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  1. sluttyhungtop01

    So-Called Friends?

    Straights guys don't care that they may burden a women with pregnancy, gay guys don't care they might contract something. It's a male thing
  2. sluttyhungtop01

    Is this guy crazy?

    Surprised by the amount of level headed responses
  3. sluttyhungtop01

    Cummunitybtm for use...

    I just want an on call cumdump for when i need to unload
  4. sluttyhungtop01

    Cummunitybtm for use...

    How often are you available? Which days and times?
  5. don't brand every one with the same dick . sent email

  6. sluttyhungtop01

    Where ?

    For having the reputation as the city of bottoms, there aren't many guys in Toronto who can take dick and it's pretty frustrating. I also wonder if other cities have as big of a problem with flakes too Where are all the so called cumdumps cumsluts and guys who love to get fucked?
  7. sluttyhungtop01

    Black Top

    looking for fit young cumdumps and sub bottoms in toronto to use. add kik: Top_in_U or email: sluttyhungtop@gmail.com

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