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    Central Texas
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    Bi male bottom.
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    Men, women, and transsexuals. I'm a bottom with men and vers with trans. Would like to find women and transsexuals for regular fun.

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  1. pulcish

    how to gape

    So true! I'm in the process of loosening and wrecking my hole. I've been playing with larger toys and I have a fuck buddy who also wants to loosen me up. She (TS) wants to fist me regularly and whore me out to big cocks.
  2. pulcish

    First Fuck Location

    I was 22, had a gf that roughly broke up with me and told me I was too "good" for her. That left me in a weird state so I went on craigslist late one night, found an 18 year old gay guy. I drove and picked him up and he fucked me in the backseat of my car behind some store. Was my first sex with men or women and first time going bare.
  3. pulcish

    Bb sex in Bristol this girl can host

    Sounds like a great time! It's a shame I'm across the pond, otherwise I would love to pump a few loads inside you.
  4. Even though I completely abstain from "partying" in my personal life, and generally not one for chem stories, it's neat hearing your experiences and would love to hear more.
  5. Hello, wanted to say that you have a lovely pic. Also would love to hear some of your experiences.

  6. pulcish

    Anyone Here Never Top?

    I'm 100% bottom with men. I have never topped one, I get very submissive when I'm getting fucked by guys. I'm bi so with trans women I'm still mainly a bottom but willing to be verse for the right lady, and with women I'll fuck them but I'm also open to them having their way with me.
  7. pulcish

    Cum in mouth or ass?

    For me in my ass 100%. Don't get me wrong I've sucked my fair share of cocks and have swallowed loads but in no way does it compare to feeling warmth of a load being shot into my gut and feeling like a slut knowing my hole has been freshly used.
  8. pulcish

    Absorb Or Push Out Cum?

    I like a load to stay in me as long as possible, however I don't mind if a little leaks out because it's like a sign of being a used slut.
  9. My first load was also my first sex, when I was 22. A girl had just broke up with me so I found a young guy on craigslist to fuck and pump 3 loads in me in the backseat of my car.
  10. Hopefully I'm going to get a load pumped into me by a cute trans girl I found on craigslist.

    1. chasejake666
    2. pulcish


      It was a good visit, she loosened me up with some toys and manhandled me while fucking a load into me. Still sore but it was a good time.

    3. chasejake666
  11. pulcish

    Cum in mouth or ass?

    Ass is where I want loads pumped into me. Feeling the release deep in my guts.
  12. Trying to find guys to fuck me and pump their cum into my gut has been really difficult. Have not been having much success with CL.

  13. So horny and wanting to be bred by few guys today!

    1. alwaysready


      but you are not chasing, right?  so it is not really breeding. it is getting fucked. which is cool.

    2. pulcish


      Correct, I'm not chasing, but I do want to be cum filled by some nice cocks.

    3. alwaysready


      good luck. hope that happens.

  14. pulcish

    Gay Sex Bucket List - What's Your Score?

    I'm only at 65, guess I need to work a little harder.

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