me. My name is Dale ... Please text me first ... 920-562-0018 I’m usually in and around Milwaukee ... I’m available allhours ... Im 58 years old and quite handsome, men fall in love with me all the time. 5’11” and 165#
  2. idobro

    Greetings from Green Blah

    I’m looking for a poz fucker to breed me in Green Bay. Text me 920-562-0018
  3. I want poz loads dumped in my neg ass in Wisconsin... Your first name (or a name you'll respond to): Dale Your cell number (for texts and voice calls): 920-562-0018, text before calling A location (be at least as specific as a zip code): Green Bay/Appleton Times you're generally not available: Fri afternoon, Saturday afternoon, Sunday afternoon Age: 57 Height: 5' 11" Weight: 170# Ethnicity: White
  4. A guy on CL posted ' gloryhole blowjob'. I replied and went over. I'd said I wanna suck, so he stuck it through the hole on a hang sheet. Then he wanted to see me. So I stood up and he fondled me, reaching to my hole, which was lubed. He said you're lubed up, you should turn around. So he barebacked me, shooting a huge load into my sweet ass. I pulled up my pants and walked out the dark room with a ton of man liquid inside me. Hot!
  5. idobro

    Cut Or Uncut?

    I love both. Uncut is great to suck. I like sliding all that skin and putting my tongue inside it. I love docking.
  6. Your first name (or a name you'll respond to):Dale Your cell number (for texts and voice calls):920-562-0018 A location (be at least as specific as a zip code):54911 Times you're generally not available: Any Age:57 Height:5'11" Weight: 170 Ethnicity: Caucasian
  7. ABS on Hwy 41 south of Oshkosh WI Im begging for POZ loads daily, in Wisconsin text me 920-562-0018
  8. I try to hook up on BBRt and do often. Usually just get anon loads at the ABS ... Im begging for POZ loads daily, in Wisconsin text me 920-562-0018
  9. I'm in Wisconsin. I'll go anywhere within the state for ANY load! HMU fill my asshole!

  10. idobro

    Should I Keep On With Bb?

    I love bareback and I'm headlong into taking all loads. After the many hundreds I've got no fear of HIV or any other diseases. I welcome them. I try to hook up with POZ guys, but I think taking all loads with reckless abandon will do the job anyway. I'm A CUM WHORE AND I LOVE IT ...
  11. idobro

    nyc best cum dumps?

    I'm in Williamsburg for thanksgiving. Hoping to get fucked silly. HMU
  12. I go to CunUnion in Chicago and there's only one reason I'm there and it's not to wrap a cock ... Dale 920-562-0018
  13. idobro

    How do you make a Devil's Dick?

    I make them often. I just shoved today's five loads in my ass. What I do is bring a condom to the park or the bookstore. I am so tempted to swallow, or keep loads of cum in my ass, but saving it is really great too. I spit the loads into the condom, one cum-farted out from getting fucked BB, two from blowjobs shot in my mouth, and two sucked outta the garbage bag cumshots left behind. After getting home, I put the condom in the freezer, just hanging it in a tall glass. An hour later, after jacking off and flirting with guys online, I shoved it in. I love the icy feeling, but it goes away quickly. I love the thought multiple cums in my ass together, five Guys ...
  14. idobro

    Trusting a guy from bbrt?

    I wanna get pozzed and lied to.

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