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  1. Read1

    Say goodbye to Tumblr... Now what?!

    Newbboy84, Will all my bb tumblrs simply disappear or can I still access them after Dec. 17th? It would be a great shame since there is SO much HOT barebacker content out there. Thanks.
  2. Read1

    Jockstrap Recommendation

    Having bought and worn a number of jockstraps from various companies, and the straps on these have come off after washing them. I've had to throw some out. I have now switched to JACK ADAMS mess jockstraps (I have 3 different colours!) with the thicker straps. The thicker straps are sewn on well and hold up in the wash and air dry afterwards.
  3. Read1

    How do you guys get laid?

    You get guys laid standing up or bent over or on their backs!! Couldn’t resist 😂! But seriously, if there’s a bathhouse/sauna relatively close by, bb sex is readily available to bring guys to bliss! Best of luck!!
  4. Read1

    Clean As A Whistle

    In the shower I use my shower shot to fill up with lukewarm water for 5 seconds at a time. More time for me means that other stuff gets loosened up too.
  5. Read1

    Clean As A Whistle

    hoddannyboi, My douching is not as fast as yours. I, too, have a permanent shower shot as part of my shower. It takes me close to 15 shots to get a clear liquid to come out of my butt. Only then do I feel that I'm clean as a whistle -- about 90 mins. I do listen to my body for more after shocks, more stuff coming down/out. Then my body calms down and I'm good to go. I do take PURE FOR MEN (2 capsules with breakfast, 2 with lunch). It works every time. I hope this helps.
  6. Read1

    Not Tech Savvy

    Daddyloadny, I get your frustration. I'm a young-looking 54 yr. old. At times I do feel frustrated with the pace of technology. The pace is fast and furious! My iPhone X is already outdated - LOL! I do embrace technology because it's meant to make life easier. But, I take baby steps. I'm pretty good at finding and downloading new apps and music off Apple iTunes. I do see the youngins at Steamworks Toronto really married to the hip with their iPads and phones. I'm totally for cruising the various areas and dark rooms of Steamworks. I'm more of an old school raw vers slutty daddy that way. I welcome younger guys to play with me or in small groups - OINK! When the younger deaf guy was fucking me at Steamworks Toronto last Tuesday we both wanted the door to my big room open for all to see. This is the kind of advertising that will get you more offers for bb sex afterwards! Good luck with the learning process and technology!!
  7. Read1

    Toronto Club120 BB Orgy

    Reirakubot, Check out the website for Steamworks Toronto for special events and dates/times and the fukdto.com (held at Club120) for upcoming bb sex parties. You will find bb tops or bb vers guys into either hairy or shaved/waxed asses. Just come horny and you'll find a raw top to cum up your boycunt! I hope this helps! Cheers!
  8. was just going to ask  about it glad some one else is having the same problem.

    I have posted a party  on BBRT  as will be at  fuckd  on the  11

     dam auto under line 

  9. Read1

    what happened to Chat?

    Bottom847, He's probably working on improving chat and/or other features of BZ. I'm hopeful it'll be up some time later today!
  10. Hey, Rawsluts! After a bit of a medical hiatus I was cleared by my new gay doctor to resume bb sex. Yesterday I decided (being WAY too horny and with a big saved load) to go to Steamworks Toronto for their BOYS NIGHT, where guys 25 and under get free admission and a free locker if they want to de-nut. Plus I had a Steamworks receipt from my previous time there giving me $4 off. So what the hell, why not go? I got there just after 7 PM. Generally speaking, outside of Friday/Saturday nights at Steamworks Toronto, the crowd is thinner. That's not to say that there isn't rimming, sucking, and fucking happening on Tuesday nights. You have to search for the sluttier guys -- that's what I did! A few points to mention. 1. I found a few bubble butts to rim. I do ENJOY this immensely. Guys being rimmed well do tend to open their asses wider or back up in to your face and tongue, wanting more rimming. You hear them moan and move their asses in different directions/angles as you work your tongue up their boyholes! YUM! 2. In the middle darkroom with a sling and DJ booth, I spotted a younger Filipino guy getting fucked (I couldn't see whether it was bare or not). He was facing me. I sucked his nipples and played with them. He said to keep doing this and he'd come fast. Lo and behold, it worked. He prompted me that he was close to cumming, I knelt down and he blasted in my mouth. A nice, hot slightly salty load - LOAD #1. I cleaned his boycock off and kissed him to thank him for his load. He left to shower off. 3. I had a large room with a big bed (enough for a big orgy) with TV screen. There is usually one or more channels showing bb porn. I had the bb porn on. During one of my pitstops, a younger guy with his towel on felt my lubed ass. His dick was hard. He proceeded to fuck me bare for several minutes. I loosened my ass muscles to accomodate his long pencil dick. I did buy a new buttplug and brought it with me to use. The young top enjoyed my daddy ass. I wanted him to cum in me. I was surprised that he, being young, said, "You get one shot and GAME OVER." I thought that young guys were multiple-cummers. So there are guys that save their load for the money shot! I'm pleasantly surprised. I invited him back to my room, but I guess he found another bottom to blast in. I didn't see him any more. 4. Another younger built black guy came in some minutes later to dry hump me. I could feel his hard dick grinding up against my back. He was saying sweet things in my ear as he was nibbling on my ears and dry humping me. Don't get me wrong, it felt great. I think he was into the whole daddy-son thing. Alas, no load! Next... 5. I did meet up with a younger deaf guy. Could it be the same barebacking younger deaf guy from before? I strongly suspect it was. He's a big slut like me. In one of the darkrooms he kissed me passionately, pinched my nipples (my nipples happen to be connected to my cock! LOL!) and entered me bare. No worries there. After fucking me in every angle possible standing up, I could feel him tensing up and releasing his load in me. It feel GREAT! LOAD#2. I ran into him again. He wanted a repeat fuck. I took his hand and lead him to my big room. We were 69ing; he had his hard cock in my mouth and my cock was ready to cum. I told him I'm about to cum big time, he had his mouth ready to swallow my big load. He turned around to kiss me with my load in his mouth still - HOT! He also left another smaller load in me too. LOAD #3. I'd love to meet up with him again. A romantic slutty younger barebacker! WOOF! I left around 12 midnight. Not bad for 5 hours of bb fun! I'll keep Tuesdays on my calendar to enjoy BOYS NIGHT from time to time at Steamworks Toronto. But I'll stick to Friday/Saturday nights. Bigger crowd of barebackers then. Ahhh, so nice to be back in the bb forest!!!
  11. Read1

    Toronto Club120 BB Orgy

    Dwd it’s from 4-8 pm at Club120. The bar staff start washing the floors at 8pm. Club120 is located upstairs on the west side of Church Street just below Richmond. I hope this helps.
  12. Read1

    Montréal next month

    Blk, Get yourself to GI Joe for a Cumunion next time. I know that I felt at home in this bb event in Montreal! 🐷
  13. Read1

    The rejection, it hurts

    Drscorpio, I wholeheartedly agree with you. The youngins are interested in you after 2 AM as they really horny and ready to cum. So many times this has happened to me at Steamworks.
  14. Read1

    What will make you say no to a hookup?

    Pozbtm, When you can take his cock in your mouth or ass, only then you know he’s quite serious about playing raw. I’ve met enough guys who’ve promised me heaven but really don’t show up or put out. Oink, rawbro!
  15. Hey, Rawboyz! As I sip my coffee now, I feel bend-out-of-shape -- but in a GOOD way. I did venture out last evening/night to Steamworks Toronto to satisfy my slutty daddy side. Three out of the 5 loads I received happened (if you know the layout of Steamworks Toronto) in the back long and narrow dark room. The staff turns down the lights there after 1 or 2 AM. I decided to crouch down and lo-and-behold a hard cock of a younger hairy legged and chested guy appeared. I took his cock in my mouth. He didn't last long. I was rewarded with a juicy load. I cleaned off his cock and thanked him. He left the darkroom. LOAD #1. As I cruised around Steamworks Toronto (all the action is on one floor), I got to eat out some great younger bubble butt. My favourite goateed young cumdump was there. We made eye contact in the front gloryhole area. I knelt down so I could eat his ass. He pushed out a load or two so I could really taste his boycunt. I got up and inserted my cock into his tight hole. Why do guys have to be so TIGHT? My cock is feeling some serious chafing today! There were other nice bubble butts to eat too. You know when a guy appreciates your eating ass skills when he bends over to expose more of his ass or back up into you for more rimming! OINK! I went back into the back dark room. I crouched down again -- I really can't remain in that position for too long. But when I did, I had 2 cocks to suck, back and forth. The first cock I sucked, the guy mentioned that he was getting ready to blast. A cumblast hit the corner of my mouth and right elbow. I quickly licked it up thinking it was the first young guy's cum. No, it wasn't. The secons guy's dick blasted before guy #1. The first guy was now ready to cum and it went into my mouth. So, two loads -- LOADS #2 and #3. I always use my room as a pitstop in-between walking around. A young bearded guy asked if he could play with me. He really got off on kissing, nipple sucking and having his cock sucked. He was hard and so was I. Between sucking his nipples and sucking his dick, he was ready to cum fast. I kept sucking, and he announced he was ready to blast in my mouth. His cum filled my mouth up. I cleaned his cock off. LOAD #4. He kissed me to thank me. I got a room around 10:30 PM on Saturday. Now it was around 4:30 AM on Sunday. The crowd was thinning out but some action was still to be had. I wanted to cum. I was watching some good bb porn on the TV screen and jerking my hard cock. A young goateed guy saw me and came into my room. He was so ready to cum. I positioned my mouth so I could catch most of his cumblast in my mouth. His cumblast was so strong and went everywhere. Ever get guys like this? When he came, I came. I got a good portion of it in my load. He smiled and thanked me for getting him off. I went to shower quickly. 5 loads - not bad for a cold fall night in Toronto. My dick is sore but I'm a happy camper. I was douched and lubed, ready to get fucked. That didn't happen. I managed to rim, fuck, and suck. And voila! 5 loads! OINK!

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