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  1. Experiences at CumUnion

    CUMMY DESSERTS (Sun., Oct. 22, 2017) - Club120 BB Sex Party October had only 1 one bb sex party at Club120 in Toronto. Naturally, I went. Because I had a fabulous time 2 days prior at Steamworks Toronto, I douched in the hope I'd get some cummy deposits today. And luck would have it, 2 different guys deposited their cumloads in my clean daddy ass. Also, I got to enjoy sucking a few dicks and rimming a few asses in-between. BB sex gets me hungry afterwards, so I enjoyed a 1 lb. of bbq wings at a local eatery and a pint of beer. I drove home quite satisfied after this weekend. Some guys reach their satisfaction point after 20 loads. My motto: Enjoy (young) men's bodies and their fluids. All I need is a few loads in my mouth and ass, and I got to load up a guy with 2 loads of mine at Steamworks Toronto last Friday. I quite enjoy this bb weekend! Cheers!
  2. Experiences at CumUnion

    REGULAR FRIDAY-SATURDAY BB SEX AT STEAMWORKS TORONTO (October 20-21, 2017) Hey, RawBros! I decided that I'd split this weekend (bb-speaking) between Steamworks Toronto (regular Friday-Saturday night) and the Club120 bb sex party this Sunday (4-8 PM). I'm SO glad I did. Here's Part I of this weekend's bb adventure. To stay up all night I find that you either have to have an espresso (or two) or a strong cup of coffee. Around 9 PM I got my cup of strong coffee at Starbucks near Steamworks Toronto. A great tasting flavour with added strength -- just what I need before a night of raw sex (hehe!)! I got myself checked in to Steamworks Toronto by 9:30 PM. If you're a regular there like I am, the boys smile and know you by name. I love these younger men. I haven't seen them mix work and pleasure... That's another story altogether. I thought that Steamworks was less active when I got to my room, but looks can be deceiving. A young guy caught my eye and within the first 30 minutes I got his big load in my mouth. He tasted GREAT! His cum blasted on my salt-and-pepper beard and into my hair. I didn't mind. I really didn't care if anyone noticed. I did see a few smiles as I left the front gloryhole area to get the cum away from my eyes. Cum stings and I don't know exactly why... I got to rim a few guys after that. I love the taste of ass. More guys to suck, but they were protective of their cumloads, and I move on. I chose to stick my hard daddy dick into the confessional structure (it's a massive interconnected bunch of confessional boxes with cut-out hole for sucking, rimming, and fucking. A beautiful cock sucker was on the other side. I liked it so much that I decided to join in his booth. He was younger, tanned and smooth. We kissed passionately (tongue too!). I turned him around and asked if I could fuck him bare. He said, "Hell, yeah!" So I went in to feel a well-lubed warm ass. After establishing a rhythm I asked if he wanted my load. No protesting there. The cumshots (2) were delivered in quick succession. He didn't want me to leave as he held me tight in him for a minute or two. I found out he was visiting Toronto from northern California. I thought why not be hospitable and give our American neighbours some Canadian seed! What are neighbours for? LOL! This time at Steamworks Toronto I found no takers for sex in my room as I rested in-between walking around. This was probably a good sign. Two more things worth mentioning. Last night, I guess there was a full moon or the stars were perfectly aligned. I met slutty guys like myself into bb sex. Can you believe that? No issues of hands trying to redirect your advances and so on... In all the dark spaces after 2 AM the Steamworks Toronto staff turn down (or simply turn off) the lights. This gesture makes for great anonymous sex. I went back to my favourite dark narrow dark space in the back of Steamworks Toronto. Totally pitch dark. I "met" a lovely guy with my hands and probing dick. He was affectionate, loved my moderate body hair and my salt-and-pepper beard. I proceeded to suck his hard beautiful dick. He didn't want to cum that way but asked me if he could fuck me there and then. SCORE! Douching helps. Finally I get fucked bare tonight, I thought. My hole was lubed but my younger daddy lover added some spit to his cock and we're good to go. His dick felt AMAZING in me. It didn't take his long to cum in me. He told me he couldn't hold back. I backed my ass into his dick and felt him cumming in me. He wanted to cum in me some minutes after (a short break) and I loved it even more. We took it outside the dark space so he got to see what I looked like and vice-versa. I told him my name and he gave me his. I said I come to Steamworks Toronto usually on a Friday night. He said he's look me up for a re-fuck. And why not? We gave each other other a passionate kiss and parted. Now that was a GREAT fuck! Another spontaneous event there. Guys would gather in the middle L-shaped play space where the TVs are to watch each other rim, suck, and fuck. My dick was still reasonably hard so I was jerking off to some great bare sex from other spontaneous pairings. I met 2 guys there from the Club120 bb sex parties -- one's a top, the other's a bottom. They said hi to me, and I said hi back. The guy (about my age) I saw topping a few guys bare, the other guy said to me, "See you on Sunday!" And now Round 2 of my bb weekend will be tomorrow at Club120 from 4 to 8 PM. More men's bodies and fluids to enjoy. Isn't the bb life great?
  3. Toronto Club120 BB Orgy

    Cuteguy, At some point you might come to Toronto for a rawsexcation and participate in a Club120 bb sex party!! Hehe!
  4. Toronto Club120 BB Orgy

    Next Bb Sex Party @ Club120 Toronto -> Sun., Oct. 22/17 from 4-8 PM Hosted by Zack and Chase Acland with their special fuckable guest Chance See for more info - https://www.fukdto.com/
  5. hi mate where is this bb party you went to? I'm attempting to start a stallion/mares private party here see how it goes. It'll be in my house.

    1. Read1


      Hey, Ukcumdump69!

      Club120 (a local Toronto gay club) hosts a bi-monthly bb sex party, usually on a Sunday from 4-8 PM. Check out my posts/experiences about it and BBRT Toronto for event details. Lately, over 100 guys drop in (or drop their cum into, LOL) over the 4 hours of free bb sex. More bottoms than tops usually. I love it. Good luck with starting your private bb sex party. It's well worth. It's so de-stressing and freeing. Cheers!

  6. Negative. Open to both poz and neg cum!
  7. Experiences at CumUnion

    Hey, Rawguyz! Just a quick recap of last night's (Sat., Oct. 14/17) bb fun at Steamworks Toronto. You know, every time I visit Steamworks Toronto there's always the gawkers, the shoo-ers (their hands re-direct your advances), the condom crowd, and the bb crowd. The shoo-ers I say repeatedly: RELAX! (I'm not there to be a threat to them in any way). The gawkers are the voyeurs that don't participate. The condom crowd asks less and less to use condom (could this be a good thing?). It's the bb crowd I'm there to enjoy. I spent about 6 out of my 8 hours (as I had a room) there last night. Besides the enjoyment of rimming and sucking in the dark areas (I do enjoy it!), I got to fuck some fine boycunt. Like I've said before, guys who love bb don't even ask any more. Only one guy asked whether I was negative. I say yes, and he backed onto my hard dick moaning in pleasure. I tried to be a bottom. I guess I struck out because I'd be competing the majority of bottoms there yesterday. So I went back to topping. They turned off the lights in the dark areas after 2 AM. I love the long narrow dark area in the back of Steamworks. A nice younger otter was feeling around for hard dick. I whispered I'd be ready to fuck him. I slid easily into his well-lubed boyhole and managed to cum twice within 5 minutes. He gave me a kiss to thank me and said his name was Gregory. Gregory's boycunt milked my cock for its saved-up load and he was presented with 2 hot loads directly deposited. Bliss can't get any better. A win-win for both top and bottom in my books!
  8. Experiences at CumUnion

    There were a few guys last Friday who wanted to be fuck raw mixed in with kissing. A hot combination!
  9. Experiences at CumUnion

    MuscMtl, The only HARD-ware I use is my hard daddy dick with its saved load(s) and the SOFT-ware, my brain, telling my dick whom to rim, suck, and fuck. It worked beautifully last Friday. I got to re-fuck a guy I fucked before in one of the dark areas. The staff turn down or even turn off the lighting in the dark areas for maximum anonymity. Bottoms don't mind being fucked raw there after 2 AM. The youngins on their phones and/laptops/iPads I ignore politely. I can also find holes to seed at Steamworks Toronto either on Friday/Saturday night/Sunday later afternoon/early evening. I did go Steamworks Cumunion in June as it was Pride month in Toronto. You can always find out-of-town bb guys!!
  10. Experiences at CumUnion

    Friday, October 6/17 - A Regular Friday Night/Early Saturday Morning at Steamworks Toronto Due to Canadian Thanksgiving weekend (yes, I do live in Canada! LOL!), I decided the best night to visit Steamworks Toronto would be on a regular Friday night. I've experienced hot times before on such a night. This night would be different... Different in a few respects. I got to do what I always love to do: rim boycunt, suck cock, and fuck raw. This was similar. It always is, for me. It was different because there weren't that many guys who wanted to get fucked raw. Probably due to the holiday weekend and Steamworks Toronto seemed less packed than before on a Friday night. But the raw guys that were there -- romance (a lot of kissing) and sluttiness, a great combination I love. So I got to fuck them raw and make out with them at the same time. One guy, Filipe, I fucked many times before. He recognized and immediately wanted a bb re-fuck. NO WORRIES in the least. Your ass is MY fuck. I'd be pleased to fuck you. He eventually got my saved load (he said it was a big load) in his boycunt. Mission accomplished!!
  11. I'd have to put my 2 cents forward for Fred Mayer. He's totally a slutty pig, all bb sex! And he's a Canadian barebacker! SCORE!
  12. Experiences at CumUnion

    Sun., Sept. 24, 2017 - Club120 BB Sex Party With Jon Shields and Teddy Taggart co-hosting, yesterday's bb sex party at Club120 was attended by under 100 guys. All shapes, ages, sizes, desires, etc. The four slings were used extensively. Bottoms stayed for a while then switched up. The fuckwall was being used as well, not as often though. I wonder why. The very small private rooms were also being used a lot, sometimes with doors open, other times guys wanted privacy. I got 2 loads -- one from being fucked by my 21 yr old poz fuckboy (he's vers); he took me into the larger room, put silicone lube on his young hard dick and in my hole and came within 5 mins. I got the other load from sucking off his 21 yr old poz friend later; he tasted slightly salty, but it was a mouthful. Mmmm... I guess they were thankful, being at university, for an afternoon and evening (4 hours' worth) of bb sex to de-stress from their academic studies. I did give my saved up load to a younger guy with a Star Trek Enterprise insignia tattooed just about his left nipple. We looked eyes and he knelt down to suck me off, and, bang, I came in his mouth. He is a fabulous cock-sucker, so gentle as my dick was in a number of holes beforehand. I have cum in someone's mouth in a long while, usually I cum in guy's boyholes. This was a refreshing change. All in all, a beautiful, playful bb environment on 2 floors of local Toronto gay club!! Then all 3 of us were very hungry and went for Thai food after we got dressed and left the club.
  13. tips for letting go 100%

    Tips for letting go 100%? Hmmm... I guess when you're fucking or being fucked, you are at a certain rhythm that brings joy and bliss to both top and bottom, you can close your eyes and really get into the raw sex before you, and wait to cum in his hole or for his cum to fill your hole. Total bliss and happiness! This really works for me. Enjoy each other bodies and fluids TOTALLY! The reward is CUM. Yum!
  14. Sheer joy and bliss for both bottoms (who's receiving loads) and tops (who're giving loads)! A win-win for both!
  15. Toronto Club120 BB Orgy

    Next bb sex party - Sunday, September 24 at Club 120 in Toronto from 4-8 PM Check BBRT Toronto for details and get your invite! Cum one, cum all!

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