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  1. I've met a few bb couples at the Club120 bb sex parties here in Toronto. Some play together there, and others play separately. All are sluts! So, OzPig, you don't have to be alone. You may yet find your future slutty bf for new bb adventures. Imagine that! Cheers!
  2. Bottoms are too slutty? What about tops wanting to be slutty? Being slutty, top or bottom or vers, is about being adventurous. Guys who turn us down are losing out. I love to search out slutty guys (remember, I'm a voyeur-explorer). They're not hard to find!
  3. Experiences at CumUnion

    Hey, Rawbros! Well, after a 3 wk hiatus from man-to-man bb sex due to a very nasty chest cold (no temperature though!?), I decided to go to Steamworks Toronto last night. I guess that my horny, slutty nature took over. And that's just fine by me. I did catch up on reading posts on BZ as well as jerked off to new bb porn. All GOOD! Each time I visit Steamworks Toronto on a Friday night brings a new crop of guys. I didn't have any trouble finding and getting bb sex. I got to suck a few hard cocks. Nobody wanted to cum. A few guys appreciated me rimming them. Last night I didn't get rimmed, felt up YES, but not rimmed. I dumped my saved load into an anon hole and got 1 load dumped into me. I'm very appreciative. A dry night, rawbros! Not many guys and not many wanted to play. I hope that the next time is more slutty! Do you, rawbros, experience nights like these? Thoughts?
  4. Most Loads in Single Stay at Bathhouse

    Leather, My brother is now clear of HEP C. He got these big horse pills to take for 3 months. Very expensive but the pills were covered because he was part of a study on the effectiveness on his particular genotype. He's been tested after completing his 3 month pill taking, he's now totally clear of HEP C. I believe he had genotype 6, not too common HEP C. I'm happy for him.
  5. First cumunion event

    Enjoy as much cum in your mancunt/boyhole as possible!! Let loose!
  6. BBRTS and threesomes.

    Isn't the whole thing about introducing more bb guys into the sexual-sensual mix about interests, turn-ons, hard dicks and open boycunts -- about reaching bliss?! If I'm fucking a younger guy and another guy, top or bottom, wants in -- aren't we all turned on and want to pleasure each other and get each other's hot seed? I used to be just 1 on 1, pretty vanilla and staged. Now my bb mind is so much more open to pairs, groups of 3 or 4 or more. Cheers!
  7. What is this Scene ?

    What is this scene? Rawbros, I've always found this vid HOT. Is it from a studio? Or from someone's private bb porn diary? Thanks! https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5a4adf2b18741
  8. Do you clean cock?

    Ozpig, 98% of the time tops will be happy and grateful that you, as a bottom, cleaned off their cummy cocks. 2% are total ingrates! Consider it a 1 off! Continue doing what you do best! Cheers!

    Saturn1, Loving your choices of young guys to breed! I love to fill young boycunts with my daddy cum!! Keep them coming and cumming!!
  10. Getting PREP in UK

    Fungayboy, Hi! I'm across the pond in Canada; I live very close to Toronto, Ontario. I'm on the generic Truvada - Mylan-Emtricitabine/Tenofovir Disoproxil. The generic version of Truvada made by Mylan is now covered under my provincial health ministry drug plan. Also, I've been on Truvada for almost 2 years now. Here's a backgrounder for you: http://thesexyouwant.ca/prep/how-to-get-it/ I don't know if the info here helps you! Governments anywhere love paperwork. Paperwork is totally unnecessary. Get generic Prep into the hands of barebackers as soon as possible! Cheers!
  11. Club Pittsburgh Cum Slut

    Kink, I usually go to Steamworks Toronto either on a Friday or Saturday night around 9-10 PM and get a room for 8 hours. Gay men have stuff to do during the day so they're not there during the day. Bb play gets into high gear after 2 AM when the boys let out of the bars close by. They need to drop a load before going home to bed. I have been to Steamworks Toronto mid-Saturday afternoon. Very few guys there. It can be hit-and-miss. Luckily a muscle guy wanted to blast in my mouth. I was really lucky. Not always the case. Best of bb luck to you, Kink!!
  12. Can anybody answer this?

    Prairie and David, You make interesting points of discussion I too have experienced in my bb adventures! Txs so much!
  13. Anybody else not care for darkrooms?

    For my part, my best bb fucking happened and happens in a dark room. At Steamworks Toronto they turn the lights down or even off after 2 AM on a Friday/Saturday. You can still make out who's seeding you. But why do I love darkrooms? Things like age, body shape disappear. Guys (the sluttier) stick their asses out to be fucked. It's so HOT to oblige them and fulfill their needs. I can also bend down to lick and make love to their boycunts which drives most up the wall! They want more ass eating. When more guys arrive, some join the bb sex and we take turns fucking boycunt. I have been under guys getting fucked in a corner or the fuck bench to catch their hot loads as they say they're cumming. Dark rooms are so primal, sensual, animalistic! That's why so many guys want bb in there or at least walk through. It's the sight, sounds and smells of a darkroom that's so attracting and attractive!
  14. Experiences at CumUnion

    EARLY NEW YEAR'S DAY @ Steamworks Toronto Hey, Rawbros! First of all, happy New Year's to all you bb sluts! May this 2018 brings lots of cummy bliss to you in your bb adventures! After last night's get-together with friends and the customary champagne to ring in the New Year here in Toronto, I decided, because I am horny by nature, to check out Steamworks Toronto on early New Year's Day. Was it ever packed with guys! A few vignettes of my voyeur-explorer bb lens. The front gloryhole-slurp ramp-big dark space was slowly dimming its lights over the course of the 4-5 hours I was. When it gets pitch black, you get to see silhouettes, twinkling eyes, lovely bodies, hot cocks and asses. One area, about 10x7, has a fuckbunch. This morning guys just seemed to pack it in there. How many bodies can you fit in there? Amazingly hot too! I can always find a guy in there that's craving bb sex. I got to fuck a lovely boycunt there, younger guy into older guys. His hole felt really nice. He wanted to move on, but the few minutes of fucking he liked a lot. Next. I saw from behind the young 22 yr old Brazilian guy I had over to my place on Xmas Day of last year (see my earlier post). I came up to him from behind, nibbling on the back of his neck and sucking his ears, pinching his nipples, with him moaning his pleasure. He turned around and with the widest of smiles asked if we could be alone and that he had a present for me. When we got back to my room, we kissed and cuddled, 69ed, and he feed me his Brazilian hard cock. He came in my mouth with a big hot load of boyjuice. We cumkissed it seemed for ages. This turns both of us on!! He wants to get together this month. I have to find opportunities to have him over to my house again. Sexy, young, and slutty are the young guys I love! I went to the far narrow gloryhole-dark room in the back of Steamworks to check it out. Two more guys I sucked blasted in my mouth. And I got to finally fuck my load into an anonymous boycunt. Not bad for New Year's Day -- 3 loads in me, 1 load out for a few hours of hot bb fun. I'm still seeing a growing trend of guys only engaged in bb sex. Let's continue this natural way of man-to-man sex shall we, boyz!!
  15. JustSexNow, I'd love a similar vers bf!! Got any more? LOL!

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