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    barebacking, rimming boyhole, sucking boycock, felching boyCUNT
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    I'm 54. I love to play raw with younger men.
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    Younger raw boys into bb sex, but NOT into collecting STDs. Looking to develop a local contact list of younger men into a fun, but STD-free, time.

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  1. MykBruce, Try to sync your next trip to GI Joe with Cumunion (once per month). That'll bring out more barebackers. I had a LOT of fun when I was there at GI Joe for Cumunion. I loved the basement - sling and gloryhole area. Bb sex during Cumunion happened not only in the basement but on other floors, even in public. HOT! Guys are very horny and frisky. French Canadians love bb sex PERIOD. If I'm in town there in future, I'd go back there in a heartbeat! OINK!
  2. I remember twice at Steamworks Toronto in the past I was playing with the same younger multi-cummer who loved having his hard cock sucked. He usually didn't last long but, BOY, could be CUM buckets. I was sucking him in a smaller room with fuck bench (in the front gloryhole-slurp ramp area) and he told me he was cumming. I slurped down his cum but his cumshots kept coming in volleys in my hair and on my face. He thanked me. But I knew I had a lot of cum there and I left for the showers as some of the cum was stinging my eyeballs. Guys were smiling all the way to the showers. I felt fine and NO guilt whatsoever. I haven't seen that younger guy since. I will cherish those two times for years to cum!!
  3. To be rimmed, fucked and felched for hours of enjoyment! 🐷
  4. All shapes, sizes and ages (from dom to fem) play at the fukdto bb sex parties. Drop by - 3 bb parties in March. See fukdto.com for future dates and times. The last bb sex party of every month has the infamous fuck maze installed and so hot to play in.
  5. Who ever said that bb sex was a clean sport? Shit happens (literally!). It's incumbent for the bottom and top to clean up after the mess. It may be a bit embarrassing or unnerving to both men playing. You just don't shut down. After cleaning up, you either resume sex with the same guy or move to different partners or groups. The bb field should be wide open even after some setbacks!!
  6. I agree - bathhouses ARE hit or miss, as long as you have a good time. If it's a miss, the next time will be better!
  7. Bathhouses are places to share yourself with other men, younger or older or both. It's also a place, not only for CUM, but for STDs. It's part of our gay socialization and to feel care-free about our sexuality and nudity! And you learn how to cruise.
  8. I have lower hanging balls! No complaints from the younger guys who choose to play with me! OINK!
  9. The old French CADINOT films (now vid clips) were hot and bareback without the American soundtrack. Try to find CADINOT, I found him, his boys, his scenes very HOT!
  10. You're correct in taking baby pig steps. Another suggestion: as he plays with your body be verbal (slowly and increasing a bit each bb sex session), and encourage him to be verbal if he likes/loves something you're doing to his body. His nipples may not be attached to his boycock, but I'm sure that other erogenous zones are! Just my further two cents. Best of luck!
  11. This young, remarkably endowed young man, needs to be relaxed. No doubt about it. Have you played with him -- sucked on his tits, played/rimmed his ass, licked him all over with your tongue, etc. to see where his erogenous zones are? Beside him fucking you, do you allow him to play with you all over? A little exploration might just get him to relax, achieve and keep erections so he can go on to fuck and fill your hole. Turning your encounters into play time on repeated occasions might just awaken for him the beast (and sex pig) from within. Best of luck! OINK!
  12. Skylon, Sync your visit with a Fukdto bb sex party at Club120 (120 Church Street). Details and future dates and times at fukdto.com. Have a cum-filled time while in Toronto. 🐷
  13. Ass juices and cum deposits are a huge turn-on for me when I eat or felch bubble butts!! 🐷
  14. I have a semen taste scale - from neutral to quite salty. I'm never come across very sweet tasting cum. Guys who shoot either cum in thick volleys or in more watery cumshots, for lack of a better word. I've met only one bi guy at Steamworks Toronto on two separate occasions who kept cumming and cumming in my mouth with such volume! I don't bump into him that much any more. But boy, could he cum!

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