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    Minneapolis, MN
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    Repeated breeding. Taking any load up my ass. Fisting as bottom or versatile. CBT, toys, jockstraps, sounds, catheters, role play, and lots more. Getting fucked hard and often. Taboo roleplay, begging for the gift.
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    Not Sure, Probably Neg
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    Easy going, football lineman build/stocky/husky. Cute boyish face. Eager and receptive hole; told it's made for fucking.
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    Poz top to breed my ass. It's a huge plus if you want to fist it in after you charge me up. I'll beg for it if you want me to. I'll take non-poz loads too.

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  1. thanks for the follow!

  2. Fuckin' Oink~!! Pervs like you make visiting BZ Hot~!  Philip, you have 21 followers today3/25/18. Please keep sharing your pix and adventures too... Thanks for following me and reps too. xoxo

  3. Just had a nice load dumped in my ass by a married straight guy.  Don't think he was poz at all, but he did indulge my fetish to be bred, knowing I wanted to take his cum in my ass and totally willing to give it to me.

    1. mjkuhl


      I wonder how long he'll be straight.

  4. Thanks for the friend request.

  5. Hey guys, cute cub stocky/husky guy with receptive and eager hole looking for breeding, conversion. Coat the inside of my hole with your sperm. I want your load. Philips neighborhood, near Midtown Exchange.

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