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  1. Rawbros, Here's a situation that did happen to me yesterday at Steamworks Toronto. As you know, I was there for about 5 hours of bb fun (which I did get -- see new post). I was in a large gloryhole area in the front of this sex club. I was looking through one of the holes in the slurp ramp. Some action was happening. Another guy next to me (on my level) tugged at another's ass or towel through a bigger hole. The guy above thought it was me and promptly hit me on the side of my head and told to cut it out. I said out loud, "WFT! I did no such thing!" And I left the gloryhole area to go back to my room. This was NOT connected to sex where, like some barebackers like it rough, one would get enjoyment from it. There is also guys who force their way through crowded darkrooms and try to re-direct your hands or hard cock. I don't know why they keep doing this if they know that their bodies will be shown interest in a sexual way. It's like -- why come to a bathhouse if you're not going to have sex or touch someone in a sexual manner? But getting back to my question. Have you guys experienced guys with short fuses? How have you dealt with them? Next time I will report this kind of behavior to Steamworks Toronto staff. Thanks for reading this and adding your stories!!
  2. I went to LIGHTS OUT @Steamworks Toronto yesterday from 4-9PM. I was completely douched and felt relaxed that I was my cleanest inside my daddy hole! I had my sex bag prepared with 2 different lubes and 2 different COLT black butt plugs. On a small blackboard in an alcove, I wrote BB 101. My big square room with a big bed, mirrored, with TV for 8 hours' worth of bb play. Guys pass by and notice who's barebacking. LOAD #1 - oral in me. I met this younger guy in the front gloryhole-dark room area. Short guy (I'm 5'8"), muscular beefy with a cock on the thicker side. I knelt down to suck him. He told he wasn't ready to cum yet, but I continued sucking him off. His cock got bigger and thicker and was pointing north more and more. He didn't last long and provided my mouth with a big salty load. I cleaned it off quickly to thank him. LOAD #2 - oral in me. I had a younger South Asian - perhaps of Indian or Pakistani or from Bangladesh descent, in my room. He was taller than me. We kissed for a bit. He asked to use my biggest butt plug because he said he'd cum faster with it up his ass. He liked the plug back and forth up his boyhole. His cock was about 3" but, boy, could he cum! I got his load as I was plunging the butt plug in and out his ass. He thanked me for getting him to cum! Whatever works, I thought. LOAD #3 - I met a bearded younger guy who wanted my daddy cum. I wonder whether he noticed my blackboard announcement. He took off his towel and closed the door and got to work sucking my cock. I wanted and needed to cum. I asked him to play with my nipples because that'll get me to cum fast. He sucked on my left nipple and squeezed my left nipple. I felt my load moving up my cock. I told him that I was about to cum. He got his mouth in position to suck all my load out. A talented mouth. I'm SO happy he ended my stay at Steamworks last evening! I did not get fucked and seeded but I did have a lot of fun. You never know who you'll meet at LIGHTS OUT @Steamworks!
  3. Rawsatyr, there is something to cruising old school in a bar and bathhouse, instead of heavily depending on technology for hookups. Cruising is hard work at times but the catch is fabulous bb sex and cumloads!! I'm all for old school cruising. Less work than all the negotiating involved by using apps or other hookup sites. OINK!
  4. The last few trips to my local gym I've been leaving the SCRUFF hookup app on to see if anyone younger in my gym would want to hookup. Today I hit the jackpot, of sorts. After my gym routine, I was still sweaty from the workout itself and I wanted to get home to shower before dinner. I got a new ping off SCRUFF. I was very interested in the young man who decided to message me for a quick hookup. Apparently, he works not too far from my gym and needed to unload. He's 27, of Portuguese descent. My type!! I told him that I had just come out of STAPLES office supplies, returning some used up toner to be recycled. He told me he's on his way to meet up with me. I was both nervous and anxious with a hard-on to bat. He arrived. He has these mesmerizing blue eyes (they melted me). He's into daddies (a lot!). And here I'm 54. I jumped in his car. Ok, let's find a more secluded, quiet spot. He's a top. I told him I wanted to suck on his cock bulging in his work clothes. We found an abandoned HOME DEPOT building close by. He parked behind the building, in the truck loading area (how appropriate!). We went to play in the back seats of his car. I unbuttoned his pants to reveal a gorgeous 6" not pencil thin, nor beer can thick cock. It didn't take me long to coax a huge creamy load out of him. He told he needed to de-nut after work, saving his load until the end of the day. He told me he was cumming. He came big time in my mouth -- big load, creamy, slightly salty. I cleaned off his cock and kissed him with a bit of his load. Short and sweet (or slightly salty as it were!)! We exchanged numbers. He wants more regular sex with me. He told my SCRUFF pics don't do justice to me, I'm more handsome in public. He told me he was bi, but loving boys more than girls. Suits me just fine. I'll be seeing those baby blue eyes more! I should leave SCRUFF on every time I'm at the gym.
  5. I love anon bb loads, especially in darkrooms, and seeing the top/vers guys who love to inseminate my daddy cunt!
  6. The last time I was there, I was told by the organizer that the fuck maze would be up permanently (until further notice) because it was very popular. I made it to the first Wednesday bb sex party from 6-12 midnight. It’s nice to have the option to go to a mid-week bb party if the weekend parties don’t fit busy schedules. I hope this helps!
  7. I love everything -- from soup to NUTS! Sex is meant to be playful and/or rough (depends on your liking) and fun! DNA is shared between men!
  8. Due to the weird hours of my contract work for the month of August, yesterday seemed like the best day to go to Steamworks Toronto. And guess what? Thursdays are LIGHTS OUT -- the whole sex club is turned into a giant darkroom. It makes for hot sex in every part of the bathhouse. Steamworks Toronto has a small chalkboard (I know, right!) where I wrote -- BB 110 (my room number for the night). Guys do check out who wants raw by looking at the info on this chalkboard. I arrived to play solo around 4 PM and stayed until 10, thinking 6 hrs is plenty of time to play raw. And I was right! LOADS #1 and #2 - I kept bumping into a younger pig beefy black guy. I met him first in the front gloryhole area with his ass up on the fuck horse. I bent down to taste his huge ass. A big slightly salty creamy load awaited me. You can tell me the difference between flavored lube and cumloads. His ass was freshly seeded. DESSERT for me!! LOL! Later on, he pushed out another cumload for me to taste and savor. YUM! LOAD # 3 - creamy oral load from a younger (by only a few years) thin guy with a big longish cock. I happened to get a big 12x12 room with mirrors all around, next to the vending machines. Traffic kept passing my open door, my room was dimly lit, and outside hall lighting let a bit of light in. He asked if I loved oral, because he needed to de-nut. His cock kept growing in my mouth. I sucked on his balls. Sucking on his balls got me his huge creamy load right in my mouth!! His spurts kept on coming. Delicious! LOAD #4 - oral again, in me. A little bit later on, a younger man with a Medit. accent asked to come in to my room. He wanted to de-nut too. Nothing else. No kissing. Just suck on his 7" cock. He was on the thick side. I managed to get his cock in my mouth right to the end. He loved that I could take his length. It didn't take long for him to cum. A huge creamy load down my throat. I guess he needed a quickie because I didn't see more of him later. What works for him works for me. I love guys who are ready to cum. It's nice to catch the guys coming from work to de-nut before heading home or the gym. Let's face it, guys have needs. And speaking of needs. Towards the end of my stay last night, a younger Asian guy (around 45 yrs old) asked if he could play with me. He's a total 100% bottom on PREP. So far, so good. I do get my share of Asians. Asians, Latinos, and Medit. men come from cultures that respect older men. It turns out he loves daddies. But what does he like in terms of sex play. I started by sucking his cock. He told he doesn't cum. Ok, what else to try? I asked whether he liked his hole rimmed. Yes. Down I went to make love to his smooth hole. I get hard when I rim. So with a little bit of silicone lube I got to fuck him for a bit. He told me he doesn't ingest cum but takes cum in his ass. We got to kissing. He liked that. Then he got on top of me and began to suck on and play with my hard nipples. From past experience I told him if he kept that up I would cum soon. His hole was lined up with my hard dick. He kept on sucking and playing with both nipples. This gets me very turned on. I told him I was closing to cumming. As I was about to cum, he sat on cock to receive my saved cumload in him. Wow, what a spectacular end to my raw sex play last evening!!
  9. I hope to visit Steamworks Toronto next Thursday for LIGHTS OUT. Whole place is a darkroom. Bb sex around every corner! Damn weird hours of this contract job get in the way. Enjoy, pigbro!
  10. a2malways, Get a lot of cum. A regular Friday or Saturday is a great night to get lots of bb fun and cum. Do hang out in all the darkrooms. When I'm there, they are my favourites places for anon bb sex. OINK!
  11. Would you agree with me that my hole needs your cum?! (Awfully polite - lol)
  12. Yesterday I douched out completely (like 15 short 5 second bursts from my metal showershot) to be able to attend BOYZ NIGHT @Steamworks Toronto. No accidents this time. Patience and diligence do pay off! BOYZ NIGHT @Steamworks Toronto is where guys 25 and under get in for free most of the day and evening. You don't know how many young horny guys you'll get. It's a different crowd from your average Thursday to Saturday nights. I visited the new pharmacy on Church Street to pick up my meds. I have my over-the-shoulder sex bag ready - two lubes + 2 black COLT buttplugs. Got to Steamworks just after 5 PM. I was going to stay until about 10 PM. I thought 5 hours is good enough for bb fun. I had to be up the next day early anyway. Within the first few minutes there was action in the back, narrow darkroom. A bunch of guys were really horned up and I could hear some hot sex happening, BTW, if you didn't know this about Toronto, bb sex is the NORM here. I met a younger pig in this darkroom. He was fucking someone while I got to feel up his ass. Wet. Hmm, NICE! He grabbed my hard cock with his hand and offered for us to use one of the gloryholes there for more personal sex. Sure, I was game. We kissed. I ate his ass for a bit. I love a wet hole. I fucked him for a bit. He turned me around to fuck me too. Wow, a raw VERS guy! Fucking HOT! Interesting enough he flooded my ass with a blast of cum, then he gave me my first oral load too. So, LOADS #1 and #2 -- in me. It all happened so fast. But really enjoyable! This darkroom wasn't busy at all afterwards for the rest of the evening. I wanted to use the shower and met up with this tall young, very sexy guy. We joked that the 6 showerheads never work at full capacity. Only 3 of them worked. Plus it's not like your shower system at home either. I was about to leave when he asked me to stay longer and kiss me several times. Probably into daddies, I was thinking. I got to play with his nipples and finger his hole. This beautiful younger man was here to play with his friend I found out later. But an enjoyable brief taste of him nonetheless. LOAD # 3 - in me. I wanted loads yesterday. I got a big square room about 12' x 12', the corner room opposite of the vending machines. I had the lights off, with only the outside light coming in. I was spread out across my bed with the largest buttplug comfortably in me to keep me loose. Very anon setting which I love. One top took me up on my offer and saw me spread out across the bed with a plug up my ass. No words were exchanged. It was magical. He took out my buttplug fast which made me wince in pain. Then he mounted me to fuck and seed me. He was in me for no more than 2 mins. I call him the silent cummer. It was fast-fast-fast, thrust, then 10 seconds of stillness. He left abruptly without saying a word. I put 2 fingers in my ass and tasted it. Yep, the load was real! All-in-all, a fun time @Steamworks. I'll be back again for BOYZ NIGHT there. Has anyone else experienced BOYZ NIGHT at your local Steamworks?
  13. A while back @ Steamworks Toronto, I twice sucked off a bi guy who had a lovely cock that fit my mouth perfectly. He loved the head I was giving him that he flooded my mouth and face and hair with a ton of cum. Cum stings my eyes so I cleaned off his cock and needed to head for the showers because I didn’t have a towel on me both times and needed to deal with the stinging. This WAS hyperspermia. I saw out of the corner of my eye guys simply smiling at the massive amount of cum that coated me. Haven’t hooked up with him since those joyful moments!
  14. I don’t like any kind of shaming (body shaming, Prep shaming, etc.). We, into bb sex, should be above that.
  15. Recently while I was at Steamworks Toronto I had been fucked and seeded by a young Latino with shaky English. With some hand gestures of mine, he understood that I wanted bareback only. It was the first time he topped and came in a daddy. If in doubt as to whether your hookups understand enough English, just use hand gestures to get your point across.

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