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  1. Local Grindr paid off -- in spades! 30 yr old in-shape, moderately hairy young man with a 6.5" thicker cock comes over so he could get a bj and shoot down my throat. He liked my rim job and asked if I liked to get fucked. YES, pls! I nibbled on his nipples and back of the neck, and rimmed him for several minutes. I had my FUCK silicone lube on the bedstand. I got on my stomach, and he lubed my hole. It didn't matter - I hadn't douched, and he was FINE with depositing a big (and tasty) load in my ass in less than 2 mins. I do LOVE young men like this. If you've been reading my posts, my last an
  2. This is dating me but I remember years ago being turned on by bb frat boys pissing on each other in bed, in the kitchen, outside even. These young guys barebacked and pissed all over and in each others. I can't remember the name of those vids/vidclips or off that fraternity now. But piss play then and now is HOT. I'd luv a younger piss mentor to enjoy it with.
  3. Hi, sexpigs! I would like to ask the wider community of sexpigs on Breeding Zone if they have come across this phenomenon during COVID. A little background is needed. I've only seen this with guys off Grindr. Since COVID began, sex is scare but it's still happening. I've run into guys wanting (extorting is more like it) money for sex from e. I thought (and am currently thinking) that sex should be free. I do live in Canada, a fairly prosperous country (part of the G7) with a good health system. This is a new phenomenon (it's happened on three different occasions for me while negotiating for se
  4. I have held a guy’s heading while he was sucking my cock. If he likes it, I’ll keep my hand there. If he doesn’t like the support, I’ll remove my hand and be generous with my load down his throat. I like to be helpful and playful.
  5. For me, it could be one or more of the following: faster (and/or rougher) pace of fucking, deeper or shorter breathing, totally driving his cock into me, telling me directly that he’ll be a-cumming, and his cock unleashing his loads into my ass, and grabbing the back of my neck, or even kissing my body or wrapping his arms around my body tight. It just depends on the younger top/vers guy who’s fucking me. I luv it more when I’m in a darkroom to receive such hot fucking.
  6. Daddy here needs a younger piss mentor. The piss vidclips are VERY hot!
  7. Hot body for a 36 yr old Canadian!! I'm always loved his sex scenes. Much hotter when he barebacks! He was involved in a triad. Dunno if he's still part of it.
  8. I love sex with younger guys because they like to venture sexually out of their age group. They take care of their bodies for the most part. They can be “old souls” enamoured by the life experience of older men. I love younger pigs because they sniff out older pig daddies readily!
  9. My 29 yr old neighbor (Filipino-Chinese mix) came over for sex this evening. He wanted to try 69-ing. In sucking him, he blasted a big load down my throat. And I got excited and blasted in his mouth as he was sucking my cock. He told he that he really enjoys sex with daddies and daddy cum. 4th load from him in 2 weeks. He’s a COVID-19 regular sexbud.
  10. REALITY CHECK - I just called GiJoe again, because I was very tempted to travel to Montreal for a weekend of sex. Now during COVID, GiJoe staff do take your temperature, asks you a few questions and have sign a form. You must wear a mask in the common areas. The basement sling area and gloryholes are off limits. You don't have to wear a mask in private rooms. Sex in private rooms is where it's happening. Not sure if only 1-in-1 sex or a small group that'll fit in your room. At least it's something. Both Steamworks Vancouver and Toronto are still shut. Spa Excess in Toronto has closed again unt
  11. Hey, sexpigs in Canada and beyond! I just called GiJoe to see what's open there in Montreal. Apparently, the whole sexclub has re-opened with NO restrictions. Woohoo! Sexpigs, rejoice!
  12. Sexpigs, lately I've met younger guys off Grindr for park sex. We agreed to meet and found a secluded spot. Warm weather, sunny -- and bang, hot sex with a cummy ending each time.
  13. Probably the only place you can’t or won’t be filmed is when you meet guys for park sex. Indoor - yes, it could happen, because one or both sides have the time to set cams/phones up beforehand.
  14. Just had a younger 29 yr old South Asian on his 3rd visit in 10 days. He saved a big load for 3 days. We were 69-ing. His cock didn’t last long and he coated my throat with a creamy load. I followed by blasting in his mouth. He really enjoyed my saved load. A win-win sexdate! Oink! And this happened just before dinner. Yum!
  15. I, too, love top/vers sons. I had 2 poz sons but they went away to college. And that was it.
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