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  1. If you (the top) and him (the bottom) or you're both being vers are really turned on by cum kisses and licking cum off dick or ass or mouth (face). OINK!
  2. When a guy you've fucked before asks you for a re-fuck or two. Complementing you for your fucking and load from a while back. Introducing you to another bottom (friend) who'd love your load too.
  3. Read1

    Experiences at CumUnion

    It's Pride month and Pride week leading up to the big Pride parade this coming Sunday. I was feeling really horny and decided to go to Steamworks Toronto last night (Thursday is Lights Out) for some bb play. Usually Thursday are a light night, not too many guys. But it has in the past attracted guys who like a bathhouse that is dimly lit. Last night it was the case. Well, to make a long story short, I did get three loads orally - very YUMMY! The first younger guy was ready to blast very early. I sucked his hard cock for a few minutes. He was shifting his balance and moaning often, so I knew he was close. When he finished blasting in my mouth, I quickly cleaned his cock off with my tongue and thanked. He disappeared out of the darkroom we both found ourselves in. The next younger guys had a long narrow cock. I sucked him for a bit. He asked if I could turn around and play with his dick and nipples. Ok, I did. He wanted his hard cock to be on my ass crack, then he rubbed it up and down my ass crack and lower back. With my fingers I played with his balls. This got him very excited and he said he was about to cum. I turned around fast to catch his cumblast in my mouth. YUMMY #2. The third younger guy I was sucking off his cock and grabbing his butt cheeks. And he came in my mouth big time. YUMMY #3. And finally, I found a younger cub getting fucked raw in the open sling (middle dark space). I asked if I could fuck him raw. He said, "Only raw, please!" So I sunk my hard cock into him. His hole felt great. He invited me back to his room because he said he wanted my cum. Hellya. I jerked my cock and said I was about to cum. He quickly sat on my dick and my load was deposited in his cub ass. OINK! Now for some r&r before Sunday's massive 7 hr bb party @Club120 in Toronto. I have Pride brunch to go to before. So shower, douching beforehand. Brunch. Then the not-to-be-missed bb sex party with the new v. 2.0 fuckwall. See fukdto.com for details. HAPPY RAW PRIDE, rawmen!
  4. Read1

    older guy

    In terms of being an older raw daddy, I get this a lot from younger guys, "You, older guys, REALLY know how to pleasure younger guys. You know where to kiss, how to suck cock and rim ass!" I know that I've changed a few minds of younger guys to continue playing with older guys like myself. OINK!
  5. Read1

    Hankie code, will I have any luck?

    I agree with mj that about needing a card to remember the colours. Hankies did have a place in our shared gay history. I never did use or even memorize the colours and in which pocket the hankies went. I don't know about using hankies in 2018. I probably won't.
  6. Read1

    Toronto Club120 BB Orgy

    Fukd Toronto Pride Edition @Club120 in Toronto -> Sun., June 24/18 2-9 PM -> 7 hr. bb sex party, $15, hosted by Jon Shield, West, Rob Skelton, Avi Jacobs at least 4 slings, many fuck benches, a few private rooms, wetwipes, 2 washrooms, cash bar, lube packets COME AND SHARE YOUR BARE PRIDE!
  7. Orionboy1, A bareback chaperone accompanying would be a lot of FUN -- to show you cocks and asses and gloryholes, etc!! OINK!
  8. After a few weeks of not getting tested for STDs, I'm submitting my bloodwork and urine tests this week. Friday night (Pride week) I hope to be at Steamworks Toronto, then the 7 hr bb sex party at Club120 (I may not be there for the entire time) as a voyeur and participant. Next week it'll be time for antibiotics. I probably have gono and/or clamydia. But I do know that STDs come with the bb environment I'm a part of. OINK! Happy Pride!
  9. Read1

    Jockpussy FTM

    Another, rather short vid clip of a FTM being passionately fucked. OINK! Enjoy! https://www.gayforit.eu/video/438152/Another-man-cunt-getting-fed
  10. Read1

    Experiences at CumUnion

    2nd Pride Month Bareback Sex Party @Club120 in Toronto -> Sat., June 16/18 Hey, Rawbros! I wanted to fill you in about what happened late yesterday/early this morning at Club120 in Toronto. After worrying about douching before dinner and eating light (I did) during the dinner I was invited to with friends because of Pride month, I did manage to get to the 2nd of 3 bb sex parties held at Club120. My stomach was fine. Time for rimming, sucking, and raw fucking. I met a really nice guy in his 20s who was taking off his clothes at the same time I was. I gave him a squeeze on his bubble butt and told him I wanted a piece of him afterwards. He said sure. After putting my clothes in a white bag the organizers provide, off went the shirt and shorts, I was ready in a jock and comfortable shoes (the AC makes the floors cold). There were 4 slings up and ready to be used. A few private rooms for 1-1 raw encounters. Floor shows by the bb porn stars. Dolf Dietrich in his almost 7 ft. beautiful body was very active. He looks so sexy in high leather boots and no jock on. YUMM! I saw the 25 yr old guy I met upon entering. We talked for a bit on a side bench. I put my hand on his high. I asked him if he liked to get fucked. He said he was a bottom. Beautiful thick dick on the boy. We went to play. I felt his boyhole, he was dry but clean. I rimmed him to get a taste for him. We kissed. I got some FUCKWATER lube. He opened the packet and rubbed some on my hard dick and in his ass. My dick slid in him better. My dick opened him to be fucked by others. I took him to one of the private rooms for more 1-1 sex. We kissed more again. I love rimming his bubble butt. I sucked his lovely dick and fucked him for a bit too. He left for the washroom to take a piss. I thanked him for our encounter. I'm sure he had more fun throughout the night. I met a local bb couple who played together and with others too. Lovely bb guys. The younger guy had a huge long dick and was into daddies. His partner was drinking beer and taking dick as he is a bottom. The younger guy began to kiss me deeply, play with my nipples and dick. I got down to suck his yummy cock. He said he had a load (of many that evening!) for me. He fucked his partner and when his dick was free, he shot his next load in my mouth. He tasted GREAT! A few minutes later I shot my load into his mouth. Twisting my nipples and playing with my ass will get me to unload easily. A third guy who was walking around only in shoes and with a bubble butt was checking out the private rooms. He was just standing there. And you, guys, know I love to rim. I got behind him and put my tongue in his hole. He backed up slightly to adjust. I said his hole tasted great. It was his first bb party. He said he is a bottom and would be back to future bb parties. More new cocks and asses as local guys and visitors hear about the Club120 bb parties! HAPPY PRIDE!
  11. Read1

    houston cum union

    Tex, get loads, rawbud! I'm cheering for ya!
  12. Read1

    Advice needed...

    I probably won't have time to douche between dinner this Saturday night and going to the bb sex party at Club120 in Toronto. Any suggestions for eating light? Or should 'light' be just drinks? I do plan on eating breakfast on Saturday morning, douching at home in the early afternoon and remaining on an empty stomach when I get to the dinner. I don't live in Toronto proper but within 45-60 mins. of Club120.
  13. Read1

    Different words for cum

    cumblast, boyjuice, cumshot
  14. Read1

    Different words for cum

  15. Read1

    RIm or be Rimmed?


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