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    barebacking, rimming boyhole, sucking boycock, felching boyCUNT
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    I'm 54. I love to play raw with younger men.
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    Younger raw boys into bb sex, but NOT into collecting STDs. Looking to play with younger men to create a fun, STD-free, play time. Hit me up! OINK!

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  1. My nipples love being played and nibbled with and can make me cum in someone’s sloppy hole! Who would’ve thought? 🐷
  2. If a top pulls out for whatever reason, there had better be another wet hole or mouth ready to receive his hot cumload. Let not one cumdrop be wasted!! OINK!
  3. Age doesn't matter in any darkroom. Bring on the cock, ass, and CUM!!!
  4. Friday, May 17/19 -> STEAMWORKS TORONTO - 8:45PM-4:30AM I must say from the outset last night at Steamworks Toronto was a normal, piggy night for me. Diverse crowd both physically and age-wise. Here's what happened. 1. Within an hour of getting there I met a younger guy shorter than me (I'm 5'8") but beefier. He started to feel me up and play with my nipples in the bark narrow darkroom. He took my hand and we entered the middle confessional with 2 gloryholes on each side (no bench). He took off his towel, revealing a beautiful cock, more on the pencil thin side, but I'm not complaining. I sucked on it for a bit. We kissed. He told me he wanted to fuck me. By all means, go ahead. Raw, no mention of condoms. My hole was completely douched and lubed. So him going in me didn't hurt one bit. His cock I could take. After a really short time, he asked where I wanted his load. I said, "In me!" I could feel his cock ready to spurt a huge load. His breath became shortened and he lead out a few grunts. I felt his cock spurting in me and the cum down my left thigh. I knelt to thank him by cleaning off his cock. He said his name was Alain and that he was into daddies. LOAD #1 - in me. 2. I did see my favorite younger pig slut. Very thin waist. About 6'. Goatee. Raw vers. He was in the front gloryhole-slurp ramp area sucking cock. Guys wanted a piece of him. One guy was sucking his cock, and I knelt down to taste his beautiful boycunt. I presumed it would be wet and full of loads. I was right. He looked around to see who was rimming him. He smilled and went back to cock sucking. He always manages to push out a few loads for me to eat. And this night his boyhole was dessert for me. He has a long beer-can thick cock. I asked for him to tease my hole with it. He could just get the head in and poke around a bit. I kept bumping into him last night. Remember, pigs can smell other pigs from far away and want to play together. 3. LOADS #2 and 3 I got from various cocks while kneeling in the back, narrow dark room. Their dicks were incredible. These guys were one-hit wonders because after cleaning off their cocks to thank them, they quickly disappeared from that dark room. When there's action there, I try to feel up guys' asses with my fingers who's ready to rimmed or fucked. I managed to eat a few nice boyholes too. All the guys last night were clean; no accidents happened. 4. The next load was from a guy who claims he fucked me before. Middle Eastern younger guy on PREP, into daddies. I spotted him in the front gloryhole area. We kissed. He was busy. I asked whether he's staying for a bit, he said yes. Later on, during one of my pitstops in my room at Steamworks, he asked to come in. My room was not well lit up but he knew he had the right room. We kissed. His towel came off fast. He hadn't seen me in a while. He has an open relationship with his bf. He plays on the side. He had cum twice earlier and wasn't too sure if he'd be able to fuck me. I guess he was fucking other guys. Dicks can get sore! I told him I wanted his boycum. He's in his 30s, tanned, shorter than me. We held each other and kissed some more. I got to his dick level and swallowed his flacid cock. It didn't take long to become hard. I sucked him to his enjoyment. He helped me out by jerking his cock to crank out another (his 3rd) load. Boy, was it creamy and a good-sized load. His fingers I sucked because they were filled with his cum too. I cleaned them off and his cock. We lay there and just chatted. I told him I like to come to Steamworks on Friday nights. He said that he'll look out for me next time he's there. Another fan of daddies. LOAD #4 - in me. 5. I was still saving my big load for a younger guy's mouth or ass. In the back narrow darkroom (like in all darkrooms of Steamworks Toronto) the lights get dimmed after 1 or 2 AM. The time was approaching 4 AM. I went into that narrow darkroom. Many hands wanted to play with my nipples and cock. In the dim light I saw a bubble butt which I wanted to rim. I got down to work. As I was working his hole with my tongue, he started to moan and back up more. His boycunt was loving the attention. He turned around for me to suck his half-hard cock. Lovely! I got up, and he wanted to taste my cock and another guy's cock too. He was going back and forth. He wanted cum. While he was sucking the other guy next to me, I was jacking my cock and ready to blast. I lead out a "I'm reading to burst!" comment, and he immediately switched cock to catch all of my load. This young pig knew what to do and proceeded to clean off my cock and thank me for my load! LOAD #5 - in a younger pig. Gentlemen, pigs=pigs! I showered and left by 4:30 AM. A vey frisky, piggy night!
  5. What I like about bathhouses like Steamworks in Toronto is the creative combination of private-public sex you can make for yourself and other raw players. You want 1-1 in my room (with door open!), by all means! You want bb sex in the corridor, hell ya! You want bb sex in any darkroom or gloryhole, get your ass ready! Want group bb sex, just start with a couple and build more bb guys in! It’s about truly enjoying men’s bodies and their fluids, relaxing, de-nutting!
  6. Cumdumptor, I must agree with you on all points. It's make me mad (and even chuckle) when I'm on the fuck bench, and like you said, I get petted up and down my back like the family dog or even spanked. I want cock and cum! OINK, pigbro!
  7. My Mom used to say, "You won't whether you'll like/love something until you try it." This applies to guys who are categorically against rimming or felching. Have you ever tried it? Have you watched bb porn featuring rimming or felching? If so, does it get your hard? What do you like or not like about it? If you did it before and loved it, chances are you will continue enjoying rimming or felching guy's asses? If you did not, something must have happened for you not to choose it. Just like cock sucking, rimming or felching takes desire and practice to be good at it! I know this when younger guys with bubble butts love their asses being rimmed and/or felched so much, they begin to back up in to your lips or mouth wanting you to continue and go deeper! OINK!
  8. Douper, Sounds like you have LGV, clamydia's wicked stepsister. I had it. My younger gay doc prescribed antibiotics twice per day for 21 days plus a cream to soothe my butt. My butt also had a very small tear. Also, no sex for 21 days. I had to get re-tested to make sure the antibiotics and cream did their job. Prvt me if you want more info. Good luck!
  9. Try Steamworks Toronto (see their website for Pride Month events) or the FukdTo bb sex parties at Club120 (private gay club, see fukdto.com for further details). Wel-CUM to Toronto, bareback traveler!
  10. I have gotten my daddy hole sugared now and then. Hot enough gooey sugar applied to your hole, then he takes this special paper and gently rips the hair (not the skin!) off the hole. Three to five rips and your hole is hairless. The redness due to sugaring disappears quickly. My hole is easier to lube up now. Try, you might like sugaring.
  11. Fri., May 3/19 -> STEAMWORKS TORONTO (8:30PM-4:30AM) Hey, Rawbros! Another installment of my bb sex diary. I did douche completely -- 90 mins. (though I wish I could do it faster, but I don't want any accidents at the bathhouse later!). So I was ready to fuck and be fucked. 1. The first two loads I got by sucking anon younger men's cock in the back narrow darkroom. After 1 AM, it was totally dark except for a thin green light strip going the length of the wall there. A younger guy with a white watch which glowed green caught my attention. I knelt down to take his cock. He was hard as a rock. I really enjoyed when he asked me, "Do you want to shoot my load?" Well, YES, I do! It didn't take him long to shoot a full load into the back of my mouth and down my throat. A win-win for both sucker and suckee! LOAD # 1 - in me. I cleaned off his cock, and he thanked me and exited the darkroom (never did see his face). Another younger guy loved how I played with his nipples. Also, hard as a rock. I sucked his cock while gently twisting and playing with his nipples. He was a fast cummer too. LOAD # 2 - in my mouth. More of a dribble. But beggars can't be choosers (sound something my Mom would say! LOL). 2. LOADS # 3 and #4 - same dark room, a bit later (same guy it turns out). A younger man named Neal got on his knees to suck my cock and hold on to my calves for support. He worked a few fingers into my ass. You, rawboyz, know what that means. I shot my 5-day load into his mouth. He cleaned my cock off and shared a bit of my load with me. HOT! LOAD # 3 - in him. Later, I thought another younger guy wanted to crank out a second load from me, but it was this same younger pig who asked for a second load from me. Pigs can sniff out others pigs, no?! Hehe. He stared to kiss me and play with my nipples. A second load was about to happen, I asked him to swallow my cock again, and, BOOM, I managed to surprise myself and give the same guy a second load! WOW! I was lucky to get the same younger pig and feed him some more. 3. LOAD # 5 - in me. Curious, that I don't get to play with many younger black guys here in Toronto. A beefy younger man (he said he was 47 yrs old) kept cruising me. I was lying down on the bed taking a pit stop. He asked to come in and began feeling my hole. I invited him to choose his favorite lube - silicon lube, Vaseline clear, or Boy Butter. He chose the Vaseline to slick up my hole. His cock, I felt, was not a pencil nor was it beer can thick, kinda in the middle. I told him to go in slow. He did and picked up his pace a bit. He told me he wouldn't last too long. He was ready to cum. In about 3-4 mins. he grunted, and I could feel his cock spurting a big load in me. His load went down my left leg. A win-win for both fucker and fuckee! My earlier douching paid off in spades! I had a quite nap and was reading to leave around 4:30 AM. Not too many guys were left at that hour. I did meet up with a bottom from the Club120 bb parties. He told me he had a few loads in him already. He allowed me to taste his cock and flooded hole. YUMMY! I got to taste a few bubble butts too (perhaps 2 or 3 more). A FUN bare night!! OINK!
  12. Spunk and Pig, Sync your trip with a CUMUNION bb sex party at GI Joe (my favorite bathhouse) in Montreal. They start Cumunion at like 7 PM and go all night. French Canadians absolutely LOVE bb sex!! Not a drop of cum spilled. You'll have a lot of fun, especially in the basement sling-gloryhole area! OINK!
  13. I love cummy kisses. I also love kissing a guy on the lips or licking the back of his neck as I’m seeding them. Drives most guys wild, begging for your hot cum! Oink!
  14. Guys vary from thin (a dribble) to thick and creamy cum. Also when you taste cum, some guys produce very salty cum, others neutral tasting cum, and still others sweet cum. Just keep enjoying it!

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