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  1. Nielschaser

    Strangest place you were fucked?

    I was fucked in the bathroom at a "Toga" party when I was very young by an older man. I have been fucked, fisted, pissed on in the forrest next to a highway reststop fully visiable to those who wanted to see. I have been fucked in a stool at the public swimmingpool by a bibuddy when I was very young, in the sauna at the same place by 3 old men. I have been ordered to go naked into a strangers house and get on all fours, no foreplay or lubing up, just a raw fuck.
  2. I have a couple of fantacies that I have had for a long time, and I hope it is possible to make them to happen. 1. To be exposed as a faggot by a dominant top, taking the pics that he wants and for him to post wherever he wants. 2. I chatted with a top that wanted to film me getting bred. I was to show my ID card to the cam, completely naked, telling the cam what was going to happen. Filming me while he brushed my asshole with a toothbrush to be ready to be charded and filming the whole session with cum leaking out of me and thanking him for doing this. Too bad he was just a "chatter", I really wants this to happen. I am ready to come out of the closet, but I need help
  3. Nielschaser

    What is your Ultimate Sexual Fantasy?

    To be exposed as a faggot and get alot of Annon loads. This has been a dream for me for many years. Now I am single, 50 yo, and I want someone to help me get "out of the closet" and expose me to "the world" as a faggot
  4. Nielschaser

    Getting Caught

    I was caught by mom when very young sucking a friend off, she never mentioned anything. I have been caught a few times in the woods being fucked. I am always naked when in the woods, makes me feel sub and helps me being a slut and wonderable for exposure.
  5. Nielschaser

    If PrEP Went Away, Would You Still Fuck Raw?

    Have never used the meds, and have always wanted cum inside me, I am aware of the risk, and I am turned on by taking it. No one have ever suggested meds, and a few have used condoms when fucking me. So I would just keep it up, no change, since I havent any experience with meds, it is a natural consequence of sex between men is that some may charge others, and it is fine by me.
  6. Nielschaser

    Why can't I stop barebacking?

    I started young (very young) and the question about condoms wasnt even mentioned. I lived in the closet for many years, but from time to t ime, I came out and just let whoever wanting, fuck me bare. I have never asked. Was a huge conflict inside, since I felt "at home" when men fucked me bare, and it was something inside that told me that this is my sexual orientation. I am gay and I am a bottom that needs to be fucked, to suck, rim, and do all the stuff that a MAN wants to do with me. I am too a respected citizen, but now, as a man that celebrates 50, I am ready to just let go. I have accepted my sexuality, and if I get some STD's or even HIV, well then it is just a medical and concrete documentation on who and what I am sexually. For me it is a question of accepting my sexuallity and live a good life with it, dont bang your head to the wall over it, try to accept it, it is no point asking why it started burning when you are in the flames. Put out the fire, and ask yourself afterwards if this is what you want Nothing but Love
  7. Nielschaser

    Why Did You Start Barebacking?

    I never had a chance to choose, so I dont ask for it now. I dont care if it is a poz guy or a neg guy as long as I get the abusive men that beat, spank and fuck me. I am a total sermdump and a faggot. My first time was when very young, and I was "taken", had no chance to talk or want, showed me who I really am

    1. Get gang fucked full of 50 Loads on my next birthday, over a 12 to 24 hour period. One Load for every year I've been alive. Make that 51 for "One Load to grow on." Want to celebrate my 50 years old birthday as a cumdump

    2. To get fucked and filled by at least a dozen guys through a gloryhole over 5 hours.

    3. To find a part-time Master/Owner to use me for entire nights and weekends, and order/force me to be a cumdump for anyone he chooses, no questions, no options.

    4. To be raped.

    5. To be Gangraped

    6. To be Pozzed (ideally rape or gangrape Pozzed)

    7. To be Pimped/whored out, cheap, like the cheap whore I am.

    8. Once POZ, to re-become Vers and Poz BugChasers.

    9. Once POZ, to Stealth Breed "safe sex" Negs.

    10. To get pass-out drunk and be bred by strangers while asleep.

    11. To Breed/POZ a dude while he is asleep.

    12. To be tag-teamed in a Camper of Van.

    13. To be a Truckstop whore, for free.

    14. To be in Porn, amature or otherwise. Masked/blindfolded. Gangfucked. Pozzed. Revolving door cumdump, etc. 

    15. To have a Gallon of Cum injected into my cunt.

    16. To drink a Pint of Cum.

    17. To have 12+ guys jack off into my mouth.

    18. To own my own Adult Bookstore or Bath House 

  9. Nielschaser

    Raw Vikings - Barebackers From The Nordic Countries

    Norway here, want to hook up with tops
  10. Nielschaser

    Sissy Corniche For Exposure On The Internet

    I too am a faggot that wants to be exposed and spread all over the web, but I would like to know where the pics are spread so I can see them there myself. My Pics are here permanently, and if anyone wants me to expose mor of myself, plese tell me what you want to see, so I can make the pic. I do ANYTHING for that purpose. My dream is to be exposed as a homo/faggot/cumdump in my contry and close to where I live, so everyone, including fmaily knows what I am. Please advice
  11. Nielschaser

    Eunuch or Nullo?

    This is a part of my dream. Breeded with HIV+ toxic juice and nulloed. Here is my coc stretched with 3,5 kg weight, hardened my Cialis. Meataxe is razoesharp and the meat is on the blick. Banded tingt at the base to prevent too much bleeding.
  12. Thanks for the follow man

  13. Thanks for the follow, sexy!

  14. Nielschaser

    Exhibitionist Barebacker

    This is me outdoors, I never ask beforehand, maybe afterwards. I post an invitation on a site here in Norway, go to the aderticed place, undress, lube up and wait. Usually get 3-4 loads both in mouth and ass
  15. I have been beaten a couple of times by "gayhaters" that have caught me in the act and a few times i have responded to their invitation for sex outdoors where thir only goal was to beat the shit out of a faggot. I love both settings and I try to find those types again. I cum when I am beaten, kicked and degraded/humiliated

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