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  1. Experiences at CumUnion

    APRIL 23/18 - Club120 (Toronto) BB Sex Party, 4-8 PM Hey, Rawslutz! On the whole I'd have to characterize yesterday's bb sex party as playful and fun. Oh sure, you get guys who are are totally nude (except for shoes) who repel your moves on them, like being upset that you brushed your hand across his bubblebutt ass. You can expect that. I met up with a younger top (< 25 yrs. old), tanned, and has long narrow dick, with whom I chatted before about barebacking and our love for it. I asked him to tease my hole 'cause I was douched and ready for cum. He asked, "But you're a top, aren't you?" I replied, "Yes, I'm a top, with bottom tendencies!" We both laughed and he slid his hard young dick into me for a few minutes of fucking. It felt GREAT. Later on, I asked him how old he thinks I am. He said I looked 45 (I'm actually 53). A younger looking daddy - hmmm, gets me thinking. LOL! Next, I met up with a beefy muscular cub, raw vers. He was fucking a guy in a sling and I asked if I could fuck him. He said, "Fuck me!" I shoved my hard daddy dick into him. His ass felt slick, incredible. Later on, he came back to fuck me and said I had a great ass. Compliment #2. I wanted him cum too, but it didn't happen. He had his eye and dick in someone else. Maybe next bb sex party... I had an Asian guy with a toned body with whom I had a instant chemistry. He must have seen me being fucked and he wanted to unload in me. He put his hard narrow dick in me and, like within 2 mins, I had his load in me. I thanked him and proceeded to clean off his cock. He was happy! I got to unload my saved load in an anon hole in one of the private darkened booths/rooms there. A win-win for both. A few more cocks to suck and asses to rim. I guess on the whole I ought to be grateful for such a great bb venue and a chance to be free and slutty. I'd love to better my personal best of last night's 2 loads at the next Club120 bb sex party. During June's Pride month in Toronto, there will be 3 bb sex parties at Club120. For details on upcoming dates and times, see fukdto.com. Cheers, rawslutz!
  2. Swallow

    FaceLoad, I have met a few lads that can cum more than once, each load was/is huge. Must be one-offs, not the norm, so when you say "can only breed maybe twice a day", you're honest and truthful. To cumloads!
  3. Swallow

    My wish is for the guy I'm sucking off to cum in my mouth or up my daddycunt. I have been getting, "Thanks for sucking my cock, but I'm not ready to cum yet!" WTF! I do tell the guy I'm fucking that I'm ready to cum in his ass.
  4. Toronto Club120 BB Orgy

    REMINDER - Fukd BB Sex Party at Club120 in Toronto (Church and Richmond) from 4-8 PM on Sun., April 22/18 $15 cover See the Men of Fukd in action - Rob Skelton, Andrew Hardy, and Teddy Taggart 4 slings, a few private rooms, 2 floors of consensual bb sex, 2 washrooms, $15 cover incl. free coat check See you there!
  5. Doesn't TIM (online store) have a waistband/jock with CUMDUMP printed on it? Just my 2 cents.
  6. Experiences at CumUnion

    FRIDAY, APRIL 13/18 - STEAMWORKS TORONTO Yesterday on Friday the 13th day of April, I, being oh so horny and saving a few days' cumload, decided to venture out to Steamworks Toronto and get a room for 8 hours. Time for bb sex after a vey busy work week. I did thoroughly douche and was sufficiently lubed up too. I do look forward to all my visits to Steamworks. Different guys each time I go. And last night was interesting... From the outset, I did get 2 cumloads -- one blasted in my mouth and other was felched out a very horny and beautiful young man's boycunt. He really enjoyed being rimmed and I guess the cumloads seeped/were pushed out. Those loads combined with ass juice, oh SO TASTY! YUMM! This was blissful! I did see 3 guys from the Club120 bb sex parties. Two of them said 'hi' and continued on their way searching for bb sex. I'll see them hopefully a week tomorrow at Club120. Check out fukdto.com for the upcoming bb party. I did also meet 2 guys I've had sex with before. The first younger guy blasted in my mouth at the last Club120 party, I thought we had connected well. He is a sexy slutty guy. The other guy was a young guy from Brazil (here in Canada now) I had over to my house; he was a hookup from Scruff. Hot time! He too blasted in my mouth with a lot of cum. I thought and presumed they'd want to hookup last night. I was dead wrong. No connection. I guess this does happen. I am puzzled by it because I thought and believed that are horny and slutty. I'm learning that this is not always the case. Past hookups do not always carry over into the future. Overall, I did get to rim a number of boyholes, suck a number of cocks (the guys didn't want to cum last night - WTF!?), and receive 2 cumloads. I'd love for the cumloads to increase in the future.
  7. When I prefer to be vers, some tops feel my daddycunt for loads or at least lube, other tops politely ask, "Would you love my load in you?", still others don't ask but see me in a jock and ram their hard cock in me. All tops are accepted, bonus if they leave their loads in me after fucking me bare.
  8. I very much like the term I've coined 're-fuck'. Very slutty, but to the point (wink-wink, OINK-OINK!)
  9. Experiences at CumUnion

    YESTERDAY'S FRIDAY WAS GOOD! I was having dinner with friends last night. I was a little more than horny. Oh well, what was I to do? Steamworks Toronto, what else! It was quite busy. I did catch 2 guys I knew from the Club120 bb sex parties there last night. They were have fun and so was I. Now on to the cocks... Cock #1 - front gloryhole-dark area. Taller than me (I'm 5'8") Asian guy locked eyes with me. He started by pinching my nipples. He was hard underneath his towel, and I was hard wearing only a jock. He took his towel off and urged me to suck his cock. No encouragement needed. I could feel that his cumming was imminent, so I asked him if he could blast in my mouth. Within 2 mins. I had a mouthful of hot cum. Cha-ching - LOAD #1. Swallowed. I did clean off his cock. A win-win for both! Cocks #2 and 3 - back, long and narrow dark room. After 2 AM the staff turns the lights off there. Very sensory after that. Bodies, cocks and asses try to fit themselves in and through this space. I was sucking an anon dick. I did feel his cum. Not a huge load, a bit salty. But oh well. LOAD #2 in my mouth. Then, towards the end of my 8 hr. stay I got a handsome muscular young man who wanted a release. Who was I to argue? He had a buff body in the darkness with a curved longish hard cock. I got down on my knees and serviced him. I asked he could cum in my mouth. He said yes. Then he held my head back a few inches from his oh-so-great-tasting dick and he was jerking off. At the moment of cumming I got my mouth and tongue around his swollen cock and felt it pulsating in my mouth. A really big load! He tasted great! I cleaned off his cock. I could tell he was happy! Cock # 4 - earlier in the same back narrow dark room I was fucking a nice younger boy's ass. I could feel that I was about to cum. A guy sucking cock next to me said, "Give me your cumload!" I don't know what had me exit one guy's lovely ass to directly shoot in another guy's mouth, but I shot a good-sized hot load into his mouth. He cleaned off my cock and thanked me. The bottom was still being fucked by other guys. I guess exiting from one guy and into the mouth of another guy is new to me. I loved it!! Time to go to April's Club120 bb sex parties. Cheers, rawbuds!
  10. Jockpussy FTM

    This next FTM vid clip is short but you actually hear the wet goodness inside (or the top is about to cum). Enjoy! OINK! http://redneckfucker.tumblr.com/post/171555106503/menlovepussy-gayguycravingforpussy-always
  11. Jockpussy FTM

    This vid clip is longer and SIZZLINGLY HOT! Enjoy! https://www.gayforit.eu/video/370431/Bareback-FTM
  12. Jockpussy FTM

    This jockpussy vid clip is very short, but oh so fucking HOT! http://fromallofuswithlove.tumblr.com/post/172403429601/always-reblog
  13. Most Loads in Single Stay at Bathhouse

    Leather and 1deviant, You are both correct! My older brother got HEP C from tainted blood back in the 1980s after a shoulder operation. HEP C is NOT fun. This year he finished taking these horse pills (1 per day) for 3 months to rid his body of his HEP C type. He's now HEP C free.
  14. Rawbois, I have to come to appreciate the genuine enjoyment of bb sex by Mino as a bottom here: https://rawlatinpig.tumblr.com/post/168744658984/aceofspadez91-skin-hunks-holes-v7-begging and as a top: https://www.gayforit.eu/video/403832/Boys-Bareback-Bathroom-Bangout I've watched both vid clips many times! Mino ROCKS as a raw vers guy!! A very beautiful guy inside and out!! HOT! OINK!
  15. Toronto Club120 BB Orgy

    APRIL 2018 BB SEX PARTIES @Club120 in Toronto Rawmen, There are 2 upcoming bb sex parties in April 2018 @Club120 in Toronto. Sun., April 8 -> 4-8 PM LATIN HEAT with bb porn stars Jonah Fontana and Lorenzo Flex Sun., April 22 -> 4-8 PM For more details, check out fukdto.com Parking is available nearby.

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