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  1. Greetings from Green Blah

    I’m looking for a poz fucker to breed me in Green Bay. Text me 920-562-0018
  2. I want poz loads dumped in my neg ass in Wisconsin... Your first name (or a name you'll respond to): Dale Your cell number (for texts and voice calls): 920-562-0018, text before calling A location (be at least as specific as a zip code): Green Bay/Appleton Times you're generally not available: Fri afternoon, Saturday afternoon, Sunday afternoon Age: 57 Height: 5' 11" Weight: 170# Ethnicity: White
  3. A guy on CL posted ' gloryhole blowjob'. I replied and went over. I'd said I wanna suck, so he stuck it through the hole on a hang sheet. Then he wanted to see me. So I stood up and he fondled me, reaching to my hole, which was lubed. He said you're lubed up, you should turn around. So he barebacked me, shooting a huge load into my sweet ass. I pulled up my pants and walked out the dark room with a ton of man liquid inside me. Hot!
  4. Cut Or Uncut?

    I love both. Uncut is great to suck. I like sliding all that skin and putting my tongue inside it. I love docking.
  5. Your first name (or a name you'll respond to):Dale Your cell number (for texts and voice calls):920-562-0018 A location (be at least as specific as a zip code):54911 Times you're generally not available: Any Age:57 Height:5'11" Weight: 170 Ethnicity: Caucasian
  6. ABS on Hwy 41 south of Oshkosh WI Im begging for POZ loads daily, in Wisconsin text me 920-562-0018
  7. I try to hook up on BBRt and do often. Usually just get anon loads at the ABS ... Im begging for POZ loads daily, in Wisconsin text me 920-562-0018
  8. I'm in Wisconsin. I'll go anywhere within the state for ANY load! HMU fill my asshole!

  9. Should I Keep On With Bb?

    I love bareback and I'm headlong into taking all loads. After the many hundreds I've got no fear of HIV or any other diseases. I welcome them. I try to hook up with POZ guys, but I think taking all loads with reckless abandon will do the job anyway. I'm A CUM WHORE AND I LOVE IT ...
  10. nyc best cum dumps?

    I'm in Williamsburg for thanksgiving. Hoping to get fucked silly. HMU
  11. I go to CunUnion in Chicago and there's only one reason I'm there and it's not to wrap a cock ... Dale 920-562-0018
  12. How do you make a Devil's Dick?

    I make them often. I just shoved today's five loads in my ass. What I do is bring a condom to the park or the bookstore. I am so tempted to swallow, or keep loads of cum in my ass, but saving it is really great too. I spit the loads into the condom, one cum-farted out from getting fucked BB, two from blowjobs shot in my mouth, and two sucked outta the garbage bag cumshots left behind. After getting home, I put the condom in the freezer, just hanging it in a tall glass. An hour later, after jacking off and flirting with guys online, I shoved it in. I love the icy feeling, but it goes away quickly. I love the thought multiple cums in my ass together, five Guys ...
  13. Trusting a guy from bbrt?

    I wanna get pozzed and lied to.
  14. Are the baths any place for a neg guy?

    Any dick, filling my ass with cum could be be a POZ dick. I love the anon in dark rooms with men unloading inside me. I often lay on my stomach with my legs spread, my ass facing the open door. I've had guys fuck me without ever seeing them. That's why I go to the spa. To get fucked. If I'm POZ, it's because I can't resist getting BB fucked by anonymous men ...

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