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  1. Experiences at CumUnion

    Hi, Rawboyz! Sunday Afternoon BB Sex at Steamworks Toronto I arrived at Steamworks Toronto around 1:30 PM, hoping to stay for my usual 8 hours. I was a bit tired from my shift work at a contract job for August. But I knew that I wanted to rim and fuck boycunts and suck younger cock. At first, it was slow. No much action. Then in the front, large gloryhole-dark space large groups of men showed up. Some lucky bottom was being fucked. I got to fuck several younger guys bare. No questions asked about status or name. Just good ol' bb fun! In this area I got to rim, suck cock, and fuck raw. One guy was being fucked on the bench there. I got to fuck his juicy boycunt. This bottom moaned his delight. Another bottom was on the other side. I switched guys and slid my hard dick into his ass. His ass muscles began to milk my cock, and it never fails, in about 5 mins. I rewarded his cunt with my saved load. He kissed me to thank me. It was so dark, I never did see his face. All I knew that he was younger than me and I was more than happy to provide his hole with an anonymous cumshot. Only 4 hours today -- but I had a lot of fun rimming ass, sucking cock, and bb fucking. What more can a voyeur-explorer barebacker like me ask for? I can add any Sunday afternoon/evening to a regular Friday/Saturday night at Steamworks Toronto. These are the best days and times for bb sex there.
  2. Toronto Club120 BB Orgy

    Felch, I'm sure you know these dates. Just to review for you, Cumunion at Steamworks Toronto on Fri., Aug. 25/17 starting at 10 PM. BB sex part on Sun., Aug. 27/17 from 4 to 8 PM at Club120 (Church St. and Richmond St.). Also, 1st anniversary bb sex party at Club120 on Sat., Sept. 9/17 from 10PM - 3 AM. I hope to see/meet you there. Cheers!
  3. New Members Introduce Themselves

    Get on PREP ASAP! Then begin to enjoy bareback sex! STDs are part of the territory of bareback sex. But STDs are treatable with antibiotics/penicillin. Good luck!
  4. Experiences at CumUnion

    Mj, It's a really good habit I'm into! LOL!
  5. Experiences at CumUnion

    AUGUST 11-12 STEAMWORKS TORONTO Hey, RawMen! Another installment of my raw sexcapades. Yesterday I'd had to say overall was VERY fun at Steamworks Toronto. Only one black bottom with a hard dick the size of cucumber wanted me to be covered with a condom. I refused. So I got to chew on his nipples and brush his ass with my hard daddy dick. Oh well, more raw guys to explore. I usually spend about the whole 8 hours watching and exploring Steamworks to see how many boycunts I can fuck. I did douche, hoping at least 1 guy'd fuck me. One guy started to but after a minute didn't want to fuck me any more. WTF! On to more bare topping. Does this happen to you, raw vers guys?? I did take one guy's advice and came in a young man's cunt about 3 hours in. I knew he wanted it bare and asked if I had a load. It was in the middle dark spare close to the sling. He stuck his ass out. I put my dick in. He established an awesome rhythm and a few minutes - BANG! He got my saved up load. I did like his devilish, slutty nature. No questions asked, just fill him up! I got to fuck more bottoms in the front dark space/glory hole area, plus suck a few cocks there too. In the back dark room, a guy was being fucked. As soon as he came, I knelt down to get the load he just exploded. He tasted great! The guy that was fucking him saw that I was hard and jerking off another load. He said to unload on his chest which I did. He thanked me for blasting on his chest. So, all in all, so many asses fucked. I could feel their cummy deposits. Bottom always love a good hard dick up their butts. I got to blast in a young man's anon boycunt (HOT!). And I blasted again. Always a new crop of guys. The guys I played with I've never seen before there. I'll be back for more. And this was a regular Friday night-Saturday morning, no Cumunion...
  6. No drugs (or even poppers here for that matter) here either. A young very handsome came into my room once at Steamworks Toronto and asked to borrow some lube ("I need a cup pf sugar, neighbor"). I had a bottle of silicone lube and told him he can use as much as he wants. He laughed and said I was a hot daddy. Too bad he didn't stop to play. I do try to help and be a good neighbor. Isn't that too funny?
  7. Toronto Club120 BB Orgy

    Muscle, Yes, it's like a drop-in for 4 hours only. A lot of bb sex happens. Some guys drop in their loads in guys and leave. Others stay longer and enjoy the true freedom at this raw playground. I wish more North American cities had this kind of bb sex party, where you can get close to 100 guys in a large space (like a gay club) for purposes of bb sex.
  8. Dad's Basement

    Your writing is so slutty and HOT to read! When Part Twenty-One coming? I've been this chain a few times...
  9. Experiences at CumUnion

    It Happened to be Cumunion as well... Well, Rawboyz, another installment of my sexual escapades. Due to dinner plans this evening, I decided to have my play time at Steamworks Toronto on Friday. And yes, it did coincide with Cumunion there too. I got ready by douching out well. This process left me clean to be fucked as I'm trying to be a raw vers daddy. Last night, I did get fucked in the dark rooms by anon guys who left their loads in me (5 loads). I followed up by tasting loads not lube. That's how I can tell. I met a few raw vers guys who saw me fucking and decided to park their cocks up my ass as I was fucking. HOT! I sucked a number of dicks and rimmed some asses too. More took forever to cum; one guy I was sucking in the back darkroom blasted in my mouth. I was very grateful. I did cum up one guy's ass. Just before I was leaving, I tuned into to some hot bb porn on my room's TV. I didn't see this younger guy before, but as I was about to cum, he must've been at my door, he noticed me cumming and suck my 2nd cumshot out of my dick. Like a little cum angel. SCORE! He came out of nowhere to swallow my 2nd load. SWEET! All in all, it was a super night! I came home around 6 AM and went to bed. I'm still no sure if it was a regular bb night for me (I chose either Friday or Saturday night to go to Steamworks Toronto) there or did I bump into guys who came because it was Cumunion. Difficult to tell.
  10. Laguna Bareback Boys

    I do too. I'd probably join in. LOL!
  11. Laguna Bareback Boys

    Rawboys, Post-orgy bb fucking! Enjoy! https://www.xtube.com/video-watch/Post-orgy-bareback-sling-fuck-870861
  12. Laguna Bareback Boys

    Rawboys, A Laguna bb boy eating cum to perform. https://www.xtube.com/video-watch/Eating-to-perform-12101661
  13. Laguna Bareback Boys

    Rawboys, More! https://www.xtube.com/video-watch/Hollywood-Bareback-Party-7-242145
  14. Laguna Bareback Boys

    Rawboys, Here's Part I. Enjoy! http://www.itsallgay.eu/video/24597/Laguna-Bareback-Boys--Bareback-Party-Part-1
  15. Experiences at CumUnion

    July 23rd RAW SEX ENTRY PART 1 - Club120 BB Sex Party (4 to 8 PM) Rawguys, you know from my posts that I can't stop talking and praising this event. Where can you be in/find a similar situation of close to 100 guys (a very busy evening) all in one place barebacking? Not even Steamworks Toronto's Cumunion can get so many guys together. Amazing!! Having gone to these bb sex parties (I think I missed 2 of them) from almost the start, you say "hi" to familiar faces/asses/dicks. But also, you get the opportunity to meet new guys. Well, I got to fuck/sim/rim familiar guys and new boys. The Aclands were performing on a special raised couch area downstairs. The fuckwall was in use. Something was different (the Virgo in me)... What was different? IMHO, groups of guys knew each other from before. Other guys were nervous and unwilling to be fucked/sucked/rimmed. Were they passive observers? There is "piggy" and PIGGY. If you're the latter, shouldn't you play with everybody regardless of body shape, age, etc.? Now I'm a 52 yr old vers daddy (I even douched well for this event), 185 lbs., 33 waist (soon to be 32), in-shape body (good firm thighs, legs, calves). With guys being more cautious and reluctant, it was difficult to know who was a top and bottom or vers, if you don't see them in action. What to do? PART 2 - Steamworks Toronto I left Club120 for Steamworks Toronto to check out a regular Sunday night. I got much more bb sex (and a feeling of satisfaction) from the darkrooms there (front and back). One of the regulars at the bb sex parties at Club120 showed up and asked he could suck me off and drop my load down his throat. He got his wish. I felt tired after 9 hours but now completely satisfied. My hope is for the next bb sex party to be more open and PIGGY and for the participants to be more involved. We're there to enjoy each other's bodies and fluids. My few thoughts.

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