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    Bi male bottom.
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    Men, women, and transsexuals. I'm a bottom with men and vers with trans. Would like to find women and transsexuals for regular fun.

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  1. ppaullmmm, I completely agree! My fuck buddy sent me a few pics from the most recent encounter of her CD friend fucking me. Here is the link to my album of it. I hope you all enjoy.
  2. Your last hetro load...

    Awesome! Anymore details you would like to share about it?
  3. Well you did place your comment in the bug chasing forum. Looking for a neg person. It probably would have been wiser to have placed it in the Cross Dresser / Transexual General Discussion forum.
  4. Thanks! I honestly don't know her name, lol. I just replied to her post on Craigslist and have been fucked twice now by her. She is a bigger black lady, around 6'1" or so and on the upper end of curvy. I have a picture of her but she is not a working girl and she is not putting herself out everywhere so I'm respecting her privacy. But she did take some pics of me being fucked, which I will gladly share when she sends them my way.
  5. Bb sex in Bristol this girl can host

    Sounds like a great time! It's a shame I'm across the pond, otherwise I would love to pump a few loads inside you.
  6. Even though I completely abstain from "partying" in my personal life, and generally not one for chem stories, it's neat hearing your experiences and would love to hear more.
  7. Hello, wanted to say that you have a lovely pic. Also would love to hear some of your experiences.

  8. Your last hetro load...

    Last load was a few days ago. I was driving back home from some out of town work I was doing and decided to stop in a town I used to live in along the way back. I decided to check the listings and saw a working girl I had visited before the previous month. In that visit she had told me that all penetration was covered ( sure, lol. I had seen reviews that said otherwise) I decided to see if it would be available this time. She was giving me mixed responses over text and even said never mind to the offer when she remembered who I was, but she later on she would be good for it. Because of that I was worried that she would not be enthusiastic for our meeting but thankfully the opposite was true. She greeted me warmly and it felt like we were good but playful friends getting it on. We had some nice intimate foreplay/getting to know each other. I made sure to focus on her for a bit, which she clearly enjoyed and returned the favor. We then started fucking switching from missionary, to doggy ( which she said was her favorite) and some other variations and positions for an extended time until I was feeling close to cumming. Usually I prefer to cum in missionary, so I can look into my partner's eyes while I cum but I decided I would bust in doggy because the girl I was with would like it and she has an ass built for doggystyle. I pick up my pace and let her know as I came inside her, not pulling out until I could feel no more spurts of cum leaving me. After I pullout, she starts shaking her ass a bit saying that pumped a ton of cum in her and that the warmth of my load felt so good inside of her. We chatted a bit more while we both cleaned up and got dressed before I left to continue my drive. Was definitely a good pit stop. lol
  9. So, I met with the same trans woman the fucked me last time, but this time her friend was also present. Her friend was a good looking guy who likes to cross dress. He is vers with a nice 7 1/2 thick cock. She had told me that he was big so thankfully I made sure to stretch my hole with some toys before I got to her place. I arrive and the two of them had been having some fun together. We all went to the bedroom and our dominant host started telling us what to do. She had me get on all fours on the bed and began to play with my ass, which still had the plug I used to stretch myself earlier (I like going to hookups with a butt plug in me, keeps me loose for the fun and makes me feel extra slutty.) She then told her friend to fuck me and directed the action: telling us to change positions and having him pull out to keep him from cumming too soon and to admire how open my hole was, all while she was taking pictures. While I was on my back, edge of the bed being fucked by her friend with my legs on his shoulders, she got behind and started fucking him too. After a little bit he pulled out of me and the trans woman started fucking me. Her friend then laid on the bed to my side positioned like me. The trans woman pulled out of me and started fucking her friend. She was fucking him hard, putting her full weight into her thrusts. It was hot being on the side of the watching them get at it, feeling loose from the fucking I've been getting. The friend was begging for a load to be pumped in him, so she started to speed up the intensity of her strokes and came, but she continued to fuck him hard. After a bit she pulled out and her friend excused himself to the bathroom. While he was gone the trans woman positioned herself in front of my hole and started to fuck me. I could feel the wetness from the hole she just fucked (which was really hot!) She started to fuck me hard and ended up cumming in me too, but she didn't stop fucking me. She had me flip over get on all fours with my ass near the edge of the bed and kept pounding me hard, which felt great. She pulled out of me and told me to stay in that position while she went to check on her friend. After a few moments she returned wanting her friend to fuck and cum in me but unfortunately he was having a hard time getting hard again. (I been in that position before, I think the edging and continual stopping before he came made his member not want to cooperate.) So we gave up on getting another load in me and started chatting about food places not in our area. Another fun time being dominated by her, and enjoying the company of her friend too.
  10. Anyone Here Never Top?

    I'm 100% bottom with men. I have never topped one, I get very submissive when I'm getting fucked by guys. I'm bi so with trans women I'm still mainly a bottom but willing to be verse for the right lady, and with women I'll fuck them but I'm also open to them having their way with me.
  11. Your last hetro load...

    My last load was about 6 hours ago. Was feeling very horny because a planned meeting with a FWB fell through, so I found an open minded working girl in my area and hit her up. I go to her hotel and get acquainted. After eating her out for some time I was ready to fuck her. As I'm mounting her doggy style I asked her what she enjoyed sexually and she replied that she was very submissive, liked it rough and into the bdsm scene. I'm not one to usually have sex in that manner but I thought what the heck, I'll try it. She seemed a lot more interested in the fuck once I started slapping her ass and choking her a bit. I was getting close to cumming so I had her lay on her back so I could see her face as face while I choked her and fucked her hard. All of that and her moans were more than enough to push me over the edge and I came a huge load while I was deep inside her. Definitely something different for me but it was a very enjoyable fuck.
  12. Cum in mouth or ass?

    For me in my ass 100%. Don't get me wrong I've sucked my fair share of cocks and have swallowed loads but in no way does it compare to feeling warmth of a load being shot into my gut and feeling like a slut knowing my hole has been freshly used.
  13. That's great, sounds like you are a very lucky man, not in an area with a good TS community but also having a girlfriend that enjoys your activities.
  14. That's a shame, I'm glad you had a good time with her. That sounds really awesome! Though I have to wonder where you live that has an abundance of nice Trans-women tops and how deep your pockets are for all the roses you must have given the girls. It sounds like a lot of cum was pumped deep in you, did your girlfriend know that you had been fucked a bunch? If she does know, is she supportive of it?
  15. That sounds like a good time, did she fill your hole with her load and have you seen her again?

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