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  1. Read1

    Fuck bench

    Memphian, Your fuck box is a cousin of Toronto's Fudkto (see fukdto.com) bb party's fuckwall. Like you said, "amazing... when you can't see anything and you just lay there until a finger, tongue, or cock surprises your hole". BLISS! OINK!
  2. Read1

    Popping the Pizza Boy’s Cherry

    Pup, I hope that the male docs and nurses/technicians are fucking HOT when you're there for routine checkups!! WOOF! OINK! Speedy recovery!!
  3. Read1

    Bottom 100% now confused

    Darkroom, When I was exclusive to my exs in past relationship, I thought that I could only bottom. 100% bottom. I've been single for more than 3 years and I wanted to try topping. Something in my brain said, "Try it, you'll love to top!" I convinced myself and tried topping. Practice topping more and more lead me to start out topping guys (1/3 tops, 2/3 bottoms in any male-to-male sexual playground, with a few vers guys thrown in for good measure). I do douche as well. But I get most bb fun out of topping. Oh sure, I still rim bubble butt a lot, and suck cock. It's a natural progression. I wonder if 100% tops have switched to bottom only. Probably. It's all GOOD! Keep having bb sex! OINK!
  4. To get in touch (literally too) with his boycunt, and how great it feels to get fucked and filled with men’s precious hot cumload! All our orifices are connected to our slutty brains!
  5. Read1

    Fuck bench

    Once one top barefucks you, more tops often step forward to do the same and blast their loads into your ass.
  6. Yesterday I met friends for dinner to celebrate my birthday. Dinner and birthday cake were scrumptious! It was early (before 11 PM) when we left the restaurant in Toronto's traditional gay village. I hugged and said my goodbyes. So what's a 54-yr old daddy do? I headed off to Steamworks Toronto. I wanted some bb fun on my birthday. I didn't want to be fucked as I hadn't douched earlier. Topping only. I didn't know this but if you have a member's card to Steamworks, they give you a discount for a room on your birthday. The staff guy said he didn't have a standard room but he did have a large room with screen and no sling. I've never had this before. Hmm, visions of a small group of barebackers were filling my mind. Hell, why not? I paid my fee, got and fell in love with this huge room with mirrors all around. You can see from every angle possible. I just had a shirt, shoes, shorts and jock on. I was naked in less than a minute. I kept spare silicon lube in my car's glove compartment and it came in very handy. I decided to walk through Steamworks to see who was there. I saw a fellow top from the Fukdto bb parties there enjoying himself. A lot of frisky guys. I didn't know how long I would last -- the room was for 8 hours, checkout time was set for 7 AM. Being barefoot and having a jock on, you get noticed fast. I got felt up by several younger guys. Hands brush your thighs. Gay men are sensory and physical when it comes to sex. In the middle dark space where the DJ booth is, I got felt up by a younger guy with a bubble butt. Another guy was kissing him. He lifted his leg up and I knelt down to rim him. I have a soft spot for bubble butts. He definitely was enjoying the rim job. He left me and another taller younger man grabbed onto my dick which was getting harder. As it was dark in that part I didn't see his face totally but I started to suck on his nipples. He took my hand and we moved a bit to the middle. He too had a bubble butt. Smooth runner's body, bearded, over 6 ft (he's 6' 1"). I'm into younger men, he was into daddies. I knelt down and tongued his boyhole. This drove him nuts and he began to moan and wanted more rimming. I was there to oblige. He asked if I had a room. I took his hand and we both entered my big room. He was amazed by its size. I fucked him bare (and not one question about using condoms or status) in many positions -- on his back with legs in the air, on his stomach, in a kamasutra position (bliss!), on his side. I rimmed him more too. We both sucked each other's cocks. When he was on his stomach, I ran my tongue from the balls right up his spine to the back of his neck. Did he ever moan?! We caressed, deep kissed, love bit each other (no blood!), suck on each other's nipples. Time to rest and cuddle and chat were built in too. We both came in each other's mouth - BINGO (great birthday cum gift - OINK!). He's one very sexy younger man, originally from India, 7 years new to Canada. He speaks English well. I told him that I got hungry after sex; could be please go somewhere in the gay village for a quick bite to eat? We showered and left Steamworks Toronto. At 3:30 AM there are only a few places open there to eat. Three pizza places, a pierogi place, and a burger place. We found a basement pizza parlor to get pizza slices and cans of pop. My younger fb paid for this early morning snack. We sat on the steps near door, ate, drank and chatted more, now with our clothes on. I got to know him some more. I found out he's 34 (wow a 20-yr age difference!). We exchanged cell numbers. He's the same sign as me - Virgo. We agreed on so many things. We laughed a lot and had an easy back-and-forth in our conversation. He's very open-minded. I think, based on his life situation, that he'll be my new friend and fuckbud (remember, I'm trying to develop an iPhone fuckbud list). We both made feel each other relaxed, de-stressed, and sexually fulfilled during last night's sex. A win-win for both to be sure.
  7. Read1

    Jockpussy FTM

    Hey, rawbros! FTM bb vid clip just under 2 mins. I hope it turns you on as it did/does me! Enjoy! OINK! https://dwarfonium.tumblr.com/post/177633667882/jack-fills-luke-hudsons-jockpussy-with-his
  8. Phukhole, Bookmark fudkto.com and come on up for a future Fukdto bb sex party at Club120 in Toronto! Your hole is wel-CUM here any time! Oink!
  9. Read1

    Toronto Club120 BB Orgy

    Next Fukdto BB Sex Party at Club120 in Toronto -> Sun., Sept. 23/18, 4-8 PM See fukdto.com for details and future dates. $15 cover (incl. clothes check), cash bar, fuckwall, 5 slings, fuck benches, jugs of lube/lube packets, wetwipes, public fucking, a few small private cubicles/rooms, 2 washrooms
  10. Last night I decided to go to LIGHTS OUT at Steamworks Toronto for birthday bb sex. I love the darkened environment, especially the darkrooms totally pitch black. Darkrooms are my soft spot! Hard cocks to suck and be fucked by, probing hands, bodies moving in and out of the dark space, juicy asses to rim, etc. OINK! I had douched completely - 90 mins is the norm. I had my favorite red jock on, shorts, t-shirt, black Skechers with white heel trim. A sexy daddy for sure and vers ready. I got a standard room just before 9 PM. The club had a decent amount of men to play with. I met 2 guys from the Fukdto bb parties. Bonus! Their cocks opened my daddycunt for the rest of the night. No loads from them as it was very early. I've changed my position on this, if I cum I cum, early or middle or late. I was in the back, narrow darkroom. I knelt down to suck young cock. One younger Asian's cock just grew longer in me. I managed to get it down my throat without gagging. He said, "I'm cumming!" It felt like a dribble (some guys just don't blast forcefully!) but salty. LOAD #1. OINK! Another guy shoved his cock in my face. I sucked him too. He, too, came in my mouth. More of a flow than a spray or blast. No worries, LOAD #2. OINK! I met a guy I've fucked raw before. He says he's a cumdump. He was hanging out in the darkroom. I love rimming his smooth ass. I asked whether we could go back to his room and I would give him my cum. I got turned on. I thought, "MOVE ON!" I did. The room I usually have gotten at Steamworks faces the back, narrow darkroom. Everybody who comes into and out of the darkroom would see me in my jock laying on my bed. Last night there was a familiar tanned skinned younger guy there I've fucked before. He greeted me with "Happy Birthday" and asked if I could lay with him and cuddle and chat. I thought, "Hell, I haven't done this in a while! Why not?" We kissed, cuddled and chatted for what seemed like hours. He asked whether I came. I said I did not as of yet. He was kissing me and playing with hard cock and nipples, and whadya know, he lowered himself to my exploding cock and took my cum in his mouth. LOAD #3 OINK. I left around 3:30 AM, trying to stay awake and ever so hungry for food and thirsty for something to drink. A great pre-birthday bb time at Steamworks Toronto, for sure!
  11. When I’m at Steamworks, i do walk around barefoot in just a jock. But during LIGHTS OUT on Thursdays or after the staff dims the lights in the darkrooms I have worn my jock around my neck or left it in my room. Guys quickly get the message. I love the feel of skin-on-skin and skin-in-skin in a pitch black darkroom!! Oink!
  12. Read1

    Sucking while getting fucked

    Bbflipflop, Ah-men! Agreed!
  13. Read1

    My 2 MOTTOS...Maybe YOU agree?

    Cum is yum!
  14. One of my favourite bb porn stars is Fred Mayer - he’s deliciously slutty! Also I have a soft spot for a local Torontonian bb porn star Rob Skelton whom I have fucked and seeded. He’s down-to-earth and a real sweetie. Oink!
  15. Read1

    What vaccines are available?

    There are vaccines for many of the genotypes of HEP C. My older brother got HEP C back in the 1980s due to a shoulder operation and tainted blood here in Canada (the Red Cross tainted blood tragedy). This past year he was given horse pills to take for 3 months and then get tested for how much HEP C is left in his system. He had a specific HEP C genotypes. He is HEP C-free now. When he first got it, I thought he got the fuck flu through bare sex with several women with whom he was sexually active back then. It was scary. Now he's happy to be rid of it.

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