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  1. Totally underrated: Thyle Knoxx




  2. Cum_hole_vienna has republished all of his videos! Enjoy! https://www.xtube.com/profile/Cum_hole_vienna-26374532#videos
  3. Lito Cruz

    This later became one of the hottest T.I.M. scenes (in my opinion, maybe even the hottest). Although the other tops were awesome as well, this was kind of all about two cute bottoms being eager to feel Lito's huge daddy dick. It's interesting to see that Josh got (all?) the cum (anally) and Alex the rest (orally), especially now that we know that Josh is hiv+ ... I wonder about Alex. Ok, enough now.
  4. Hi ... thanks for the rep! Have a great w/end :*:2thumbs::drool:xx

  5. Thanks for all the reputation over the past weeks! :2thumbs: It really means a lot to me to know that not everyone here is pro bugchasing ...

    1. Eraioon


      It sure looks like we're not alone! ;) And you're welcome, sweety! :*

    2. lucurious


      I know! Feels good! Thanks a lot guys! :clap:

  6. Thanks for the follow xxx;):2thumbs:xxx

  7. Thank you for the reps and comment on my survey!! xx:P:*xx

    1. Eraioon


      That was fun - and intriguing! I recognized someone. ;)

    2. Fistulike666
  8. No Risk... No Fun

    I guess it is high time to add another perspective in this discussion: You're stories (often) go too far - in my opinion. It's not easy to know that rape and infection with stds, especially the uncurable HIV, is (no doubt) fetishized on this site and thus will (no doubt) motivate some people in the wrong way. In one of your stories, I think, this concept was applied to a blind twink, which momentarily made me stop reading. This is unsettling. I could as well downvote such posts. Just my opinion.
  9. Meeting My Hero

    Ah, this is only getting started. You have my attention! Also, You don't need to worry about your English, dude! Cute pic btw.
  10. Thanks for the rep my friend xxx;):*:drool:xxx

  11. Hi .... thanks for the reps xx:*:P:2thumbs:xx

  12. Who is this TIM muscle bottom?

    Ever so helpful.
  13. Hung German

    Frankly, you shouldn't shy away from contacting him since you're both from Berlin. Judging from your posts you tend to be a bottom for hung guys, judging from his twitter he likes young bottoms, so ... ship potential?

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