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    I'm 55. I love to play raw with younger men. I'm independent thinking, curious, well-read, a good listener, intuitive, like affirmation as everyone does, love beer/wine, good food, movie and music.
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    Younger tops/vers guys for sex play. For interests sexually, see above. Poz-friendly too!

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  1. I usually let my body absorbs any deposited load. I push loads out only if a guy want to eat them. Both ways are fucking hot!
  2. I hope I'm posting in the right area. I've seen pics of younger guys having cages on their cocks. I get that. Either they or someone else has the key. But recently I've seen pics of younger guys with a steel plug with a lock in their butts. Hot looking! But do they keep these in 24/7? What are they really called? Do they take them out when they have to use the washroom? Simple questions here. Thanks for any replies!
  3. Well it's been a while since I've posted on here. My 29 yr old Filipino neighbour came over to play this afternoon. And I wanted to play with him. He's turning out to be a sexpig just like me. It was his 8th visit too. LOAD #1 - orally down my throat. Funny enough, now I've figured out why he get on to top of me with his hole pointing at my hard cock. In the past I'd be pointing my cockhead at and rubbing his hole. Now he wanted my cock in his hole. He wanted to explore what it was like to bottom. I gave him an old fashioned rim job so that I could enter him. That and a bit of silicone lu
  4. When I do bottom, just don’t waste precious cum — ass or mouth!
  5. Fellow sexpigs, if you’ve been reading and following my posts on BZ, then you know of my excitement when I’m in a darkroom of a bathhouse. Lots to do and be done to you in darkrooms. I’m a tactile pig daddy. During Covid, we have to get carefully creative when bathhouses are closed and not readily available.
  6. Besides the fun and playful nature of sex with younger men, I would like to add this. The best part of sex is when you and others realize that cum is building up in you to be blasted into a mouth or ass, and vice versa. Cum is way too precious to be wasted on sheets, on the floor, or in a shower, etc. The excitement is in the sharing of loads.
  7. It's BLISS for both top to fuck and bottom to be fucked through a gloryhole. Sometimes it's fast to cum in a sloppy hole, other times bttms prefer to milk out the cum with their ass muscles. So HOT! Oink!
  8. Does it really matter if we're hard while getting fucked? I think our sense as bottoms of having to be hard comes from porn. For me, as long as the one fucking and the one fucked are enjoying themselves -- that's what is important!
  9. Why guys in private rooms at bathhouses are on iPads and phones is beyond me! There’s lots of bb sex to explore and experience from gloryholes to slings to slurp ramps to darkroom sex. And a whole new language of sex (verbal and non-verbal) to communicate with or in. I agree with previous posts: if you’ve been rejected, another guy or guys will take his place to bring you to bliss! Chin up, sexpig!
  10. We crave bare sex as sexpigs and lurk in the bb forest, sooner or later we will get STDs by sucking cocks, eating and felching asses, fucking/getting fucked, and so on. If you love collecting STDs, just keep doing what you love to do. But if you don't collect STDs, get tested regularly for them, take your shots and/or antibiotics, and lay off sex for at least 7 days (sometimes more). Then, head back into bb sex and keep enjoying it all over again.
  11. I had Grindr on today as well as a Quick Connect Ad on local BBRT. My Grindr started to ping a few times. Apparently, my 29 yr old Filipino sexbud (who's local) needed oral relief. We repeated once more 69ing and having a hard cock in each mouth. He told me he hadn't cum since last Thursday. I had a saved load for him as well. As he sucking me, he also tried sucking on my balls and massaging underneath them. This got me very hard. I know that he loves his nipples massaged. As I was sucking i tried to massage 1 nipples and licked around his balls. I kept deepthroating his cock which gets him ev
  12. Miss those days of gloryhole/darkroom sex! I’m hoping that we can return there SOON!
  13. In Toronto, Steamworks and Spa Excess are still shut as of Oct. 22/20. GiJoe bathhouse in Montreal is closed until Nov. 1/20.
  14. I really do miss anon bubblebutts in darkroom here in Toronto. But I know my regular sexbuds love it, and I ask the anon hookups if they like/want to be rimmed (polite, eh?). Sometimes when exploring with my tongue, I stop at a younger hole for dessert. Always make them purr and moan! 🐷
  15. I remember their hot blog too! Weren't there short vidclips of their bb fun which included group sex, outdoor sex, etc. ? This brings back HOT raw memories. I loved/love their uninhibited sexplay!!
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