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    Men, women, and transsexuals. I'm a bottom with men and vers with trans. Would like to find women and transsexuals for regular fun.

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  1. I'm bi and enjoy being with both women and transwomen. I've been with a few who were completely stunning in their looks and sounding feminine, it wasn't until they took their panties off that you could tell they had a penis. As to the actual question I was chatting with a women on craigslist, very sexy and horny. We were talking about what we would do and were planning on meeting. Out of the blue she stops responding to me, a little later I see a post in the t4m section using her same pics. I contacted her again and asked if what I saw was true, which it was (she said she was going to tell me later when we had met) We still ended up meeting and having a good time, but I had wished she was open about it in the beginning as I would have better accommodated her sexually if I had known. Later found out she was a cam girl and I think she actually might have been camming while I fucked her. (She had asked about recording our sex and I had consented to it)
  2. Wow cumfillme! Sounds like an amazing time! You are so lucky to have some great ladies close by. I would love to have my ass used like that. I understand keeping things discrete but I would love to know what general region you are in with such a great variety of women? Also Merry Christmas to you all, hope you are all getting some nice fillings this year!
  3. Sounds like a nice time. Was her cock big or average sized? Hopefully you are able to see her again and have her fill you.
  4. how to gape

    So true! I'm in the process of loosening and wrecking my hole. I've been playing with larger toys and I have a fuck buddy who also wants to loosen me up. She (TS) wants to fist me regularly and whore me out to big cocks.
  5. First Fuck Location

    I was 22, had a gf that roughly broke up with me and told me I was too "good" for her. That left me in a weird state so I went on craigslist late one night, found an 18 year old gay guy. I drove and picked him up and he fucked me in the backseat of my car behind some store. Was my first sex with men or women and first time going bare.
  6. I'm also curious as to where you are getting all these transwomen tops? Central Texas is really hit or miss at times.
  7. Sounds like an awesome time! Not going to lie, I'm a little jealous of what you got planned for tonight. Definitely tell us how it goes, I hope you have a great time and leave with your hole sore and overflowing with cum. Do you plan on playing with your gf after they are done with you?
  8. That's unfortunate that there are not many around where you live. Have you had any good times with transwomen though?
  9. Well you could always search on Craigslist. Either post a post yourself or reply to theirs. Unfortunately the vast majority of vers/top transwomen posting are working girls but they can be a really fun time too if you treat them right and have some spending allowance.
  10. ppaullmmm, I completely agree! My fuck buddy sent me a few pics from the most recent encounter of her CD friend fucking me. Here is the link to my album of it. I hope you all enjoy.
  11. Your last hetro load...

    Awesome! Anymore details you would like to share about it?
  12. Well you did place your comment in the bug chasing forum. Looking for a neg person. It probably would have been wiser to have placed it in the Cross Dresser / Transexual General Discussion forum.
  13. Thanks! I honestly don't know her name, lol. I just replied to her post on Craigslist and have been fucked twice now by her. She is a bigger black lady, around 6'1" or so and on the upper end of curvy. I have a picture of her but she is not a working girl and she is not putting herself out everywhere so I'm respecting her privacy. But she did take some pics of me being fucked, which I will gladly share when she sends them my way.
  14. Bb sex in Bristol this girl can host

    Sounds like a great time! It's a shame I'm across the pond, otherwise I would love to pump a few loads inside you.
  15. Even though I completely abstain from "partying" in my personal life, and generally not one for chem stories, it's neat hearing your experiences and would love to hear more.

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